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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Nervously practicing for a conference presentation later today…
    Rave: At least it’s substantive, out of the office, and something I’m truly interested in but
    Rant: Man the impostor feelings are strong with me today.
    Rave: Dinner for 20 went swimmingly last night. Felt great to host everyone and really happy with all the wonderful people that are entering into our lives.

  • Revel: Went to an awesome conference yesterday.
    Rant: Massive anxiety buildup inside me for no specific reason since I walked into work this morning. (Or did it start as I waited almost 20 minutes for a not-completely-full S1 bus this morning?) I just want to do what’s on my plate for one day and catch up on what’s happened when I’ve been out to all the events they’ve sent me to this week and not be assigned anything else until I feel like I’m standing on firmer ground on Tuesday.
    Rant: Half happy that I have a three-day weekend and half feeling bleh about it because it will just be filled with work and a day alone on my birthday.

  • rant: need to improve my bad public speaking skills. lol. friend recommended toastmaster’s club. so many out there. which one to join? hmmm
    rave: taking steps to better myself
    rant: zipper on my coat broke. ::sniff sniff::
    rave: FRIDAY!

    • Does Toastmasters help people who have TERRIBLE ANXIETY ATTACKS when public speaking, or just people who want to ~improve~. Lol. And if not, WHERE CAN I GO HELPPP

      • I can’t speak to this specifically, but you don’t have to give speeches on any sort of schedule. You will get a mentor and you’ll see generally 3 people speak at each meeting. Each one is evaluated at the meeting too (sometimes evaluations are written, but not often). There is also a table topics part where volunteers can get up and talk extemporaneously for 1-2 minutes.
        You could feasibly go to a bunch of meetings, get a feel for it and the people, and dive in when you’re ready. As for actual coping strategies for panic attacks, this wouldn’t be the place for that. One of the nice things is that there are specific objectives for each speech, but the topic is up to you. If you want to go talk about something you feel confident and safe talking about, you can do that.

        • Before I started having anxiety problems, I had taken communications classes in colleges and always got praised on my public speaking voice/diction and ability.

          Now with anxiety, it all goes out of my head once I’m up there. Completely. It’s really bad 🙁 It’s less about not knowing what to say and more that no matter how hard I practice it all goes to shit once I am in front of an audience in the spotlight.

        • But I was thinking maybe it could help sort of as a less-pressure way to force myself into that uncomfortable situation, because I care less about what those people think than co-workers. Maybe if I do it enough it will lessen…

          • That’s difficult. Not to be a total TM plugger, but if the other people int he club aren’t your coworkers who cares of it goes to sh!t? These people have no bearing on your life outside of there, so it can be a low stress place to test the waters.
            I agree that the more you do the easier to gets, though I started without the level of anxiety you did, so YMMV.
            I did used to get really anxious before first dates, so I went on a ton and that made it so much easier.

          • Yeah, maybe I’ll look into it. I agree, I might not care as much if it’s people I don’t know. Who knows if that will still help when it comes to being infront of those I do know!

            Same re: myself and planes. Used to be terrified, now it’s become so routine that I just get a bit jittery, but don’t panic as much.

      • I was reading a New Yorker article recently about stage fright (http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/08/03/i-cant-go-on ), and related all too well to this bit about the fear of public speaking:
        “Stagefright has not been heavily studied, which is strange because, as [Sara] Solovitch tells us, it is common not only among those who make their living on the stage but among the rest of us, too. In 2012, two researchers at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, Karen Dwyer and Marlina Davidson, administered a survey to eight hundred and fifteen college students, asking them to select their three greatest fears from a list that included, among other things, heights, flying, financial problems, deep water, death, and ‘speaking before a group’. Speaking before a group beat out all the others, even death.”

        • I’ve heard this too re: people fearing public speaking more than death. Yet looking around, everyone seems fine with it in the workplace except for me. At least in DC workplaces I’ve been at. Maybe they are just good at acting.

          • I’d wager a lot is acting. I’ve been told that I’m very relaxed when I have to speak, but in reality I’m freaking out inside (and generally need to go to a dark, quiet room afterwards to relax). After a lot of practice I’ve been able to delay most of the negative signs (shaking, tearing up, red face, sweating, etc) until after I step down, but it’s still touch and go if I have to give a long presentation. I’ve been given a 2-hour slot at a conference next week and I’m terrified about the second hour.

      • For severse anxiety/panic attacked induced by public speaking, some sessions with a cognitive behavioral therapist might help.

