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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Attacks at a Starbucks that’s on Jakarta’s main thoroughfare. I once lived in the city and have several close friends still there, so this hit quite close to home.
    Rave: My friends are accounted for and safe.

  • Rant: Why do people drive with their bright/high-beam headlights on in the city? If you’re driving down 16th Street and you can’t see well enough that you need your brights on, you shouldn’t be driving. I get blinded at least once a week by these people, and it just makes no sense. Even the Beltway. There’s 50 cars with headlights… what exactly are you unable to see that requires brights?

    At least turn them off when you’re behind another car, ffs.

    • I honestly wonder where people learn to drive these days. I was taught to only use high beams in certain conditions (i.e. country roads), that you NEVER use them behind people, as soon as you see tail lights ahead you turn them off, and likewise, you never use them when there is on-coming traffic. It’s actually quite dangerous to flash a bright ass light in someone’s eyes and expect them to see clearly and drive safely towards you. Also, along these lines, as the driver of a little car, I hate big trucks and SUVs. The lights hit right in my side mirrors. So annoying.

      • This is how I was taught also. I think the real problem though is enforcement. Where I grew up, cops would ticket for using high beams unnecessarily, and people tended to use them appropriately.

        • This is true. I don’t think MPD pull people over for things like this at all?

          • I don’t think they pull over for this at all or for other things that can cause a dangerous situation. I’m amazed at how many drivers are driving cars that have zero working brake lights. I see this in DC and MD all the time.

      • Allison

        I also think some of this is that car companies are just making headlights brighter these days. They might not have their high beams on, but it’s blinding anyway.

        • This…

          Oncoming cars “flash” their headlights at me all the time at night to get me to turn off my high beams, because they think thats whats on, when in fact my lights are on the low setting.

          • You can get them adjusted so that they are aimed a little lower. I hope you will. It’s not good enough to say “that’s the way it came” when it can be fixed.

    • I hardly ever see people using their high beams in the city — usually, when someone’s headlights seem awfully bright in my rear-view mirror, it turns out to be an SUV or something where it’s the angle making the lights seem unusually bright.
      On a related note… what is it with people who not only drive around at night without turning on their lights, but fail to notice when you flash your brights at them to let them know that they’ve forgotten?? Makes me wonder if some people completely ignore their rear-view mirrors.

      • Thank you! I see this allllll the time and it’s terrifying! People just cruising around with NO lights on – and it’s often a dark car, to boot! How more people don’t realize they have to turn their lights on is beyond me.

        • I _think_ it’s because in cars that don’t have analog displays, everything (I guess?) lights up automatically whether the headlights are on or not.

          • yeah, but how do you drive around and be like “Gee, it’s really dark out here! I wonder, did I perchance forget to turn my headlights on? Let me check….”?!?!?

      • I Dont Get It

        Because they are gang members? Don’t you know that if you are driving after dark and see a on-coming car with no headlights on, “do not flash your headlights at them” this is a common “Bloods” gang member “initiation game”.The new gang member, under initiation, drives along with no headlights on and the 1st car to flash their headlights at them is now his “target.” He is now required to turn around and chase that car, then shoot and kill individual in the vehicle in order to complete his initiation requirements.

        I know this is true because I read it in an email!

      • I see people ALL THE TIME driving out without their lights on around here, it’s crazy! My best explanation is that the surroundings are so well lit (city lights, you know) that they just don’t notice? I don’t know, my car doesn’t show the display lit up unless the lights are on so it’s obvious for me.

        • I’ll confess, in the last 2 months you may have seen me. My only excuse is that for the past 8 years I drove a car with automatic headlights; now I don’t, and this area is well-lit enough that it sometimes isn’t readily apparent that they aren’t on. I’m getting better, though.

    • I’ve never seen so many people with their brights on at night until moving here. In Texas, we always dimmed ’em for oncoming traffic. I actively try to avoid driving at night in the DMV because of this.

    • saf

      High beam use is illegal inside the district.

