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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • SNOW: two days down to just one.

  • Rant: I do not want snow this weekend. I do not want to deal with shoveling. I do not want to work from home. I do not want my work trip on Monday postponed or affected by the weather. And I had fun plans this weekend that will have to be postponed. #teamnosnow

    Rave: At least I got most of my grocery shopping done. Just need beer and a french loaf. Harris Teeter was looking mighty picked out yesterday.

  • Rave: Snow!!

    Rant: Reading the tea leaves, looks like I won’t be able to build my tree house in Lincoln Park, after all

  • So the movers I hired for Tuesday say they come regardless of the weather — do you think this is realistic? Hopefully the people buying my house will be reasonable if we can’t get out on time 🙁

    • they can say they will come but if they can’t make it down the road or flip their truck who has the liability for your stuff?

      • Assuming it’s a moving company and not a couple guys with a truck, the movers have liability insurance. It’s usually not sufficient though (something like 60 cents per pound).

  • Rant: Like skj84 I am also now on #teamnosnow. A friday snow day was looking sort of cool, but now with heavy amounts of snow starting later, I am not looking forward to the possibility of 1) work on Friday, 2) all plans ruined this weekend and being cooped up indoors doing homework, 3) having to trudge to work and school on Monday when half the roads and sidewalks will still be awful.
    Rant: Need to come up with a research question regarding U.S. security strategy in East Asia. This used to be my *thing* but after a few years, I have run out of research questions and am not looking forward to writing this paper. Help.
    Rave: Have plenty of food for this weekend so at least I don’t have to worry about that…? Meep.

    • Question: what are pros/cons/implications of US re-establishing formal military bases in the Phillippines? (or re-phrase in a manner that makes sense for the assignment).
      It’s become the new hot topic, given China’s naval belligerence.
      foreignpolicy. com/2016/01/12/china-fears-bring-the-u-s-military-back-to-the-philippines/

  • Rant: I was on the northbound Yellow Line train that had the medical emergency at Archives yesterday evening (same car, in fact). I felt awful for the poor man who collapsed. Paramedics were still working on him when I gave up and left the station. I really hope he’s okay.
    Rave/Rant: Good excuse to get take out at Hill Country instead of cooking something healthy. Someday I will listen to my doctor.

  • Rant: Heading into a meeting with a notoriously difficult manager (not my direct manager) who is in control of a work stream for which I’m highly qualified that hasn’t moved recently due to lack of effort on the manager’s part. Have to advocate for myself and my role. Also have to let it go and pull back/step away if nothing comes of this because it’s on the manager. Why do people not make use of real capacity and qualifications they are already paying for?!
    Rave: Husband is flourishing in his new position and it makes me so very happy.
    Rant: Living out of a suitcase.
    Rave: Heading back to NYC this weekend – was planning on hitting the slopes with friends but might just have to go sledding in Central Park 🙂

    • “Why do people not make use of real capacity and qualifications they are already paying for?!”
      Ha, I wonder this often.

  • The “March For Life” is scheduled for Friday and they say it will go on regardless of the weather. I wonder where they plan to park all the buses so as not to obstruct snow plowing?

    • Accountering

      I wish there was a “March to mind your own damn business”
      That is something I can get behind. Let’s be honest, they will all come into town, screw up snow plowing, litter their signs everywhere, making cleaning the snow up more difficult, and then go back to their parochial schools in the suburbs. Knowing this stupid march is Friday makes me pray for snow…

  • Rave: It’s the last week of my rotation. Even though the position was ridiculously slow moving and nothing went as planned, I managed to accomplish some small things, and my supervisor said I did a good job. So at least I have resume/reference material.
    Rant: My boss/PMF coordinator left the agency while I was on rotation. So I have no idea how things are going to be when I get back.
    Rant: #teamnosnow here too.

    • Congrats on getting through your rotation, AnonPMF! And sorry to hear about your boss, I hope your office will welcome you back with lots of fantastic opportunities despite the change.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: impending snow.
    Rave: I found the rings that Donna tried to lose yesterday.

