“I really like that hat. Thank you fellow passenger, whoever you are.”

metro mystery
Photo by PoPville flickr user Jordan Barab

“Dear PoPville,

My faith in Metro riders was restored this morning. I was at Metro Center, getting of a Red line train at about 11am. I gathered up my backpack, gloves, phone, and got off the train. I heard a young woman yell “Ma’am, ma’m” and I looked around to see a rider on the car where I was sitting waving at me. As the car doors began to close, she threw my hat to me, which I had left on the train. I waved at her through the car window as the train started to pull out.

I really like that hat. Thank you fellow passenger, whoever you are.”

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  • This makes me smile. This morning I dropped my glove at the entrance of the metro station and didn’t realize until I was on the platform. Luckily, I was able to run back up the escalators and retrieve the glove before the train arrived. Its too cold. 🙂

  • Years ago at Capitol South I de-trained late at night, a few steps outside the train doors I realize my wallet isn’t in my pocket. I turn and see it still sitting on the seat. Just as the chimes go off and I go “ohhhh fuuuudgge”, a couple sees my wallet, realizes what’s happening, and tosses it to me right before the doors closed. Thumbs up were given.

  • This story has brightened my day. 🙂

  • Years ago, when Metro was a different organization, I got on a train and waited for it to go. But the doors didn’t close. The driver’s voice came on over the loudspeaker, “Lady who just got on and left her umbrella on the bench might want to go get it.” I couldn’t believe it! I rushed out and grabbed the umbrella that had great significance to me & wouldn’t be easy to replace and got back on the car. Nobody booed or complained.

    Can you imagine that happening today?

  • Just this morning on a Red Line train from Silver Spring, on a very packed train, a man offered me a seat. I refused since I was changing at Fort Totten but it made me smile nonetheless.

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