5 men and 5 women were arrested for Solicitation of Prostitution on Friday and Saturday

Photo by PoPville flickr user Eric P.

From MPD:

“Members of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Narcotics and Special Investigation Division Human Trafficking Unit announced arrests have been made in a recent joint prostitution enforcement operation conducted with the Third District Crime Suppression Team.

On Friday, January 8th, 2016, five adult males and an adult female were arrested. They all have been charged with Solicitation of Prostitution.

On Saturday, January 9th, 2016, four females were arrested. They all have been charged with Solicitation of Prostitution.

These recent arrests took place in the Downtown area in Washington, DC.

The Metropolitan Police Department continues to respond to complaints about crime and encourages the public to contact the Metropolitan Police Department with those concerns.”

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  • Is this charging the prostitutes or their patrons? Sex workers are trying to eke out a living working the streets. Best way to stop the selling is to stop the market – arrest the people doing the buying. No more buyers and there’s no market.

    • Or . . . legalize and regulate the heck out of it.

      • Or… since it’s not an actual crime… just legalize it, and get back to stopping real criminals.

        • figby

          Right — because prostitutes are just sexy fun-havers who want to have sex with guys, right? Not trafficked, exploited and enslaved women and girls. Keep enjoying that fantasy — it’s a flimsy one.

  • I suspect prostitutes don’t get charged with solicitation. At the same time, I’m extremely confused about women being charged with solicitation.

  • Dunno what this bust was, but a lot of times they’re looking more to charge the customers to kill the demand and pimps w/ trafficking to stop abuse more than the women.

  • I think this is charging the prostitutes:
    § 22–2701.01. Definitions
    (7) “Solicit for prostitution” means to invite, entice, offer, persuade, or agree to engage in prostitution or address for the purpose of inviting, enticing, offering, persuading, or agreeing to engage in prostitution.

  • Often arresting the prostitutes is to have a talk with them about getting help for other options besides the sex industry.

    • Ha! You cant arrest someone to have a chit-chat about their career choices. And I assure you the jail isnt doing this. I wish the rest of the US would follow Nevada and legalize it already. I mean really – we do own our own bodies.

  • Image if all of the effort in this case could have been used towards violent crime, or s**t that actually matters.

    • Not all prostitutes are working by choice–there’s actually a fair amount of human trafficking related to prostitution in DC. A roommate of mine used to work for an organization that helped trafficked (and often underage) girls get out of situations where they were under the control of pimps–I was shocked to learn that this was happening here.

      • Yes. Foolish busybodies who think it is their job to manage the lives of others, have criminalized an entire industry. By doing so, they have forced people who wish to voluntarily provide a service to others underground. Because they are prevented from using legal means of enforcement and protection, these people are forced to turn to criminals for protection. Those criminals are often unstable, violent people.

        It’s too bad people don’t learn to mind their own business, and let other people to do what they want with their lives and their bodies. Their ignorance creates so many problems.

      • I think it’s up to consumers to do their research about whether or not their preferred lady of the night is a victim of human trafficking.

        • Because if a john asks someone, “So, are you a victim of human trafficking?”, she’s in a position where she can honestly reply “Yes”? I don’t think so.

        • Steve, Anon… are you truly so ignorant or so uncaring about the plight of women and girls who are forced into the sex trade? That some guy looking for a BJ will stop to thoughtfully ask if the person is operating of her own free will, or otherwise at liberty to give a truthful answer?

    • Dear Third District Crime Suppression Team,
      Please do something about people practicing random acts of violence, car break-ins, package thefts, burglaries, and homicidal drug dealers.
      DC Resident

  • Were these street busts or fancy schmancy hotel busts?

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