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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: I think most non-essential office type jobs should just be closed this week. So many people are gone anyway, they have to be losing money keeping offices open when nothing is getting done.
    Rant: I’m trying to figure out the best way to get to the airport, and all the options suck. Since I’ll have my large suitcase I don’t want to walk to the metro. A cab would be $30 and Uber will likely be the same or more since I’m sure there will be surge pricing. Super Shuttle is by far the cheapest non-metro option but I’ve heard it’s super unreliable.
    Rave: 2 more days until I leave!

    • hammers

      $30 for a cab to the airport is super cheap. Maybe you can just save money by packing your own snacks etc.

    • You could give Uber pool a try. I’m certain there’s lots of folks on budgets trying to get to the airport.

    • Are you going to DCA? What about Uber-ing or cabbing to the Metro?

    • topscallop

      What about taking a cab or an uber to the metro? That way you’re only luggig your suitcase for a couple of minutes on either side.

    • Mootje1

      If we’re going to Dulles, we usually take Super Shuttle. If I leave straight from work and don’t have any bags (like, if I’m meeting someone at Dulles), I’ll take the 5A but prefer Super Shuttle because the 5A is jam-packed and stressful if you have bags. Other than it usually picking up super early for your flight (which I prefer to be there early anyway), it’s a pretty good option and would suggest it.

    • Going to DCA. I don’t live that far away, which is why even the relatively cheap cab fare feels pricey to me. But I’ll probably end up doing that anyway!

    • I’ve used super shuttle a few times, and I’ve never had issues. You may have to leave earlier than you might normally to accommodate the multiple pickups, but otherwise, I think it’s great.

    • Uber Pool will be $14 to DCA, even during peak surge hours. Lyft also has a similar feature called Lyft Line. It’s really good and will save you cash. I’ve used it twice to get to DCA and it works well.

  • Rave: just saw the fencing go up around 3619 GA Ave (elegance nails and Jamaican carry out joint)., thats been a dump for years with all kinds of loitering in the parking lot. Cant wait for the new building, more residents and new retail.
    Rave: Almost Christmas!
    Rant: none, not gonna start a holiday week like that.

    • I saw that this morning too! I was really excited.

    • That’s the parcel just south of the Fisherman of Men church, right? (The southeast corner of Georgia and Princeton?)

      • Yes, that’s the one. I think the nail place was the last business to close.
        They were putting up chain link fences just before 8 this morning.

      • By the way, am I the only one confused by the “Fisherman of Men” thing? Wouldn’t it just be “Fishers of Men”? It just sounds so clunky, and if I recall anything from Sunday school, it was that the saying, at least as I learned it, was “fishers of men.”

        • I was curious and did some googling, which took me to the Wikipedia page for Matthew 4:19 (in the King James Version: “And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men”).
          On the “fishers” vs. “fishermen” wording, Wikipedia says this: “The translation ‘fishers of men’ is well known and used by most authors, but not wholly accurate. In the Greek it is halieis anthropon, but modern scholars realize that anthropon does not just refer to men, but to all of humanity. Translators also prefer to avoid the word fisher. While it was a word common at the time the KJV was written, today it is not a standard English word; fisherman is the standard term. For several centuries quoting this verse was one of the only times the word fisher would be used. In recent years fisher has gained some currency as a gender neutral term for fishermen.”

  • Rave: my coworker was talking about buy a chicken sculpture so I sent her a link to the Bloggess’ story about Beyonce the chicken. Rereading that made my morning. I forgot how hilarious it is.
    Rave: I brought Otis to a Christmas party and he did pretty well, though no one could eat at the coffee table anymore. He was nice to all of the people, which was reassuring.
    Resolution: to train my dog better in the new year. He’s great on the leash and he can sit and shake and wait for his dinner. He always sits for treats too, but he still hasn’t fully learned to drop his toys or leave stuff on the street alone. Barking. I’m not sure anything will conquer his need for territorial barking, but I need to pick one strategy to address it instead of switching back and forth.

    • I love the Blogess. I made the mistake of reading “Furiously Happy” on the plane recently and was unable to control my outbursts of laughter.

    • Our dog is a territorial barker as well. He doesn’t make a peep unless someone is at the door or walking too close to the house. He’s old now, so there isn’t much we can do about it, so I try to look at the good side of it: it is really good for security purposes (especially since our 40 pound dog has the bark of an 80 pound one). This isn’t as good if you are in an apartment though. Tip: when we lived in apartments, we kept him in the bedroom with the TV on while we were gone. Really helped.

