Twisted Horn still Hoping to Open by end of the Year

819 Upshur Street, NW

Waiting on…permits!! Thanks to all who emailed about Twisted Horn looking open. But it’ll be worth the wait. The shot below is obviously a daytime shot, but I imagine when it’s all dark this is gonna be a great spot to sip a Ghostwood Development.


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  • Why can’t we have anything nice DCRA?
    Brandon Todd fix this!!!!!

  • I am happy that there is more opening on Upshur, but another “craft cocktail” bar using “homemade syrups” and “artisinal ingredients”? Ughhhh, isn’t this a little late in the already-played-out bartenders-with-armbands $15-per-drink game?

  • Best of luck to them. Unfortunately DCRA does zero work from thanksgiving to sometime around mid February so I hope they have a good expediter with pull. As we all know DCRA is the absolute WORST and soul crushing for all small businesses.

  • I’d reccomend emailing Brandon Todd. He is super responsive. DC permitting is ridiculous. They should be able to at least get you a status. Can’t hurt!

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