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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: People who vape and exhale their “smoke” directly in your path. I get that you aren’t smoking a cigarette, but I still don’t want to inhale your second-hand toxins.
    Rave: Today is my Friday. Johnny Cash on the radio and less than eight hours until the long weekend.
    Rave: I went to yoga last night, managed to do some laundry and household chores, and slept like a rock. I will take that as a win.
    Rant: Heartburn. Oh the evil, unending heartburn.

  • Resolution 1: stop oversharing on the internet
    Resolution 2: relax and enjoy my job and students
    Resolution 3: keep up with couch to 5k. I did day one yesterday and while I didn’t love it, it’s manageable
    Rant: wow I’m out of shape

  • FtLincolnLove

    Rave: Traffic this week!! My commute has been a dream. It’s already pretty short since I cross commute from DC into VA, but it’s been glorious this week.
    Rave: Sphero BB-8. My husband got him for me for Xmas, and I am obsessed. I’m nearly 28 yet BB-8 and I are inseparable. I’ve reverted to my 8 year old self and am totally ok with it. Best. Gift. Ever!!!
    Rave: No rants!

    • FtLincolnLove

      Additional rave: Yoga with cats at Crumbs and Whiskers on Friday!! Super pumped.

    • We got a Sphero BB-8 too! 33 and 42 yrs old in this house, and we love it. So does one of our cats (the other is completely disinterested).

      • FtLincolnLove

        YAY!! OMG cats and BB-8 hahahah. We have three cats- one of them swats and chase BB-8, one silently stalks it, and the other is alarmed by BB-8 and quickly scurries away. Hilarity ensues whenever he rolls around!

        • I hadn’t heard of BB-8 until now, but this tempts me to get one as a toy for my cat.
          I will have to employ reason and tell myself that I can’t spend that kind of money on a toy for my cat, given cats’ propensity to adore some toys and completely ignore others.

    • Ahhhh I want the BB-8 so badly! Should I buy one? Is it really worth it?

      • FtLincolnLove

        YES, a thousand times yes! Keep in mind that BB-8 makes sounds through the app, so as long as you don’t mind that the droid itself doesn’t make the sound, I’d say go for it. If you are a huge Star Wars fan and love BB-8, you won’t regret it. He is SO cute and SO much fun to play with! Last night he patrolled the kitchen as I made dinner. It was wonderful.

    • We got a BB-8 for my son for Christmas. The whole family loves it, though my son loves the Millennium Falcon drone even more.

  • Rant: People who seem to think it’s ok to ask a woman if she is pregnant. I got married 4 months ago and since then it seems people deem it their business to inquire as to my childbearing plans. At first it didn’t bother me, people mean well, sure, they are excited for us. But yesterday a coworker told me that while I was out of town for Christmas a few people in the office suspected I may be pregnant. Then yesterday another coworker looked me up and down and asked if I had something to share. I don’t look pregnant (lol at least I don’t think I do!) and this has all made me very upset.

    Rave: yay short week, NYE tomorrow, where I plan to get druuuunk since, ya know, not pregnant!

    • re your rant: ugh – that really sucks. just out of curiosity, how do you even respond to that? i am nowhere near marrying anyone, but i really just do not want kids, and i think i would completely lose it after being asked a couple times.

      • The coworker who told me everyone suspected I’m pregnant, I said OMG what is the matter with people?!?! but I held it together because I know her and in a way I appreciate her telling me what peeps are saying. The one who looked me up and down yesterday and smiled, raised her eyebrows and asked me if I had something to share, I didn’t react as nicely. I said what are you implying?? she looked a bit taken aback and then I said, no, I am not pregnant, and honestly it is very annoying and inappropriate for you or anyone else to ask me. She didn’t make eye contact and said okkk, I’m gonna go to lunch, I said yeah, good idea. Ha.

        • Oh, good job! Haha. That’s really awkward….. Ugh.

        • This is just a guy’s opinion, so feel free to ignore, but I attribute the rudeness of the pregnancy question to be because there are some women who are super excited about getting immediately pregnant after getting married and they think everyone thinks like them. I agree that it’s thoughtless. Even if everyone did desire that, you would think that they may realize that some people may have trouble getting pregnant and constantly asking them would be hurtful.