    • topscallop

      I love her too! The story about waiting for her daughter to come home on the bus while wearing a taxidermied bear head is the greatest thing I think I’ve ever read. http://thebloggess.com/2013/09/i-doesnt-take-much-to-make-me-happy/

    • Have you looked into classes for Otis? There are some good YouTube channels and blogs for dog training (Zak George, Emily Larlham, and Patricia McConnell are excellent resources) but working with a trainer in person makes things a lot easier. Teaching dogs to leave street food alone is hard! Those chicken bones are like crack for dogs, I swear.

      • I spotted a chicken bone before he did this weekend. He was sniffing around all excited, but I saw it and I stopped him, but before I picked it up I did a little happy dance and was singing about how I saw it first, only to realize that there were people walking up the sidewalk behind me.

        • Hahahaha I always wonder how crazy other people think I am when I talk to my dog throughout our walks. So glad to hear others are just as crazy 🙂

      • Oh, and yes, I’m planning to take him to a group class. It’s a little hard finding a good one for an adult dog who knows some things, but I think I’m just going to start basic because there’s nothing wrong with re-enforcing the basics.

        • Freya and I had a good experience with Anytime K-9. Granted, it was for puppy pre-school, but I think they also do classes for other ages/skill levels. Toni (the owner) is awesome!

  • Rave: Star Wars

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Fun weird little event last night to commemorate the 75th anniversary of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s death.
    Rave: Just two more days of work. My extreme glee at the prospect of getting out of this place for a while is getting harder and harder to hide.
    Rave: A week of cousins, friends, and so much good food.

  • FtLincolnLove

    Rave: Star Wars was perfect. Seeing it for the second time on Wednesday!!!!!

  • Rave: I bought my burgundy boots. I love them. Merry Christmas to me!

    Rant: I am already feeling behind on preparing for my potluck open house on Thursday. Is it bad that I’m only making 4 kinds of cookies this year? I usually make more than that (to be fair though I’m also making that cranberry cake again and some apple snickerdoodle bread). I worry I won’t have enough food, but my Mom says there will be plenty of everything and I always overplan. (I do, she’s right)

    Rave: I got my Christmas shopping complete for my Mom with the help of some amazing and thoughtful friends.

    Rave: One of my party guests asked if she could bring a person over that she wants to set me up with and I said “why not?” — so maybe?

    Going to take my mom to “West Side Story” tonight as one of her Christmas presents.

    • 4 is PLENTY! Ask yourself this: If you went to an open house and the host made 4 types of cookies and 2 cakes, would you be anything other than impressed? Kudos to you and if you only make 3, I’m sure your guests will still love that too!!! I don’t know if you know what types you’re making yet, but Paula Deen’s white chocolate cherry chunkies make a huge batch, and are always a big hit. I sub in drained chopped maraschino cherries. Fingers crossed that the set-up works out!

      • When you put it that way, yes, I WOULD be impressed. And thank you for that perspective. So far, I am making peanut butter blossoms, chocolate chip, snickerdoodle and some total cheater cookies that don’t really count (pillsbury) that are s’mores (i went grocery shopping when I was hungry, they were on sale, so yeah) and possibly thumbprint cookies. Also two kinds of lasagna for the main course. And some appetizers. My mom is going to marinate some meatballs in the crockpot.

        • I don’t know how many people you’re hosting, but that sounds like plenty of food to me! I like what andie302 said about the open house… that’s really good perspective that I’ll have to keep in mind next time I host something. Good luck with all the prep!

    • A super easy no-bake cookie(ish) treat – crunch up a sleeve of saltine crackers and put them in a baking dish, melt 1 cup butter with 1 cup brown sugar and let gently boil a little. Pour over the crackers. Dump chocolate chips on top and spread them as they melt. Sprinkle with sprinkles if you like. Put in fridge or freezer and break into pieces when cold. There are a bunch of recipes for this online, but it is pretty flexible. Google saltine toffee.

    • I Dont Get It

      Great present for mom!

  • hammers

    rave: star wars
    rant: things that are not star wars. Need a vacation, but only have Friday and half day off Thursday.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: The best SNL in years (I know perhaps that is a low bar)!!! I’ve watched it twice already. Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Bruce Springsteen plus some amazing cameos.–what’s not to like! if you need to some free entertainment it looks like the full episode is on NBC.com now.

    Rant: I don’t have a squad.

