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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • RANT: Is it really acceptable to carry on an audible facetime chat at a restaurant, say Room 11 last night?
    RAVE: Friday before the holiday week!!!

    • Lovely, like the woman on my bus home last night who was loudly discussing her colonoscopy on her cell phone. Even with my headphones in, I couldn’t pay attention to Serial and had to crank the music.

    • Ugh on your rant. That’s obnoxious. I try to not Facetime in public settings. Especially not in a restaurant.

  • Rant? Recognizing that I’m not her target audience , I nonetheless picked up Taylor Swift’s “1989” — I mean, if I can love Bruno Mars, why not Taylor? — and I’m not sure I’m feeling the genius. A lot of good hooks, but it feels kind of generically synthesized, auto-tuned and heavily produced. What am I missing? Or should I just look past they hype and be happy with a catchy bit of pop.

  • Observation: My Mom died three years ago, in early December. A close friend’s Mom died two years ago, in early December; the Mother of someone I grew up with died a few weeks ago, in early December. Somehow, between the gratitude of Thanksgiving and the celebration of Light, life — or at least my life — gets a little wonky.
    Rant: Several times this week, I’ve seen cars honking angrily at the cars in front of them — because the cars in front of them have stopped to allow pedestrians in the crosswalk to legally and safely cross the street. I’m grinch-ily attributing this phenomenon to legions of relocated salutatorians who haven’t gotten over themselves.
    Rant: Entitlement and arrogance seem to be increasing, neighborliness seems to be decreasing. This is So NOT what I expected “progress” to feel like.
    Rant: I got up early, clutching a coupon, to try my first McGriddle. Now I know. Back to Whole Foods. And oatmeal.
    Rave: I totally enjoy being an extra auntie. I just bought a necklace designed to be chewed. If the adorable kid likes it, I’ll donate it to her Mom for the cause.
    Rave: Doing corny Christmas things. Delight is wonderfully contagious.

  • Rave: Last night, driving down 14th, littlest Anonachild reflected that everyone walking passed looked gloomy, so he rolled his window down and started saying hi and waving to people on the street, then continued to say hi to random people when we were at DCUSA just because. He’s a sweetie.
    Not a rant, more of an lol: But then, he plugged his ears up when we were walking passed the girl singing in front of DCUSA. She immediately stopped singing. I felt bad because it’s not like he disliked her singing, it’s just that he has issues with loud noises… oops.
    Rave: I love my kids. As much as they drive me nuts sometimes, they really are some awesome little human beings.

  • Rant: Spent most of last night’s holiday party taking care of one of my co-workers who got so sick she was throwing up all over everything. The bar called EMS, it took a lot of us to get her out of the bar and she was a mess. (Medication she takes reacted very badly with the small amount of alcohol she’d had — it was not a pretty sight and I feel awful for her). I also don’t know that the bar will ever let us come back there. :/

    Rant: I’m supposed to be off all day today. I’m at work right now. Hoping to leave in a couple of hours.

    Rant: So I started using this cleaning service, Handy, because I had received a voucher for a free cleaning. I’ve had two bookings with them and so far, so good (monthly cleanings) and they’re less expensive by far than the service I usually use. I scheduled one to come today as my Mom arrives this weekend, and she texted me this morning to ask me if I could “lock my cat up in a cage” while she’s there cleaning because she is highly allergic to animals. It says right in my profile that I have a cat, so why did she book the cleaning? Also: no. I will NOT “lock my cat up in a cage” as I am not home at all. So I had to reschedule the cleaning for tomorrow morning (which is still fine, in the scheme of things) but that isn’t the point. I’ll obviously still use them tomorrow, but I don’t know if I should continue to use this service or not.

    Just: GRRR. I am feeling very grinchy.

    • Your first Rant is horrifying. Is your coworker ok? I’m sure if you send an email today explaining the situation the bar will be understanding. When I worked in hospitality we had a few instances where customers experienced medical emergencies. I remember a time when a customer had a stroke in one of our private dining rooms. I would follow up with the bar and let them know your coworker is ok.

      • I second this, when I used to work in a bar I was always so worried about these situations. I’m sure if nothing else they would be relieved to hear that she’s ok and that they weren’t at fault.

      • I am pretty sure she is very hungover and incredibly embarrassed, even though we repeatedly said that we love her, it’s okay, we’ve been there (but honestly I’ve never seen anything quite that bad, and I’ve been been around drunk people over the years) and we support her no matter what.

