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Meanwhile at Metro Center…

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave/Revel: The amazing team working through the night in Mount Pleasant (on 19th St./Ingleside at least) cleaning snow in bobcats/bulldozers/excavators and trucking it away. I don’t know if they were city employees or contractors but they did a great job in tough conditions.
    Semi-rant: Construction equipment scraping pavement all night is not quiet.
    Rave/Revel: By 1am, the sound of that equipment was the happiest, most reassuring sound in the world to me.

    • Oh…and a genuine rant…trash was picked up this morning in front of my eyes. In the 4 minutes it took me to put on shoes, a jacket, and bring in the trash can…TWO BAGS OF POOP had already been deposited in my trash can, where they will mix with the melted snow and ice to form a lovely poop-slurry over the next week. Seriously, people….take it home with you or drop it in a public can!

      • Sorry but people go bananas when you put it in a public can. There is really nowhere in DC to put it that is acceptable to everyone (even at home! As condos and apts use shared cans and don’t like it either).

        • WHO goes bananas? I have never heard anyone on any listserv or blog or in person anywhere who goes bananas over using public garbage cans. People should put it in their own can then! Or better yet, not have a dog if they can’t deal with the poop in their own trash.

          • I Dont Get It

            Or have a dog like Abattoir, who doesn’t poop: “They bred that out, so his anus is purely decorative.”

          • Hahahahah IDGI! That just made my day.

          • Oh a bunch of people have complained on here before about people putting dog poop bags in public cans. I think it is fine to put in a public can and less gross than some of the stuff that is in those cans.

          • there was a thread here recently (textdoc to the rescue?) with a number of complaints about discarding animal waste in public trashcans (it was definitely a spinoff of overflowing trashcans, though).

          • I think that was more an issue with dumping it next to the can because the can was full rather than poop in a public can generally.

          • But all the public trashcans are overflowing right now. There are poop bags next to a ton of them and it’s gross. I have no solution to this, though, and I’ve never really been bothered by poop in our garbage can (since we leave it in the alley). Also, it’s way better than my neighbors, who seem to think that because there’s snow on the ground, they can just leave their dog’s deuce.

          • Recent thread about overflowing trash cans in Sherman Circle:
            Other PoPville threads discussing dog poop:

          • I agree that it’s gross when it’s overflowing. I never use it then. Lucky for me the ones nearest to me have room. Part of the problem is people using public cans for household trash. The ones along 11 near Shaw are loaded with many bags on the ground. These people may have missed one trash pickup when I first saw them, so i can’t imagine trash is overflowing indoors to the extent this would become necessary.
            Seen a lot of poop on the ground too mostly on clear sidewalks ironically enough.

        • Some apartment buildings provide neat little dog waste stations that contain a trash can with a lid just for poop.

        • Putting it in a public can might not be ideal, but I don’t think anyone on PoPville has ever argued that it’s better to put dog poop in someone else’s household trash bin than to put it in a public can. Come on.

        • Seriously? Bring it home and put it in your own garbage. C’mon, this isn’t difficult. Or shouldn’t be, at least.

          • seriously? i’m supposed to bring my dog poop into my own apartment building and take it for a ride into the elevator and go to the trash room on the 8th floor rather than throw it away in a public trash can LOL — what would you rather? have some piled up trash in a public trash can and take elevator rides with dog poop?

          • What I’ve gathered from this long chain of comments is that:
            1) No one endorses using someone else’s trash can.
            2) Public cans are the first best option, unless they are overflowing.
            3) If there is no public trash can, do not use someone else’s personal garbage can, but instead — yes, find a way to put it in your own trash chute or find a nearby apartment complex with one of the outdoor depositories.

          • Don’t be obtuse. In your initial post, you responded to someone who complained that poop was put in his garbage can with “Sorry but people go bananas when you put it in a public can. There is really nowhere in DC to put it that is acceptable to everyone.” The clear implication is that it’s OK for you to use others’ private cans. So, yes, I would rather you take it and put it in your own garbage can rather than putting it in someone else’s garbage can, where it’s not in a large garbage bag, likely won’t get picked up, and will be left to fester at the bottom of the can. I have no problem with putting it in a public can.

          • Ride in an elevator with poop with the alternative is piling up trash outside of the public can. As someone who routinely puts dog poop inside my home trash can, unless your dog is particularly stinky, it isn’t going to smell up everything in the mere moments it would take to ride an elevator to the 8th flr. I’ve left it in the trash for a couple days without a stinky home.
            Part of being a responsible pet owner is disposing of poop properly. Sitting it next to a can wouldn’t fit the bill.

        • I don’t understand the issue with putting dog poop bags in public trashcans

          • I don’t either. I have literally no dog in this race, but I think it’s perfectly reasonable to use the public trash can as long as it’s not overflowing. I don’t understand how this is even an argument.

      • The public street cans are overflowing. The dog park at 11th & Park has an absolute MOUNTAIN of poop bags around the trash can. (And tons of s**t not picked up.)

        I’d like to suggest to dog owners (myself included) to bring a heavy duty trash bag and help clean up around the street cans.

        • Is this a problem of people putting things in trash cans or the trash not being collected enough (and the park not providing an adequate trash bin with a lid)?

          • Because big overflowing piles of food waste are pretty nasty, too. I don’t see it as limited to the dog poo issue — the public trash needs to be removed more frequently.

