The Aftermath of the Most Painful Car B Que We’ve Ever Seen


Not sure exactly where it happened but Pablo spots this painful sight at a car towing company in the 2600 block of Reed Street, NE. I’m not gonna speculate but…


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  • This is a mid-engined (super) car that’s had problems with engine fires. Looking at the burn pattern, it seems to have started at the engine. I don’t see much reason to suspect foul play from the photo alone.

  • Somebody has a pi$$ed off girlfriend or can’t afford the insurance/payments.

  • Ha. I just watched a video about one week ago of a guy driving one of these. As he was mashing the gas revving the car up at a stop light, flames shot from the tail pipes and caught fire. The driver didn’t realize this and everyone was honking there horns trying to get him to stop. He eventually stopped and the car burned to a pile of scrap. His face was planted in his palms.

  • Oh man, I saw this guy driving through Dupont just last Wednesday. I remember because I was thinking how tacky the color was, and because he was driving exactly how you’d expect someone with a car like that to drive: little regard for pedestrians, driving too fast, and parking where there was clearly marked no parking signs.

  • Hey — you win a complementary car2go membership!

  • Was this the rag top that had the rag top mostly torn off? I saw a Lambo parked at about 7th and Indiana a month ago that (might have been green) but had the soft top replaced with hefty bags in the rain. Classssss.

  • Painful? I’d say satisfying.

  • Was Johnny Manziel in town recently?

  • jim_ed

    Aw man, this reminds me of when some dudes tried to jack Cam’ron’s Lambo after Howard Homecoming because he was shinin too hard for the haters. (really its just an excuse to share the WaPo article about it with his amazing quotes at the hospital)

  • Eh, I’d say a modestly-priced car that someone depended on to get to the job that pays their bills would be a much more painful thing to see. A rich twit’s plaything can burn with little real consequence, while someone who can’t afford comprehensive insurance is going to be hurting much more. A thing’s expense does not necessarily imply its value.

    • Was going to say the exact same thing. I’m shedding no tears over this.

    • +1,000,000. I’m a lot more upset when I see something unfortunate happen to someone who likely doesn’t have either the insurance or personal resources to recover from it. If this person could afford that car, they can afford to hire people to cry for their loss. I’m not going to give away any tears for free on this one, but I’ll drive my 16 year old sedan to this car’s funeral if they’ll pay me a thousand bucks to go. I’ll even poke myself with a pin to make myself cry for an extra $250.

    • Oh, good grief. In the words of everyone’s favorite drill sergeant, lighten up, Francis.

  • The parking attendant really did a number on this one.

    [20 comments, and this is the first Ferris Bueller reference? Man, I’m old.]

  • haters are out today!

    • It’s not haters. I assure you, I am equally devastated by this as I was to hear that Mrs. Astor lost two of her finest furs in the sinking of the Titanic. Like that unthinkable loss of such fine craftsmanship, this has absolutely ruined my whole day.

  • My friend is a dc firefighter and responded to this, it was a few weeks ago (he posted a pic on fb 11/15). He said no one was hurt, fortunately.

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