        • Thanks all. I do have a therapist for generalized anxiety and I used to have panic attacks in other situations (driving, planes) and now those are totally gone, both due to exercises and I also have pills I only take situationally, but work great.

          They don’t work with public speaking, though. I’ve tried stuff like beta blockers too. It’s not just public speaking. I have stage fright when it comes to performing instruments on stage.

          I used to do theatre and would do long monologues or play music on stage with no problem. Suddenly it just hit me. But it affects me at work now.

          • … and anxiety at work is the worst. I’m sorry!

          • Yeah and I don’t want to bring up the fact that I have panic attacks to my boss when I’m asked to do big presentations because i’m afraid she will see me as weak and hold it against me. Though now I feel my resistance is interpreted as me having a bad attitude, so which is worse.

          • I’ve had a similar problem. Recently my office told me they expect me to go to literally every outside event at NGOs/think tanks/etc. related to our workk and between early/late events that throw off my daily routine and the networking involved, the prospect kind of makes me want to puke. I feel like it’s horribly stupid for me to feel that way, and so I agreed but tried to put some limits on it (only events on certain days, etc.) They said no to my suggestion and now I’m pretty sure they think I’m lazy :[

          • I wish workplaces would become more accepting of different personalities and utilizing peoples strengths instead of forcing them to be something they are not.

            Not that I am against trying to improve on my weaknesses. But it isn’t an overnight thing. And sometimes it doesn’t seem worth the stress, depending on the actual event.

    • Toastmasters is great! I’ve been doing it for almost two years and it definitely helps. You get feedback the same meeting whenever you give a speech and it really helped me understand how I like to prepare for any speaking engagement. I’m still working on transferring my Toastmasters confidence to more aspects of work, it’s easier to be confident when you know no one else in the room is an expert on what you’re talking about, harder when your boss and CEO are present. But I have seen a huge improvement in my comfort level and ability.
      My club was an obvious choice based on my work location. You can attend meetings as a guest to get a feel for the clubs you have as options. I would look specifically at the evaluation portion. Are the evaluators giving useful feedback based on the objectives (these should be read by the evaluator before the speech) or are they just complimenting the content of the speech? Are they giving any constructive criticism or is everyone being too nice?

  • Rant: Last day of maternity leave. More worried about the logistics of returning to work than the work itself.
    Rave: My colleagues will be understanding if I have trouble getting in quite on time in the beginning.
    Rave: I have a plateful of projects to return to, so it should be easy to jump back into productivity.
    Rant: How did this last week go so damn quickly? I suppose the toddler getting sent home early & then requiring a trip to the doctor didn’t help. Oy.

  • Rave: I met the cutest rescue dog yesterday walking to dinner – Greg, a 2 yo hound mix from City Dogs. The combination of a ramped-up campaign from my daughter for a dog and seeing Greg, who looks a lot like my childhood dog, makes my resolve weaken considerably.
    Rant: The unimaginable d-baggery required to spend 20+ hours of one’s week trying to have a tree-house removed. From an alley. (See Washington Post for the story.) Hey lady, they’re not dealing drugs there, for crying out loud – they are kids playing. It “overwhelms the alley?” It’s a freakin’ alley! When people say they hate the DC attitude, THIS is what they’re talking about. You, Loraine Heckenberg, really . . . well, polite society (and the rules of the forum) prohibit me from saying how I really feel about you.
    Rave: Watching the GOP debate while also following twitter. Just hilarious.

    • Don’t leave us in suspense — are you going to adopt Greg? (Or was he a rescue dog who’d already been adopted?)

      • No, he was up for adoption (you can see his picture on the City Dogs page). I . . . don’t know what we’ll do. We moved less than a week ago, and ideally we’d like to settle in a bit. We also have an aging cat (10 yo), and I’m not sure a 2 yo hound is the right companion for her. And I’m still a little leery of the logistics and commitment, although it’s much more doable than in our prior place. And yet . . . I grew up with a dog, love dogs, and if he’s cat-friendly . . .

        • I’m rooting for the adoption! 🙂
          If you adopt him, make sure to send pics to Afternoon Animal Fix!

        • Ask City Dogs about a trail adoption. Most rescue groups offer it. You fill out the papers but they hold the check for 2 weeks until you know for sure that it’s going to work out.

          • I’ve thought of that, and we’d probably do it, but the thought of giving back a pet (even after only 2 weeks) is nerve-wracking, mostly because of my daughter’s anticipated reaction. Oy.

          • saf

            Tell her you are babysitting the dog for 2 weeks.