          • It’s the problem of the snow. Resources and people are diverted to snow clearing. It happened during “Snowmageddon” too. Worst was along 14th St. where the bins overflowed with Starbucks cups – most of which were stupidly thrown away still half-full of liquid.

  • I slipped on ice this morning, and my wrist is throbbing. I think I should probably get it checked out, but I have too much to do today. If I can use my fingers to type (albeit slowly and a little weakly), it’s definitely not broken, right?

    • Maybe, but I would go to urgent care. You may be able to use your fingers now, but could cause damage down the road.

    • You should definitely get it checked. You’re probably okay but I knew someone who fell on ice and had a broken wrist for 2 weeks before the pain got so bad that she realized it was broken….

    • Metro Immediate and Primary Care in Cleveland Park (basically on top of the Metro) does in-house x-rays and is open late. Probably your fastest option, and you can go after work.

    • Hmmm…. If you feel any numbness or tingling, or shooting pains, go get it checked out. It may not be broken, but it could be sprained badly. Typing all day may make it worse. If you can get an immobilizer from CVS or something, that might help. Hope you feel better!!

    • Get it checked out! I believe that the Medics USA urgent care at 17th/R has an x-ray tech working during the week. I broke my hand last winter, and while I was convinced that because I could still move my fingers it couldn’t be broken, I was wrong. I had a shattered knuckle/finger to deal with along with ligament damage, and spent several months with a cast and going to PT. Let this be a lesson!

      • Was it super painful? Mine hurts, but not distractingly so. I can still do everything I need to do. But the hand is weak and behaving oddly.

        • If it’s behaving oddly and is weak, that is not a promising sign that all is well. My feeling is that you could make the injury worse by continuing to use it, and that’s going to make recovery more prolonged. I was convinced that I had just dislocated my finger and since I set it back in place and could still move it, I thought it was just going to bruise and swell some. At the very least, if you decide to wait to see how it feels by tomorrow, and it’s not improving, you’re going to want to get it checked out then.

    • Get it checked out. And maybe call a personal injury lawyer, if it was a home or business that didn’t clean their sidewalk.

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: WMATA failed yet again. Another day, and no E bus service, despite now being on a “light” snow plan and no indication they would be running on detour. Had to ice skate to Connecticut to catch the L, which was having problems picking people up because zero stops have been shoveled. Luckily I caught the bus early enough to avoid the backup my co-workers faced. Took someone in my office 2 hours to get to work from Cleveland Park because traffic was so bad.

  • Rant: This is my sixth snow day in a row. I’m missing my students!
    Revel: I should be well-rested for wherever we do go back.
    Rant: need to speak with doctor about a prescription side effect I haven’t been able to Google and his voice mailbox is full. Would it be inappropriate to call his cell? I haven’t called yet and I’ve been getting the mailbox is full message since Monday
    Revel: actually getting out and about today
    Revel: I have a bunch of OT hours on my next paycheck. I feel rich! For a new teacher, anyway

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: I’m feeling really cranky about cooking for my picky and unappreciative family members these days.
    Rave: Tonight is not my night to cook.
    Rant: Left my phone at home. I hate it when I do that.

  • justinbc

    Rant: You know there’s a high probability that your bus or Metro ride will be overly packed with people today, so for the love of Odin why did you not tone down the perfume and cologne? Are there really people you need to impress in the office this week?

    • oh man! My sympathies, that is the worst!

    • +1. I’ve been on buses where the entire bus reeks of perfume and it throws me into an allergy attack every time. And you’re right, the bus was horribly crowded today. (S1, where did all your double-buses go?! I waited for one then gave up when a single bus came I could squish onto.)

      • justinbc

        I made the mistake of taking the bus today, oh boy was it slammed. People piled on top of people to cram everyone possible in. And there were about 10 competing fragrances blowing my nose up.

    • Pablo Raw

      Fortunately, the bus route I take the most is the 80 which usually have 2 buses running together. Which means the wait is twice as long.

    • Emmaleigh504

      On the other hand, I sat next to a gentleman with a yummy smelling cologne on today. I almost asked him what it was, but didn’t want to seem creepy.

  • Rave: After a day full of meetings yesterday, I have a day with only one meeting and lots of writing to do. Setting up with my tea, my XPN, and a nice sunny spot at the office to get that writing done.
    Rant: Missing my husband so very much. Hate 12 hour time differences and crazy busy work trips where I can’t ever just hang and talk.
    Rave: Just got a bunch of pics from him on Whatsapp. Plus we’re in single digits until he makes his way back.
    Rant: Stuck on a Christening gift for my godson. It’s been an expensive year and a half with regards to my brother’s family (engagement gift, house warming gift, they get pregnant, bridal shower, baby shower, bachelorette party, wedding (both my husband and I were in it) and birth of my godson + baby’s first christmas) so I can’t spend tons of money but I want to get him something meaningful…

    • I got my friend’s son a Buddy Jesus onesie for his christening because we are irreverent and inappropriate Episcopalians.

      • Ha – I love it! We’re irreverent Episcopalians too but he’s my godson…so thinking I might need to do something a bit respectable 😉

      • That’s fantastic, and yet again reminds me (again) that Dogma is an oft-overlooked Kevin Smith masterpiece.

    • +1 to the Buddy Jesus if the family is so inclined to take this well (I will be looking for the bobble head for my niece/ex-niece’s coming up – thanks for the idea artemis!!)
      Otherwise…. how about a nice engraved piggy bank?