  • Rave/Rant: I am on the fence in the #teamsnow/#teamnosnow debate. On the one hand, spending a kidless weekend snuggled in with the BF, plus some sledding, is just about my idea of a perfect weekend break. On the other hand, the prospect of coming into work Friday morning and then having to drive to DC to get my kids when their dad decides that he doesn’t feel like driving in snow and then getting stuck in DC (with no snow gear at our house) because I will not risk getting stuck on 95 in my little car with three kids, is basically the antithesis of option #1.
    Rave: I tried a tangelo and a blood orange for the first time. Both were yummy!

    • Forgotten Rave: For those of us with parent issues that have/will become grandparent issues, please check out today’s Hax. In particular, the “guilt” associated with the concept of “you should be lucky your mom/dad is still around” and “this is how parents/grandparents should be treated.” I don’t know about you guys, but I get this a lot.

      • Oh man, my parents aren’t nearly as toxic (or really toxic at all) compared to today’s Hax or those of others around here, and I am grateful they are around–but we’re currently in a bit of a thing and I keep having this internal debate between not wanting to be treated like a child/living my life as I see fit vs. not wanting a confrontation/argument/whatever. Having kids complicates that debate so badly since I do treasure them having a fulfilling relationship.

        • I agree, mine aren’t near as bad! They have yet to focus any of their criticisms on the kids (as far as I know). But it made me wonder, how does it make the kids feel when they criticize me in front of them? Perfect example, a few weeks ago, I saw them for literally 5 minutes (they had the kids and were dropping them off with me). My dad asks me what’s wrong with my face, and when I explain it’s just my rosacea, he proceeds to tell me that I need to get it fixed because I’m not pretty with that on my face. This was in front of my daughter – my daughter who has severe, chronic, most-likely autoimmune related atopic dermatitis. When we got in the car, she says, don’t worry mommy, I think you’re still pretty. It became a conversation about real beauty and loving our imperfections, but it bugs me now that she had to hear that. But, I’m not sure how I could have handled it any better… I could say all the day long about how their per-occupation with appearance is not healthy (and I have), but it’s still there.

          • Oh wow, that sucks. I agree that it’s not awesome for your kids to hear their criticisms of you, but it sounds like you turned it into a teaching moment. I worry greatly about body image/weight focus and avoiding having the messages passed on to me passed on to my kids. I remember being told at 11 that my metabolism was slowing down & I needed to stop eating so much, and we constantly had “diet” versions of food rather than real versions in the house. I’ve learned to largely focus on being healthy, eating a variety of real food, and being active and I’d like that to be the message instead. But it might be hard to avoid snippets of the less-healthy kind seeping in from my mom.

    • +1 to your rave/rant. I was also looking forward to the “snuggled in with BF” scenario but instead of kids, we’re worried he won’t be able to get to my place before the snow if have work on Friday… and now Sunday looks like it’ll be an issue getting home too. The timing of this storm is a huge bummer! I’m sorry!

  • RANT – I feel like doing that to my tree (today’s image). It’s been outside for 2 weeks. Visible for all to see on New Hampshire. If it’s still there on Friday, I’m going to drag it to the bus stop.

  • Rave: Putting on a new sweater and hearing my wife exclaim “Wow, that looks amazing on you. Your waist is back to being tiny.” Yay for sweaters cut for an hourglass frame and yay for wives who notice said sweaters. And I guess an extra yay for losing all the baby weight quickly.
    Rave: Snow day baking project is all set. Chocolate chip quinoa flake cookies sound awesome right now.
    Rave: I remembered to plan ahead and stopped by the ATM. Crossing my fingers that the high school boys on my block do their usual door to door sales pitch to earn money shoveling sidewalks.
    No rants today. In too good of a mood.

    • Do you happen to remember where you found the fetching sweater? I’m hourglassy too and hate how boxy most sweaters are.

      • I found it at Kohl’s. I don’t often have much luck there but I stopped by a few weeks ago and tried this one on. It was perfect. It came with a belt that is actually placed in the right place for my curves.

    • I like your idea of a snow day baking project. I think I might have to borrow that, though with a simpler recipe 🙂

    • I have all the stuff for Smitten Kitchen’s sticky toffee pudding. I have been searching for almost a decade for a recipe that closely resembles the sticky toffee pudding I had at a friend’s wedding outside London in 2006.. High hopes for this one!

      • Can you please let us know how this turns out? I don’t know that I’ve had the dish until I recently shared one at Convivial and it was excellent! I’d love to replicate it at home!