        She definitely should have known that the medication would mix with alcohol. Hopefully this is a valuable lesson for her.

        Hope I get to go home soon, too. My heart goes out to her.

    • I’m sure she is far from the first or last person to puke in the place. I really hope she’s ok, and not too mortified by the whole thing!!

    • I think someone had a Rant here a few weeks ago about having booked someone from Handy who didn’t do the job and (IIRC) stole some stuff of theirs.

    • Yikes! That’s awful and scary (and honestly, unless this was a new medication, your co-worker should have known better, but I’m glad she’s ok and hope she feels better) Hope you’re able to go home soon!

      • HaileUnlikely

        RE: “should have known better,” it may well have been her first time *drinking* while on the medication, even if it was not her first time using the medication at all. I think it’s fair to say that a lot of us have learned over time that many medications’ alcohol warnings are virtually meaningless. All antihistamines except possibly Claritin say not to drink after using them, yet lots of people take antihistamines like Zyrtec daily, drink occasionally, and encounter mild effects or no effects beyond that of the alcohol alone.

    • I hope your coworker is feeling better! How awful.

    • On the cleaner: I think it doesn’t hurt to ask, as long as you like/ trust her otherwise. You say no, and that might be that. If it’s a good-sized service, maybe call their office and remind them about the cat and say that anyone coming to your house has to be aware of it and ok with it. I don’t think it needs to be a deal-breaker.

    • Oh no, your poor coworker! I’m sure she’s probably mortified even though she didn’t have much control over the situation and actually didn’t drink a lot. This happened to me in grad school, I was taking a prescription that I had taken tons of times over my lifetime so it’s not like I was avidly reading the side effects or the avoidance stickers they put on the bottle. I’m not a heavy drinker by any means but a couple beers later I was practically on the floor and couldn’t even walk straight! I put myself in a cab and was so ill once I got home. Learned my lesson to pay attention when drinking and taking medicine! You are a good person for taking good care of her.

      I hope you are able to leave work soon!!

  • Rant: after 2am (give or take), baby’s sleep has gotten progressively worse in the last week. Last night, he was crying roughly every hour. Not hungry, just wanted to be held. Presumably uncomfortable, but I can’t figure out how. Next checkup isn’t for another 11 days. Argh.
    Rave: visiting friends to decorate their tree for Christmas. We haven’t seen them in ages & I miss them! Will be so great to catch up.
    Rave: Brought baby to the office to visit for lunch & show him off–he was an absolute charmer. I swear, babies are often on their best behavior out and about. I guess because of all of the new things to look at?
    Fingers crossed for a nap that I can nap during today!

    • mtp, I’ve been on and off here and missed the chance to congratulate you on the new little one! Congratulations, hope the four (!!) of you are doing well!

    • Sorry about the late nights/early mornings! Could it be gas? My boys were very sensitive to the things I ate and would get especially gassy when I ate certain things. Weird how that works.

      • Definitely something I’m wondering, but so hard to pinpoint the culprit! Any tips for doing so?

        • The best thing, but unfortunately the most time consuming, is to eliminate certain foods from your diet and see how it goes. Milk is generally the most likely culprit, so try no milk, cheese, or yogurt for two days and see if it helps. Or, think about what you ate over the last few days and see if there is anything you added. Spicey foods can also affect some kids, as can too much caffeine. It may help to keep a little food diary for yourself and keep track of his wake up times. Also, keeping track of bowel movements can help a lot. Breast fed babies should have lots of BMs, so if he has fewer, it could be that he’s a little constipated or has a gas bubble. Tummy massage helps A LOT with this.

    • Have you tried gripe water? Ginger is a natural remedy for tummy troubles, and plus, it tastes sweet. Giving a little gripe water might settle him down without falling into the trap of acting as a human pacifier.
      He’s a couple months now? Very normal for him to start to be more aware of his own likes and dislikes, and to dislike being alone when there’s a warm mama around somewhere.

      • gripe water worked for my son but only for things like hiccups. the gas drops were a lifesaver for my us. Whether it was the actual medicine or the act of disrupting the cry with the drops, they helped tremendously.
        I was a human pacifier. It made my life miserable for….10 months. However, I think there are some kids that are just like that. A lot of it, for mine, was he never efficiently nursed so he was probably legitimately hungry. But I think the comfort nursing thing, all the ways to avoid it, only work on some kids. I tried like heck to introduce a paci…nope. So my ass was glued to the glider for months and months and it made recovery even harder. Sorry, mtpresident!!! sending hugs.