      • Satisfying responses:
        – Oh, you’re asking if we’re having unprotected sex yet?
        – Are you saying you want to discuss our preferred methods of birth control?
        These may not be actually good-to-use responses.

    • Ugh that happened to me once at work. A substitute asked me in front of me entire class. If an 8 year old had asked, I would have explained that’s not a polite question but I kind of froze up and didn’t know what to say to a 50 year old man!

      • 8 year old/50 year old man – same response ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Blithe

        My stock response in such situations is a very straightforward: “Why do you ask?”, followed by calm, attentive silence. If the response is anything other than an apology, I usually follow this up with something like: “I prefer not to share such personal information, but I appreciate your concern.” My tone changes depending on what I think of the motives of the person asking.
        . Somewhat related: a 50+ year old man once put his hand on my shoulder in front of a classroom of young kids. I told him very firmly and very calmly: “Please. Take. Your. Hand. Off. Of. My. Shoulder.” Which he did. I then returned to talking with the teacher. I realized that probably all of the girls and most, if not all of the boys, would at some point be touched by someone that they didn’t want touching them. I chose to use that as an opportunity to model one version of what standing up for yourself can look like.

        • I like the ‘why do you ask?’ question. But who knows what the next words out of my mouth would be if someone said anything other than an apology, ha.

    • This is on my list of questions you never ask anyone. Also on that list is “when are you going to have kids?” I have enough friends who have struggled with fertility issues and/or relationship differences regarding family planning or just don’t want children that I have learned to never ask. If people have news that they want to share, they will tell you. Until then, keep your mouths shut and your speculation to yourself.

      • This, this, a thousand times this! Just keep your damn mouths shut, everyone!

      • Yes! +1. Such a personal question that people will share when/if they are ready. I once asked one of my very close friends when we went out for drinks and she didn’t have one… I immediately followed up before she could say anything by apologizing and telling her she didn’t have to say anything and that I just got momentarily excited. I think most of the time people love to celebrate babies that they totally don’t think about how impolite and personal (and sometimes hurtful) such a question can be.

    • I once had a work acquaintance tell me that “You know, if you want to have kids, you’d better get on that.” (I was single and not dating at the time). Um, yes, I am aware of my age, I just don’t want kids. And if I did and couldn’t/hadn’t found a partner I wanted to do it with or had tried but couldn’t have them, it could have been an incredibly painful question. I just don’t get people.

    • FtLincolnLove

      Re: your rant, UGH! That is awful, I am so sorry! I’m right there with you- I got married back in March and a coworker actually had the nerve to inform me that my clock is ticking (I’m turning 28 in April, bite me) and I should have kids sooner rather than later. Why people seem to care so much about my plans to have children completely baffles me! I’ve also had coworkers inform me that I am not allowed to be tired since I do not have a child at home. Ok, I get it- kids are exhausting and take up a lot of your time/energy, but it’s not a competition as to who is more tired. We are BOTH allowed to be tired. I respect their decision to have kids, and would expect they’d respect my decision to wait. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids and want them in the future (aka early 30s), but my husband and I are simply not at a point in our lives right now where we are ready for kids.

    • As another newlywed with the same problem, my response is basically, “Jeez, I thought it would be at least a few more months til I got this question. I’ve barely been married for a minute!” People tend to shut up after that, but the response probably won’t work as well after a few more months.

    • Pablo Raw

      It will never end. Someday if you and your husband choose to have a baby (let’s say a boy), you’ll be asked when are you having the girl and so on.

    • Ally

      Totally agree with the rant. Before I was ever pregnant, I had a coworker ask if I was pregnant (I was slender but had a few pizza slices that week, I guess). It’s really invasive. If you’re not pregnant, they make you feel fat. If you are pregnant, they make you feel violated. So, not sure how it’s ever, ever a good idea to ask. When I did finally become pregnant, I didn’t tell my coworkers until I absolutely had to. That being said, they threw me a fantastic baby shower, so I think everyone means well and just doesn’t think.