    • Quotia Zelda

      A silver something is always appropriate. A nice sterling frame or baby cup or baby spoon or youth set isn’t too expensive, and you can have it engraved with his initials and the date of the baptism.

      My grandparents got my son a wee little Book of Common Prayer for his baptism.

      Or maybe art? My favorite present for special babies is a Walter Anderson alphabet print:

      • Oh! Art is a fabulous idea!! Do Episcopalians do saints? I got some cool artwork for a godchild for their confirmation. https://www.etsy.com/shop/jenwojtowicz?ref=l2-shopheader-name

        • Protestants are not really into the saint game. Especially wasp’y Episcopalians.
          That’s a Catholic phenomena.

          • I wasn’t sure since some Episcopalians are pretty much “Catholic Lite”. Also, Anglicans do saints, though they are done differently than Catholics, and some Episcopalian churches in the US are in communion with the Anglican Church.

          • Quotia Zelda

            We do saints, but in a restrained way.
            So, churches named after saints = yes; namechecking saints in the Prayers of the People = yes.
            But, celebrating saints’ days or wearing saint medals, not so much.

          • I Dont Get It

            Methodists don’t do saints unless it is Saints Nicholas, Francis of Assisi or Patrick.

          • We have saints and some congregations will incorporate specific saint days into Sunday services (St. Lucia in the darkness of winter and St. Francis in a blessing of the animals). But saints definitely aren’t as central to worship as they are for Catholics, and it really does depend congregation by congregation.

      • The Walter Anderson block prints are nice as long as you don’t need the letters with misspellings.

    • I Dont Get It

      I get a lot of baby presents from personalizationmall dot com. Also Etsy has some cool personalized baby clothes and stuff.

    • Engraved spoons from Etsy? Really anything sentimental – baby book where you complete the first entry or maybe a photo frame specific to christening that they can then put a picture of the day in

    • When I was born, friends of my parents from the Netherlands send them a personalized Delft baby plate, including date and time of birth details. It’s lovely and currently hanging in my home. I keep telling myself I should have one made for my daughter, too – perhaps a good reminder to do it this week!

    • You guys are the best – thank you!!! I’ll take a look later today – I know other family members are getting silver engraved stuff cause that’s what my family does. I’m thinking the Delft plate sounds awesome – especially since I found one that’s done in Williamsburg and that’s where my bro went to school.

    • Peter Rabbit china set. I got one on amazon for $40 and my godson’s parents were thrilled.

    • I used to like to get something from the Tiffany Baby Gift collection, cause, well you know… the box. And they have some nice dish/cup sets, or silver spoons….

      However, it’s been a long time since I did this – I just checked and they still have all those things (and cute little banks, which is a nice thought) but everything is substantially higher priced than I thought they’d be. Still, it might prompt some ideas of what to look for elsewhere.

  • Rant: I did not sleep well last night. Sleep is becoming more and more elusive these days.
    Rave: This time tomorrow I get to spend the day with my best friend.
    Rant: Navigating slippery black ice on the way to work.
    Rave: Lots of fun, social events planned with friends this weekend.

  • Rant: Washington Hospital Center. The most incompetent and rude place I have ever encountered.
    Rave: Free healthcare up here and what so far is high-quality care as well.

    • I am totally feeling you on your rant right now. Their billing is the absolute worst. Period.

      • I Dont Get It

        I just got something from them yesterday I haven’t opened yet. It is either another bogus bill or a plea for me to give to their foundation.

        • Yes, we just received a bill for them for wife’s ER visit in September…$5000!!! The insurance company supposedly asked for more information so Medstar ignored that and sent us the bill! To make matters worse Anthem doesn’t have a claim on file/no bill for this so it’s all very confusing.

          • Be careful – I received two bills, one from the ER itself, one from MedStar Physicians Group. When I went to the ER, I couldn’t produce my insurance card (being in anaphylaxsis and all). The hospital later added my insurance, the physicians group has yet to do so. Apparently their systems don’t “talk” (which is a total cop out and complete BS considering I used to work at MWHC and know for a fact that if the physician billing wanted the info, they could easily get it from the hospital).

          • As of right now both insurance company and Medstar billing are both aware of the issue. Supposedly Medstar is now sending the medical file/information to Anthem. I just hope Anthem “receives” that information though because ugh there’s no claim on their side?! Anthem is supposedly calling Medstar billing today. I just can’t imagine dealing with this if you were really sick with cancer or an ongoing medical issue. There is a claim for Medstar Physicians Group (actually two)–one is from WHC and the other from Georgetown (huh?!). One of those was denied though. We never received a bill for either of those though. Just the lovely ER bill, pharmacy, xray, cardiology, and lab!

        • I Dont Get It

          Actually it was a letter informing me that my plastic surgeon is no longer affiliated with MedStar WHC but will still practice at MedStar Georgetown. I’m providing this information only because I like to point out I have a plastic surgeon.

          • LOL!!! Guess you’ll have to head to Georgetown. I hope that hospital is better than WHC!

          • I Dont Get It

            For surgery I prefer Georgetown. For doctor visits I prefer WHC–I find it hard to believe that Georgetown socialites sit in that horribly crowed waiting room at Georgetown to discuss their impending”work.”

