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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Revel: My neighbors shoveled my sidewalk while I was out of town over the snowstorm. Now I just need to figure out who did so I can thank them.

  • Revel: my roommate’s boyfriend did almost all the shoveling for us.
    Revel: snow days happened at the end of the quarter so I’m really able to enjoy my time off
    Rant: I had a doctor’s appointment that was cancelled. It took me a month to get this one, so I’m guessing I’ll be waiting a long, long time to get my meds

  • Rant: why was everyone such in a rush to get out driving yesterday? Where were they driving too? And where would they park once arrived or once they got back? Geeze!
    Rave: Not one feeling of needing to go outside other than to shovel.

    • Yes! What the hell, people?? Unless you have a human kidney in a cooler in the backseat, I cannot imagine why you needed to be on the road yesterday. People trying to drive looked so stupid. And the ones who were honking at pedestrians in the street, and speeding around them spraying them with slush, just no. The walkers were in the right, the drivers were in the wrong. Period.

  • Rant: Wishing I was still in my pjs working from home. But I opted to come in so my manager can’t hold it over my head.
    Rave: It’s quiet here – I’m the only admin person who made it in to the office and I’m hoping I can use today to get a lot done.
    Rave: Brought some blizzard cookies with me – dunking cookies in your morning coffee helps make things feel much more fun!

  • Rant: drunken idiots put a hole in the hallway wall on the floor of our apartment building on Saturday night. I don’t get it. They have to live here too, and this isn’t a dorm. ๐Ÿ™

  • Rant…drive into work was terrible. I almost turned around a couple of times. Worst part was all the people walking in the middle of the street. SO dangerous!
    Rave…comp day that I’ll receive for coming into work today (am considered essential). I plan on using it on a beautiful day this spring when I just don’t want to come into work.
    Rant…the guy who was tailing me as I was driving up a tricky hill in my neighborhood. I let him pass me once we got to the top and then he flicked me off. Happy Monday to you too…sorry I’m trying to play it safe.
    Rave…all the good people in the neighborhood helping each other dig out their sidewalks, cars,etc…really felt a sense of community following the storm.

  • Rave: I swear, I have never seen this much snow at one time! Completely amazed, and had a lot of fun wading through thigh-deep snow to get to the main road to see if it was clear. It was!
    Rant: Our street still has not been plowed (I’m not in DC right now). The plow came and was unable to do our street because some jackass in a Corolla thought he could make it through the aforementioned thigh deep snow, only to abandon his car, thus making the street impassable for the plow.
    MAJOR RANT: I am out of coffee. If they don’t plow by noon, I will walk to wherever I can get my hands on the sweet black nectar of the gods.

    • And this is exactly why I’m not touching my car for several days. I’ll metro to work if I have to.

    • My street hasn’t been plowed either and I’m in DC, so we’re all in the same boat. I saw more than 1 stuck-in-the-street car during my 4ish block walk to Trader Joe’s — and was really pissed at them because that means it’s going to take even longer.

    • Late day major rave: The whole street (minus a few – but we won’t go there) banded together to clear it after the County said they wouldn’t be plowing. I am amazed by the community spirit!

  • Rant: I was supposed to fly out of DCA this weekend to spend a week with my elderly parents in Buffalo (!). Flight has been rescheduled twice already; currently scheduled for this afternoon. Wish me luck!
    Revel: today’s flight is (so far) “on time”. We’ll see.
    Rant: Metro isn’t running any above-lines so can’t get to the airport that way.
    Revel: I love my neighbors. Everybody really came together to shovel for each other.
    Rant: Nobody has shoveled in the back alley yet, so not sure we can even get out of our garage without some major digging. (We’re working on it.) How much is a cab to the airport going to cost? Will I even be able to get one?

  • OK, so what are the odds government will be closed tomorrow too? Place your bets!

    • A bunch of school districts are already closed tomorrow, so highish?

    • I’d put my money not on an outright closure, but rather an unscheduled leave/telework day. Not helpful for the large minority that are not telework capable, but still gets a lot of people off the roads.

    • I agree with sproc. I’d go so far as to say 25% chance of a delay tomorrow AND Wednesday because it sounds like it’s going to be really icy Wednesday morning.