    • I saw something about this on FB…. it’s one of those things that makes you roll your eyes so hard you’re concerned they’ll stick in the back of your head.

    • The Washington Post article dcd was referring to:
      I can understand how the neighbors aren’t thrilled about this being in the public space… but it seems like maybe they could reach some kind of agreement whereby the homeowners can keep it up for the time being, but agree to remove it after a year (or two years, or some set period).

      • The woman who spent 20hr/week trying to get it removed clearly has too much time on her hands. That being said, they did clearly build it in public space, so I can kind of understand why neighbors would be annoyed. Why not just build one in your own backyard?

        • I don’t think they have a backyard. That’s why the alley is so shared…no one has a backyard. I just do not get people who get this worked up over things like this. I mean does it seriously impact your life that much? Yeah, the woman spending 20 hours a week trying to get it moved…ugh seriously too much time on her hands.

        • It seems to hang over their fence to the same line as the tree box below it. This is still in the public space, but they do have a point that it wasn’t usable space anyway (unless it is at a height where you can bump your head)

        • The last line of the article speaks volumes – anyone who needs to “heal” because a neighbor put up a treehouse has Serious Issues.

          • I thought she meant “healing the damaged relationship with the neighbors,” not heal personally.
            But yeah, I think she is making an overly big deal of it.

      • My favorite part about this article and about Loraine Heckenberg is that she clearly wants everyone to know that she has a rescue dog – not just a dog, but a rescue dog. She’s not a mean woman, guys! She adopted her dog! She didn’t buy from a breeder or a pet store! She has a heart! She thinks about the welfare of others! This treehouse thing has nothing to do with whether or not she’s a good person! Because she is! Because she has a rescue dog!

  • justinbc

    Rave: 4 day weekend starts today!
    Rave: Post-HH stop to Amsterdam Falafel, really the only place I’ve found where I like it.
    Rave: Doing a Foie Crawl tonight down H Street to support all the businesses who don’t cave to PR pressure.

  • Rant: I think my coworkers judge me because I don’t come in and greet them all exuberantly in the morning. I’m just not a morning person!
    Rant: Especially today. I could easily fall asleep at my desk.
    Rave: I have a nice 3 day weekend planned.

    • Re your first rant – I tried to come into my office and just say good morning in a normal not-super-exuberant way when I first started here, and no one would even acknowledge it… at all. It was super awkward. I stopped trying. Anyway, we should switch offices. Hah.

  • Rave: Lower back pain mostly gone since I started working out again.
    Rave: Long phone call with my best friend last night. I feel centered again. I really needed it and am seriously considering ways for us to live in the same city again in the near future.
    Question: Any super easy and delicious baking recipes? In the mood to negate last night’s work out with some sweets. I’m not picky other than disliking nuts in my baked goods.

  • Rave: A friend that I lost touch with 9 years ago made a concerted effort to reconnect through FB and then by phone, and I was happy to re-launch the relationship. It just seemed like she was always too busy to respond in the past so I stopped trying, and there’s something really special about the effort she’s making.

    Rant: Stop the debates. They aren’t debates.

    Rave: Impromptu family dinner in Charlotte this weekend with family members from Atlanta, Indiana and North Carolina! Any suggestions for a great restaurant?

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: I have the only Christmas tree up left on my block!
    Rant: I know you were expecting a rant here because I still have my Christmas tree up but it makes me happy so suck it 13th St!
    Rave: This time next week I’ll be in swingin’ Lake Alfred, Florida.

    • You are my hero! When I have Christmas trees I routinely leave them up until this weekend because I view our mid-January birthdays as an extension of the holiday season. Props.

      • I Dont Get It

        Yes my birthday is one of my excuses to keep it up! As long as my is down by the Super Bowl I’m fine with it. The closer it gets to Valentine’s Day (and one year I almost made it to Easter) it starts to get a little weird.

    • lol…. ours is still up. Naked, unadorned, and in the front window for the world to see/judge.

    • My family’s Christmas tree would morph into the “Winter Tree”. We usually kept it up way into February. Its festive!

    • I took down the Christmas lights from my porch the day after Epiphany, and felt somehow cheated when I saw that weekend that lots of other people still had their exterior lights up and lit. Lights are so pretty!
      I think next year I’m leaving ’em up until MLK Day. Maybe later.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Crown replacement yesterday, which included cutting away flesh with a laser (!!!).
    Rave: Glad to get the failing crown out.
    Rant: The part of my job I like the least is really tangential to my core duties, but it’s also the part that brings me the most attention from senior staff, so I have to do a good job (but it’s not something I’m especially good at).
    Rave: If this task is the worst thing about my job, I’m in pretty good shape.

