Ruta Del Vino posts liquor license placard in Petworth

800-802 Upshur Street, NW

There’s a lot of excitement about Ruta Del Vino coming to the former Riyad Market space on Upshur Street. They’ve now posted their placard which says:

“New restaurant and wine bar serving Latin American cuisine, wine, cocktails, and beer. Entertainment Endorsement, flamenco guitar. Sidewalk Café seating 20 patrons. Total Occupancy Load of 141. Seating for 76 inside the premises.”

Updates as construction progresses.


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  • As a very close neighbor, I am excited for this restaurant to open!

    • As a very close neighbor, I too am excited. Also, they took down the plywood across the street at Twisted Horn. Now we just need the pizza place and Slim’s to open! Any chance we are getting a decent coffee shop? As a new resident who moved from Shaw, I’m having Compass/Colombe/Uprising muffin withdraw issues and Qualia is just not doing it.

      • Agree 100%. Lower Petworth needs a bakery or coffee shop. Compass should open one up! It’d make money hand over fist.

  • This place sounds amazing. Upshur Street may be pushing 11th St for the coolest coordidor in the neighborhood.

  • Very, very tangential, but… You know how the automated voice announcements at bus stops are in both English and Spanish? When the guy says “ruta” in the Spanish-language announcement, it always sounds suspiciously like “puta” (a Spanish swear word) to me. Is it just me??

  • andy

    Question for liquor license experts: what happens if they allow non-flamenco guitar playing? I mean, if they put on traditional Asturian guitar music or Portuguese fado, will somebody get to call the Board and complain?

  • General Grant Circle

    OH NO! Not another shuttered business (I believe they were busted for repeatedly selling spice/k-2?) becoming a hip restaurant/bar! WHEN WILL IT END!
    Man oh man this has been a big year for Upshur!

  • Fantastic!

    If you could expedite the removal of the Riyad Market signs (perhaps accompanied by a ceremonial bonfire), that would be even better!

  • Omg, right in my ‘hood. So close.

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