  • Rant: I never thought I would say this but god I miss living in DC. At least they took care of snow removal better than our joke of an HOA in suburban VA. The public road that is at the end of our street is completely clear but our road has not been touched. Crossing my fingers that we can get out of our neighborhood tomorrow.
    Rave: My MIL in South Africa was so funny during our weekly Skype chat. She’s never seen so much snow in her life. She was also shocked by how much work goes into shoveling it off the path.
    Rave: Only thing on my to-do list today is to dig out the car.
    Rave: Awesome blizzard food

    • Side streets in DC are the same. I’ve seen plows one block over, and none has come down my street

      • +1. They shoveled my street between 14th and 15th but not 13th and 14th. Tempted to blame it on the people who were driving through and got stuck, but they wouldn’t have gotten stuck if the plow had kept going!

  • What a fun weekend. All the neighbors were out, kids playing, grownups chatting and helping one another. A neighbor shoveled my walk, so I shoveled the next guy’s. I talked to an Ethiopian gentleman who was giddy with excitement. He said he’d never seen anything like it. He shoveled all day, just to be out in it. Some people from down the block baked cookies and walked around handing them out. Then we went sledding and it was perfect. And the kids slept like logs.
    My only complaint was the drivers. Did they not hear the news? About a “paralyzing blizzard”? I don’t know about anyone else, but I took the three days leading up to the storm to prepare for NOT BEING ABLE TO DRIVE ANYWHERE. The upside of not having our street plowed was that no idiots tried to drive on it (still, at 10am Monday, there is nary a tire track) and the kids had the whole block to play on.

  • Kukki Bakemono

    Rave: OPM chose wisely so I get one more snow day dedicated to shoveling, baking, Spotify playlists blasting on full volume, and unfiltered white-boy dancing in my tiny kitchen.
    Rant: Shoveling.
    Rave: I’m doing my first Home Visit for a potential rescue animal adopter today so an animal will hopefully get adopted soon.
    Rave: The surprisingly high level of collaboration between me and the other sled-less wonders on Capitol Hill yesterday. Sledding down Capitol Hill on a cookie sheet is one of those memories I’ll carry with me forever.

  • Rant: Required to telework.
    Rant: Work stuff. I need to get my act together and apply for a recent job opening (where OP Anon works, as it happens), especially as suitable openings are few and far between.
    Rave: Kittycat has been very sweet and snuggly.

  • Rant: forgot that I left my shovel outside last night and now it’s gone. At least all the shoveling’s done.

  • Bear

    Rave: Thank you OPM, I will gladly take another day at home.
    Rave: My town’s snow removal – the plows made continuous rounds throughout the storm. I think I saw them come through our street just about every hour, and the roads were fine yesterday. Not that we wanted to drive anywhere, but we could have if needed.
    Rant: Extra sore back from shoveling and catching air on a couple of sled rides. It was fun to pretend I’m not approaching 40, but today reality has sunk in. Now let me go find my aleve…

  • Rant: Canceled Amtrak booking, busy signals and crashed website and hours of waiting on the phone.
    Rave: Rebooked through twitter!! Ahh, the wonderful world of social media.
    Rant: Lugging groceries up and down the Northeast corridor. I have got to stop! But I don’t want to waste food and I have no normalcy right now.
    Rave: Excited to see DC in the snow.

    • Can you just buy less food in each locale?

      • Absolutely, but stocking up for a blizzard with unknown duration and unforeseen travel changes made it a bit difficult to know what was needed where. So here I am, lugging food back down to DC.

    • I’m impressed – MTA, Amtrak & WMATA got me from my home in NYC to my home in DC in five hours. Way to go and a huge thanks to everyone who worked their butts off to get the systems back online. So impressive.
      Now don’t get me started on the horrible mountains you have to climb to get across a damn street while you’re walking to and from the metro!!

  • Rave: Telecommuting! My office never allows it unless the feds close, so working in my pajamas with a dog by my feet feels so luxurious!
    Rave: A lovely weekend snowed in, walking around the new neighborhood getting to know the new neighbors and enjoying watching the dog romp in the snow.
    Rave: Bars and restaurants open in the storm – tip your servers well!!

    • Kukki Bakemono

      +1 for tipping servers well this past weekend. Some friends and I did a blizzard brunch at Tunnicliff’s on Saturday and we traded stories with the staff on how far each of us walked in the snow and wind, haha.

