“‘missed connection’ – Shared Uberpool ride with Sarah on Sunday Jan 3, didn’t get her number”

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“Uberpool w/ Sarah Jan 3 around 2pm: My buddy and I shared a ride with ‘Sarah’ — she joined the ride in Shaw-area and my buddy and I got off first near Gallery Place. It was unfortunate, my buddy sat in between us yet I felt we still managed to steal conversation and glances around his big head (heart you, buddy). Telling was our longing stare into each other’s eyes as the car door was shut and uberpool car sped away. I should have been quicker and asked for her number, but no.”

If Sarah would like to reply please email me at [email protected] and I’ll put you in touch with your missed connection.

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  • “telling was our longing stare into each other’s eyes”: more like “i think i’m drunk and carsick/about to puke” eyes. go home, you’re drunk

  • I think you could contact Uber about this, no? Maybe in a way that says something went missing and give them your information to share with her.

    • This. Though you’re also running the risk of freaking the eff out of said missed connection.

      • yeah, a missed connection post is cute. Lying about something going “missing” and trying to get contact info through a corporation is creepy and borders on stalking.

        • Agreed!! That is beyond creepy to me.

        • Yeah, there’s no chance that Uber will give up that info, nor should they. Even if there was a valid reason to contact another passenger, they would contact them on your behalf — not give you that contact info directly or solicit information to pass along to you.

  • I think this is adorable!

  • Annnnnnd this is why I’m never using UberPool.

    • +1, especially the idea to “contact Uber”

      • Yep. That’s super creepy. Uber is not a match-making service. Sorry to the OP for not being quick enough.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Yeah. I mean, this would never happen on, say, a bus or a train.

      • It would never happen in a regular “solo” Uber, which was, I think you’ll find, my point.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I follow. However, I figure we’re all probably at least as vulnerable to this sort of creepery most of the time that we are outside of our homes than we are in an UberPool.

        • My girlfriend and I took a few Ubers on Saturday, and in the evening I got a mysterious call from some guy who knew my first name. I don’t know for sure if it was one of the Uber drivers but the accent sounded like it could be.

      • Also my point: if a woman wants to be contacted, she’ll give you her info.

        If she wants some rando to try to contact her after a 5 minute “missed connection,” she can ride the bus, the train, go to a bar, the gym, a restaurant, a sidewalk, a library, or literally everywhere else.

      • Bus or train is better because you can always pretend the next stop is yours and dart off. It’s annoying to have to do that, but it’s the easiest way to get out of an unwanted conversation.

  • Well, I’m not sure Uber would do this, but the OP could email Uber, tell them he shared a ride and wishes he got the fellow rider’s number, and ask Uber to forward his contact info to her. That way, the ball is in her court and her privacy is protected.

  • +1 for creepy. Just don’t.

  • There was a time many moons ago that the City Paper had a whole section called Missed Connections. I have friends who had a missed connection, got connected through the ads and are now many years married. Not everyone is a stalker.

  • Agree that contacting Uber re: the OP’s missed connection is creepy. However, criticizing the OP for kicking himself for missing out, attempting to reach out to his missed connection, and assuming that he’ll take the poor advice from a few commenters is critical and simply villainizing an innocent request.
    and those saying “this is why i’m never using uberpool” / being offended bc the guy is going about a totally normal means of contacting/finding his missed connection? really? i can’t see an instance of where this is offensive or threatening or scary or even unwanted (unless, of course, he contacts Uber or his driver, which we’ve already determined is a horrible idea worthy of the “stalker” title).

    • +1 these negative types on popville are really boring…it’s a new year, folks – make it a resolution to not be so judgmental and critical…

    • I think it’s entirely possible that they had a genuine connection, and if they did and Sarah sees this she’ll contact him. I find guys who refer to their friends as “buddy” to be insufferable, but maybe that’s just me.

      I don’t think your chances of getting hit on are any less in an Uberpool than in a regular Uber or cab– it happens everywhere there are men. FWIW all the Uberpools I’ve been in have been with women and we mutually ignored each other!

    • I completely agree with this, and also blue peter below. I love y’all and know you’re not all critical all the time but I don’t think the OP meant to be creepy or meant any harm at all, and it seems like the whole post is now skewed because of the commenter that suggested contacting Uber. Really too bad.

    • Ally

      +1. I think’s sweet (the OP’s original post, not the suggestion to contact Uber). If only more guys in DC made this much of an effort.

    • My “ick” factor has more to do with the suggestion that the OP contact Uber under false pretenses, which takes the ability for this woman to say no out of the equation. As women, we get hassled a lot. There always has to be a reason (“I’m in a relationship/married/gay/whatever”) and often times that’s not even accepted. I have no problem with a missed connection post, there is nothing wrong with that. But the idea that a woman can’t look at someone without it being described as “our longing stare into each other’s eyes” and turned from what could be something completely innocent into a perceived invitation bugs me. And the suggestion that the OP contact Uber to get her private, personal information just because he wants it? That’s gross. As women, we are so screwed. Smile and you’re flirting, don’t smile and you’re told “smile, girl.” I mean, hell, many of us can’t even sit on a damn bus without a guy thinking the act of simply sitting in a seat is an invitation to press up against us.
      Again, this isn’t even against the OP, it’s a reaction to how men generally treat women in this city as well as the contacting Uber suggestion, and I think that most of the women who are responding negatively would agree with that.

      • +10000!!!

      • justinbc

        I can only hope that the user who suggested that meant that he could provide his information to Uber, and they could pass it along to the woman for her to use if she was interested, rather than trying to elicit her information from them. It’s still creepy, but not *quite* as invasive.

  • Usually guys ask for my number, after I’ve already let it be known that I’m gay and married, and if I refuse they act all offended and say they only wanted to be friends. So I give in and then have to ignore a barrage of calls and texts for the next few months. I’d rather the guy be too timid to ask, and be posing missed connections about it later.

  • Advice to OP – if you do get an emailed “reply” from “Sarah” and she’s gung-ho to meet, make sure you do it in a public place so as not to get bait & switched, then beaten by an opportunistic heathen reading this right now looking to prey on your heartsick longing.

    Hey, it’s as realistic a scenario as some of these others in this thread!

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