          • My kids go to the pediatric office associated with Georgetown. Sitting with my grubby post-school kids from East of the Park next to the parents and nannies of the socialities is always interesting.

  • Rave: The snow is melting so fast.
    Rave: Lots of overtime this pay period.
    Rant: I wish there was a filter on here to filter out the “know it all” that comment on every single post.
    Rave: Vacation soon to a very warm place with lots of beach options.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: I bought some cheery daffodils yesterday which look nice sitting on the table next to the Christmas tree.
    Rave: Houseguest went out last night and this morning returned with an unopened 32 ounce jug of pure Canadian Maple Syrup. Since I don’t judge I just assume there is 24 hour gift shop at the Canadian embassy that I was unaware of.
    Rant: No rants yet but it’s early!

  • Rant: still feeling crummy. I took a sick day yesterday and slept. Literally the entire day, minus getting some cups of tea. It was glorious. Unfortunately I’m not feeling all that much better, and still feel like I could sleep for another whole day. This day may be very unproductive.
    Rave: Soft tissues. It’s nice to not shred your nose to bits when you have to blow it every three seconds.

  • RAVE: The two lovely, kind women who helped me shovel the snow/ice wall created by the plow to get my car free. It was tough work and they made it go so much faster and it lifted my spirit that two incredibly friendly strangers came up to help. So to Caitlin and Kelly who live near Brown St. in Mount Pleasant, thank you thank you thank you!!! I will pay it forward.

  • Revel: Crazy ass connection made through FB with someone I volunteered with when I was a teen. The crazy thing is that this person, and the volunteer work I did, greatly impacted my future career. So awesome to have the chance to let that person know what an impact they had.
    Rave: Kids are off to school safe and sound. The school did an awesome job at drop-off considering how crappy the roads are.
    Revel: First time in a while I have no rants!

  • Rave: Starting today it is my goal to come up with at least two positive things for every one complaint/worry I have.
    Rant: The above rave mostly started because I’ve spent the last week feeling like I want to puke every time I think about grad school and work.
    Rave: I have friends who understand and are in the same boat, and we will get through it.
    Rave: Am planning a nice dinner and relaxing evening for boyfriend and I tomorrow. It has been entirely too long since we’ve seen each other and it has been a stressful week. Really looking forward to just turning all my devices off for an evening.

    • hammers

      This might sound hokey, but have you tried any personality tests? 16personalities dot com is one that I discovered in the past few weeks, and it has really helped me understand myself and some of my struggles. E.g. why do I hate my perfect job that would be fantastic for 80% of people? Oh because it’s data and analytic and I need to be connected with humanities in order to feel fulfilled. It sounds like you need to learn about what motivates you at your core.

      • Actually, I was thinking about this two nights ago but wasn’t sure how to go about it. Thank you for suggesting that site — I will go take a look!

      • I’ve done this – it was so, so true for me, and really highlighted a lot of issues I have in relationships (for example, with my mom) that are down to personality issues.

        • hammers

          I know this is silly- but I felt so vindicated that yes, I am different, but there are people like me, and I’m ok! I am a person with a personality and I have strenghts just like everyone else. INFP in the house!

          • Oh, I used to be an INFP! But it appears I have changed to an ISFJ, which is fine. And it did point out that I prefer helping people directly rather than through corporate bureaucracy. Guess I am in the wrong place. Haha….

      • anonymouse_dianne

        I got into the Enneagram about 10 years ago. I am the same type as Jane Goodall, which makes sense. It also tells you what is healthy and what unhealthy traits are associated.

  • Rant: What in the actual hell was going on with traffic last night? It took me an hour (surge pricing!) to get from Georgetown to 20th and P. I had an appointment in Farragut Square -we couldn’t get anywhere near there- at 6pm, which I missed, and now have to pay for — I’ve never seen such ridiculous assholery behaviour (when there wasn’t actual stuff falling from the sky) — cars were just blocking each other from going anywhere. So I paid a lot of money for no reason.

    Rave: But, I walked to the dupont metro, had no issues there, or with my transfer train. That’s the first time in a long time I’ve had a smooth metro ride. So yay that, I guess?

    Rave: Booked a ticket to see my father in March. Still expensive, but still going to be worth every freaking penny. Now I won’t feel so guilty when I go away in April to visit friends for a few days. (And my stepmom actually is taking me up on my offer to cook for them!)

  • Bear

    Rant: I had to put on actual pants today.
    Rave: But it is good to get out of the house.
    Rave: Almost done with the latest proposal…will be a relief to submit it!

    • This is Awkward

      Ugh, the pants we all had to wear today Bear, the struggle is real.
      On the upswing/rave: Turns out nobody even came into my office so I got to take a long break and treat myself to snacks in the Senate Caf.
      Rant: I wish I knew nobody was going to be here so I wasn’t stuck in these prisoner chains they call pants.

      • This is Awkward

        Rave: I’ve (that’s me also, above ^) finally created a POPville log in so I can at least be a part of a virtual community if not a physical one.
        Rant: Meeting people post-school/grad is a pain. Is reading books alone at bars not a good way to do this?? Hm.

  • Rave – OPM’s delayed opening helped me avoid most of the morning red line mess today and yesterday. I’m thankful they made that call.
    Rant – I don’t understand why Metro can’t get its sh*t together already and start running trains more than every 8 minutes. Why is their blizzard recovery taking so long?
    Rant – My red line train home yesterday filled with smoke and was off-loaded.
    Rave – I made the most amazing chocolate cake the other day and cannot stop eating it. Being an adult means I get to have chocolate cake for breakfast.