  • Rant: really, really weird dreams. I usually don’t remember my dreams, but for the last two weeks or so I have and they’ve been weirdly violent. Except last night, when my college BF came back and took me out on a date. I wonder if it a side effect of my new meds, the timing would be right.

    • Are they antidepressants? I think my dreams became crazier after I went on antidepressants… but it’s hard to tell. Maybe the crazy dreams were just a reflection of the underlying issues.

      • No – migraine meds. But still intended to mess with your brain, so maybe that’s it? Also could be stress, but I’ve been way more stressed out than this and never had dreams like these ones.

  • Rant: One of my wife’s colleagues was unaware of what happened with our daughter and made the mistake of asking how she was doing. That was not a pretty situation.
    Rave: Trip to see the parents is now set. We haven’t seen them since last summer so I’m super excited.
    Rave: Received a very sweet invitation from an old friend to come visit while we’re at my parents’ house.
    Rave: Date night with the wife tomorrow.

    • Ooff, I’m sorry, that’s really rough. We had a slightly similar loss (though not nearly as far along, and so not nearly as traumatic), and inadvertent comments like this really threw us for a loop. Especially because they come out of the blue – there’s no way to prepare for them. I wish I had something that would help, but I don’t. I’m so sorry.

  • Rant: I’m genuinely curious when we’ll stop politicizing September 11 and manipulating it for political gain or to support whatever twisted point we’re trying to make.
    Sorry, Trump, but New Yorkers coming together in the wake of a horrific terrorist attack doesn’t make them conservative, just like it doesn’t make them liberal. What it does make them? Strong and resilient and selfless, and, most importantly, it makes them AMERICAN.

    • I am the last person to defend Donald Trump, but he wasn’t suggesting the response to 9/11 made New Yorkers conservative, he was defending “New York values,” about which Cruz had previously made snide comments. And (I can’t believe I’m going to say this) he’s exactly right. Cruz’s comment was just another version of the Sarah Palin “real Americans” riff; it’s an odious, divisive tactic offered by an odious, divisive person. I’m glad he got smacked for it, even if the smacker is himself an odious, divisive person. (And yes, the irony of Trump calling someone else’s comments “offensive” is not lost on me.)

      • Totally agree. Have you seen today’s cover of the Daily News?

      • I have seen the Daily News cover! I can appreciate it (as long as Cruz doesn’t run back to Texas either…he and Perry can roll into a campfire and won’t be missed as far as I’m concerned).
        You make a good point, dcd. I only saw a snippet of the debate where Cruz (ignorantly) boxed in / characterized New Yorkers as “socially liberal or pro-abortion or pro–gay marriage” and (implicitly) non-conservative, so I understood Trump’s spiel to be in direct response to that, and it seemed unmatched. And even by that thought process, I could just simply be in the wrong here.

    • I don’t think we’ll stop politicizing September 11th any time soon. Maybe when people who were not yet born on 9/11 start becoming politicians and leaders, maybe then it will stop because it won’t mean the same thing to them as it does to people who lived through it.

  • Rave: Very nice HH last night – perfect weather, lovely space and great conversations
    Rave/Rant: I’m very excited about this 3-day weekend, and I want to make the most of it – get some work/cleaning done and catching up with friends, but also some self-care, and I’m getting anxious that without a solid plan I’m going to end up wasting it!
    Question: Among our talks at HH, I mentioned my current need for some self-care / regrouping, and there were lots of great suggestions. MPinDC and others suggested spending time in nature, and the Botanical Gardens and Arboreatum were suggested. Another suggestion that caught my attention was that perhaps I venture out to Centreville to experience “SpaWorld,” a Korean spa. I’m weighing pros and cons, but I didn’t know if any PoPvillians could offer additional insights/reviews of SpaWorld, or alternate ideas/places for relaxing/unwinding that doesn’t cost a lot?