  • RANT: ALAN RICKMAN. NOOO. 🙁 🙁 🙁 Just gutted, he was fantastic.
    Rant: Much to my shock, I am not a millionaire today. Alas.
    Rave: HH tonight!

    • +1 on Alan Rickman. Great actor, and the sexiest voice ever.

      • He had such an amazing voice.
        Time to go on an Alan Rickman movie binge…

        • Make sure to include Dogma. My hands-down favorite of his roles.

          • I’ve never actually seen that one. Definitely needs to be remedied.

          • That’s in the top 5 of my favorite movies of all time. “Tell a person that you’re the Metatron and they stare at you blankly. Mention something out of a Charlton Heston movie and suddenly everybody is a theology scholar.”
            Also, though it wasn’t Rickman: “When you do it, you’re thinking about guys!”

          • LOVED Dogma!! One of my fave movies of all time.

          • dcd, where does Independence Day rank in your list of favorite movies?

          • It’s not top 10 or anything, but it’s very entertaining, and on more than one occasion I have been known to break out my best (terrible) Will Smith imitation for, “We have got to work on our communication!”

        • Love him as Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility! He was a fantastic actor!

    • RIP Colonel Brandon. This news breaks my heart.

    • I was very saddened to hear the news this morning. First David Bowie, now Alan Rickman… bad week.

    • I couldn’t believe it when I heard. So sad.

    • I was shocked! I will miss his voice soooo much. And he always seemed like a genuinely decent guy, with the same women since high school, super talented, funny, didn’t take himself too seriously. This is just a crappy cherry on a crappy Sundae of a week!

      • *woman! There may have been women, I suppose, but as far as I know he and he wife were together since they were teenagers!

        • Yep! Apparently they married only last year, but had been together since 1965.

          • Awww! That’s adorable! God i feel sad for her though, what a loss!

          • I wonder if his cancer diagnosis was the impetus for their marriage… I always wonder when people are together for decades and then get married out of the blue if there was something driving the decision.

          • This is what happened with my BF’s parents… together for over 20 years and got married within a month of the husband’s death.

          • There can be reasons for that. Specifically inheritance issues, and also the ability to make life decisions on behalf of the spouse (i.e. pull the plug, etc).

    • Bear

      This has just been a crappy week for celebrity deaths.

    • I wasn’t feeling well and went home from work. As a consolation, I’m watching Galaxy Quest.

  • Rant: Oldest Anonachild was responsible for reminding me that I am, in fact, the mother of a pre-teen.
    Rave: On the extreme plus side, none of my children have done anything thus far that matches me. By the winter of my 4th grade year, I was on pretty much permanent lunch detention with my desk in the corner because I couldn’t/wouldn’t stop talking. So it could TOTALLY be worse.
    Rant: I’m sure Middle Anonachild will raise the bar by the time she is in 4th grade. As for Littlest Anonachild? Don’t even want to think about it (pretty sure he will have a desk in the corner…)
    Rave: Oldest Anonachild showing not only true remorse for his actions, but a considered plan for making things right. We have a general motto in our house that everyone makes mistakes, and what really matters isn’t what we did wrong but how we fix it and make it right. It’s good to see it sinking in.

    • Bonus Rave: Learning not to take it personally, like I am some how the worst parent in the world, when my kids mess up. It just dawned on me that his screw up was his screw up and no indication of my parenting, and there was no point yesterday where I felt like the most horrible mom in the world because my kid wasn’t acting perfect.

    • “We have a general motto in our house that everyone makes mistakes, and what really matters isn’t what we did wrong but how we fix it and make it right.”
      Stealing this. I get too hung up on WHY DID YOU DO THAT??? Now that my elder is getting a little pre-teenish and oppositional, I should make a change.

      • Yes, “pre-teenish and oppositional” is such a real thing. The “why did you do that” get us no where because the honest answer sometimes is “I don’t know” or better yet “to piss my brother/sister/you off” or “because I can.” It also helps when something is done stupidly, but was an honest accident. Even if it’s an accident, we make it right, so go get a towel and mop that water up or whatever.

