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  • Oh noes! It looks like Sushi Taro isn’t participating! They were always my favorite RW menu because you got to sample so many different things!

  • Oh man, I am so in the mood for a visit to the “Pow Wow Cocktail Lounge” right about now. And it’s not even lunchtime yet.

  • EckingtonDoodle

    ha ha ha! Did Snyder design the Pow-Wow cocktail lounge?

  • Guys. It took me a second before I realized Pow Wow Cocktail lounge is not a CURRENT bar. I was seriously about to look it up.

  • Has anyone tried Ambar for RW? Unlimited small plates sounds like a great deal at most restaurants.

    • Not for RW, but we did Popville brunch there last year. I would assume the RW menu presentation is similar to thier unlimited brunch, sans booze. Also the GM is super nice and accommodating.

    • Yes, actually, I tried it during the most recent summer RW. They have an additional offer with select bottomless cocktails that we also opted for. It was a ton of food and drinks, most of it very good. Very good value!

  • Bad news: RW lunch, which used to cost the same amount as the year (e.g. $20.05 in 2005, $20.11 in 2011) has jumped all the way to $22.

    I’m not upset for myself, but for the poor wait staff. Like most people, I tip by rounding up to the next dollar. But in 2016, instead of leaving 84 cents…well, if the tab is right on the dollar, there’s nothing to round up to.

    I wish there were some solution, but I can’t see one.


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