  • Rave: Little Brother’s graduation went well. I’m so proud of him. And it made me realize how much I really need to go back and finish school. I’ve put this off for so long for absolutely stupid reasons. I want to walk, and get my degree.
    Rant: My sister lost her driver’s license on her flight in Saturday. Annoying on several levels. First, she has a tendency to lose things. She lost her debit card last week. When I visited her last year, she lost her car to go card, and debit card. I know she’s forgetful, and so and I. But the frequency of her losing important items is too high. And she gets super defensive when its pointed out she needs to be more careful. Second, replacing her license is turning out to be annoyingly difficult. She’s out of state until the beginning of next month. It could take up to six weeks for her new license from MN to arrive, or 2 weeks if she “expedites it”. SO unless someone finds her old ID, she is will have to use one of those paper id’s. Which she won’t be able to apply for until she gets back to MN next week. It’s ridiculous that there isn’t any way to apply for an emergency or temp ID while she is out of state.

    • Ugh, my sister has been like that her whole life and has only gotten better recently. Some of it is engineering out the problem, like installing an electronic lock on their front door so she doesn’t actually need the keys to get in. But the rest of it is just putting systems in place and committing to them. Does she have a good wallet that actually fits and organizes all of her stuff? All of my cards have a dedicated spot, so if one is missing it is immediately obvious. But, you can’t go stuffing your debit card in your pocket to put away later, that defeats the organizational system.
      Anyway, you can’t make her do anything. But if she’s receptive to ideas to solve the issue rather than criticism, maybe gift her something useful or offer tips. If not, handle your own stuff and when she has to get to the airport 4 hours early because she doesn’t have an ID, let her know she’s on her own and you’ll get there when you need to get there.

      • Part of the problem is she’ll just throw her cards into her purse loose, or even worse into her coat pocket. It take two seconds to properly stick them back into her wallet or the zippered part of her purse, and for some reason she won’t do that. And then loses her cards. However losing her ID this time around wasn’t fully her fault. She dropped it in the security line at the airport and they wouldn’t allow her to go back and look for it. Well I guess dropping it was her fault. But she realized pretty quickly it was gone. At that point her plane was about to board and it was either look for the ID or miss the plane. But most other times it’s due to her being unorganized.

        • I personally would never get one of these, but maybe she needs one of those phone case/wallet things. The card slots are readily accessible and she probably has her phone out a lot. Of course if she loses her phone or her phone gets stolen, then she’s out the credit cards and ID too.

  • Rave: Totally dead at work. Thought about taking the next couple of days off but decided to putz around the office instead since we don’t leave until Wednesday.
    Rave: We had an impromptu mini Christmas celebration last night to open a couple of presents so we don’t have to lug things across the country and back. My husband cooked a lovely dinner, we had our fireplace crackling, the tree was lit, and I even took out our rarely used crystal candlesticks for the occasion. It was lovely.
    Rave: The sadness and anxiety is still there at moments, though it doesn’t feel like I have a gray rain cloud above me wherever I go. It’s more a sadness of loss and longing, but there is blossoming hope where there wasn’t the past couple of weeks. I don’t know what our future holds, but we have each other and for that I am so grateful.

    • Oh! I love your raves and am so happy you’re finding some peace and beauty, your strength and resilience shines through this post. I am certainly wishing you and your husband comfort and joy!

    • I’m so happy that even while mourning your loss, you and your partner are able to turn to one another and find comfort.

  • Rave – Hosted an early Christmas dinner last night, one of rare occasions I have to cook for more than 2 people. Getting multiple dishes to be ready at the same time is hard! But I did ok. And I finally got to use my new serving dishes.
    Rant – Office is empty this week. Why am I even here.

  • Rant: Crazy weekend left me far from recharged and completely grumpy last night. Morning has been crazy so far, making me really wish I had done some sort of recharging this weekend.
    Rave: Visit to my parent’s was actually fairly decent with no political discussions whatsoever. Also, since there wasn’t enough room at the “adults” table for the boyfriend and I, we happily ate with the kids and I avoided any “that’s all you’re going to eat?” comments. My brother got them instead. My mom also apologized (say what?!?) for forgetting about my allergy and cooking so much food I couldn’t eat.
    Rave: Only 2 more days of work this week after today! I wish I could say that I was going to have a slow week, but in my lone of work we really don’t have slow weeks. Oh well, at least it makes the time go by faster!

    • So glad that the visit to your parent’s wasn’t a hellish nightmare!

    • I’m so glad my parents don’t skinny-shame me anymore (that was among my list of Thanksgiving anxieties), but that’s no guarantee that it won’t happen in the future. Now I do it to myself, and I’m still underweight.