        • I’m talking more about terrible judgment than about clumsy accidents. Spills have never made me angry. But using strips of plastic to wrap your sister’s head “like a mummy”? Putting a doll sweater on New Baby Kitty (he’s cool with it, for short periods) and then forgetting about him, leaving him to contort his way free? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??

          • I had actually started typing out the incident the other morning when he flicked a rubberband at his little brother, hit him in the eye, and then claimed that it was the rubberband’s fault because it “had too much kinetic energy.” Of course, I pointed out that he was the cause of that kinetic energy, but he figured he could throw a physics word in a blind me with science. Spilling stuff doesn’t bother me as much as it probably should, or so I’m told lol.

  • Rant: Friends posting vague life events on FB. It’s so frustrating. If you want to share something, just share it. If you don’t want to share it publicly, share with a restricted group. Now I’m stuck waiting for a mutual friend of ours to be awake so I can find out what’s going on.
    Rave: Black bean brownies. They are ridiculously good.
    Rant: We’re going to have to cut our trip to TN a little short…
    Rave: Because we have our first appointment with a new RE set for the end of the vacation. While we probably won’t be starting the process immediately, I’m really happy to have this consult set up.

    • +1 to your first rant. That drives me crazy.

    • I believe the appropriate term is “vaguebooking”
      It’s annoying but sometimes understandable. An old friend posted a cryptic, depressing update yesterday. It was to the point that people are asking “Hey buddy, are you OK?” Then this morning he posted a tribute to his father, who died suddenly yesterday morning.
      I get it. It’s sometimes hard to express ourselves during traumatic life events. That said, he’s never done this before. People who vaguebook about every little trauma are annoying AF.

  • Rant: Crazy, spinning my wheels, need to sit down and work but have too many meetings, conferences, presentations, etc.
    Rave: Had an awesome time at PoPville book club the other night, thanks to Allison for putting it on and everyone who attended! It was awesome meeting you all.
    Rant: Husband leaves for a looooong trip this weekend and we haven’t had much time together.
    Rave: Hosting 20 people from his new organization tonight at our home, the place is ready, I’m excited (and nervous)…

  • Rant: I feel myself falling into a depression that I’ve been trying so hard to escape. And it feels like there’s hardly anything I can do at this point to move forward–a lot of holding patterns and a total loss of control. I hate my active mind sometimes and wish it would move on or leave me alone.
    Rave: Made it to work today.
    Rave: Getting back to running shape. Last week did four 5Ks, this week I’m up to 4 miles, gradually increasing speed. Should be able to do 10Ks in a couple of weeks.

  • Bear

    Rant: Going stir crazy, I haven’t left the house in five days because of this cold. I haven’t been this sick in a long time, but I think it’s my body’s way of telling me I need a break.
    Rave: I think it’s finally starting to clear up. One more day of semi-bed rest and hopefully I can get out of this house!

    • Rant: I’ve had the crud too, and didn’t listen to my body by coming to work on Tuesday and again today. I’m just now coming out of it but I know I sound disgusting. The body really does need to slow down sometimes.

      Rave: A big thank you to the folks that posted the Apartment Therapy January cure here. I was supposed to be resting and have no idea how to do that, so I did some of the January cure assignments instead. My house is soooooo clean!!

      Rave: Even though I got food poisoning and came down with the wretched sickness while in NY, I got to see Kinky Boots and chill with my best friends, and it was all worth it. Determined to spend more time with loved ones this year. Off to see my parents, sister and brother in Charlotte this weekend!

      • Is Kinky Boots appropriate for the 8-10 year old set? Would they think it’s funny? It’s coming to the Kennedy Center this summer, and I’ve wanted to see it for years. Just wondering how many tickets I should budget for.