  • Rant: Have a migraine that I hope goes away later because…
    Rave: I am super excited about going out for NYE tomorrow. I don’t even care if it’s super crowded everywhere, because I haven’t left my house on NYE since I was in high school and went to a friend’s. Wooooooo.
    Rant: Every time I buy Trader Joe’s chicken I regret it because it’s always so fatty/tendon-y. Never again. Reverting to Whole Foods for my meat. It ends up being cheaper and not full of fat -_-
    Rave: Did I mention I’m excited about NYE even if it’s crowded and expensive?

  • rant: updating my resume. it’s been quite a while. I hate it. major pain
    rave: All alone in the office today. quiet, so that is good.
    rant: not sure what I am doing for NYE yet. I need to figure something out!
    random question: besides usajobs, are there other good job hunting websites for fed govt employees?

    • Nope, just usajobs pretty much. If you’re interested in working for the CIA, you can submit your resume on their website.DIA used to be like that too (but that was 10+ years ago, not sure now).

    • If you are targeting a certain agency, keep an eye on their website career or jobs section. Sometimes agencies get direct hire authority and don’t always go through USAJobs. It happens more in legal/technical fields. If you’re looking in a particular industry, see if there is some kind of association dealing with that industry that posts jobs. I know we post on our topic-specific bar association page.

      • yes, good point. US Attorneys ofices don’t have to go through usajobs. They can just directly hire lawyers and skip all the usual steps.

  • Rave: an additional benefit of my wife being home for the week is that we’re getting some random stuff taken care of–pest folks on Monday, a couple of estimates for storm windows today & later this week, estimate for replacing the furnace, etc.
    Rave: looking forward to a new year’s eve party tomorrow. Always nice to see friends.
    Rant: feeling so out of shape. Ugh. One of these days, I’ll make it to a yoga class again! And maybe I’ll even go for a run ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rave: Unofficial PoPville Happy Hour today at Colony Club! I can’t wait to see everyone! I will be wearing a maroon hat and carrying my Popville bag. Specials on Beer and Wine until 7. Plus coffee drinks for those who don’t imbibe. I plan on arriving at 5. I’m adding the link to our unofficial PopVille Brunch group for those who want to keep in touch and updates.


    Rant/Rave: My January is already filling up. I need to start updating my calendar.

  • MVT

    Rave: Got an awesome workout in this morning and I am dressed super casual at work
    Rant: Eagles…. just Eagles

  • Rant: Week of grumpiness continues thanks to two things last night:
    First, we got stood up by the effing realtor last night. No call, no email, just a complete no show at our appointment time. I only had her office number, which did me little good after business hours. I am so effing pissed, how unprofessional can you be?! I realize you don’t make your bread and butter from rentals, but come the hell on, does reputation mean nothing anymore? Starting to see why the house has been on the market since March.
    Then, the goddamn dogs started barking at 3:30. They rarely, rarely bark, especially my BF’s mostly deaf lab, so it freaked me out. Turned out they just decided together that they *really* needed to pee (again, very unusual). I was unable to get back to sleep.

  • Rant: My coworker. She’s literally horrible. Shes a vapid narcissist who spent an hour in a “meeting” where she could b*itch about me, and shed crocodile tears for my boss, casting herself as a victim and me as a bully all because I didn’t socialize with her enough or make small talk. There are real problems in the world people.
    Rave: My ability to understand, forgive, and heal is working overtime this year. I just need to get to a place of calm. I actually feel bad for her, and I’m strong enough to recognize this as gaslighting.

    • I feel you on this. I’m having issues with coworkers and my boss. They’re having whole team meetings without me. I’m officially the worst at picking jobs for myself.

      • I used to have a similar issue where people would “forget” to tell me about meetings — or tell me at the last minute, which would cause me to be unprepared/late — even when I would ask about potential meetings ahead of time. That’s one reason I left. No one should have to put up with that.

      • I’m also struggling with my new co-workers. We have a shared office, and now we are doing the “let’s have a loud boisterous conversation and shut up as soon as anonamom walks in the door.” The crappy thing is that my old co-workers were awesome.