    • LBP another thought would be to wander through the zoo (red pandas!) and then find a spot to sit along Rock Creek and watch the water, or draw, or write.
      Writing can be very helpful in healing – if this is something you might try, look up James Pennebaker (writing to heal exercises)

    • I’m all for de-stressing in nature, and exercise, while I’m always hesitant to actually do it, helps so much once I’m moving. I’m going to be a debbie downer about Spa World and I’m anticipating some backlash on this, but they’ve been known to treat their employees terribly. CityPaper did a piece on it a year or two ago: http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/citydesk/2014/07/08/at-spa-world-questions-of-abduction-and-willful-refusal-to-pay-wages/

    • I never enjoyed spas, but being alone in nature is the ultimate form of self-care for me. I once spent a Sunday morning wandering around the northern section of Rock Creek Park for a few hours and felt like a different person afterwards. Arboretum is wonderful too, especially this time of year it’s not too crowded. Other places nearby that I enjoy – Roosevelt Island, the C&O Canal Towpath, Montrose/Dumbarton Park (the trail behind Dumbarton Oaks Garden), watching the planes at Gravelly Point, Battery Kemble Park, or relaxing on bench at the Georgetown Waterfront (closer to the 34th Street side to avoid crowds/tourists). Outside the city, Scott’s Run and Huntley Meadows are favorites.

    • I’ve never been to spa world but I got a pedicure last night and instead of just browsing on my phone I read. Between the time to read, the pedicure, and the massage chair it was pretty great, and you don’t have to go quite as far. It helped that the place was almost empty – I’d aim for a Sunday morning, not a Friday evening if relaxation/self-care is the goal!

    • To enjoy the water part you have to be okay with being naked. Each side is sex segregated for the water part, but if you don’t think you can relax naked in front of a ton of women strangers then it’s not a great option. If you can, then it’s enjoyable, IMO. I have one friend for whom it’s a total reset button, but for me it’s just sort of nice.

    • That One Guy

      If you go the SpaWorld route check Groupon for their deals. There are a few restaurants you can hit up for good food.

  • Rave?: On the red line this morning, a woman said to another woman, “Do you need me to recycle that for you? This isnt a trash can” presumably in response to the person throwing down a bottle. I despise metro or any type of littering so I love that this woman said something, but on the other hand people are crazy and you never know what the response will be…

  • Rave: The weekend. Oh I am so ready for you.
    Question: Anyone familiar with the new zoning for accessory dwelling? If I’m zoned r-4 can I build a garage with an accessory dwelling on top? I’m only at 40% lot occupancy currently. I don’t understand the zoning as it only mentions R1-R3 properties as allowed for accessory dwelling.

  • Rave: We adopted a puppy just after New Years and it is going pretty well! The cats are adjusting (still not thrilled), and we’re adjusting to his bathroom schedule.. slowly but surely. HE IS SO CUTE. We definitely have a full house.. it’s like a zoo here.

    Rant: I wish the kitties would loosen up a little bit. They’re getting better, it just takes time.

    Rave: Condo law suit should be wrapped up in the next few weeks! Hoping it’ll change the negative atmosphere in this building.. get the cranks out, bring the eager new owners in!

    Rant/rave: helping my sister navigate DC real estate to find a condo (yey, I love this stuff), but she never takes initiative and rarely follows through. It’ll be a fun but aggravating process, I’m sure.

  • Rant: Didn’t make it to last night’s happy hour. How was it?
    Rant: Was in a pretty cranky mood all afternoon (which was the main reason I didn’t go).
    Rave: In better spirits today, and looking forward to the three-day weekend.

  • Rave: Working from home, cozy fleece pants, avocado toast again (yay)
    Rave: Bought some beautiful things yesterday at Coup de Foudre 🙂
    Rant: Spent too much money yesterday (see above)

  • Rant: So very tired. I could have slept for another 20 hours. Very afraid that I may be getting sick. I woke up with so much sinus pressure.
    Rave: It is Friday. I don’t have a ton on my to do list. I’m going to restorative yoga after work and then putting myself to bed.
    Rave: Cabin weekend getaway tomorrow.
    Rant: I really, really, really want a cup of coffee, but I know my heartburn will make me pay for it later.

  • Rave: Good time at Happy Hour last night!
    Rave/Rant: Made the decision to stop by Trader Joe’s right after. Maybe drunk grocery shopping is not the best idea? I decided I needed to make a pizza, bought all the supplies to make a pizza, had the cashier hunt down pepperoni for me to make the pizza, got home and decided I was way too tired to make the pizza. I’ll probably make it today.

    Rant: A-hole bus driver who was still sitting at the stop when I approached, looked right at me as I tried to get his attention and drove off without letting me on. Like If I was a running at the bus a few blocks away I’d get it. But I was literally standing in front of the door. Jerkface.

    Rave: Homegoods visit today! I’m going to trek out to Georgetown for goodies. I received two Homegoods gift cards for Christmas that have been burning holes in my pockets. I’m hoping to pick up a lamp, frames, and maybe a rug.