  • Rant: Just found out that the friend I was closest to during undergrad (but subsequently fell out of touch with a few years ago when both of our lives became super crazy) died over a year ago and I had no idea. I feel like the worst friend ever.
    Rant: The remnants of a snowstorm apparently brings out the worst in my neighbors.
    Rave: Less than a week until I see my parents and a few of my old friends.
    Rave: Already planning our summer garden. I can’t wait to get back to work in my garden.

    • hammers

      I’m sorry about your friend. You are not a bad person, people fall out of touch. You lost someone, try to be kind to yourself.

  • RANT: Two days ago, I went to check my parking space and it was melting nicely. Last night, I went to check it, and the space itself was down to about 4 inches of snow, but some jackass had shoveled 4 feet of snow behind my space so it is now inaccessible. The alley was already clear, so they shoveled snow from their parking pad onto mine. I don’t need my car today, but I really need it on Saturday. I am really, really ticked.

  • Rave: Yaktrax
    Rave: Freekeh dinner last night was deliciou (freekeh = type of wheat)
    Rave: My rosemary is alive and well, a snapdragon is also surviving after being buried in snow
    Rant?: It looks like a bird exploded on the sidewalk

  • Has anyone used any of the online will making softwares? (Legalzoom, Nolo, Rocketlawyer?) Any recommendations?

  • That One Guy

    Rant: that was a painful two hour commute to work. Whomever was parked on the Memorial Bridge, in their little white car, you were a very big contiributing factor to the snail pace of traffic getting into DC from VA.
    Rave: Hello, Yerba Mate.

  • Rave: rediscovered feedly
    Rant: turns out the guy I’ve been seeing is a bigot
    Rave: there are other connections to make in world, and there are important connections to make that aren’t romantic ones
    Rant: I still really want a romantic one though
    Rave: I have a cheap ticket to Richmond
    Rant: I bought an aspirational second ticket that won’t be used

    • “I’ve got … 2 tickets to paradise,
      won’t you … pack your bags and leave tonight . . .”

      • Hehe. Yeah, I think Richmond is only the paradise destination if your plan is to spend intensive time with another person in a new destination 🙂 I might have more luck convincing someone to use that aspirational ticket if it was to miami……..

        • If you’re into beer, Richmond is really big for that right now! I bet you could convince a beer-loving friend to go if you say you’ll go to Hardywood or Lickinghole Creek or Strangeways!

  • Rant: My body is still completely botched hormonally ever since surgery 2 months ago. I’m trying not to get too discouraged, but I will WEEP in sweet relief when I finally have some sort of sign that it’s working, albeit sluggishly, again.
    Rant/Rave: Called two Drs offices yesterday for sudden and concerning symptoms. One was where I usually go and the one that did my surgery. The other is where I got a second opinion after I felt I wasn’t getting adequate care and follow-up. As per usual, my own doctor NEVER called back. The second opinion place was back in touch within hours not once but twice! Even offered an appointment for this morning if I was concerned. I think this was a sign that it’s time for a switch.
    Rave: DH got us tickets to ABT’s Sleeping Beauty at the Kennedy Center this weekend and I am so excited. I love ballet!!
    Rave: Back to weight lifting today 😀

  • Rave: Things are flowing in the right direction for me in 2016
    Rant: Work is still a bit of a headache but that’s normal working for the gov
    Question: I have a date Friday night, I want to grab drinks but is there anything else fun going on to check out after? Taking recommendations!

    • ice skating – you’ll both be slightly out of your element, have to help each other to avoid falling, and might make idiots of yourself, which is great date fodder!

      • Thanks Andie I didn’t think of that but I like the idea. We were going to go out around U st is there any ice up in these parts or is it either Georgetown or near nats stadium?

  • Rant: Annoying work stuff kept me late last night.
    Rave: Just starting to work on an event that will be held in coordination with my old job – and working with the same department I was in. Looking forward to that! Just a funny coincidence, it was arranged shortly before my new job hired me.
    Rave: My manager is awesome. I want to be her.
    Rave: I was lucky and my commute this morning went pretty smoothly. Sounds like traffic/metro were a nightmare!
    Rave/rant: Friend from out of town is visiting and staying with me until Tuesday. Should be fun, but I get a bit twitchy about having someone around all the time, and he doesn’t know anyone else in the area.

  • Rave: My incredibly kind and decent husband. Two nights ago, he was late getting home and it turns out he was helping an elderly woman traverse the non-shoveled sidewalks in our neighborhood so she could get home safely. Last night, he came and got our shovel to loan it to someone digging out her plowed in car with a dustpan. She just moved here from San Diego and has never seen snow before. For all the crappy people not shoveling their sidewalks or being poor neighbors, there are some great folks out there. Grateful to be married to one of them.

  • Need some crowdsourcing help from Popville- I’m looking for a pregnancy/new parent book or website that is realistic/feminist/not cheesy. I am not sure how best to describe what I am looking for, but some of the traditional books that go on about how blissful you should be awaiting your “new blessing” just aren’t resonating with me. I’d prefer something straight up factual or even irreverent, feminist, etc. There have to be some resources out there for those of us who aren’t touchy feely/cheesy people, right? Hope this doesn’t offend people who found the more traditional books helpful, I know different things resonate with different people. I’d appreciate any ideas the crowd may have, thanks in advance!