  • Revel: My school district just announced we’re closed tomorrow.
    Rant: Reading up on the conditions of Detroit Public Schools makes me think about how good we have it where I work. And to think, the Emergency Manager has the audacity to sue the teachers for the sick-out over the conditions HE created (in addition to those he created in Flint regarding the poisoned water). It’s appalling that he would accuse the teachers of using children as political pawns when that’s what he has done, to such a degree that the only way for teachers to fight back is the sick-out.

  • Rant: People who walk in the street but don’t look and listen. It’s still the street not the sidewalk. (Saying that as a fellow walker)
    Rant: Street still untouched.
    Rave: Grocery store still decently stocked.
    Rant: Shoveling isn’t leaving a foot of snow on the sidewalk. We’re one of the only clear places on my block.
    Rant: People who complain about telework. Yes, plenty of people are physically at work today.

    • On your first rant, I saw a guy walking in the street Saturday night wearing headphones, totally oblivious to the police SUV on his tail that had been honking for at least 30 seconds.

      • I can’t imagine only popvillagers have the incorrect idea that the blocked sidewalks give peds right of way in the street. From where did this notion originate?
        Add in dark clothing at night, and you have quite the recipe for disaster.

        • Listen. This was a historic, “paralyzing” event, of which we had plentiful notice. We have an appalling local government, who failed to institute a sensible road ban. So it’s up to residents to not act like f*king children. Being on the road with a vehicle was a stupid, selfish thing to do this weekend. Yes, of course there were a few people who needed to get to work. A FEW. But they were in the minority compared to the ego-fueled jackholes who were getting in the way of the plows and acting all impatient because the 14th street expressway wasn’t flowing the way they liked. The number of people who actually needed to be on the road in cars would have been amply served by a single lane, at low speeds.
          Yes, community behavior needs to change during storms. Get used to it. And don’t be a selfish moron, taking up a limited resource (road space) for your own solitary convenience. The public resources are there for the greater good, and this weekend, the greater good was served by having a safe place for people to WALK. Not drive. It’s such common sense I don’t even know what to say to you.

          • “So itโ€™s up to residents to not act like f*king children.”

          • Maybe you missed the part about my street being impassable. I haven’t driven since noon on Friday. The complaint above was about a police car being blocked.
            No matter how paralyzed the city may be, and this wouldn’t include plow drivers, police, restaurant or store workers who are obviously working, a pedestrian like myself understands I’m walking in a car lane. I don’t block out my hearing nor expect that cars will magically disappear when it’s most convenient for you.
            No one is saying you shouldn’t walk in the street, I did so today, and I’ll continue to do so when needed. We are saying that peds like drivers should act reasonably which includes yielding to cars when needed.
            Like you said anon: “And donโ€™t be a selfish moron, taking up a limited resource (road space) for your own solitary convenience”

  • Rave: Kept power! Accomplished my first ever Netflix binge! I feel so lazy because I have done absolutely nothing productive all weekend, but it’s been so relaxing.
    Rave: Went out in the snow briefly Saturday and Sunday to stretch my legs – it was so beautiful Saturday during the lull, and fun trying to wade through it.
    Rant: It’s a shame that snow gets ugly so fast when it gets dirty and starts melting.
    Rave: Telecommuting today! And things have been really quiet so hopefully that doesn’t involve much besides keeping an eye on my email.
    Rant: Watching idiots trying to drive down the not-really-plowed cross-streets by our building and getting stuck all day yesterday.

    • yup! I watched an ambulance get stuck yesterday – it had to get pulled out by a big-ass truck that looked like it belonged to the fire dept. Hopefully there was no one waiting for that ambulance!

      • Ooh, that’s not good. ๐Ÿ™ We watched several snow plows get stuck too – just so messy! It’s strange because I’m on Connecticut Ave, which is really clear, but then those side streets are a pretty stark difference.

        • Yeah, I’m off Georgia, which was pretty nice and clear by Sunday afternoon but the side streets are just an absolute mess.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: woke up earlier than I needed.
    Rave: one more day of avoiding the white stuff. yay telework

  • Rave: Shoveled sidewalks and intrepid neighbors who dug out the alley
    A first: Pup doing her business in the middle of snow-covered 16th St
    Blizzard calories don’t count, right?