    • I had that same bus driver [behavior]! Walked up to bus sitting at a stop and was just about to step on the bus when the driver closed the door and started to drive off. Good news was that when I knocked on the door he let me on.

  • Rant: Sears home repair. Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced, and techs have way too much control of the system.
    Rave: Well rated company can fit me in next week.
    Rant: Need more work clothes and socks.
    Rave: Tax time!
    Rave?: Date night, but I’m just not sure we’re in the same wavelength in life.

  • goaldigger

    Rave-Caps, Caps, Caps (Tom Green in the house!). Up next for me is Pats-KC game tomorrow (Go Pats!!).
    Rant-need to make decision this weekend re cutting the cable cord (latest bill is over $200 and I have basic package with internet, enough already). But if I cut then I lose cheaper access to Caps away games (I have season tix). Don’t think liver can take pregaming and watching away games at bars.

    • Cut it in the off season and get it back before the season starts again. If it’s Comcast, I would call to see if they have any deals. They really don’t advertise for existing customers.

    • I want to cut down on cable too now that football season is over. But damn comcast! To just get internet it’s nearly as expensive as the full sports package! And no I don’t have a landline so your triple play is worthless comcast!

    • I haven’t had cable for many years. I have an Apple TV, which is awesome, and then recently got an Amazon TV Stick, which I enjoy even more. I do have the Sling App. which isn’t quite cable free, but less than $20 a month and the channels that actually get watched in my house make it worth it. If it’s in your area, check RCN for cable only.

  • Rant – Missed happy hour last night.
    Rave – Went for a run instead. Week 6 of Couch to 5K! I can run 20 minutes nonstop, but oh boy am I slow. I think I can walk faster than I can run.
    Rant – I have to work at a conference on Monday so no 3 day weekend for me. I am so upset about this. I might need to take a mental health day soon to make up for it.

    • Kukki Bakemono

      That’s awesome! Great job on running 20 minutes nonstop! I know running can be difficult at first, but it’s such a great lifetime sport you can enjoy alone or with a group. There’s a few running meetups in the city (I’m part of Federal City Runners) and they’re a great way to get motivation for running and meet some cool people.

      • I’m too embarrassed about my slowness to join a running group! But when I get a little faster I’ll look into it. I’ve enjoyed running by myself so far, but it would good to eventually start running with other people. Especially when the C25K program ends because I’m worried I’ll loose my motivation.

        • If you’re jogging slower than walking, is power walking an option to help you get faster? It’s less stress on the joints if nothing else.
          Several groups offer a slower paced run, so that’s always an option too.

          • Hopefully my speed will improve as my endurance improves. But good idea about looking for groups geared towards slower or beginner runners.

        • Kukki Bakemono

          I completely understand, but you shouldn’t be embarrassed of your pace. We have runners of all paces come out and the run leader always stays behind with them. We all wait for every single runner to make it back and everyone is greeted with high fives, fist bumps, or an awkward combination of the two at the finish.

    • I was thinking about starting this. Do you run outside, or on a treadmill? I want it to be as enjoyable as possible, I find running to be the absolute worst.

      • I run outside. I tried running on the treadmill once and hated it. It was so incredibly boring. Even in the cold I’m happier running outside. Although when it’s summer and 100 degrees out… I might give the treadmill another try. C25K is great for beginners who hate running, like myself. It’s starts off breaking down the running intervals in small, manageable segments, like alternating 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking so you don’t get too overwhelmed. I highly recommend it! I use the free C25K app by Zenlabs on my iPhone to keep track of my progress.

  • That One Guy

    Tried to stop by HH yesterday but may have arrived too late. Didn’t see anyone I recognized so I went to grab dinner at Diplomat instead.
    Rant: feel like I’m coming down with a cold. I developed a cough over night.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Really excited for the streetscape project from N to Florida on 7th st. I am right in the middle of this, and think it is just great. A true game changer.
    Rave2: About to finish up the year end close! 75 hours last week (Saturday and Sunday included) and already 60 hours this week (before today!) and we are almost done! HH tonight with the team is going to be amazing!!!