    • I ended up getting the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy which seemed much more scientific than other books I looked at. Unfortunately, I had an early term loss so I stopped reading this book pretty early and can’t speak for its entire content–though they actually had really good information about miscarriage that I found to be helpful at the time and put me at ease for my future prospects. Not sure about your situation, but I also got my husband The Expectant Father: The Ultimate Guide for Dads-to-Be which my scientist husband enjoyed so far. He was very disappointed that there were practically no books targeted to him or at least more gender neutral.

  • Rant: Saw a sad scene on the red line this morning. The driver tried to slam the door shut on an approximately four-year-old girl and her parents. (They weren’t late to board, but just had to wait for everyone who wanted to exit.) It was clear that he saw them because his head was out the window, and they were entering the first door. The mom swore at the driver, and the driver yelled back “Same to you!” I think I’ve officially come down with metro fatigue.

  • Rave/need advice: My boyfriend of 6 months asked me to move in, he’s great, I love him, I’m excited. I’m also very nervous/haven’t lived with someone before. Those of you cohabiting, advice is welcome/very much appreciated.

    • That’s really great news 🙂 I’m happy for you. Feel the joy, but I’d recommend not actually doing it until you’ve been together for a year. You need time to ensure that the “crush” feelings have worn off, and real love is there. Also make sure you’re on the same track on the big life issues before you take this step. Do you agree on marriage, children, money? Once you move in, it becomes much, much harder to decide that he’s not for you and to move on.

    • Opinion: Personally 6 months is way to soon for me. I’m hoping there’s been many more months of knowing each other and that the 6 months is only how long it’s been official for.

      Advice: First is to talk about finances. What are you responsible for etc. Can you be added to the lease to protect yourself(you have a legal right to stay there if say you guys break up).

      • +1 – not be all debbie downer, but, I really recommend going in eyes wide open in regards to finances. I know someone right now who has managed to conceal some pretty major shit from their partner of nearly two years, stuff that would come up on a credit report as a major red flag, and really, stuff that should have come up by now in my honest opinion, and stuff for many, many people that would be deal breaker type financial stuff (not to mention the fact that it’s been concealed for so long). But anyway, that’s none of my business **kermit sipping tea**

        • My co-worker just told me last week that he’s getting a divorce because his wife has been financially cheating on him. He found out she had all this debt that she hid from him. When he initially found out- he decided to stay and work things out. She promised that she would get help and not do it again. Now he just caught her again hiding money, credit cards that he doesn’t know about etc. They’ve been married for over 30yrs. They recently just bought a 800k home that was going to be their retirement home.

          • One of the major issues in my divorce was financial infidelity. He also hid some pretty major debt from me that I didn’t know about until I got a letter from the Comptroller of Maryland. It happens a lot more frequently that people realize.

          • So I will definitely want to see a credit report before getting married. This ish happens a lot.

    • Congrats! I think advice above is sound. Is there a way to do a trial run (or have you been doing that already by staying together non-stop)? In your shoes my main concern would be to keep in mind some contingencies in the event of the worst case. Not that that may happen, but if you’ve thought through them and are comfortable, then I’d say that’s a helpful exercise. Also, two bathrooms is better than one 🙂

      • I know I commented below but as someone who had only been with the person for about 6 months before moving in together (though we were dating on and off very very casually for 3 months before that), I totally second a trial run if you haven’t already done that. Pretty much I stayed at his place M-Th. He stayed at my place (since I had roommates) F-Su. After about 3 months of this arrangement the commute started to get painful, which spurred our decision to move in. Though that time together pre-cohabitation was so informative.

    • How exciting!! Like you, my boyfriend and I moved in together after about 6 months and for both of us it was the first relationship where we lived together. My advice that I usually give to friends considering co-habitation is to make sure you are on the same page with where the relationship is going even if that’s a scary prospect. Your situation might be completely different and you may not be contemplating this at all but for us, we both were 99.9% sure we wanted to get married. He was pretty gung ho about getting engaged before moving in, but I wanted to move in together first and then get engaged about a year later because I thought it was a little bit too fast. We ended up both on the same page that waiting until after move-in a few months to a year would be best and we’d keep the lines of communication open on the subject (also super important, things can change after you move in!). We ended up engaged within three months because it just felt right to us, but those open lines of communication of what we both wanted were so important.
      I think another important thing to think about is if you are moving into his place as opposed to searching out a new space for the two of you is to discuss how it will become “our” place. This helps in making it a home you are building together.
      We also do breakfast and dinner together at the kitchen table with no TV/electronic distractions almost every night. This I think has been maybe the best part of cohabitation. It feels so homey.
      I thought co-habitation might be really hard especially after such a whirlwind romance, but it ended up coming very naturally to us. I wish you all the best during this exciting time!

      • +1000 to the advice about moving into his place/searching out a new place.

      • “I think another important thing to think about is if you are moving into his place as opposed to searching out a new space for the two of you is to discuss how it will become “our” place. ”
        This, and from past discussions with friends, I’d strongly recommend considering getting a new place together, unless you are planning to retain your apartment somehow. But mostly — congratulations! I am happy for you and wish you the best!