        • How quickly does the gripe water kick in? Should I try at bedtime or in the middle of the night if the issue isn’t until 5-6 hours after initially going to bed? Thanks!
          What type of gas drops did you use, J?
          Anonamom–I’m not sure my diet has changed in the last week or two but I’ll try the food & sleep diary if it continues for a bit.
          Thanks, all, for the suggestions!

          • I used to give it when the babies were angry/ uncomfortable, but not in need of actual services (feeding, diapering.) So, in the middle of the night, in your case. Sometimes they sort of forgot what they were crying about and settled back down.
            I also just brought them into bed with me after that first wee-hours wake-up. Co-sleeping resulting in the most/ best sleep for everyone. But I assume you’ve already been down that road and have your own thoughts!

          • +1000 to co-sleeping! It’s the only way I survived the first year as a working mom.

  • PoPville PSA: DC Impact class on Jan 30th (also in March and May) at Bancroft
    “Learn verbal tactics to keep yourself safe in situations of imminent violence or boundary violations- whether with friends, acquaintances or family. Learn (or review if you are a grad) basic physical techniques to use if verbal tactics are not enough.”

  • Rave: I finally talked with the other Mrs. Rabbit about my potential return to school. She agreed that it was a crazy idea but reminded me that some of the best things happen as a result of crazy idea… including our relationship.
    Rave: We’re going to invite one of our friends who is in her final semester in the ASN program at NVCC over so I can pick her brain.
    Rant: This weather is making it really hard to get into the holiday spirit. It reminds me of my childhood in Miami but without the cute lighted palm trees and promise of Christmas morning on a beach.
    Rave: Shortbread dough is chilling in the fridge. I foresee some delightful cutout cookies today.

    • I’m glad she responded well!! If I may offer a recommendation, most ASN courses are quite competitive to get on to, and require that you take all the pre-reqs before being able to apply/start the actual nursing portion of the course. It would really be worth looking into what you need and talking to an advisor sooner rather than later. There are a lot of great community college options around for ASN. Good luck πŸ™‚ This is also something I would love to do one day.

    • I love Mrs. Rabbit’s attitude! I hope you get some good informationi from your friend. A good friend of mine took all the pre-requisites and just started nursing school this week. It is a big career transition for her, but seems to be working out ok for her and her family. Best of luck to you!

    • I’m glad Mrs. Rabbit is on board and I like her attitude.
      I don’t want to be a joy killer, but really just offer a different view point. My mom is a life long nurse, became a BSRN when I was a kid, and has worked in a hospital setting the whole time. She’s now 62 and has no choice but to work 3 twelve hour days per week. And the 12 hr is a joke because no matter her schedule she’s never gotten out on time, but now she rarely gets OT because there’s a 4 hour gap between her schedule and the threshold. She works major holidays every other year, at our house Santa came after dinner every other Christmas, she has to book all of her days off at least 3 months in advance, she never sits down, and rarely eats her whole lunch. She hasn’t had a problem with either of these two things, but they are issues in nursing: injuries from lifting patients and abuse from patients. She has had to confront patients about them smuggling in and taking meds they weren’t prescribed.
      She lives in CT and I don’t know what the market is like for nursing jobs here, but my understanding is that the competition to get into office jobs with regular hours is high. So, I think that talking to someone in the program is a great idea, but you also might want to talk to a few people who are nurses in the area or see what the job listings look like. It can be a very stressful, but also very rewarding job.
      But I also work with a nurse who’s been out of the treatment setting for 30+ years and loves her very different job, but still gets to impact patients in a much broader way.
      Good luck no matter what you decide!