        • Aw! That does suck, feeling excluded or gossiped about at work is the worst! It’s like, uh, weren’t you all supposed to grow out of that in high school? Btw, we miss you (or at least I know I do!)

          • I’ve gone from being one of the youngest in the office to the oldest, so that’s probably why! But I miss you guys too ๐Ÿ™ Tell fearless leader she needs to create a position for me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • SouthwestDC

          At my first job I shared an office with another woman in my department, and this one guy would spend most of the day in our office chatting with her. They spoke in Farsi which I don’t understand, and were often glancing over in my direction. In addition to it being incredibly distracting I always felt like they were talking about me.
          So it could be worse.

  • Rave: The red Frye boots I’ve wanted – for half price on Amazon! Here’s hoping they fit as other sizes are full price.
    Rave: Buy two, get one free at Frugalista this week. This, plus half-off Christmas sale, has helped expand my work wardrobe without depleting my bank account ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyone want to make kombucha? I have extra scobys (starters); if you can make tea then you can make kombucha!

  • Rant: my uncle has to have emergency eye surgery – he’s been sick with some kind of pneumonia or asthma or bronchitis (hasn’t been to see the doctor yet since his insurance didn’t kick in til yesterday!) and he has coughed so hard that he detached his retina! He only recently (within the last 6 months) started his current job, which he really enjoys, and now he has to take 8 weeks of leave to try to save his eyesight and get healthy. I’m very worried, since he’s never been the most medically complaint person (though again, I think if it’s “stay still or lose your vision,” he’ll listen).
    Rave: coffee.
    Rave: My cousins just turned me on to “New Girl” – how have I missed this til now?!
    Rant: Feeling overwhelmed by sadness and anxiety for no reason I can really pinpoint, or at least not at the moment.
    Rave: Family and friends who will distract me from that black hole
    Rave: Unofficial HH tonight!

    • Just to calm you nerves a bit. My mother had the same surgery like maybe 15 years ago now. Shes fine. Make sure he listens to the doctors and he will be okay.

      • yeah, my main concern is the cough – it’s kind of hard to stay still enough for your eye to heal when you’re coughing that hard, and if you can’t stop coughing, who’s to say you won’t detach your other retina?!

      • yeah, my main concern is the cough – it’s kind of hard to stay still enough for your eye to heal when you’re coughing that hard, and if you can’t stop coughing, who’s to say you won’t detach your other retina?!

        • oops, sorry for the double post – my mouse is so jacked up!

          • Perhaps they can prescribe him a heavy-duty cough medicine until his eye heals enough. (Is it possibly whooping cough? That’s really scary…)

          • Well, he’s on steroids, antibiotics, and an inhaler. My uncle has a…spotty track record when it comes to successfully using any type of narcotic medication, and usually requests that he not be given anything with X, Y, or Z to stop things before they start.

          • Well, he’s on steroids, antibiotics, and an inhaler. My uncle has a…spotty track record when it comes to successfully using any type of narcotic medication, and usually requests that he not be given anything with X, Y, or Z to stop things before they start.

          • I was thinking the same thing — a heavy-duty cough medicine. and/or some kind of sedative.

          • goddammit I quit with this mouse!

  • Rave: After a couple of years of drama (wife passing, job worries, home renovation, new relationship, kids moving in and out) I declared that last year would be a year of boredom and calm and rowing, knowing that I would have to start the job hunt in 2016. In the last week, two leads have come over the transom unsolicited, which is a great confidence boost, spur to get everything up-to-date, and could actually lead to a really excellent gig in NYC.
    Rant: No desire to job hunt and, boy, moving would kind of suck.

  • Rave: Just bought my first set of real grown up champagne glasses. We’re going super fancy this NYE.
    Rave: NYE dinner at my house. I love hosting dinner parties.
    Rant: Waiting to find out if my mom needs surgery. And knowing that when they make that decision, it will be done ASAP.
    Rant: Tension headaches suck.
    Rant: Getting frustrated at my body for not getting back to usual as quickly as I want it. I know it’s going to take time but I’m impatient.