  • Revel:

    I’d just like to thank the random Good Samaritan for helping me out Sunday afternoon on H street NE. I was specifically on L and tried turning onto 7th, got very, very stuck in the snow in my car and was very very flustered and very very frustrated. You immediately started shoveling me out and had it not been for you I would’ve caused a myriad of problems. Thank you random stranger! I shall pass your kindness forward. #Snowzilla #Jonas2016 #Blizzard2016

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Only in Orlando! Fairvilla Sexy Things Boutique with it’s “Intimacy Renewal Consultants” next to Edy’s Ice Cream.
    Rave: I jumped on it Friday morning and rebooked my flight from Sunday to today although
    Rant: I don’t know how I’m getting home from National with the Metro not running to there. Is Uber allowed to pick up at National?
    Rave: Loved interacting with the penguins at the Florida Aquarium and they didn’t stink as I was warned!
    Rant: Everyone here is getting on my nerves. Time to get home.
    Rant : Waaaay too many cat angels as decor in this house.

    • Did you ever find out what happened to cat #4?

      • I Dont Get It

        The ironically named PeeWee was finally spotted. Caboose, the newest cat was also rarely seen. They have three grey tabbies that look similar and I’m starting to suspect she has about seven of them and just randomly says “Oh that’s Holly (or Squeaky or Caboose ) when one jumps up on the kitchen table or counter (don’t get me started).

    • Yay! Glad you had fun with the penguins and glad they weren’t too stinky for you!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Ice dams.
    Rave: Mr. Zelda and his snowblower. He’s a saint. I think he still feels bad about the big storms in 2010 when he’d just had surgery and I had to do all the shoveling by myself.
    Rave: TSP and Mint are playing nice again. It’s the little things.

  • Rant: Had a bit of blizzard envy from over here in Michigan. I love snow and wish I could have seen Tiny Dog playing in it!
    Rave: I’m enjoying reading about everyone’s snowy weekend.
    Rant: Nordstrom gave me a sample of this magical face cream with my last purchase. Turns out, it’s $430 for 1.7 oz. Ugh.
    Rant: Contracts is definitely not my class this semester. Bored out of my mind trying to get through the reading.

    • What kind of cream?

      • La Prairie Skin Caviar Sheer Luxe Cream. I’m absolutely not going to buy it but I sure am enjoying the sample.

    • From personal experience, law school gets so much more enjoyable once you’re able to pick your own classes. Just grind through the first year! You’ll feel a little nostalgic about it later, I promise.

    • You’ll do better on exams if you don’t try to think – law school is that rote. It doesn’t matter if you skip the reading – you’ll do best if you read a commercial outline just before the exam. Wish it hadn’t taken me most of law school to figure that out.

  • Rave: shoutout to Andy at Duffy’s Irish Pub who slept at the bar so he could keep the local favorite open throughout #snowzilla.

  • Here’s a problem that only you – the smart and good looking people of PoPville can solve: We live in Eckington/Noma and our little car port exits into an alley way. The same is true for many residents of our street. I went to shovel out my car when I realized that a) the city doesn’t plow alleys, b) without plowing NO ONE can get their cars out, c) the alley is too small for a big plow to take care of the job since there isn’t room to deposit the snow.

    How should we resolve this? There’s definitely a tragedy of the commons problem (few pay, many benefit), but that doesn’t concern me as much as being able to get out of town before it thaws in March.

    • Everyone who needs the alley should shovel it out. Figure out a good place to put the snow and have at it.

      • +1. I’d try to talk with your neighbors and have a shoveling party before tomorrow night, because once it rains it’s going to be really impossible….

    • Shovel shovel shovel. I got called into work in the middle of the storm mid Saturday. On way back i got stuck in my alley. I tried shoveling and got stuck twice. Left it there snd resumed sunday….i pretty much shoveld a path the entire length of my alley. I had neighbors saw me stuck and NO offered to help, but im sure they are happy their cars can now get out the alley. Its ok- wasn’t anything liquor couldn’t fixed afterwards.