      • I think you bring up some great points, jeslett. Nursing definitely is not all happiness an light! It’s hard work. However, if I may counter a little bit. First off, nursing jobs are hugely plentiful in the MD/DC/VA regions. We have a huge concentration of hospitals, clinics, doctors offices, nursing homes – everything. In my 10+ year career in healthcare, I have never known a nurse to be out of work who actually wanted to work, even (sadly) nurses who were terminated for cause. There is a great need here. Not every facility does the three-12 thing, though that is the most common shift in hospitals. To be perfectly honest, I personally see three-12s to be more beneficial than a normal 9-5, as do most of the people I know who work that sort of schedule. So while some people look at it and think “ew” others view it as a major benefit.
        As far as injuries go, yes, they absolutely do happen. In my time as a nursing assistant, I honestly can’t tell you the number of times I was hit, scratched, or bitten. I was also inappropriately touched by a patient, and had a trip/fall while pregnant that led to a brief hospital stay. Lifting patients is becoming less and less dangerous as new technologies are developed for lifting/assisting with the lifting of patients, and as more hospitals go to a “no lift” policy. To be perfectly honest, these are fairly standard hazards of the job. Most healthcare providers I know deal with these things as they come.
        Working in healthcare, especially as a direct care provider (whether it be a nurse, doctor, nursing/medical assistant) or in any shape or form (admin people, food service workers, maintenance), is very different to working in private industry. There are people who really love it, and there are people who really hate it. Personally, having done various jobs over the last 10+ years, I absolutely love it. I tried a different industry for 6 months and absolutely hated it. It’s sort of a “to each their own” kind of thing.

        • Anonamom, I completely agree and thanks for providing info on the local job market. It definitely is to each their own and everyone has different preferences for their work environments. I give huge points to anyone willing to branch out to find their place.
          I do agree that there are benefits to 3/12s. It’s just that you do have to think about the toll it make take 20-30 years from now, but then again that’s only if you’re in a hospital.
          I think a lot of people don’t necessarily understand the physical hazards, which some will deal with better than others.

          • I totally agree with your last point. There definitely are people who go into nursing and don’t realize the hazards until they are knee-deep in them. They tend not to last very long!

      • I also grew up with a RN mother (she was in neonatal intensive care) and most of my aunts were in the field too. My mother worked the 7p – 7a shift when I was a kid/teenager, so I remember the frustration of not having her around. It’s my one big fear with this career change because I had been planning on being a stay at home mom for a couple of years once we had kids. I have a feeling that this will change our plans. One of the other things that I have to find out about any program I enter is whether there is a required timeline (I believe my graduate program required students to complete the degree within 5 years of admission). We’re still hoping to try again for another child in the next year, so I may need to take time off in the middle of the program. Regardless, I still think this will be one of my long-term goals.

        • RRR, I forgot that you said your family is in nursing, so it seems we’re on the same page and I’m telling you stuff you already know.
          When I was a kid my my worked what she called baylor shift, though I’ve never heard anyone else use that term. It was Sat and Sun 7-7, then she was home all week. It made for some really memorable times with my dad and other family members when he had to work Saturdays. He wasn’t good at braiding hair, I remember that being my biggest annoyance πŸ˜‰

          • It’s been such a long time since I heard “baylor shift’! Baylor has a lot of benefits, although it varies from place to place. I tried to get on the program (it always had a wait list), and where I worked it was 3p-7a, two days on the weekend, so either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. You worked 36 hours and got paid for 40. For some folks, it was perfect for raising kids (no daycare during the week if your spouse works a regular 9-5, for people like me, it’s a lot easier to find weekend childcare with friends and relatives versus weekdays). Now, there’s no way in hell I’d give up every single weekend lol.

        • My law school had that same req., but medical was the exception. Even if your preferred program does, I’d talk to a dean and see if your situation qualifies for a modification in policy.

    • We talked this morning about possibly scheduling an appointment with an advisor in the department after the new year. I was wondering if I might be able to bypass some of the pre-reqs since I earned a Masters of Public Health degree a few years ago. I’m actually surprised that she is being so agreeable to it but I also pointed out that the field I have been in is not very transferable outside of the DC area (and I don’t know if we would want to stay in this area forever).

      • The most common pre-reqs are the normal gen eds (which I’m sure you have) Anatomy & Physiology I, II (lecture and lab), some sort of biochem or organic chem, and sometimes they throw in a pre-nursing type thing. It’s worth “shopping around” to see where you would have to take the least amount of credits. Also, it may be worth looking into one of the “bridge” type programs that would actually give you a BSN. Mason I think has one? Or perhaps it’s JMU?

        • That is one thing that I was seriously debating. I’m still not sure about the ASN vs BSN thing. I think it probably makes more sense for me to get a BSN in the long run.

          • FWIW, if/when I manage to go back, the courses I have looked into are ASN to BSN accelerated programs. With those, you do your ASN plus extra course and have guaranteed transfer to a 4-year college to complete your BSN at an accelerated rate. BSNs are generally more respected than ASNs, especially in academic hospitals. There are more career opportunities as well.

