Golden Paradise quietly opens on 14th Street

Golden Paradise
3903 14th Street, NW at Randolph

A reader reports:

“Golden Paradise Open! Apparently they opened over the weekend while the rest of us were distracted by the snow. Hoping to stop and check out the food tonight!”

Ed. Note: This is the former Rib Pit space – anyone stop in Golden Paradise yet? Updates when OP and others report back!

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  • It was open the week before, there were people inside and the TV had a soccer game on. They should probably do a better job lettting everyone know they are open.

    • There are 2 other identical restaurants on this block already. I hope Little Coco’s (in the lounge space next door) kills it and Jackie Greenbaum annexes this space

  • What a waste of a prime restaurant spot. Not only is there already an abundance of places just like this, but also the renovation doesn’t do anything to make me want to check it out. And they don’t even announce they’re open?

  • Is there a menu online somewhere?

  • Yeah, pretty bummed about this; was hoping for much more. They took a plastic golden paradise sign and nailed it over the old rib pit sign.

  • I’m pretty sure the only reason they named this place Golden Paradise is because they found the sign somewhere.

  • Let’s be clear. Sixteenth Street Heights starts at Arkansas, which is four blocks & A WORLD away from that stretch of 14th St. Read the deed.

    I expect greater accuracy from PoP.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Congratulation – I am now officially ceded this block to 16th Street Heights and from this point forward it will always be tagged as 16th Street Heights – all because of you Jay. You the man!!

      • gotryit

        Can we cede Jay back to Petworth? Brightwood? Any takers? Oh, I know! Mt. Vernon Squangle would love to have him.

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