Alfie’s “Thai Restaurant · Dive Bar” popping up in the former Mothership Space

3301 Georgia Ave, NW

Thanks to Sheila for sending:

“What’s happening with the Mothership space? New lettering on the door”

Alfie’s facebook says:

“Locally sourced, responsibly minded Northern & Isaan Thai Bar food (Kap Klaem), Burgers & killer cocktails!”

Their website says:


Finally have our name on the door! So excited! #dc #petworth #sneakpeek #herewecome”

Alfie’s, from Chef Alex McCoy, will open it’s permanent location in the former China American Inn space on Upshur Street in Petworth. Until then – check them out at their pop up soon – stay tuned for an opening date.

Update – an exact opening date! “So happy to announce that @AlfiesDC will be officially opening on JAN 30TH @5PM.”

3301 Georgia Avenue, NW

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  • Can’t wait for this to open!

  • RIP Mothership. You’ll always be my fav.

  • Have they released a menu yet?

  • Tears of Joy running down my cheeks. Finally some real Thai food close by. I hope it’s good. Can’t be worse than Sala Thai at least.

    • Yeah, not only is Sala Thai terrible, I worried that it was keeping out other Thai places from the area. I kept wanting to go to Mothership and never did. I won’t make that mistake this time.

    • I disagree that Sala Thai is terrible. Maybe it’s not outstanding, but I find it to be good and (especially in comparison to much of the competition in the area) reasonably priced.
      I didn’t like the U Street location of Sala Thai and was worried that the Petworth location was going to be the same, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I liked the food at the Petworth location.

  • His food at Crisp is amazing, so that bodes well for this endeavor.

  • Do we know how long they will be here?

  • So sorry I never made it to Mothership. I would have eaten there for the name alone!

  • 1. Sala Thai is not bad, not outstanding, but it is decent.

    2. Excited about Alfies and think it’ll be a nice addition to the neighborhood but disappointed that it will be temporary. How long is it for and will they continue in the location if successful? Glad Zuckerman Partners is finally filling some of their empty properties but I don’t see the commitment when they stall the development for years then fill it with a temporary popup.

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