    • Oh you should use the glasses to make French 75 cocktails for NYE!

      Fingers crossed that all goes well with your mom and you have resolution soon.

  • Rant: Guys who can’t take a hint. If I say I’m not interested in a bf, that’s a good time to stop asking for a date. If I say I’m a lesbian, they’ll try to change my mind. I can’t win.
    Rave: Random pains don’t seem serious.
    Rave: Productive week off is still productive.
    Rave: Almost tax time!

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Self training is going good so far. My “teacher”, is a lady with strong Italian accent on youtube. We are living in wonderful technological times.
    Rave: Doing a lot of cleaning and throwing stuff away.
    Rave: My last visit to the Dr. says that I’m very healthy. Feeling grateful for family genes.
    Rave: Not being stressed at all about the Star Wars movie. I’ll watch it someday.
    Rave: Unofficial HH tonight.

  • Rave: Weird how sometimes things can come full circle, not sure if this a good thing yet too early to tell
    Rant: I could just be setting myself up for disappointment *again*. Fool me once…fool me twice : ?
    Rant: Had a weird dream with someone from the past in it last night, but cant remember what happened…hate when I dream about real people it can throw me off for part of the day.
    Rave: Overall in a much better place than I was just a month ago, wishing everyone a happy/healthy new years!

  • Blithe

    Rant: My America: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/30/opinion/clevelands-terrible-stain.html?_r=0
    Rant: I’m getting tired of being reliable — when other people aren’t. It seems to come in waves.
    Rave: I’m a convert: Scavenging Fun at TJ Maxx.
    Rave: My chewable necklace was a big hit!
    Rave: Optimism — which is sometimes even supported by reality.

  • Rave: We have a date and a venue for the wedding! We only looked at two places but were immediately comfortable in the first spot that it was the clear choice. We will have the whole property for a couple days and I can picture our friends having the best time. Especially in the cool tavern built in 1750.
    Rave: Great trip seeing friends who are like family.
    Rave: Interview tomorrow.
    Rant: Women’s button-down shirts.

  • Ally

    Rave: New Year’s Eve plans that include seats for a great dinner, no ticket or cover charge, and that get us old farts home in plenty of time for bed (how we like it).
    Rant: Now I need to find something to wear. Post-baby dressing is tricky. And not just because of the spit-up.

  • Rave: We’ve had a great week in DC/Va!
    Rave: CarMax offered us pretty much exactly what we wanted for wife’s car! We’re getting rid of the car tomorrow and I’m so excited to be car free!
    Rave: Job interview in January for what seems like a great job! Fingers crossed

  • Rant: In a bit of a funk. (Not of the George Clinton variety.)
    Rave: Unofficial PoPville happy hour tonight.

    • Me too – we can be funky together tonight! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Maybe you and LBP have already hit on the cure:
      “this is what I want you all to do
      If you got faults, defects or shortcomings you know
      Like arthritis, rheumatism or migraines [or the blues]
      Whatever part of your body it is, I want you to lay it on your radio
      Let the vibes flow through, funk not only moves, it can remove, dig?
      The desired effect is what you get
      When you improve your Interplanetary Funksmanship

      –Long Haired Sucker (aka Lollipop Man)

      Improving your interplanetary funksmanship never hurts.

    • tonyr

      I plan on showing up for a few drinks; it’s what Lemmy would have wanted.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Emmaleigh504 sent me pictures of the fried bell pepper rings she was eating in New Orleans. How cruel!
    Rant: Some of my spring bulbs are starting to poke their little heads above ground–this is waaaay to early!

    • A hyacinth bulb I replanted in November (it was from a plant that I’d bought full-grown at Home Depot circa May) looks like it’s sprouting. I’m a little worried.
      IDGI, which of your spring bulbs are sprouting — tulips? Daffodils?

      • I Dont Get It

        The pink daffodils. However, some I just threw in the ground so maybe I didn’t plant them deep enough??? Regardless it looks like something has been nibbling on them which has never happened before.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Just showing how much I lurve you!