      • RRR – I have my MPH too but part of me still wonders about going to nursing … I’d be interested to hear what you think once you learn more about the program!

        My mom was a nurse (and her mom was too) and my dad was a firefighter, so I never had parents that worked “normal” 9 to 5 jobs and it was fine for us kids, just different. Eventually my mom got a job at an assisted living facility that allowed her to work a more normal schedule. There’s something to be said about seeing your parents do work they enjoy and do work that helps others. It’s one of the reasons why I went into the public health field.

    • I totally agree that some of the best things happen as the result of a crazy idea. Nothing wrong with exploring your options! I wish you luck–I always love the sense of excitement that results in following your heart as opposed to your more rational side. I ended up in a career I love (most of the time…haha) because of this.
      Also, shortbread! Is there anything more delicious than a simple butter shortbread? Hope it turns out well and that you have some fun cookie cutters. I also very much enjoy using shortbread to make jam thumbprint cookies and then rolling them in coconut so the the coconut gets toasted and slightly nutty.

  • Rant: Did not sleep well last night.
    Rave: It is Friday: lovely weekend plans with friends (including Star Wars!) and then some much needed couch time.
    Rave: In the face of a lot of loss all around me, I am counting my blessings this holiday season.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Holiday card from Emily.
    Rant: This has been an ungodly long week. I’m feeling really tired and worn down.

  • Rant: Pepco’s atrocious customer service. My power was out all day yesterday. Not only was I up til 12:30 in the morning dealing with it, but I had rude emergency service agent. Who hung up on me after I repeatedly asked to speak to a supervisor. Not before smugly telling me “He wasn’t customer service.” I was ready to come through the phone and strangle him. Pepco just got an angry email from me.

    Rant: I have so much cleaning to do. My goal is to have my room completely organized before the start of the new year. I still haven’t figured out how to store all my stuff. I need to use the tips I learned at the organizing class this summer!

    • Oh my god I’m in the same boat with your second rant! I just can’t get it together, and I desperately want to start the new year off organized, or at least clean! It is driving me nuts! I feel like I need an entire weekend – and someone else’s help – in order to pull it off! Sorry on your first rant, that is just awful!

      • Allison

        Might I plug here the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo? She talks about how everything we’ve learned about cleaning and organizing is wrong, and why her method is right. She’s Japanese (the book is translated) so not all of it is relevant to the American audience, but it certainly is interesting. Husband and I jumped on the bandwagon several weeks ago, bought the book, and “Kondoed” our house. It’s awesome.

        • Allison

          (If you don’t want to read the book, just google “KonMari method,” but I think I got a lot out of reading her philosophy and understanding the “why” behind the method.)

        • I feel Debbie Downer-ish saying this, but… I read the book a while back and I just don’t buy the KonMari method, unless maybe you attack only very small sections of your closet/apartment/whatever at a time.
          It relies too much (IMO) on one big grand clean-out. Depending on how much stuff you’re dealing with, one grand clean-out might not be feasible. And I am skeptical of Marie Kondo’s claims that none of her clients ever relapsed into subsequent accumulation or disorganization.

          • Allison

            Agreed that it wasn’t possible for us to do it all in one fell swoop. It took us one day per weekend for four weekends (an option she provides in the book) and we’re about 90% done now. The clothes took one day, books another day, documents and office supplies another day, and everything else was the fourth day. We still have not tackled certain kitchen items and haven’t done memorabilia yet.
            She’s crazy for sure, but overall, so far the results have been great for us! I was able to put my cleaning supplies on a shelf in the closet instead of them languishing in a giant tupperware where they were in the way of everything. I can get things out and put things back easier, and because everything has a place, nothing really gets left out, meaning no messes get made, and hence her claims of no relapse. (You’re right that she can’t have a 100% success rate though…)

          • Totally agree, textdoc – I got a quarter-way into the book and nearly had a panic attack. I simply do not have the time – or energy – to do what she is suggesting is the ONLY workable approach. I just can’t do it. πŸ™ And yes, i agree, I bet you a million bucks that at least one of her clients HAS relapsed!

        • That’s the method I learned at the Organizing Your Life class this summer. I agree with most of the philosophy. I like the idea of keeping things that bring you joy. And the whole dumping all your items into piles and organizing from there. I think my major issue is I don’t know where to put things. My bed is on a riser, and I have a book case, dresser, tiny closet, desk and rack thing. I need either a bigger dresser or a wardrobe or something.

