Alert!! “Fully stocked grocery store at 14th/Florida NW”

2400 14th Street, NW (between Belmont and Chapin)

“Dear PoPville,

Given that P street Whole Foods is out of onions, garlic, and carrots and the line for Trader Joe’s is out the door, I thought I’d write and share my winter storm shopping secret: Streets Market at 2400 14th St NW (just north of 14th/Florida). Their produce is fully stocked and the pantry items are on par with Whole Foods. Pretty good deli counter/prepared food, too. Zero line at the check-out.”

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  • i kind of hate this place for a reason i can’t put my finger on. i’ve been three times and every time i leave mildly disgruntled. it seems more expensive than the ‘mainstream’ grocers?
    seems like the boutique stores might be the way to go on this one, i was also in glen’s garden market this morning (shaw location) and it was empty. it’s much better for specialty items/prepared foods than it is for staples, which are pricey, but it’ll do in a pinch.

    • It is more expensive for some things but not for others. At least that’s what I’ve found. (For example, Kraft Singles are prohibitively expensive, but saran wrap is cheaper than a lot of other places if you can’t make it to Target.)

      • justinbc

        I couldn’t even guess what Saran wrap costs, let alone remember the prices between two stores! It’s one of those things that I know I always have, but I certainly never remember when or where I purchased it. I really couldn’t tell you if it’s $2 a box or $10.

        • Some folks have a budget to follow and remember the prices at different places.

          • This. If I’m really super desperate I’ll buy it wherever, but I usually have separate lists based on what’s cheaper at each store and try to go on a rotating basis. (if only trader joe’s had saran wrap they’d probably win… but…)

          • justinbc

            I totally understand that, I’m just talking about Saran wrap in particular, it’s some weird mystery product to me.

        • Yeah saran wrap is one of those things that’s bought so infrequently that I never know if I’m overpaying!

    • Def more expensive but when everyone else is out of onions…

    • It is a small urban grocery — really a kind of expensive version of the soviet safeway on 17th without safeway’s backing.

      Stuff I like is they tend to have a pretty good asian selection and they are a block from my house. Stuff I hate is the produce is pretty poor, the meat selection is worse and the seafood is scary. Prices are also bad but I’m not hung up on that.

  • I was in there earlier and was shocked by how few people there were. After hearing about the rush at other stores I expected a mad house. Hidden gem I guess.

  • Mom’s on NY Avenue is also well stocked and not a madhouse.

  • The Safeway at Petworth restocked nicely overnight and was pretty empty when I went at lunch. It’s probably more crowded now.

  • I was in the Columbia Heights Giant this afternoon and the shelves seemed well stocked. No mushrooms, kale or cabbage but they did have onions 🙂 Lots of people in the store but lines were only a few carts deep (didn’t extend into aisles)

    Stopped at Bestworld and found mushrooms, kale, cabbage — and no lines!

    • justinbc

      Are DC kids chunking onions now in lieu of snowballs? I don’t recall shortages in previous pre-storms.

      • i was wondering the same thing, why onions? Or really the larger question, why do people panic and flood the grocery stores before these storms? I’ve never heard of a report of someone starving to death.

  • The good market in Logan at 11th and N is still pretty full, too. And super cheap

  • Don’t give away the Streets secret! Love this place. It’s expensive, and I usually just use it for picking up a couple of things in-between regular grocery store trips. Good deli/prepared food/sushi, too! It’s a pleasant low-stress alternative to many grocery stores in DC.

  • Also recommend the Panamericana on 14th below Spring. No line last night!

  • i have two bags of onions from trader joes that I bought this weekend before the storm news hit the fan. I use a lot of onions. Anyone who needs one can come to my house.

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