      • Definitely let us know if it works. My wife has often mentioned that she misses having a good sticky toffee pudding but I’ve never found a recipe to her liking.

      • Kukki Bakemono

        I made the sticky toffee pudding from joyofbaking.com (my favorite baker on youtube). Don’t know about its relative authenticity, but I went HAM on it and regret nothing.

      • I will let you all know how it turns out!

  • Rave: I have a backlog of DVR’d old movies and lots of cozy food to cook–bring on the snow!
    Rant: Discovered this morning that I am legitimately low on toilet paper, so I have to brave panick-y shoppers…
    Mystery: UPS informs me that I have a package from Sun Harvest Citrus being delivered today. I did not order any citrus. Intrigue!

    • Someone’s trying to make sure you stay out of scurvy territory

    • Belated holiday gift? It’s been years now, thankfully, but I feel like I used to get those frequently from older relatives. Never a good thing. Even assuming I LOVED grapefruit, oranges, etc., it was impossible to finish off a case while they were all still fresh.

      • Yeah, I suspect I will be drowning in citrus. I googled, and the company is based where my dad lives. In his mind, fair=identical, so he often sends my sister and me the exact same thing (also why my non-cooking sister has more exotic spices than she could use in two lifetimes). So single me will likely have enough citrus for two adults and three kids! His heart is in the right place though. And I guess mimosas will be a very festive way of riding out the storm!

  • Rant: #teamnosnow. There’s too much to do this weekend, and I already took PTO for Friday! Come on Monday all you want, snow storm, just please not Friday or Saturday!
    Rave: Scarves, tea, dogs that act as space heaters.

  • Rave: so glad I live in a big apartment complex now and don’t have to shovel anymore… Because this snow looks crazy!
    Rave: Caught up last night with a nice guy that I briefly dated months ago, but we mutually agreed we would rather be friends. So glad that’s actually working out, we’ve hung out a few times and it’s been nice.
    Rant: So hard to focus on work, keep just wanting to read weather comments…

  • Rant: Something in my brain just broke and I realized I have absolutely no desire to continue doing my job. I think its time to get out of DC.

  • Rave: worked from 5 am until 11 pm (at least from 9-11 it was in bed!) yesterday. Rave because I love what I do and I know I’m good at it.
    Rant: I know I need to break up with the guy I’ve been seeing, but it’s hard to do. I like him a lot but don’t think he’s right for me.
    Rave: Ice Yards this Saturday! Love having other people come to Navy Yard and discover why I love it so much.

  • Rant: I’m in such a foul mood and I have no real reason to be. I almost yelled at a guy on the packed Red line train I was one because he was wearing a huge backpack which was slamming into everyone around him, including me, while he just stood there like a big doofus. Gah! I just want to be back in my bed snuggled under covers. I hate everything.
    Rave: I remembered to bring my lunch to work.
    Rave? Snow- I could deal with a weekend of being snowed in, i guess, as long as we don’t lose power.

    • If you had yelled at doofus backpack guy, you might have gotten a round of applause. Seriously, how are people so clueless?? Do they not feel all the people they’re clonking with that thing? A PSA is totally in order, and you’d be justified in delivering it.

      • I have very little patience and have actually yelled at people for things like that before, but then someone politely reminded me that you never know whether it will be a round of applause or a bullet wound, because, America… so…. I try to keep my mouth shut more often now.

      • I carried my yoga mat/gym bag and my purse today which, along with my big puffy coat on, made me feel like I was in everyone’s way. I couldn’t apologize to everyone for being in their way. Who knows, maybe he knew he was being annoying (like me)…I don’t know, it would have made me feel even worse if someone had yelled at me. Yes, the train was crowded, but everyone was getting where they needed to go.

      • No, the backpack people are the worst and I swear soooo oblivious. Seriously, just take it off and put it in between your legs. I am short so I have been smacked in the face with a backpack!

      • Agreed. When I have my gym bag or an extra large purse, I carry it in my hand rather than over my shoulder to avoid cooking people in the head or the gut. I used to commute by metro when I was in law school, and when my backpack was too heavy to carry in my hand (law books!), I would wear it on my front on particularly crowded trains. I looked like a dork but caused zero injuries!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I hate backpack people. They are the worst.