          • Allison

            I had that hang-up initially too (no pun intended?) but I think if you completely let go of the question “where am I going to store everything I end up keeping?” until *after* you’ve gotten rid of everything, you’ll find that you use your storage space more creatively and effectively. If you keep thinking of certain places as “that’s the place where I store X’s, and after I get rid of my excessive X’s, I will put the X’s I keep back in that place, but have no where to put my Y’s” then you’re stifling the potential of your storage spaces.

          • Yes this! I was about to buy a new dresser or wardrobe before going through my clothes. Afterwards, it turns out I didn’t really have a ton of stuff that was worth keeping. So glad I didn’t invest in furniture. Sort through your stuff first, THEN see what you need. You may end up getting rid of one or more of the things listed above!

    • I’m not sure what sort of stuff you’re storing, but I got an ikea bed with 4 huge drawers. It’s been a lifesaver in my tiny studio.
      Also taskrabbit may be a good one if you guys really need an extra set of hands to get it going.

  • Rant: Still sick. Missed the office holiday “party,” which turned out to be lunch and tickets to a matinee of “A Christmas Carol” at Ford’s Theater
    Revel: on my sick day, I managed to get a two hour nap and a four hour nap in, then went to bed at 8:30pm, so I’m feeling much better today!
    Revel: Friends are hosting a cookie decorating and holiday cocktail party this evening!
    Rant: I will have to stay away from the food in the interest of not getting others sick.

  • rave: it’s friday
    rant: I should have stayed home. I feel awful.
    rant: may need a new brand of deodorant. lately, I seem to be having odor issues even though I use deodorant.
    rave: related to the rant above, I have honest friends. I appreciate honesty rather than going behind my back and not saying something.

  • Shawess–I saw your news yesterday. Ugh, but I’m glad you and the babies are safe. Sending love, hugs, and best wishes for staying comfortable and entertained in the coming weeks.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: working extra hours all week so I can have vacation has left me exhausted.
    Rave: Plan to sleep late and be lazy all weekend.
    Rave: after today, only 2 more work days until vacation!

  • Rant: Massive headache, I suspect from the rapid shift in weather fronts. I just want to go home and go to bed!
    Rave: Friday! This week has been long and crazy. So happy to just relax, get some things done, and enjoy some time with various friends
    Rant: Work is overwhelming me right now. Big time.
    Rave: Less than five days til I’m off for Christmas with my family!

  • Rant: got formally observed yesterday when there was no internet so I had to drastically alter my lesson plans, the timing of assembly was switched last minute, and I wasnt able to have my coaching session due to the switch.

    Question: is it bad form to regift a gift card?

    • I don’t think it’s bad form as long as a) it’s not being regifted to the same group of people (i.e. it would be bad to regift from one coworker to another, but not from a coworker to a family member), and b) the expiration date is long enough away.

  • Rave: Friday. Almost vacation, three more work days after today.
    Rant: some times my mom drives me nuts. My sister rarely answers the phone, so my mom calls me and asks me all these questions about my sister, like I know the answers. I try to set boundaries on this, but she’s slow to pick up on them. Today she called me to ask about what my sister wants for Christmas. She never wants anything! How do I know what she wants?
    Rave: I think this time I’m actually done Christmas shopping.
    Rant: who knew cheese of the month clubs were so expensive.
    Rant: ever since my flight back from Iceland, where I think I slept upright in a really uncomfortable position, I’ve been clenching my teeth and suctioning my mouth shut so much I’ve been getting headaches and neck pain. I just want it to stop.

  • Rave: Went to see Star Wars last night! It was great!
    Rant: The guy in front of us who was snoring REALLY loudly through a lot of the movie.
    Rave: Headed to Tokyo tomorrow!! So excited!
    Rant: Haven’t even started packing.

  • Seeing Star Wars at 7:10 in Chinatown tomorrow. What time should I get in line to get an ok seat? 5?

  • Rave: university is closed for a week
    Rant: I don’t know what to do with my time! Kid is home, too, so it’s not like its a “vacation” but it’s so weird to not need vacation days in order to stay home.
    Rant: why are cranberry bliss bars so good. i think I just can’t enter a starbucks for a few more weeks. they’re so freakin’ good.