  • Rave: Friday of a long weekend. Here’s to breakfast with old friends, long runs, and hikes with new friends.
    Rave: I’ve been drinking less and less coffee this month and drinking green tea instead. I’ve been sleeping much better and am less jittery overall.
    Rant: I was feeling guilty about not calling my parents much since New Years, so I gave them a ring yesterday which was immediately a regrettable decision. My sister is getting married and they just want to know who they can invite and absurd logistical questions. They are offering no assistance, either financially or with any tasks, and then claim they feel left out. When you ask them to do something, they say they’re too busy (surprising, as they are both retired). I pretty bluntly told them to just tell them what they were going to offer, both financially and emotionally/non financially, so that sister could plan accordingly. There is no expectation of anything, she just needs to know. If you don’t involve them, they feel left out, if you do involve them, they’re too busy to help. It is INFURIATING. The whole thing has absolutely solidified for me that, should SO and I ever tie the knot, a big shindig is not for me. I could go on … the constant asking me if this makes ME want to get married, if I’ve thought about a dress I want, why aren’t I engaged yet, etc etc. Space, at least for now, is best.
    Rave: I refuse to end on a bummer note, so I will say that I had a great dinner with my brother last night and I am thankful to live in the same city as my siblings.

  • Rave: We made it to Friday! And (for some of us) it’s a three day weekend!
    Rant: Thursdays have totally become pizza night. I always do a pretty good job of making dinner… Monday was a lovely baked chicken dinner.Tuesday was an amazing ratatouille. Wednesday I started slipping, but still managed to make a meatloaf. But it never fails, by Thursday I am done and pizza it is! I need to come up with a better plan.

    • I don’t know if this will work for you but we bought a magnetic weekly calendar dry erase board that lives on our fridge to plan out the week’s meals. It’s made life so much easier for us (at least meal-wise).

    • Quotia Zelda

      Mr. Zelda and I do menu planning/shopping on the weekend*, which limits the amount of last-minute, don’t-know-what-to-cook takeout we get.
      However, I will go on record as saying weekly pizza night sounds fun, so unless you feel like it’s not working for you, no need to change it. Your kids are clearly getting nutritious, home-cooked meals most of the time. When I was a kid, Friday was pizza night, and I have some great memories of hanging out with my mom eating pizza.
      This sounds more intense than it reall is. It’s mostly me asking Mr. Zelda what he wants to cook in the upcoming week and then coming up with a few ideas of what I want to cook.

    • Thanks for the tips!
      I used to plan meals weekly, and now I’m sort of in a “oh, let me just wonder Whole Foods at lunch time and see what speaks to me” mode. The only issue I have is the cost. I am spending WAY too much money on food lately! Planning will definitely help with this aspect.

      • Maybe plan a couple meals and then just buy other ingredients that have the flexibility to be a lot of different kinds of meals? That’s what I do. I don’t like being boxed in to a planned menu but having a few ideas helps.

  • Rant – It is probably one of my favorite areas of the city but come on 1914 T street sold for 980k in 2015 and then lists for 2.15 mil? Is this really where we are now?

  • Kukki Bakemono

    Rave: Going to see the “infamous” treehouse in Archibald Walk after work today.
    Rant: Even though I live a block away, I didn’t even know it was there until I read about it in WaPo this morning.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Rant – sorry to miss HH but I was so tired and running late
    Rave – HH ended early so glad I didn’t try as I’d have just about missed it
    Rave – Timber pizza pop up at Blind Dog Café review in City Paper – they also have a Reuben pizza!
    Rave – niece letting us know by FB that she is expecting
    Rant – condo board micro managing my clutter. Anyone know about stalking laws in DC?

    • I don’t understand your last rant. How is the board micromanaging your clutter, and how is stalking involved? (If you feel like sharing, that is.)

      • anonymouse_dianne

        They want to “inspect” my apartment and “monitor my progress” with cleaning my apartment. This is based on entering my apartment for a legitimate reason in 2014. I have used junk-in-the-trunk to haul away some furniture and recyclables (newspapers and empty bottles) per their demands in November. DC law says demanding or threatening to enter your property and surveilling your property is stalking and is a crime.

        • Are bugs/mice coming from the hording? Do you enough stuff to create a fire hazard? (No offense to you, but if you’re calling a company to haul away newspapers and empty bottles, it sounds like hording)
          Also wondering if you’re an owner or renter as that could control things as well.

          • anonymouse_dianne

            Actually the real problem is insufficient space for recycling. We have two super cans for 60 people. The bins get overfilled constantly. The company hauled away a sleeper couch, a table and an old style massive TV. The other problem I’ve found is not being able to find a cleaning service that will take out my recycles (“it’s too far to walk”). BTW I have a disability that makes hauling things around difficult tho it is not obvious (lymphectomy).