      • It’s sort of “health-shaming” in my family. None of us are skinny. I’ve lost a fair amount of weight, but am still a size 8. My parents chose to keep a very unhealthy lifestyle, and I think my dad makes those sorts of comments as a way of distracting from that. I’m sorry for your experiences – I wish people (especially family!) would just leave that sort of thing out of conversations.

  • Rant: If I wanted 70° Christmas I’d move to LA.

  • Rave: Star Wars! It did not disappoint.
    Rave: I got a lot of rest this weekend, and I was able to spend a lot of time with friends.
    Rant: Work. Things are so slow. I’m trying to motivate myself to finish the few projects I have before Christmas vacation begins.

  • Rave: I’m so close to a short vacation I can almost taste it!
    Rant: Vacation is shorter than I would like (Tuesday night to Sunday afternoon)
    Rant: Had a terrible migraine this weekend that kept me from doing pretty much anything all day Saturday
    Rave: Felt better enough on Sunday to do some Christmas shopping for a couple hours.
    Rave: Long talks with my best friend.
    Rant/Rave?: Talked with my mom last night and my family maaaay be on the way to resolving some issues with my one brother. Kind of depends on how a meeting goes with my dad tomorrow. Hopefully things will start moving toward a more positive direction and he’ll be with us for Christmas. Finger’s crossed!

    • I hope things get worked out with the brother… is this an on-going issue or new this year?

      • oh it’s an ongoing issue. But my parents are tired of having him over and pretending everything is a-ok when it very obviously is not. So they’ve said that either things get talked over and start to move on a different track, or else he’ll need to find somewhere else to be a freeloader on Christmas.

        • Can they have him over but not pretend everything is OK?

          • It would make for a very miserable Christmas for everyone. I don’t know, we’ll see what happens, i guess.

          • Ahh. So it’s bad with the pretending but would be even worse with no pretending?
            Sorry to hear that. Sounds like it’s bad no matter how you slice it. 🙁

        • yeah, pretty much. Trying to adjust my expectations for Christmas this year, which is hard because I’m really looking forward to celebrating it with my nephew and enjoying things with a little one running around!

  • Rant: eval was “okay”, which in my mind is bad. Evaluator noticed I got stage fright which caused me to make lots of mistakes I wouldn’t have otherwise made and have a lower score.
    Revel: One more day til break and we get to have a party tomorrow afternoon!

  • Rave: Although I haven’t seen them in person yet, Morton Street Mews looks really nice. They really got them up quickly!
    Rave: Heading back to DC soon!

  • Rant: 2015 started out as the best year of my life and is ending as the worst to date. Everything we worked so hard to achieve this year is just blowing up in our faces. I just don’t even know what to do anymore.
    Rave: We have amazing friends, a roof over our heads, and enough money to both live and spoil our nephew. I shouldn’t complain since we have it pretty damn good.
    Rave: We’re forcing ourselves to get out of our funk by joining our friends for Christmas Eve dinner. We haven’t seen most of them since Halloween so it will do us some good.

    • Sending you hugs, RabbitRabbitRabbit, and hoping that time with your friends brings you some comfort.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I’ve had many years like that. I remember something my favorite bard, Ric Masten, said along the lines of – you could lop off the highs and lows and you’d still be alive. But you’d only be twitching 😉

    • I am so sorry you had to go through everything in 2015. I am hopeful that 2016 will bring you some good laughter, healing, and love. Knowing you have any reason to rave is a good thing – sending you love today and always!

    • I’m really hoping that you experience the absolute reverse going into 2016–that it brings the opportunity to be one of the best in your life and utterly unlike the end of 2015/beginning of 2016. I’ll keep sending positive thoughts your way and that you enjoy your time surrounded by friends at your Christmas Eve dinner.

  • Rant and Rave together: I spent this weekend in my hometown for a funeral. that’s the rant. The rave is that it was such a beautiful opportunity to remember our neighbor who stepped in when my dad walked out and really changed our lives. My dad left us in a house with barely any heat – only a wood burning stove in the kitchen. Tommy came in and spent months updating our house, putting in heat, getting donations, etc. We spent Saturday with his kids and reminisced about them basically living at our house during those times and how much fun we all had.
    Rave: Tommy’s funeral was just as quirky and irreverent as he was. How often do you hear Mustang Sally as one of the musical numbers? And how often does someone get a Baptist preacher to read a tribute to a friend that includes calling him a “butthole”? I only lost it when they played taps and my little brother stood at attention saluting our old friend/father figure/neighbor/savior.

  • Rave/Rant: Homeland and The Affair season finales.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: cannot concentrate on work
    Rave: leaving for vacation after work tomorrow!

