ANC Commissioner Reports Shooting Victim Downtown Found in the 800 Block Quincy St, NW this Morning

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ANC Commissioner Vann-Di M. Galloway reported on the Petworth Listserv earlier this morning:

“A shooting victim was discovered on the 800 block of Quincy St NW this morning. The only details I have to share are that the victim was shot downtown near M Street NW which is closed from 19th to 18th streets. 18th Street is closed from K to M streets [ed. note: since reopened]. The victim fled the scene and was discovered in Petworth.”

Subsequently Ward 4 Council Member Todd reported:

“…the victim had non-life threatening injuries.”

Updates when the full police report is released.

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  • That One Guy

    Whoa…I suspect this will have a lot of people downtown feeling uneasy about the uptick in crime. First there was the police stand off with the woman in the office building and now this.

    • Wasn’t the first situation you reference actually a woman experiencing a mental health crisis? I’m not sure it’s fair to classify it as “crime” though it was an incident that required police resources.

  • The whole city (and especially Petworth & Columbia Heights) is uneasy about crime. Why Bowser can’t get a handle on this, I don’t know.

  • How does one access this Petworth Listserv?

  • This shooting happened one block from my work and he fled to within two blocks of my house. That standoff was one block from my work and the stabbing homicide that happened a week and a half ago was around the damn corner 10 minutes after my wife walked my dogs by with our daughter.
    I remember people on here telling me that I was over reacting on when I said I was thinking of moving out of the city when my daughter was born. Now I’m starting to feel like it’s almost irresponsible of me if I don’t. Shit is getting out of hand.

    • Someone was mugged at Kansas & Quincy earlier this fall. Happened early in the evening too. Cops never caught the guys of course and crime still continues… Aggravating.

      • There was a hit an run I witnessed on 7th and NH on Saturday too. It’s just nuts because this stuff didn’t happen the previous three years I’ve been there.

  • Is that why I heard helicopters circling at 5am this morning?

  • I was back in Petworth and Park View on New Years Eve and I was surprised to see a large Crime Suppression Team roaming the area. I saw them twice actually in two different spots within a 30 minute span. They were actually walking around the neighborhood, not just sitting in one spot next to the crime light tower. It will be interesting to see how things go in 2016.

  • With so many unsolved shootings and homicides in Petworth, clearly we have some well-armed perps still roaming and active in the area. Hate seeing the DC MPD Twitter when it says multiple armed men all black with ski masks. Ugh.

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