  • Rave: Great time visiting family. My niece and nephew are at such great ages (3.5 and 5.5). They are very sweet and loved that there were extra people around to play with them. Lots of snuggles, fort building, cookie baking, etc.
    Rant: They both gave us colds. I literally slept 14 hours (rave?) last night as my body tried to recover.
    Rave: Despite the cold, I’m feeling decent and have been productive today getting the house in order.
    Question: Since we had a crazy emotion-filled December and now we both have colds, we didn’t plan NYE at all. I’m thinking we’ll do something low key out earlier in the evening and then dinner, a fire, and s’mores at home. Does anyone have any good recommendations of where we could have a sort of a HH NYE celebration? We’re in the Capitol Hill/H Street area but are happy to wander.

    • General Grant Circle

      If you are around H street try the section between Linden Court and 14th, near H street Country club. Lots of fun bars there. Im sure Biergarten Haus or Rock and Roll Hotel or one of those spots is doing something

  • General Grant Circle

    (I hope this happens to any of you today who also didnt get/take time off this holiday season)
    I just found out two of my bosses have been duking it out of email about closing the office tomorrow (one boss is on her vacation, the other one is in the office). Naturally the one who is on vacation wants it to stay open. Well guess what? THEY ARE CLOSING THE OFFICE TOMORROW! WOOOOOOOOO SURPRISE DAYS OFF ARE THE BEST DAYS OFF!

  • Rave: Excited for Saint Paul and the Broken Bones at 9:30 Club tomorrow. I always stay in for NYE, so I’m glad we’re doing something, especially with such a fun band!
    Rave: Things had been so tense the past few months with the bad housing situation, SO finishing up his thesis, etc, and the past two weeks have been like this huge weight was lifted. It’s one of those times that make those rougher patches worthwhile.
    Rant: Helping a dear friend through a bad break up. The rant isn’t for helping her, it’s how she’s been treated by someone who seemed so great over the years. For now, I’ll keep listening and spontaneously sending dog photos to her, but she just deserves the absolute best and I feel for her.

  • Rant: just spent too much money on ingredients at whole foods for these cupcakes I’m going to bake out of spite
    Revel: they are dang good cupcakes

  • MEGA RANT: my brother is apparently being admitted to an ER for cellulitis infection and a small leg fracture. He’s really out of it, and they’re not sure if it’s due to the infection or the whole mess of drugs in his system. God. Damn. It. All.

  • topscallop

    Rave: office is so quiet no one will notice or care when I leave early to make cookies and clean my house
    Rave: as of this afternoon both my roommates are out of town so I have the house to myself. Peace and quiet and catching up on my shows! Also can have the BF stay over without worrying about being too loud. *ahem*
    Rant: I have to miss the second Popville book club meeting in January for the same reason I missed the first one – work travel taking me out of the country. But I read the book! But I didn’t like it very much. Oh well, maybe next time!
    Rave: I’m onboard the French 75 train. I thought I didn’t like gin, but these are so delicious!

  • Late Rant: Today is literally going so slow, I feel like I have been here for days and it’s not even 2pm.

  • Rave: Spending the extended weekend with not one, but two professional chefs. Might as well go out with a bang in 2015. Apparently we’re have a meat-centric, smoker-using extravaganza.
    Rant: Missing HH tonight – sorry not to make it. Please everyone have a drink for me…I’ll be furiously cleaning.
    Rave: because our house is rented out this weekend.
    Rave: I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year’s. Sorry to hear about several health issues with family members. Thinking of you all!
    One last rave: Today has been shockingly productive and gone quicker than I anticipated. And if my bosses leave early, so am I!

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Rant: My boss made me pack up my nook on Friday to be ready to move this week.
    Rant: Off Monday and Tuesday. Still not moved. Still packed.
    Rave: Off early tomorrow ~ 3
    Rave: Just learned Sherlock Holmes / Cumberbatch coming back to BBC America on New Year’s Day. Yay! I loved reading Holmes as a YA and so love this version. Cumberbatch is just the right edge of sociopath.

  • skj84

    Popville Happy Hour is at the long table in gbe back of the bar!

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