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Photo from Target by PoPville twitter follower @MichaelEsser

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

Readers report the YES Organic Markets around town are fully stocked:

“Just wanted you to share with folks that I just got home from yes organic and they are open and stocked full of milk eggs vegetables etc. They said they plan to stay open all day.”


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  • I love how everyone is freaking out. Common sense people, use it!

    • If you don’t like the way we freak out about weather, got out of town. I remember when Obama got B**** Slapped after commenting about our reaction to snow. It’s part of our culture and if you don’t like it – get out.

      • To be honest, I think this time a certain amount of freaking out is warranted. This is an almost-unprecedented storm if we get the amount of snow predicted. I grew up in the Northeast, and whether you’re up there where it snows often or down here where it doesn’t, two feet of snow combined with very gusty winds is DANGEROUS and not something to take lightly.
        But yes — people should use common sense and stay off the roads after the snow starts this afternoon, and stay indoors at home after dark tonight. Also, be careful if you see a plow coming and you’re on the sidewalk. This amount of snow CAN hurt you if it hits you coming off a plow.

      • I was actually born here πŸ™‚
        The few, the proud, the district.

      • as a midwestern transplant, I love how the area reacts to snow. This is how I’ve always wanted to react to it, but no one ever took it seriously. This is a dangerous storm!

    • Basically you need enough stuff to get you to Monday at the worst, although if you live within walking distance to a grocery store, you’ll be able to get there Sunday as long as you own shoes that aren’t flip flops and high heels. I saw someone loading 15 1 gallon jugs of water in a cab yesterday outside Giant. Aggressive.

      • But this assumes that stores will be able to restock from the past couple of days. It’s going to take awhile for all the trucks to get to all the stores again. Clearly, lots of stores have done a great job keeping their inventory up, but people forget that post-storm restocking may take awhile.

        • This. I wasn’t around for the last epic storm and have only experienced around 8″ here max, but I heard with that last big storm it was very difficult for trucks to get into the city to restock. Obviously as long as you have a good amount of pantry items it’ll be okay and I do think people freak out in a way that’s slightly irrational. Just be sensible, make sure you have a good amount of fresh and then packaged food for a few days. Batteries, flashlights, candles, warm blankets and stay inside.

        • This also assumes you live within walking distance to a store.

      • my friends pipes already froze. i think some people are worried about that and stocking up on water. row houses without basements are the most likely to freeze .

    • Blithe

      NW_Sammy, I was actually born here too, as were my parents. And I have been in situations that “common sense, people” could not address. Like realizing that “impassable” could easily mean impassable to emergency vehicles like police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances. It’s hard to dismiss the impact of a weather emergency once you’ve had the experience of hoping that an ambulance would eventually reach you and hoping that it could also reach the hospital before its services would no longer be required.
      – I also learned the hard way, during Hurricane Isabel that cell phone towers can be impacted when the power goes out, so that even a charged cell phone might not be usable. Even most wired phones, now, require electricity to function. So do many security systems and emergency systems such as link-to-life. That means that calling 911 in an emergency might not be a ready option even if response services are up and running.
      – I can get why able-bodied people with lots of storage space and enough ready cash to stock up on basic necessities might be surprised by the “freaking out” around them. If the worse thing that happens is boredom, inconvenience, and minor discomforts, we can count ourselves as being very fortunate.

  • Rave: My furnace was fixed yesterday. Noticed a problem on Wednesday and AHS sent them out yesterday.

  • Rave: the hardware store on 17th and Corcoran was out early putting dozens of shovels out
    Rant: the salt burns my dogs’ feet πŸ™ gotta get little booties before the storm!

    • Not just shovels, but also a ton of salt and a supply of toboggans!

    • Word had it that Annie’s in Brookland was expecting a Friday morning shipment of shovels and sleds…

    • My dog tolerates me manhandling his paws into “pawz”. Rubber booties, look like little balloons on his paws, 12 to a package. I bought off Amazon last year but I think the surrounding pet stores carry. He walks completely normal in them, don’t slip off in the snow, or when he kicks up the ground (and don’t easily tear when he does it either!). I put them on him as soon as the salt comes out on the sidewalks.

      • I wish my pup would tolerate these! I’ve tried a bunch of different types of booties but she’ll lay on the ground until she can get them off with her mouth and then fling them into the street. But without booties she hops every few steps because of the salt/cold. I wish I could reason with her.

