Pitango Gelato Looking for Larger Digs in Logan and “will be back soon.”

1451 P Street, NW

On Friday we were surprised to learn that Pitango Gelato has closed their Logan Circle location. On twitter they update:

“Our lease is up on P St. We are scouting bigger locations & will be back soon. We <3 our #logancircle peeps!" Updates when they find a new location.

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  • Never really made sense to have multiple gelato places in a 2 block area. Probably a good choice.

    • Pitango was there first, though. Taylor Gourmet (the original candidate) for the Dolcezza space) would have been a better addition to the area. Given how the area has changed over time, Pitango may make more sense for somewhere closer to U Street.

      • I would happily welcome a new sandwich place near this address, too. But, judging how full Dolcezza is every time I walk past (including the patio), I think they are filling a need in the area. After Caribou closed around the corner, there was a loss of cafe space in the area. The P St Pitango was too small to shoulder any of the fall off. Dolcezza and Slipsrteam have helped replace the void.

        • I prefer Pitango, but they need some seating space. I don’t know if Dolcezza is really selling a ton more than Pitango, but obviously people hang out there.
          Wouldn’t be surprised to see Pitango pop back up on 14th around Q with all of those restaurants. around.

          • I like both Pitango and Dolcezza. I think their products (although the same in name) offer unique qualities. I am happy to hear Pitango is planning to stick around (and trying to find somewhere bigger).

        • but there is a taylor right on 14th just a few blocks from here.

          • Yes, there is a Taylor between T and U. Living just south of Logan Circle, I’d like a sandwich shop (not necessarily Taylor) closer to this section of 14th.

      • false. a new concept (tacos) by Taylor Gourmet was rumored to be there. Not a Taylor sandwich shop.

      • I disagree – Dolcezza offers excellent coffee in a way I never felt Pitango did. And, personally, I think Dolcezza’s product was better. But there was often a line at Pitango so I don’t think they were hurting.

  • Good to know. I’d never gotten around to trying Pitango — will need to check them out in their Penn Quarter location while they’re looking for a new Logan Circle spot.

  • Pitango’s gelato always tasted gritty (not smooth) to me, so I greatly preferred Dolcezza’s product. I kept going back to Pitango to see if I would find something I liked there, but I always ended up not finishing whatever I bought there. Pitango was always busy (as is Dolcezza), so there’s definitely still demand for coffee/gelato right there.

  • I like Pitango’s sorbet and ice cream, Dolcezza’s pastries and hot chocolate. Anyway, glad Pitango is returning to the neighborhood. I hope they move back closer to U Street! and seating – indoor and out, loved their benches – would be ideal.

  • Move to Bloomingdale! We would love to have you here

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