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  • Theres a salt truck abandoned near Walter Reed. It’s been ther for two days. The neighbors decorated it with Christmas lights.

  • It’s like the DC government has never heard of this magical invention called chains. I moved here last year from New York, where they put chains on everything when it starts to snow, including plows, salt trucks, and city buses. Why DC can’t do this is beyond me.

    • Live here another few years, and I don’t think it’ll be beyond you anymore.

    • I’ve spent a fair amount of time climbing around city vehicles (job). All their standard single rear axle International dump trucks have automatic chains that flail under the wheels as the truck drives. They’re tucked up near the axle and aren’t very long. I am unsure about the double rear axle monsters.

      It is possible the automatic / built-in tire chains are not as effective as the ones you actually tie around each wheel. But most city trucks should have that built in chain system (on rear wheels – I doubt that’s the case on front wheels which may be the problem here)

  • I haven’t seen a plow at all yet, and its Monday morning. I see some main arteries are plowed but not a single side street anywhere in my neighborhood. I am really disappointed in DC govt this time!

    • Finite resources. My guess is that they have worked all their trained plow drivers 12 hours a day for 4 days straight, and are running up against workplace safety regulations. Maybe also budget issues?

      Salaried worker here, so they can go ahead and wait til Friday to plow me out.

      • That is true. They announced today that bus drivers and any gov worker with a commercial driers lic are now being tasked to drive plows.

    • There are 1,500 miles of public roads in DC so your street might take time, just like everyone else’s. They only have so many trucks and far too much snow.

    • Where do you live? I live in a pretty minor street and it’s been plowed 3-4 times by little contract plows. I mean, it’s not clear by any means, but it is obvious the plows came through (and I saw it happen twice). I assume we’ll get a proper plowing sometime later today.

      Even the street just north of me that only exists for 1 block and is a 1 way street has been hit once by a contract plow.

      • On the small streets around me, the contract plows have come through. However, part of the problem is there’s nowhere for them to put the snow on some of these narrow streets. Even R & S Street by me were a mess still and I would not drive on them (saw a police cruiser get stuck).

        • This is definitely true–they just pushed the snow aside so there’s a little icy gully in the middle. But that’s just life with a ton of snow. My friends in Queens and Philly seem to be similarly snowed in, so either all of our cities suck at snow removal or expectations might need to be a bit lower than expecting clear streets within 36 hours of the conclusion of snowfall! And I grew up in Chicago so I’m allowed to talk about these things.

  • CH residents – does anyone know if the streets around the two DCUSA exits, Park Rd., Irving St., and Hiatt Pl., are passable? I parked my car in the garage and don’t want to make the mile long trek if it’s impossible to drive in the surrounding neighborhood, especially since those streets are so narrow. Thanks!

  • “Snow melts.”

    attributed to former Mayor-for-Life Marion Barry

  • My parking space is off the alley and the plow just pushed a mountain of snow at the alley entrance; I can’t imagine how long it’s going to take get it out.

    • saf

      Do you live on Quincy in the block west of Georgia? I’ve been on the warpath trying to figure out who employed the plow that plowed in both alleys.

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