  • Rant: headed to target. Might be a fools errand. Mostly it is an excuse to go to D’Vines/Cava.

  • Rant: what idiot gets to work from home and forgets her charger? Me!
    Rave: went to Walmart at 6:15am and was able to buy a charger!
    Rant: it cost $70

  • Rant: At work and trying to plow through my to do list so I can leave early.
    Rave: Looking forward to a housebound weekend of watching the snow, snuggling with the cat, and clearing out the DVR.
    Rant: This weather and the heating system in my office are killing my skin. I would have nose bleeds every morning if I didn’t use the neti pot religiously.
    Rant: It was physically impossible to fit long underwear under my preggo lady pants this morning. I’m not as toasty as I’d like.

  • binntp

    Rave: So happy the Yes market is open. I have enough cat food to last until Monday but was a little worried that she might be eating canned tuna/chicken if we get walloped and I didn’t get more. Will stop on my way home.
    Rant: I am already thinking about how bored I am gonna be if trapped inside for days. I am so not good at handling cabin fever.

    • +1 to your rant. Thankfully I live in a big building, so I have a feeling a lot of us will be in the fitness center and common areas just to get out of our apartments.

    • hammers

      Went to Petworth Yes! last night. It was actually a really great experience! The line looked long, but I was out in 5 min. So impressed.

    • hammers

      oh also Yoga Heights says they will most likely be open, pending actual danger of going outside.

  • Is it even worth going to Harris Teeter after noon (specifically the one by Potomac Ave)? I need butter for snowed-in baking adventures. Was hoping to buy the 8 lb box at Costco but don’t want to venture too far from home if this storm is going to start early afternoon. Hoping they’ve restocked overnight, but I never trust HT.

  • Revel: We have the day off but they left the building open so we can grab our stuff if we need to. How reasonable!
    Revel: Line at Shoppers wasn’t too bad this morning, but I went at like 8am.
    Revel: Have all the provisions I need except a friend to go sledding with. Anybody?

  • Rant: At work. “This was supposed to be a snow day!”
    Rave: I have no work to do at work. This is usually a problem but today, who is actually doing work here anyway?
    Rant: Boyfriend staying at home this weekend. I miss him. But I understand.
    Rave: Going home, taking a nap, and hopefully going out for a bit later this afternoon/evening before we’re all stuck indoors for two days!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Working from home.
    Rave: Plenty of baking supplies. I’m thinking chocolate chip cookies and Texas sheet cake. Maybe also an apple blueberry crisp. Oooh, and maybe a Bakewell tart.
    Rant: I still don’t like winter or big snowstorms. I’d be happy with one modest, 4-6 inch storm per winter, then an early spring.

  • Rave: Ready for the bilzzard parties. I have a LOT of delicious food. Even if the power goes out, my stove is gas so I will be okay. I think?

    Rant: Hopefully, power does not go out. I will be sad as I’m looking forward to being snowed in with friends and having fun.

    Rave: The brewery by my house is open tomorrow, so I might take an exploratory walk for some beer.

    Rant: Hardly anyone in the office today. We close at noon.

    • If your stove has electric ignition (most do these days), you’ll need to use a match to light it in a power outage. That works fine for the range, but is much more difficult (might be nigh impossible depending on configuration) if you want to use the oven.

  • Rave: Bring on the snow! Feeling very grateful to have food, shelter, and warm kitties. I don’t want to take that for granted.
    Rant: Being at work is stupid. I can’t concentrate on a damned thing. I’m telling, once I see a snowflake, I’m outta here.
    Rant: My roomie is preparing to be stuck at work (she’s a nurse) for the entire weekend. I’ve been up since about 4:45 a.m. due to her preparations (not her fault, I just couldn’t sleep well anyway.) Hoping for a peaceful night for her and her colleagues.
    Rave/Rant? Debating buying some items so I can bake cookies tonight, but I’m not sure I want to brave the grocery store this afternoon, even if is super close. Thoughts?

  • Rave: Looks like OPM Hitler’s plans are not totally ruined:
    “Employees who request unscheduled leave, will be charged leave the entire work day. Employees, who report to their worksite, should depart at noon and receive an excused absence for the remainder of the day. The excused absence should be coded ‘Administrative Leave.'”
    Until seeing that yesterday, I’d almost forgotten about the bottle of peppermint schnapps in the back of the liquor cabinet!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: no real work to do so boss is giving us busy work. I wish I just had to PTO to use to get out of it
    Rave: working from home so I don’t have to deal with traffic or weather.