    • I keep forgetting to send you those soup recipes… I’m setting a reminder in my phone to write them down!

      • haha it’s ok – I actually saw a beautiful book on soup at the bookstore today – Soup for Syria – raising money for Syrian refugees with the comfort of soup. It was full of very easy recipes. But I don’t need another cook book!!

        • I totally understand. I have so many beautiful cookbooks and I hardly ever use them. I’m more likely to go online. I hope one day when we buy a home that I can display them in some way and then be more likely to glance at them while working in the kitchen. Right now they are just in a cupboard!

  • Rant: Follow-up bloodwork today at my doctor’s office. Had to spend 30 minutes in the waiting room with pregnant women and their partners who were coming back from their sonograms and were subsequently oohing and ahhing over all their pictures in the waiting room. The whole sonogram experience will always leave me with some amount of PTSD and then witnessing this put me really on edge. Thank goodness my husband came with me, he is a total champ. Also, we vowed that if we ever get pregnant again, we will not wave our pictures around in the waiting room. I don’t blame people AT ALL who do this, but knowing how it made me feel, I’ll keep the moment private and between us.
    Rave: The lab tech who took my blood. I was visibly upset and she was the one to do my labwork last time and remembered. She had many kind words to say and positive vibes. She was really sweet and made me feel better and hopeful.
    Rave: Friday. Holiday party!
    Rave: Because of my bad mood, I allowed myself a mocha this morning–something I usually never indulge in. Mmmmmm…. mocha. Definitely helped me perk up.
    Happy weekend all!

    • Ugh, sounds like a trying morning. I hope the rest of the day goes more smoothly, and I’m glad you’re hanging in there.

  • Bear

    Rave: Just found out about DC’s proposed paid family leave legislation. As someone who will be trying to have kids in the near future, this is really heartening to see. Here’s to hoping it passes…
    Rant: Jet lag. I have been SO unproductive this week, all I want to do is crawl under my desk and take a nap, but I have lots to do.

  • Rant: Need to stop crushing on friend who is not available (has a girlfriend) and doesn’t even live in D.C. (but is here frequently for work). Why am I putting myself through this angst??

    • You are not alone!! I’ve had a crush on someone inappropriate for months and months now — I actually thought I was over it and then had a dream about them last night… The brain is a weird, weird place and we can’t control it — we can just control what we do. It would be way easier if the brain would just get in line though!

      • I guess it’s OK as long as I don’t actually act on it… but the bad thing is that I’m starting to think about acting on it. (Though there’s a big gulf between thinking about acting on it and actually doing so, especially with me.) And I’m starting to think — though maybe I’m deluding myself — that the other party might be receptive.

        • Best medicine for this is to think about consequences, I think. So you’re crushing on this person a lot, which means you like them a lot. Hypothetically, you want a relationship with them. Let’s say they are receptive right now, and you do some dirty deeds. One thing I’ve learned over time is the importance of beginnings… what happens at the start stays with you through the relationship. What kind of beginning is it to be with this person when they’re with someone else? It’s over before it had a chance to begin.

          Now, if by act on it you mean express your feelings, that’s a little better — but not by a lot. The person could leave their girlfriend, but they’d be doing it for you instead of for reasons inherent in the relationship itself… again a bad beginning.

          • Thanks; this helps. I think what I might do is try online dating (for distraction, if nothing else), and possibly telling the other party “This is how I feel, but since you’re taken and it’s thus inappropriate, I think I shouldn’t see you for a while.”

    • I suggest a friend “cold shower” I.e. Not being as available when they’re in town to give yourself some time to chill out.

    • Keep in mind that even if you acted on it, even if he was looking for more and even if you had wild times every every visit, you’re pretty much doomed by the girlfriend’s home court advantage. As a romantic cynic, if the roles were reversed –if they had the LD relationship and you were the homegirl — I’d say all’s fair in love and war, but you are facing very long odds with this one.

      • Thanks; this is good for me to remember. (And I don’ t want to be someone’s bit on the side anyway — I’d want him all to myself.)

  • Rant/Rave??? The article in the Washington Post today entitled “What People Who Live Near Metro Stops Increasingly Have in Common” that had this gem about 2/3 of the way into it:
    “That suggests that the neighborhood around the metro stop in Clarendon, for example, has more in common demographically with Dupont Circle inside the District than with many other parts of Arlington. Likewise, the people you’ll see heading to work near the Eastern Market metro stop in the city increasingly look more like workers near suburban Braddock Road than people in neighborhoods nearby in the District not well-served by rail at all.”
    SHOTS FIRED. This cracked me up just picturing the kinds of responses it would get here. So, I had to post.