          • Wth? Hpw far are they going? On the hand, while I love to recycle, I’d just chuck it in the trash rather than let it pile up (I’m assuming trash is not as bad). The board should have way more trash capacity for that size of bldg or more frequent pickups. They have been unreceptive to that idea I’m gathering??

          • Sounds like the building needs more recycling cans, more frequent pickup by the recycling hauler, or both.
            Would your cleaning service be willing to take out your recyclables for some kind of add-on charge to their regular rate?

          • +1000 about the more recycling cans. My old building had 2 supersize cans for like 20ish units and they would STILL fill in two or three days max.

    • Accountering

      Meh, if your clutter is affecting other residents, than they SHOULD be. If not, then they should butt out. What you do in your unit is your business, but if it affects others, than they are in the right.

      • +1 to this. I could see the possibility of an apartment board claiming that clutter is a fire hazard if it’s really piled up or blocking exits, for example, but otherwise I agree they should butt out.

      • My brother has a big-time hoarding issue. When he was living in a townhouse community, the HOA said that his back patio was so hoarded that their fire insurance company was threatening to cancel the community’s insurance, or at least raise the premiums, and that the company had expressed concerns about the inside of the unit.

        • Hopefully he’ll get some help. That has to be pretty bad. I’ve always wondered how boards+ owners you can handle hoarding before it gets to the stage. Basically I’m wondering when does clutter become a horde.

        • anonymouse_dianne

          I’ve been in relationships with three or so hoarders. I agree that if it affects the public it is an issue but having newspapers in a stack in my living room is not hoarding. My old boyfriend had to be reminded to make space for me to sit when I came to visit. He had mounted shelves on every wall in the living room and filled them with his stuff. It was down right frightening.

          • I’m curious. If you have trouble hauling, recycling is scant, maid won’t take them out, what was your plan if you weren’t forced into calling a company?

          • anonymouse_dianne

            My plan is to put them in the trash. 😉 I am not using a cleaning service right now and will work with an organizer from clutter busters and find a cleaning service that will take out my recycles.

          • Good luck, anonymouse_dianne!

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Thanks every body for listening! This has been causing me a great deal of stress and I feel much better.

  • Rave: HH, so nice that it wasn’t too cold out – being by the firepit was really cozy, and the sangria was delicious.
    Rave: Went to Sweetgreen after with Jeslett and Spite Cupcakes, but I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t get anything. An employee ended up bringing a cup of soup and bread and told me something like “Friends don’t let friends eat alone”, which was a really nice surprise!

    • oh! That sounds nice! Sorry I had to call it an early night, but next time I should be able to hang around longer!

  • Rant: Still inappropriately crushing on friend who is already taken. Resolving to try some online dating — for distraction, if nothing else.

    • You’re not alone 🙂 Online dating helps, but it’s hard to feel really into anyone new when a crush is weighing on you. I think you’re on the right track, though. It is so possible that you will meet someone amazing and you’ll wonder what you were ever thinking. One thing I am resolved to do is to speak up. I decided yesterday that if my crush is ever single again (at the same time as me, and if the feelings are still there), I will say something. I think an explicit no would help me move on, if nothing else.

    • Me, too. He’s not taken, but he’s off limits because of work issues. GAH. And I really don’t do well with strangers, so online dating is not for me.

  • Additional Rant: I have absolutely had it with people today. I just want to yell at everyone and kick and scream but that would be unprofessional.

  • That One Guy

    I apologize in advance if I’m stepping on toes with this, but this guy’s situation has been occupying my mind of late. Maybe you’ll be moved to help with a donation: http://www.loganlo.com

  • Rave: Awake and online (sort of) early enough to say hello to the RRRR crew
    Rave: My amazing babies. I am so completely in love with them. I knew that I would be, but the depth of the love goes so far beyond anything I ever imagined. It may sound trite, but it’s true.
    Rave: My amazing husband. Spending the last few weeks with him and our babies in our blissful little family bubble has been the best time of my entire life without any close contest.
    Rave: Good wishes from you all. Thank you again for all the amazing support.
    Rant: I know so many people who are struggling to get or stay pregnant, or to adopt, and my heart completely breaks along with them. If you’re reading this and you fall into that category, I wish I could send you the biggest hug out there, and everything you need to make your family what you want it to be. The struggle is so worth it if you can complete your family in the end. And I agree with the statement that “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”
    Rant: My husband goes back to work on Monday and my parents arrive on Tuesday to stay for a week. The bubble isn’t going to last much longer.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Rave: Today’s Post crossword puzzle with a detective theme. If you enjoy detective novels its a lot of fun.

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