    • Quotia Zelda

      Today, there was a woman with no backpack (yay!) standing next to my seat, but somehow she managed to get both her elbow and her butt awwwfully close to my face (boo!).

  • Rant: I have such a ridiculous amount to do at work that I’m totally paralyzed and reading popville instead of getting on with it. Halp!
    Rave: 16-29 inches of snow. Followed by a string of above-freezing days so it won’t hang around.

  • Rave: I managed to catch the plague on Sunday night. At work today and slowly feeling better.
    Rant: Yesterday’s all biege diet.
    Rave: I think I am the only one who doesn’t mind the upcoming snow.

    • Bonus RAVE: The lovely, generous woman who got up and gave me her seat on the bus this morning. I really wanted to hug her.

  • Rant: Had a dream about my ex last night. Blurgh. I hate that he shows up from time to time and in the dream he’s always asking me to go somewhere or hang out with him and we never do. I’m happily married now and have no idea why this keeps happening.

    Rave: Snowy weekend indoors with my husband and nutso toddler. I think I’ll make French onion soup and help my son make his first snowman.

  • Rave: Good date last night. He wanted to see me again this week, but I settled on next week with him. Slightly concerned about his excessive flattery (made me a little on edge. Am I just being judgy or guarded?)

    Rant: I’m cold.
    Rave: Snow parties this weekend!

    Rant: I have to go to the grocery store tonight to get ingredients for delicious food for the snow parties.

    • Someone being too flattering is a pretty good problem to have.

      • Yes, I know. It’s weird to complain about it. I guess I just am immediately suspicious.

      • I know exactly what you’re talking about — because it can come from a place of insincerity, or someone who is trying really hard because they are very insecure, rather than it having to do anything with you at all… I am also immediately skeptical when there’s a little too much.

        • Okay I’m glad it’s not me. I’ll go out with him again, it was just a…lot. It might be my own insecurities, it might be due to the fact that I’ve had a lot of disappointment relationship wise over the last 6 months.
          I just need to see what happens, moving forward.

      • Maybe he’s insecure, maybe you’re insecure or maybe he has had a bad run at dating, so he’s happy to meet an attractive person he likes. I’m of the mind not to jump to conclusions so quickly.

    • Why the suspicion? Is it from the standpoint of “quit blowing smoke up my ass” or the standpoint of “stop trying so hard to get i my pants”? I also have a hard time taking compliments, and over-kill always put me off. But a lot of this has/had to do with my own insecurities, which I am trying to learn not to project on to other people.

  • Rant: I love my super dark natural hair color, but I really want in on this pastel ombre thing, particularly pink. And it just doesn’t work with dark hair. I also question whether I’m too old for this stuff.
    Rave: someone left stuffed animals on the sidewalk for other people to take (which I think is dumb), but my dog had a great time picking them all up and throwing them around for a few minutes last night. He nicely gave them back so we could leave them there. It was good fun.
    Rant: remembering that you have to factor in dog sitting costs when planning a trip.

    • I have medium-dark brown hair & when I’ve tried red or purple hair dye w/o bleaching first, it gives a nice highlighting effect. Might that work for you? Perhaps not with pink, but something else?

    • You are never too old for fun hair color. I really want to try the pastel colors, but I know it will probably cause my hair to fall out. I’m guess my pink streak is good enough for now.

    • I struggle with the dark hair/age question too! I wish at some point I would’ve had dreads and then shaved my head, because I don’t have the energy/inclination for either anymore, and feel too old. I only ever tried color one time, but my hair is so dark that you could only really tell it was there when it started to grow out. I love having dark hair for the most part, so not a lot of love lost on my end – plus now I just donate it every couple years, so I don’t process mine.

    • What parent would pick up stuffed animals from the curb?? Ick.
      Hair: a close friend got subtle highlights in her dark hair, and then did a burgundy layer underneath. It looks AMAZING.

      • Oh I know, I get so mad at people who leave stuff out. Take it to a donation box at least, no one wants dirty stuff. But, my dog did have fun and I got a good laugh. Some peoples’ dogs pick up sticks on walks, mine picks up stuffed animals.