    • Is that supposed to be controversial? Makes sense to me. I actually lived in Arlington for four years near Court House metro. The way I see it is a lot of people who used to live in the suburbs like Clarendon or Braddock road are moving into the city.

      • It’s not to me, because I do live in Arlington and agree wholeheartedly. Just based on the previous discussions on here about how DC residents are soooooo different from those who live across the river…it’s so contrary to the usual arguments of “well if you don’t like the crime/garbage/police issues/etc you should go live in Arlington and see how you like it!”

  • Rant: A bit down. Knowing that I’m going to be on my own for Christmas doesn’t help.
    Rave: Snuggly kittycat.

    • Sorry to hear this! Winter makes me down in general and while the milder weather has seemed to help some, I’ve still been going in spurts. Enjoy the kittycat snuggles and the time away from work!

    • anonymouse_dianne

      should we do a popville orphans at Christmas? I won’t have the usual folks to hang with either.

      • That would be nice! I was e-mailing Pablo the other day, since he and I kind of organized the one last year (a movie followed by dinner at a Chinese place… or maybe it was the other way around?), but I never heard back.

  • Rant: Doing stuff I know better than to do. Texted someone for weeks before meeting them (because they were out of town/sick), so now that I have met them, there’s a question in my mind of whether the prolonged lead-up was engineered… I hate feeling manipulated, so I feel extra mistrustful and can’t tell whether it’s valid or not.
    Rave: Star Wars this weekend!

    • My BF and I texted for two or three weeks before going on our first date. This was due to scheduling and nerves. There was nothing nefarious about it at all. It was just a delayed meeting. Then again, if the person you met was doing the “I look nothing like my pictures because they are really from 10 years ago, let me get him/her to like me so he/she won’t care” kinda thing, that might bug me a little.

      • +1000 to this. The same thing happened with me. But if the person turned out to be different in some obvious way (or had lied about being out of town or something) then I would run away pretty quickly…

      • I suspect it had elements of the former — person looked basically like the pictures, but definitely heavier. I think it annoys me especially because I did find them attractive… if their pictures had looked more like them, I still would have wanted to see them.

        • If it’s just a minor annoyance, then let it go. People are just trying to put their best selves forward and a lot of times, it’s an innocent flub. I mean, SO many people do it. Guys, girls, everyone it seems!

        • All the times someone had bad photos I wasn’t attracted to the real person. If you enjoyed the company and chatting, I’d probably give it a shot, and if not, I’d most likely mention it. Like you’re cute, you should put up a recent pic.

        • I’d argue that insecurity about looks is a pretty common and minor sin. Look at it the other way they were so impressed by you they were nervous about getting your approval!

  • albany

    RANT: micromanager coward boss turns tattle tale.
    RAVE: It’s mother#@!$ing Friday!

  • Rant: Everyone and everything is irritating me today and I don’t know how this started since it’s Friday except for the fact that I woke up this morning and realized I ran out of all breakfast food except oatmeal, which proceeded to explode all over my microwave.
    Rave: It’s Friday, and at 5pm I will be on vacation for the next week.
    Rant: Need to make it through the next five hours. I need more coffee. But at least I have some lunch (if I could eat it without being interrupted every 5 minutes since I sat down with it).

  • That One Guy

    If I owned green pants I would have dressed in all green and acted my most grinchy. Not as a joke but for real. So grumpy.

  • RANT: Two cars that parallel park on opposite sides of narrow two ways streets, just next to each other, blocking the road. (If one would pull up just a bit, road would be passable). This happens sooo often in D.C. and always around the holidays. People dropping off gifts, picking up elderly relatives, etc. But always doing it riiiiight next to each other :^0

    • Parallel park or double park?

      • Yes, double-park! :^) That’s what I mean. Thanks.

        • Those people should be beaten with a stick. also the ones that double park on side streets when there’s an alley/driveway/fireplug/miscellaneous gap that they could pull into — not even park, just get half-way out of the road — 6 feet from where they;re blocking traffic.

  • That One Guy

    Next year, maybe we can organize a little Secret Santa HH style. HH in November for those who want to participate and then a quick gift exchange thing in December.

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