  • Rave: Early morning walk with the other Mrs. Rabbit. Hopefully that will help combat the upcoming cabin fever.
    Rave: The cashier at the grocery store laughing at my last minute blizzard items: white roses, ice cream, and lemons. I’m good with anything this storm throws at us now.
    Rant: Starting to feel a little anxious about the upcoming consult with the new reproductive endocrinologist. I know everything will be okay but I still can’t help it.

  • Kukki Bakemono

    Rave: Just got home from work and UPS delivered my new iron from Amazon so now I can endure the blizzard in the dapperest way possible from the dark confines of my english basement.
    Rave: I can go sledding down Capitol Hill this weekend.
    Rant: I don’t have a sled so I need to find something I can use (trash can lid?)
    Rave: Got everything I needed at Harris Teeter to make this an epic baking weekend I’ll tell my grandchildren about.

    • LOL to your first rave. That’s awesome.

      I need a sled too!

    • I plan on using either the leftover plastic storage bags from my flood or this long container thing I keep under my bed. I heard baking pans are good, but I think my grown self is a little too big to ride on one.

      • Kukki Bakemono

        I just checked and I can fit on my baking pan (not my good baking pan, of course). Maybe I’ll even spray some non-stick on it a la Christmas Vacation and break the sound barrier.

        • We tried baking sheets last winter. No good. You need a little more height on the front to keep it from just plowing into the snow.

  • Legitimately can’t understand the panic. A tsunami would be a different story, but this is soft fluffy stuff we’re talking about. Yes, it will be significant and yes, it will be hard to get a round for a couple of days..but why not have fun with it?!

    • No, it’s not going to be soft and fluffy. I’ve heard at least 2-3 different weather sources say it will be fluffier the further west you get, but towards DC it will be heavy and wet — the kind of snow that downs power lines and hurts people’s backs when they shovel. And massive flooding is expected along the coast.

      • binntp

        +1. I have a flat roof with skylights and am a little terrified about significant, heavy snow possibly caving it in.

        • ack! I have a roof area leading out to my garage area that has a flat roof and I’m not sure all that sturdy. Having some serious anxiety about that caving in.

        • YES ME TOO!!! How do we know when it is time to go up there and shovel? Its a new house for me (but its an old rowhouse with a flat roof and skylights) and Im just terrified about this sh*t

          • They make roof rakes but it might be too late for that now. I wouldn’t personally go out and clear it from the roof until the storm is over. The melting will make it heavier so maybe Saturday evening or Sunday morning would be a good time to try to push some off. Be careful!

    • have you ever been without power in the winter? It’s AWFUL. there is hardly any daylight, the temperature is below freezing, you can’t go outside to entertain yourself. And again you are freezing. The only thing you can do is lay under as many blankets as you can find and hope the power comes back soon.

    • I’m confused. We are expected to get up to 2 feet of snow in a semi southern city that does not have the infrastructure to handle it. We do not have the snow plows or man power that midwestern or northern cities have to handle winter weather. This is projected to be a historic storm. Do I hope it’s all hot air? Yes. But would I rather be safe than sorry if it does go down as predicted? Hell yes.

      • Again- what is the worse that is going to happen? people can’t drive around? miss a day or two from the office? It’s suppose to be in the 40’s in few days.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          Well there’s that – or they could lose power – freeze to death – or it can just be really shitty. Who knows that’s why preparedness is important. But hopefully – it’s just a great fun snow storm.

          • Yeah- maybe if they live in the country and NO one can get to them. Hardly doubt any able body person in the district- would stay in a home until they freeze to death without venturing out to a neighbor/seeking assistance. I’d hope that those same able bodies check on their elderly disabled neighbors though. (But just incase anyone finds themselves in this situation- find the smallest room- grab bunch of blankets and sheets, clothes they have and insulate as much. Try your best NOT to have to light any candles etc that can cause fires.

          • You are assuming everyone is able bodied! What about the disabled, the invalid, or senior citizens? People without family or friends to assist them? The poor who may not have the funds to purchase proper supplies. Again. Not everyone is in a privileged situation where they can just sit tight with a few blankets and be ok.

          • I agree with skj. And even going to a neighbor’s is questionable if there are wide-spread power-outages. (Although I would certainly trek to a different part of the city by foot on Sunday if my power went out…)

        • Not everyone has a nice warm house to live in. And yes, losing power is a real possibility. Some people don’t work jobs they can be remote. Or God forbid any suffers a medical emergency during the storm. There is a lot that can go wrong during this storm.