        • Hmm..I don’t think there’s anything too salacious that an 8-10 year old hasn’t seen already. But if you don’t want them to see a man pulling off awesome gymnastic moves in a sparkling thong it may not be the right fit. That said, Wayne Brady is amaaaazing in it! 🙂

  • Rave: HH tonight, and it’s almost the beginning of a 3-day weekend! I need this so badly!
    Rant: Death. I know none of us are getting out of here alive, but sometimes it just seems to be very in-your-face. Losing my friend, and then seeing that two incredibly talented artists who I genuinely admired have gone, has made for a really depressing week.

  • Rave: Got three trips to DC coming up for work between now and my birthday. Trying to find hotel accommodations so we can make a long weekend out of one of them with the kid.
    Rant: Can’t “share a room” with the kid because no one will sleep so….
    Rant: $600 a night at the residence inn? I really don’t want to do that.
    Rave: I actually slept well last night
    Rave/Rant: work is incredibly busy with many events between now and May, and I’m starting to confuse them all in my head. ugh.

    • Check airbnb! Renting a 2BR place should be much more affordable than two hotel rooms! I would suggest our place but it is NOT kid friendly.

      • Most of them aren’t kid friendly (up lots of stairs, for example), and since you don’t know the address, I am not interested in that. Good for travelers who don’t need certain things. Like, I’d rather not schlep a travel crib, which a hotel will have for free…not on air bnb

        • I should say none that I checked out mentioned cribs, so I can’t say “none have (travel) cribs”.

          • You might be surprised. I know accountering keeps a pack and play for just this reason. I’m not sure if there is a space in the listing to note that. A friend and I were just talking about this yesterday. She has kids, so when she rents her place out to families they love it (she leaves toys, etc…but she’s in Cambridge, MD.) You could always find a place with a large volume of good reviews and then send a note. They may also be willing to share which block they’re on.

          • yeah, I’ll check if I’m desperate. When traveling with a child, it’s easier for me to have known quantities. I appreciate it though! I’ll check around

    • Are there no hotels in the area that have suites with a bedroom separated by a door and a fold out couch in the living room area?
      Scratch that, I remember staying in one like that years ago…possibly the Embassy Suites near Farragut/West End?

    • I think my place might be perfect for you. https://www.vrbo.com/141712. Private 3rd floor apt. in my house, with bedroom & separate living room, bathroom in between, 1/2 block to Columbia Heights Metro. $125-140/night total. (No 9% Airbnb fees!)

      • IIRC, J’s husband is allergic to cats. (I could easily be wrong!)

        • he’s mildly allergic to dogs and cats, but nothing too bothersome. It tends to be worse in homes where people don’t clean up cat hair or with longer haired cats. These kitties are adorbs and he would want to snuggle with them all day

      • thanks for the offer, with a young toddler, those steps would kill us (or him!) – but I appreciate it! i think we might be able to do a 1 bedroom with a closed off living area, we’ll just have to “stay in”. I appreciate it!

        • Yes – I thought you had a younger baby, the place isn’t good for toddlers. And as for allergies, the apt. is entirely pet-free, I’ve hosted probably 450 guest groups over the past 10 years, some severely allergic, and no one has ever had a problem.

    • The Bethesda North Marriott rooms in the $100 – $150 range, right next to the White Flint Metro station. Possible option if you don’t mind the trudge into the city.

    • I stayed at a residence inn at tysons in between moves and it was great. It’s a bit farther out, but the prices were super reasonable. Rooms are setup like apartments and they offer meals, happy hours and snacks throughout the week.

  • Rave: I slept so solidly last night.
    Rant: I’m still really congested. The neti pot only seems to be helping so much.
    Rave: It is Thursday! So close to the weekend.
    Rant: RIP Alan Rickman. This is a sad week of fabulous Brits passing away.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: I had a long anxiety dream about how I was such a horrible son for buying a potential winning Powerball ticket because when I won and my name gets leaked I would be putting IDGI SR’s security at risk since he has the same unusual name.
    Rave: Waking up and remembering I didn’t buy a Powerball ticket and now I have two dollars extra to blow on lunch today!
    Rave: Yesterday’s pony post reminded me that I don’t think I’ve ever told any stories about my childhood pony, Freddy.
    Rant: Just as a warning, when I posted these on Facebook a few years ago the series was named something like “Freddy the Angry, Flatulent Pony.”