      • +1
        This is just one of the joys of alley living that your real estate agent/landlord conveniently forget to disclose. I miss my old house, but I love not having to shovel a large terrace, the backyard, and the driveway.
        My friend who recently bought a row house in Petworth just discovered that it may be weeks before his trash is removed. He’s livid and I’m like ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ

  • Rave: Major props to the 14th Street Trader Joe’s this morning who were SUPER well stocked under the circumstances (aside from frozen food). They had plenty of coffee, fruits/veggies/refrigerator items and cashiers.
    Rant: Stir-crazy. I wanted to get a lot of homework done this weekend but it’s hard without having much social interaction/outdoor time. I went outside for a bit here and there, but friends are snowed in or teleworking, and boyfriend was stuck in VA, so it’ll be until next weekend until I see him again (making it three full weeks since we’ve had some alone time because of work/school/snow. Boooooooo…..). I almost *want* to go to work tomorrow just to get out of my tiny apartment.

  • Revel: I just got tickets to Hamilton for his fall!

    Rave: My neighbors actually helped shovel. Not as much as I’d have liked, but more than they usually do. I’ll take that as a win.

    Rave: Most people on my street actually shoveled at least a path in front of their homes. This is new for my street.

  • phl2dc

    Rave: Getting back into yoga tonight! Very excited, but also a little nervous.
    Rant: Being told to telework with no official telework policy.

  • That One Guy

    Cabin fever on the decline. I don’t like staying at home during the weekends.
    Does the area have a strong snow parking spot culture (i.e. I shoveled out my car so that’s my spot…park there and you’ll come back to a smashed window and car full of snow).

  • Clueless

    Rant: How do I deal with neighbors who SLAM their apartment doors shut? It’s annoying loud, and within a tight hallway I can’t be the only person who gets irritated. Do they actually know how loud of a sound they’re making? I try to be considerate of others by catching the door knob and closing gently/quietly.

    • They may not know. My asshole downstairs neighbor constantly slams his door, which literally rattles my room. I didn’t want to talk to him because he’s been such a dick about other things, but when I asked him to stop and told him why, he did. He said he didn’t realize that he was doing it or that it was making that much noise.

    • They probably don’t realize how loud it is. (I assume your building’s doors are fitted with automatic closer things? That’s the heart of the problem.) Try approaching them with “You probably don’t realize this, but…”

      • +1 to this. I find that most people are not out to be humongous jerks (despite many acting like it after they’re informed).

  • Rant: New Baby Kitty has discovered the awesome fun shiny dangly toy in the dining room. The one I call a “chandelier”. (He has gotten very tall, and has superb balance on two feet.)

  • justinbc

    Rave: Couldn’t have asked for a better outcome to yesterday’s games. Love seeing Brady’s poo-poo loser face, and then my hometown team steamrolling their way into the Super Bowl.
    Rave: Nobody appears to have left their lawn furniture out in my street to mark spots.

  • Rant: The residents of the condo building across the street. Some of the guys there had time to play football in the yard for almost an hour yesterday, but apparently not enough to shovel the sidewalk. The building is on the corner, so there’s a huge amount to do, but it’s mostly in the shade so it’s not melting and is in worse shape than anywhere else in the neighborhood. Bad citizens. Bad citizens!
    Rave: My building neighbors, who have been AWESOME at taking turns with the shoveling.

    • I’d report them. They seem to be taking the fining thing pretty seriously.

      • Bowser said that they would aggressively fine vehicles but that they were not going to enforce the sidewalk fines. But in case that’s changed, how do I report them?

        • You can report them via 311.

        • 311 has a request option for sidewalks.

        • She said that? Half the streets (more?) are still untouched by plows, we know they aren’t even going to try to get to the alleys, and now they’re not even going to enforce the fines? What is the point of her administration?? No seriously. What are these clowns DOING?

          • She did indeed! I was looking up the laws (cabin fever), and found a piece in the Post that listed every jurisdiction’s regulations. It gave the DC rules but added the non-enforcement bit. Feh.

    • How big of a condo building is it? Unless it’s a small, self-managed building, it’s unlikely that the individual residents would be responsible for the shoveling.
      Clearly the building needs to get its act together, though. Any good management company should have a plan in place for snow removal.

      • Well they are ultimately responsible even if they’ve contracted with someone. My bldg was serviced once before the streets were blocked. We ended up having to take care of the rest.

      • It’s pretty small so probably self-managed, but whether they or their management company has to take care of it: UNCOOL.

  • Revel (I guess?): I found a credit card in a pile of snow this afternoon! Corner of 13th & Kenyon. If your name is Wai Chi Leung, or you know that person, contact me! Also posted on CL and the forums.

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