        • Losing power and freezing for 2 or 3 days straight. That’s a major issue for people with small children, the elderly, and those with serious health issues. Power will not be restored quickly. With loss of power comes frozen/burst pipes, no potable water. spoiled food (stock up on non-perishables, duh), lack of sleep, and just general miserableness.
          I get it.

        • I grew up in Connecticut, and we were used to getting a lot of snow. Two to three feet in a snowstorm would still make us prepare and be concerned, and we were used to losing power for at least a couple of days – at least we had a woodburning stove and fireplace for heat and lived in the woods so there was plenty of fuel. Potentially losing power in the winter is no joke, especially when the this area lacks the infrastructure to clear it away as quickly.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: The creepy 3D life-like cat head nightlight in the guest bathroom. Those glowing amber eyes see everything!

    Rave: The $10 haircut I got yesterday!
    Rant: Watching the parade of old men get their haircut in an all – female barber shop and none of the cheap b*stards tipped.
    Rave: Checked the freezer last night after everyone went to bed. Found no aluminum wrapped frozen pets. Shout out to WDC for the reminder.
    Rant: They start grooming the golf green outside my bedroom window every day at 7:05 am. #FloridaProblems

  • Rant: I already found an old PoP post on this, but what about all this snow on flat roofs? Should I pay someone to come clear my roof once it’s over? If so, does anyone have any recommendations?
    Rave: No snow up here, but I am kind of sad to be missing it! I don’t mind being in a snowstorm as long as I am home. Plus being in the city you can walk to bars and stores–once they’re open! Then again happy I won’t be making up hours from missing work.

  • Rave: Well supplied for a bread-baking and soup-making weekend
    Rave: Also well supplied with books including Pattern Recognition (Feb PoPville book club book). Happy to pass it along after I finish – I have one of the three copies available thru DCPL
    Rave: No rants πŸ™‚

  • Farragut

    RAVE: Work finally came through with a close-to-work hotel.
    RANT: Going to work this weekend.
    RAVE: Allison baked my favorite cookies to take with me this weekend. πŸ™‚ (Snickerdoodles.)

  • That One Guy

    We should start a pool to see who get closest to the number of late September/October babies born this year. That said, stay warm and safe.

    • Hm. Well, those of us who already have kids will have said kids underfoot til further notice, so not a lot of opportunities for making new ones.

  • This is probably going to sting a little, but it’s late and I’m kind of drunk, so…

    Rave: I’m in Vietnam through this whole mess. It’s 10:30 PM and it’s 79 degrees…that’s the coolest temperature we’ve seen this whole trip.
    Rant: I half-froze my beer. Our minifridge is apparently a little too good.
    Rave: It will only take a few minutes to thaw.
    Rant: I hope we can get back to DC on Tuesday.
    Rant (to temper the “rubbing it in”): My sunburn (I tried…despite lots of good sunscreen and carefully staying in the shade as much as possible, it happened) is starting in on the itchy phase. Not a good combo with hot weather/high humidity.

  • Rave: Fully stocked with food and beer.

    Rant: I’m really worried about going stir crazy. It may sound silly, but I get really antsy when I can’t leave the house for long periods of time. I have plenty to entertain myself, I just can’t sit still. I may have to visit Argonaut if it’s not too bad.

    Rant: I’m pretty sure my trip on Monday is going to be canceled. I have been looking forward to this for weeks.

  • Rave: Yes! Organics on Georgia Ave was fully stocked and though the line was longer than usual to pay, I only waited about five minutes. I’m fairly certain that they hired extra help to assist with stocking the shelves. Two days ago I went to Giant at CoHi and it took about an hour to pay. Support local businesses!

    Rant: Still had to wake up at 7am to telework & had to be on the phone for 40 minutes for technical support. It was stupid.

    Ok, where them sledding hills at? I need a map of the best sledding hills in DC, please!

  • Query: What location(s) close to the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro would be good for sledding?
    Rant: Suddenly I’m remembering a disappointing sledding attempt following one of the previous snowstorms (I think Snowmageddon?). I was living in Adams Morgan and trudged all the way to Meridian Hill Park with a cookie sheet in hand. I found a slightly hilly spot, set down my cookie sheet, and placed myself on top of it… only to sink ~2 feet in the snow.

