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  • Bahahahaha, this made my morning!

  • Looks like they went back to running without shoveling out the platforms too. One more sign that they’re nearly ready for public operations: they’re already living up to Metrobus standards!

    • They were pretty aggressive about shoveling out the platforms, actually–I saw them hard at work and almost done Sunday afternoon. The contractor’s headquarters on H St., on the other hand, were a total Sidewalk of Shame entry.

  • What an enormous waste of money. There needs to be an ultimatum: Get these things up and running for passenger service in 30 days, or get them the hell out of here.

    • If you actually want them to run, you should be glad that they’re continuing simulated service, which may very well be the last chapter in this disappointing saga. And yet still you bitch.
      Some people just revel in governmental failure rather than actually lament it.

      • I Dont Get It

        What problems will they discover in actual service that they haven’t already uncovered in the months of simulated service? I want this program to succeed but put these babies into service now and start fixing any problems found!

        • I agree, but protocol is protocol. It’d take more time and effort to change than, at any given time, it would get through the process as it stands.
          This is HOPEFULLY the homestretch. And hopefully there’ll be lessons learned. And hopefully the next legs of this project occur and suck significantly less in design and process. None of those hopes are facilitated by endless and generalized bitching about something as obviously necessary as resuming the policy-required simulated service after a snowstorm.

          • *it would TO get

          • How do you know that this is protocol? From what I see, they’re just dragging their feet at this point.

          • Have they even figured out how to collect fares yet? According to their FAQ’s:
            DDOT is evaluating several on- and off-board fare collection systems. Integration with existing methods of payment, to include SmarTrip, is one of several evaluation criteria.


          • @Philippe: Simulated service has been in the gameplan since back when this project was only a minor embarrassment (I’d say it crossed into major embarrassment about the time simulated service was terminated the first time). How would I know they were dragging their feet? Because some internet commenter said so?
            @pacerguy00: Pretty sure they’re going to have a phase of free service once they start taking passengers, so that’s not going to be a showstopper.

          • It’s going to be free, at least for a while.

        • Also note, simulated service hasn’t been ongoing for months. It occurred a while, and problems were found. Then the problems were fixed. Then simulated service resumed last month. And now here we are.

  • What a farce.

  • Such a boondoggle. Huge waste of tax payer money. This area was already serviced by a bus line but lets add streets cars that are fixed to a track and not versatile because they add that element of nostalgia! Should have also had the tracks in the middle of the street rather than down the side which hits and blocks in cars along with other parking issues.

    • Streetcars are more than about nostalgia. Rail has many advantages over bus. But giving it shared ROW and putting it adjacent to parking were awful design decisions, and almost entirely irreparable. Sucks.

  • Thank God! Now all those pretend passengers can get to their pretend jobs! #BowserFail

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