Gotta Be the Last One – January Garden Harvest


Thanks to a reader for sending from Riggs Park:

“January chard and the last of our tomatoes and habanero peppers.”



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  • Walking to the metro this morning I saw some people on my street had tomatoes still on their plant. One was a beautiful red and looked ready to pick. I hope they can salvage it.

  • I got a few tomatoes last week.. They look beautiful but the texture is awful – they’d effectively been refrigerated (a no-no for tomatoes), or even frozen, by being outside. That chard and the peppers are looking good!

    • Yeah that chard was the tastiest it’d been all season. It’s not looking quite so good now after last night’s freeze.

  • Your chard looks great- leafminers got ours :(!

    • Leafminers! I had those on my spinach and some of my chard – but didn’t know what it was until you just now mentioned it and it sounded exactly right – thanks! I had Googled all sorts of plant pests and issues.

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