    • The best place to sled at Meridian Hill Park during snowmageddon was on the stairs from the upper park to the top of the fountain level. I was there when there was a line of people flying down those things (including dogs)!

    • Hmm… I see from the thread that MPinDC posted that Jeslett recommended Arkansas Avenue at Piney Branch Parkway for sledding.

    • Additional rant: Hoping the power doesn’t go out in my neighborhood. I did buy four cans of ravioli/spaghetti-type stuff yesterday, but the only other canned ready-to-eat things I have are canned fruit.

      • +1 to this. I have bread, PB&J and canned fruit. That’s all that doesn’t need heating. But I think we’ll be okay….

        • Good point on bread and PB&J. I have some bread in the freezer that I can thaw, and something like 4 jars of peanut butter. Yesterday I noticed I had no jam, so I bought a big jar of strawberry jam.

  • Rave: junk food!
    Rant: junk foooooooodddddddd…

  • Bear

    Rant: DC Government. A tax lien I foolishly incurred in 2005 (and promptly paid off) has reappeared on my credit report despite having been cleared for a decade. WTF?
    Rave: Working from home so I don’t have to deal with a hairy commute.
    Rant: Can’t fully enjoy the snowy weekend because of a big deadline that means I have to work through the weekend.
    Rave: Seeing the end of the tunnel for this assignment.

  • Shot in the dark: Any skiers out there? What would be a good hill to boot/skin up in DC proper? I’m thinking maybe somewhere in Rock Creek park, but there’s likely a bunch of brush that wouldn’t get buried with just 2 feet? Ski down the 15th street hill by Malcolm X?

  • Rave: Teleworking!
    Rave/rant: So glad I’m not at my old job. They have an event during lunchtime today… that they didn’t cancel… and is supposed to go until 1:30 and then they’re releasing the employees. They apparently actually have had people turn up for it as well. Hoping all my old coworkers get back home safely before the storm! Some of them live pretty far out.
    Hopeful rave: I’m in a big apartment building in an area that is mostly underground powerlines I think, so I hoooope I don’t lose power. Most of my food needs to be cooked and I’d hate to have to throw out everything from the fridge/freezer. (pleasepleaseplease)

    • Sorry – weird computer problems.

      Do you guys have any recs on roof snow removal folks? I have interior access but need a ladder and have a flat roof and don’t want to get up there alone.

      • Haha read my rant above. I am in the same boat and wondering the same thing!

        • And no one responded. Hmm – there are so many flat roofed rowhouses in DC. My insurance suggested we shovel after a foot of snow falls – and theyre predicting at least double that! Maybe we shouldn’t be concerned… ?!

          • We’ve been in our flat-roof rowhouse for the last 6.5 years and haven’t had a problem with snow on the roof (yet?). And that includes the crazy 2009-2010 winter. So perhaps we’re all alright? There is absolutely no way that we can get up there to clear the snow off, at least in our case.

          • Thanks @mtpresident! That at least gives me peace of mind πŸ™‚

          • Yeah, that’s not too cool of your insurance company. From everything I read online it is very dangerous to go up there during the snow storm. And after you’re adding even more weight! I talked to a few people and most think it will be okay. Fingers crossed.

          • There are professionals who do this every year, so I’m sure the suggestion was more get it done than do it yourself. I don’t know how you find them exactly, but typically landscapers switch to snow removal during the winter. If you have a skylight it needs to be done.

  • This morning 7 police cars in full siren blazing, lights flashing speed flew down NCap street towards the Capitol. No motorcade Suburban or other cars, just police. Thoughts?

  • Found my wax! Storm you are now only bliss!

  • I Dont Get It

    Bonus rant: While visiting the Florida Aquarium we were evacuated due to fire alarm. Uhmm…isn’t this place full of water?

  • Late rant: Toddler seems to have a stomach bug based on the puking in the car seat on the way home from day care.
    Rave: At least we weren’t on the bus like usual?
    Rave: All the fabric can be removed from the car seat & put in the washing machine. It might be a pain to re-attach it all, but at least it’s all clean now!

  • No Afternoon Animal Fix today?

  • Let’s say you were planning a gathering (a simple dessert/dinner evening at a restaurant known for such things) for the coming week, between Tuesday and Friday. Would you imagine that Tuesday would still be a safe bet for the city to be passable and businesses to be open, considering that it’s the best day for guest availability, or would it be a much better idea to wait for Friday, after several days of well-above-freezing temperatures, and road clearance etc.?

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