      • Thanks, I think your situation sounds similar to mine. Im not a romantic cheeseball-reckless person, we talk about the long term future and all that, but I think its useful to get more concrete about what we want and a timeline. Thanks for the helpful advice!

        • Hey, I called dibs on this name a while ago.
          We moved in together after exclusively dating for only 7 months (and knowing each/casual dating another 2.5 months). But we are mid 30s, have experiences cohabiting with ex’s, and things just generally felt right to us. Were we a little nervous? Yes. But at no point did either of us think “I don’t think he/she is the right person for this.”
          If you think he’s the right guy for you, move forward. If you still have reservations about him – as a boyfriend – don’t take this step yet. It’s always a bit nerve wracking to move in with someone, as it’s a loss of freedom and privacy. Likewise, I’m sure people are nervous as hell before their wedding, despite loving their soon-to-be spouse. It’s OK to feel nervous.

          • Sorry re name (meant to be original poster, oops) Thanks for the advice, I think it will be good to talk out all the potential issues. Im a super planner, and Im glad we have several months/no strict timeline, so we can cover all the major topics

    • People will say 6 months is too soon, but it really depends on the couple. I personally know a few couples who moved in together between 3-6 months and they’re happily married to this day. I also know couples who waited like 4-5 years to move in together…divorced. It really depends. I moved in with my wife around 7 months, which did feel a little soon, BUT we both had the mentality that we’d rather jump in and see where it went. I felt like if we were going to crash and burn moving in at 7 months, we would do the same at a year. It’s definitely important to be on the same page. Is this the first step to engagement? Or are you happy just living together indefinitely? Money and finances are also SUPER important. Will you split the rent down the middle?

      • Re splitting the rent down the middle, I’ve also had friends who have split the rent percentage-wise based on their income. It’s really important to discuss how you will handle not only the rent but utilities, food, parking (if applicable), etc.

        • When my then boyfriend (now husband) moved in with me (he moved into a condo I owned) – we wrote up an agreement that served as a lease – how he was earning equity in the condo – and how stuff would be divided if we ever broke up. We also agreed on how to deal with money issues then (we keep everything separate and put a certain amount into a joint account to pay joint expenses). Works for us – we have been together over 10 years now with kids in the mix now too.

      • +20 to everything.
        Really, it comes down to the truism: “your mileage may vary.” There’s no good rule about the right time. It’s very person- and relationship-specific.

    • I got married after 6 months…7 years later we’re still happily married. Go with your gut!

    • I think all of the advice above is incredibly helpful, I don’t have much else to add though I will second some things. My husband moved in with me after two months of long distance dating (we had known each other very casually for years prior, but casually in the way of AOL Instant Messenger chats once every six months not casually hanging out) and it obviously worked for us. But I think the previous advice about either finding a new place together or designating certain things be changed in his place to make it “our” place is very important. My husband felt like my apartment wasn’t his home until we finally moved out of there and got a brand new place together. If he wasn’t so understanding, it may have failed right then and there. If this means that you guys won’t move in together for another 6 months until you find a new place together, it may be seriously worth the wait.
      Finances are extremely important. I would put this at the #1 most important thing you will discuss, fight about, and eventually resolve in order to make it work long-term. There are a million ways to split things up fairly, but you have to figure out what works for you. Ultimately if you’re not both equally invested in mutual bills (equally meaning either percentage based on income or straight down the middle equally) it will lead to resentment on one person’s part. Make sure that you sit down and really lay out your monthly expenses (this is a great opportunity to figure out a budget – separately or together – if you don’t already have one too!) and make sure that EVERYTHING is really reflected there – monthly subscription boxes? donations to a charity? monthly shopping trips? annual girls/guys night? – so that there are no surprises on what is considered financially important to each person.
      Chores – approach this the same way as finances. Figure out what works for you (for us, Mr. Eggs does all the cooking and more of the dog walking, I do pretty much all of the cleaning/laundry and bill paying). Don’t let something like “well I took the trash out last it’s your turn” be a hill to die on. Be appreciative of these things (Mr. Eggs and I are in the habit of thanking the other person for cooking dinner, taking the trash out, cleaning the bathroom, etc. every time).
      Finally, make sure you’re both really on the same page as far as next steps. If you both absolutely want marriage, that’s good to work out now. If you both absolutely agree that you do not want to be married ever, also a good thing to discuss now. It may seem like it’s rushing it, but if you’re willing to move in with this person you need to know where you’ll stand with them 1-5 years from now too. Kids? Pets? All worth discussing. How crappy would it be to discover that they absolutely did NOT want kids and you definitely DO after you’ve moved in and everything?
      Good luck!!!

    • There were a few things that worked when my now-husband and I moved in together:

      1. Pick a new place, preferably in a new neighborhood–this will give you new territory to discover together and make new memories.

      2. Have a very clear plan about what will happen to the apartment, jointly purchased possessions, etc. if you break up–this will potentially prevent you from staying in a relationship that you don’t want to be in just because you’re afraid of what will happen. Sort of like a moving-in prenup.

      3. Hire a cleaning service…sort of joking about this one, but it’s SO helpful if you can just budget it into your rent/living expenses right at the beginning. My husband and I both keep things generally tidy, but neither of us likes to actually deep clean anything, so this definitely saves us some arguments.

      • Ack, one more thing! Recognize at the outset that you have more living preferences than you would expect. It’s something that you don’t really realize until you move in with someone else. Also, don’t get a studio apartment. You need to be able to close a door.