  • Rave/Rant: I figured out what the problem was with the battery-powered LED Christmas lights I was using on my front porch, which has no electrical outlets. (The batteries lasted only about a week.) The sneakily written instructions say that with the lights on a flashing setting, the batteries are supposed to last 20-30 days. They don’t tell you that if the lights are on a solid setting, the batteries will last only a week.
    Rave: Decided to live dangerously and bought one of those adapters that turns a light socket into a 2-prong electrical outlet. I want some nice powerful incandescent Christmas lights, not these puny LED ones!
    Query for LittleBluePenguin: Do your LED window candles have a light sensor?

    • yup! and I figured out that they needed new batteries! I’m shocked at how fast they go through 4 AA batteries a piece – glad I bought a lot of them, cheap, on Amazon. Sheesh!

      • Hmm… maybe light-sensor battery-operated LED window candles are not the window-candle solution I’ve been looking for.

    • HaileUnlikely

      There are also some that work with a timer rather than a light sensor. I don’t have either (just not that festive I guess…), and I honestly don’t have any idea if either type is likely to be better or worse, but there are some out there that use timers.

      • The lights that drained the batteries did in fact have a timer — they were set to be on for 6 hours from when first turned on, off for 18 hours, and then back on again for 6 hours.
        They were pretty pathetic-looking (small, not super-bright) even when they were working properly. Oh well… lesson learned.

        • I probably didn’t explain the timer thing very well — I meant that they were apparently supposed to do the 6-hours-on, 18-hours-off thing indefinitely.

    • I Dont Get It

      I couldn’t find my lights I put on my porch last year. I have waaaaay to much Christmas stuff in the basement and didn’t feel like digging through it.

  • Rave: props to the cops. Was driving in Georgetown when I had to stop because a loose dog was on the sidewalk and looked like he was going to run into the street. He didn’t, so I drove through the intersection and grabbed the first parking spot to get out and get the dog. When I looked back, the police officer that had been behind me had placed his car to block both ways of traffic to get the dog and, luckily, the dog’s owner can up and got him. Thank you, MPD officer, for stopping to take care of the dog.

    Rant: pretty much everything else in my life

    Rave: I have an aqua intense who has noticed that I’m not ok. He’s really trying to help. Not much he can do, but just the fact that he’s there is so much appreciated.

  • Rave: Headed home tomorrow!
    Rave: Great weekend – got to attend the holiday party at my old job (since they’ve still been asking me for help on a few things), which was fun as always. There was an unexpected proposal! Aww. Then I saw a friend I haven’t seen in a few years. She’s great when we hang out, but kind of flighty and usually wants to go to places beyond my budget. It was really nice to catch up though, and afterwards she sent me a message telling me that she’s so happy my life and career are on the up and up, and I’ve become a really confident but genuine person. Awww…. That was so unexpected and it made my day. 🙂
    Rave: First ever Netflix marathon this weekend (I know, I know – I just never got around to getting Netflix until last month). Anthony Bourdain’s shows are so fun.

    • I Dont Get It

      Maybe I’m an old fuddy duddy but I think a proposal at an office party is inappropriate. Having said that though at a long ago Halloween party at work, people were allowed to bring guests. One guy showed up in a suit, with his girlfriend dressed as a bride and someone dressed as a minister. At one point they started a wedding ceremony which quickly became apparent was real–everyone was shocked an appalled. I remember his boss went into her office and closed her door for a long time!

      • They did it as part of a skit (they always have silly skits – it’s a Japanese thing) so it made sense for that, the way they did it was pretty cute. I think that at most work holiday parties it wouldn’t fly, I agree, but it worked with how my old org is. An impromptu wedding is definitely extremely weird!

        • I Dont Get It

          Got it…I forgot about the cultural difference.

          Yeah he was one of those IT weirdoes! I think I even have somewhere a picture of it.

  • Rant: watched the debates this weekend, and they brought up James Foley. For me, that brought up a lot of feelings about the friend of mine from high school who was kidnapped and beheaded by ISIS.

    Rave: I have wonderful, supportive friends who were there for me when I got sad during that, and let me say as much or as little as I wanted about it.

    Rave: Wonderful Christmas party last Friday which started delightfully classy with fancy cocktails and cookie decorating and ended with strange living room dancing and a Disney singalong.

    Rant: I keep not finding the time to call my friends in West Africa – whenever I have the time and remember to call them, it’s not a good hour there. Need to make this more of a priority and actually put it on my calendar in the morning, especially when I call for the holidays.

    Rave: Star Wars tonight!

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