    • If you do it, let me know how it goes. I also have naturally dark hair and would love to have some purple and turquoise color

    • Quotia Zelda

      Eldest Zelda has pastel rainbow hair. It looks cool on her, but she has to bleach the hell out of her naturally almost-black hair, and her hair is now destroyed and breaking off. (eventually it will grow back just fine, of course)

      • Yeah, bleaching will be 100% necessary. I had purple highlights about 10 years ago and I loved it, but I don’t remember what condition it left my hair in.
        One of the perks is that I could pick up off the shelf color and touch up the highlights myself by applying it to my whole head. It only showed up in the bleached parts. Blondes can’t do that.

    • I have blonde hair and want to do a streak so bad, but I’ve never had anything but blonde/dirty blonde hair so I am scared to do it. I also wonder if I am too old and chicken out haha. Then I also want a nose ring and I am just like ahhh stop, too much!

    • I feel you on the hair thing. I really want to try rose gold hair, but I have a few things keeping my from doing it. One, I am afraid how work would react. Two, I am afraid it would wash me out with my super pale skin.

      • I would check with your offices policy. Extreme colors are becoming more and more accepted. My office is pretty lenient. My sister knows teachers with funky hair colors.

        As for how it would look, I’m sure there are apps out there that allow your to “try” hair colors. That way you can get an idea of how it would look with your skin tone.

        • I think you might be overestimating how accepted extreme hair colors are. There are a lot of conservative workplace environments in D.C.

          • Agreed with textdoc. My current employer would not have a problem, but all of my previous employers expressly stated no unnatural hair (as well as no visible tattoos, no facial piercings, etc)

  • houseintherear

    Rant: I fell walking in the hall at school yesterday and dislocated my thumb
    Rave: I did not curse in front of the 40 Kindergarteners in the hall at the time!! STILL EMPLOYED, ya’ll

  • Rant: 12+ hour work days in an attempt to keep my job.
    Revel: teacher work day Friday…. Time to grade!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Trip to LA canceled. We probably could get out Friday morning, but I’d hate to go through all the trouble and expense to rearrange everything, only to have that flight canceled too.
    Rant: Sad for Middle Zelda, sad for me, sad for the friends I was going to get together with.
    Rave: We’ll reschedule for fall, which will be just fine and possibly even better.

  • Rave: Getting Married!
    Rant: Looking at Venues…why are chairs 2 dollars and tables 8.
    Follow up rant: exclusive caterers

    Rave: Coming back to DC in a few weeks to show the future hubs around the old haunts, he’s leaving Sunday (maybe…pending snowmageddon) to go to Maryland to play Army for a few weeks and then I’m meeting him and getting a mini vacay. I’m excited to show him where I spent 22 out of my 30 years. I love Seattle and I’m never coming back for good. But I still love DC and am proud of my hometown and miss parts of it (mostly food…and free museums)

    • Emmaleigh504

      Best wishes!

    • Find a place that includes tables, chairs, etc. When you have to pay for chairs, tables, plates, etc it really adds up. Not to mention it just adds to the vendors you’ll have to deal with.

      • Yes- although my caterer does all the rentals having a venue that provides tables and chairs is a reasonable expectation- unless you are outdoors and hauling everything in.

    • Congratulations!!

    • If he’s an officer, check out the officers club at Fort McNair. It’s a great venue with staff who are really on the ball. The price is very reasonable and their packages include everything. The cake even comes from Heidelberg Bakery, which was the one thing I really cared about for my wedding.

  • Rave: Inspired by yesterday’s garden haul, I’m going to get a dwarf lemon tree (thanks jcm!). And, looking forward to couch time with tea, snuggle dog and seed catalogues this weekend
    Rave: I’m scheduled to work from home Thurs and Fri already so let it snow!

  • Rant: Feeling groggy, practically all the time.
    Rant: I love my kittycat, but I was not happy when she woke me up this morning.
    Rant: The ever-declining quality of Target multipack women’s black socks.
    Rave: French film tonight!

  • #teamindifferenttosnow
    Rave: I already have off on Friday – so I’m not too worried
    Rant: But it could mess up two doctors appointments that will be hard to reschedule
    Rant: Bachelorette party planning
    Rave: In an unexpected turn of events I will not have to drive to Philly on Presidents Day weekend for aforementioned celebration.
    Rant: I’ll be hosting here in DC (with ladies spending the night) instead.
    Rant: And of course I find out last minute so our basement apartment is rented.
    Rave: It’ll be fun and work out fine!
    Question: Anyone ever been to SAX?