  • Revel: had a conversation with someone who’s been assigned to work with me and has made the process whether I stay or go more transparent.
    Revel: I’m less hysterical today… Trying very hard to not put the cart before the horse.
    Rant: didn’t have time to pack a lunch or shower this morning. I feel gross
    Revel: I’m going to try and make it to hh tonight but no promises.

  • Rant: Alan Rickman. I have no clue why the news of his passing hit me so hard, but I actually cried at work. For reference, I didn’t cry when 2/3 of my grandparents passed away…emotions are weird.
    Rant: Conference call this afternoon that is going to be a sh**show. Too many people wanting to lead but no one actually stepping up and doing it leads to mass confusion.
    Rant: Need to majorly clean our apartment tonight and tomorrow night after work…
    Rave: Because we are going to a dog adoption event Saturday to meet the cutest little girl pup ever and see if she gets along with our current dog – planning to bring her home with us as long as they don’t outright attack each other. Very excited to possibly be getting a second!!

  • Rave: finally got a job in my desired field! So excited to start this work!
    Rant: learning all the functions, personalities and politics that come with a new job! Can’t I just know everything already!?

  • Rave: Made it to the gym this morning. Not having class until 1pm twice a week gives me no excuses not to make it to the gym early in the day.
    Rave: Got one grade back and it was good!
    Rant: Mentally preparing for the month and half international work trip the fiance will be going on in February. Even though we are currently long distance, we are in the same time zone with functional technology. 6 weeks is a long time.

  • Rant: HVAC system wasn’t split correctly – so we have to control the basement from upstairs.
    Rant: Found out when the people that have been there for FOUR DAYS said it was 63 degrees – how could they not have asked sooner? I literally ALWAYS tell them to let me know if I can adjust something. I feel terrible that they’ve been freezing their rears off.
    Rave: It’s a good thing we have a nest, so that we can control it even when we’re out of town.
    Rave: New HVAC guy is already scheduled to come and fix the problem.
    Rant: I hate adulating, especially in winter.

  • Rant: My job has been kicking my ass this week.

    Rave: My new associate is teaching me a LOT of things and I am loving feeling useful. She’s very positive and complimentary and that’s such a positive change!

    Rave: My supervisor knows all the crap that the New Partner said to me last week now. He’s been talked to by the new associate (who worked with him previously), my other partner while they prep for a hearing, and tomorrow, he’s going to be talked to by my office administrator because now he’s being ridiculous to other departments with his demands and upsetting them. I also learned that if he goes off on me one more time, I can and will be reassigned from him. So relieved.

    Rave: Going to see my father tomorrow.

    Rant: This is gonna be hard. But at least I get to see him.

    Rave: Starting to hurt less from being rejected by the guy a couple weeks ago, which is great.

    • Glad to hear that things are approving on the work front. And I’ll be thinking of you as you visit your dad.

  • Rave: This is my first post on Popville! Lurker no more : )
    Rant: Feeling awfully unmotivated today… hence the posting instead of working.
    Rave: Heading to Providence this weekend for an Anniversary trip. Neither of us have been, any recommendations?

    • Even if you think the mansion tours aren’t your “thing” they are really really interesting. And you get a headset (bring your own ear buds, their’s are itchy) so you can tour at your own pace and listen to as much or as little as you like. Eat clams at Flo’s clam shack. (If you like fully belly – split one order, it’s a lot.)

  • So if I decide to go to Barcelona tonight is there a name I should ask for at the door? PoPville?

  • Rant: I’m SO TIRED of Sonic commercials but there’s not a Sonic in DC or even within 30mins of the city.

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