  • Rave: Planning a bourbon trip with friends! Any recommendations as to distilleries? We’re leaning to the Louisville area – easier for one of us to fly into, and greater possibility for some special stuff (one of the friend used to work for a bug Louisville-based company).

  • Why do people have to put full bags of household trash in the public cans? It’s so infuriating. We have a can at 7th and Taylor that is constantly full and usually overflowing even though they empty it practically every night. We basically have a garbage pile every single day. Now with the snow issues there have to be 10 full bags outside the trash can. We all have trash can’s why do we need to use these like they are our own.

    Alas, not one person who is doing this will be reading PoPville though. Apparently I am an a-hole gentrifier and they are not so I am clearly in the wrong here. It’s always been this way and I’m ruining the neighborhood by not wanting piles of trash around.

  • Rave: All is well on the work front! Busy, outstanding performance review (that actually involved a discussion about performance, instead of just office gossip like with past supervisors), and feeling like I’m contributing to my agency.
    Rant: winter
    Rave: Bridesmaid dress is here and it fits right now.
    Rant: I was hoping for a size down, but remaining realistic.
    Makeup question: It’s time for me to replace my mascara and it always seems like (maybe because I have oily skin around my eyes?) that I have it under my eyes. This causes me not to wear it regularly, which is something I’d like to do. Ladies, thoughts or specific suggestions? I always get waterproof, if that helps!

    • I love the Cover Girl mascara in the green tube with the curved wand. I think it’s called Clump Crusher. It’s amazing – I have oily skin too and it never smudges off, never flakes, never clumps, and lasts all day. It doesn’t give you a super dramatic look, but it’s great for every day wear.

    • I almost exclusively use Benefit’s They’re Real! and love it. However, mascara formulas are reallllly basically the exact same thing from drugstore brand to luxury brand so it is silly to pay more than drugstore prices for it. I have used the Cover Girl Super Sizer mascara (teal tube) and love it also.

      • I second They’re Real. I have oily eyelids too (weird, I know, but barely any eyeshadow primers work for me) and this only gets under my eyes if I sleep with it on, go in a hot spring with it on, or participate in adult activities with it on.
        You can aways find one you like and then swipe a cheap, waterproof mascara over it.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m a fan of the drug store stuff in the pink and green tube, but I can’t find my tube to tell you the brand.

    • If you already use a primer/powder under your eyes and it doesn’t help, you can try using some translucent powder directly on your lashes to set the mascara (and then a finishing spray to lightly set the powder). I do this sometimes in the summer and it helps! Just be sure to use a teeny tiny bit of powder and let the mascara dry first or else it’ll look super goopy.
      As for brands, I usually use Maybelline Falsies and sometimes L’Oreal’s Miss Manga if I’m going out.

  • I’m heading to DC (NW) this weekend. If I drive to DC what’s the parking situation like on the streets? Am I better off just taking a Greyhound/Megabus?

    • Hmmm with this snow it’s hard to say, but temps are supposed to be 45+ this weekend. Nw covers a huge area. What neighborhood specifically? Meters are free on Sundays & check for green signs in residential areas as these are less restricted although some do include only 2hr parking Saturday and/or Sunday.

      • Thanks for the info. I’m heading down on Saturday and I’ll be staying by Dupont Circle/Adams Morgan, near Connecticut/Florida Av.

        • Parking over there is ok. Midday is probably best to give people time to leave home, and there are some meters as well. Embassy parking or weekday only loading zones are good too. I wouldn’t recommend leaving past dusk unless you’re coming back late to avoid the club/dinner crowd who will take up all the parking.
          And check the signs, all the signs just to be safe.

        • I live in this area and it’s still a huge mess with snow piles everywhere along the curbs. Any open spot is filled with lots of snow. I wouldn’t plan on finding easy, free parking. If you’re willing to dig out a snow pile or pay for a garage, you’ll get a spot.

  • gotryit

    Rant: sick
    Rave: catching up on Netflix zombie flicks… Walking Dead
    Rant: cooked chicken drumsticks for dinner last night. Listening to the kids eat was… like vegetarian proselytizing. Maybe even vegan.

  • Rant: So tired. Migraine last night and couldn’t get out of bed for yoga this morning. Don’t think I’ve felt this tired ever.
    Rave:: The boy continues to delight me with his weird sense of humor. Yes, let’s have a text conversation about what we’d name imaginary oxen that we’d take across the mountains.
    Rave: Icy spots. Slipped this morning, but was very nicely helped up by a passerby who also picked up my glasses for me. Thanks unknown stranger!
    Revel: Off to Philly to see friends this week. There’s wine and waffles in my future.

  • Rant: I woke up with a migraine or something like it. Forehead pounding, thought I was going to throw up, thought my head might explode if I leaned over. Who knows what would have happened if I had ridden metro for an hour. And I have a big meeting I organized today.
    Rant: talked to my boss and expressed that I felt horrible about this, but had it covered because I talked to two other coworkers. Well, apparently my coworker who was supposed to help out closely washed her hands of it and laid it all on my coworker who nice enough to pinch hit and help me out. Which means it left a lot of it on my boss. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.
    Rave: I did meet my dog walker today, she’s nice and DOG likes her a lot.
    Rave: If this is/was a migraine it’s only the second one I’ve ever had.

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