    • Been to SAX once. Was not particularly impressed. Are you thinking about going there for the bachelorette party?

      • Yes – they have a price fixed option which is easy to let people know in advance and plan for. I’d love to hear what you think! They throw in a cake and crown or something for the bride.

    • SAX is fun. Food and Drinks are a little pricy, but the dance shows are really cool. The dancers are in a box above the the bar, I think shows are on the hour? Dance runs from burlesque, pole, and lyra. It’s a fun destination event.

  • RANT: My two diamond rings from my grandmothers and my pearl necklace are missing. I have to have a very uncomfortable talk with my cleaning person and have to decide if it is worth calling the police when I know they won’t do anything. I rarely wear jewelry, so I haven’t looked in my jewelry box in about a month, and the cleaners came three weeks ago. The missing pieces are the ones that are the most sentimental to me, too.

  • Rave: New job is going super well. I’m glad i made the change. No regrets!

    Rant: New job does not provide maternity leave. I can do 8 weeks of short term disability, and my FMLA time (unpaid), so all of a sudden having kids seems much more difficult to pull off.

    • Be very sure of the length of STD. Usually it only covers the time period you are out and medically unable to work, which for a normal, vaginal birth is generally only 6 weeks. If you are planning on having kids (and not already pregnant), you should check out supplemental insurance such as Aflac. It’s expensive, but I had it for my second and third kids and it helped out tremendously.

      • Agreed on checking the actual STD benefits for child birth. My job provides up to 10 weeks of STD, but if you have a normal birth, you only get four weeks (at my office, you have to take two weeks of leave before you are eligible for STD). With FMLA, you can usually use either sick or vacation time to receive some pay while you’re out. If you have enough advance notice, perhaps you can save enough leave so that all of your FMLA is not unpaid.

    • Really hope the US gets some paid maternity leave at some point. People get a lot of time up here in Canada. Taking 7 months is seen as “cutting it short” and I see contract jobs all the time that say 12-15 months (maternity leave) where they’re hiring while the person is out!

  • Farragut

    RANT: I have to work this weekend. Waiting for word on whether we’re going to get a hotel or not (and even then, it’s 1.5 miles from hotel to work, which I’ll walk to in the snow somehow).

  • There is a sink hole forming immediately to the left of the storm drain in this photo. The city was called about it months ago and they just stuck a cone over the hole. Way to go DC.

  • Kukki Bakemono

    Rave: The ol’ “put a piece of bread in with your dried out cookies” trick worked on the batch of chocolate peppermint cookies I baked then subsequently left on the cooling rack overnight due to my scatterbrainedness.
    Rant: Despite purchasing ski gloves and wool socks, having Raynaud’s wont let me enjoy snow days as much as others can.
    Rave: I have cookies to help ease my snow day FOMO.

  • SweetEpiphany

    Rant: WALMART is the devil. I’m really upset that they are backing out the deal with DC. The city made decision to close businesses and raze buildings based on this deal and now people in mostly poor parts of DC are out of a job with no prospects of future employment because no Walmart is coming. How our city officials allowed themselves to get duped is beyond me. I’m not a fan of Walmart as an organization, but I was hoping it could at least give some residents a job opportunity. Read more about the story here if you’re not familiar: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/walmart-backs-out-of-dc-deal-citing-costs-and-citys-poorest-pay-the-price/2016/01/19/af963e00-becb-11e5-9443-7074c3645405_story.html

    • I read this last night and it was really infuriating. Especially because they already built the three Walmarts, but the underserved neighborhoods? Walmart is just like bye. It’s not right and things like this are one of the many reasons I don’t like Walmart. DC should have made them build in Southeast FIRST.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Was stressed out rushing around to wrap up work items, get the house ready and pack for FL when IDGI SR called to ask again my flight number and what time I arrive. The whole time his wife was talking in the background (rude) and then I could hear her saying “Theres no such airport as National Airport. ”

    Sigh…didn’t have time to explain it.

    Rant: I’m on PTO tomorrow but already have 2 meetings to dial in to.

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