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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: One week until I head south!
    Rave: Last night’s holiday get-together was fun, even if I did have to drive up and down Rockville Pike to fetch the present I’d forgotten.
    Rave: Lunch with a dear friend today.
    Rave: The crazy cat lady game on my phone. I love you, Tubbs and Conductor Whiskers!
    Rant: WAMU pledge week again? Didn’t they just have one?

  • RAVE!!! Pharma-bro, Martin Shkreli, arrested on security fraud charges.

  • Bear

    Rave: The house is decorated, gifts are taken care of for the most part, and I have only a little travel planned over the next couple of months. I’m ready to kick back and enjoy the holidays.
    Rant: After being at the same company for many years, it is a little hard to get used to a different workplace, especially when the systems/culture are vastly different. The job is good, but it’s quite an adjustment!
    Rant: I have a bunch of hotel points for a very nice chain in Africa that has a bunch of safari lodges. I don’t think we’re going to be able to afford to take advantage of them before the points expire. I’m trying to get my parents to take them and go on safari but my dad hates flying. It’s too bad, I think that he’d really enjoy it once he got there!

  • Rave: that old-timey postcard – and just the fact that a new chapter of Star Wars is upon us. yes, I am a huge nerd.
    Rave/Rant: Buying Christmas gifts for kids – holy crap how did I not realize that kid’s toys are so expensive?! And they’re only going to play with it for a couple months, most likely. Grr. But, I’m grateful that I have a little bit of money that I can use to buy presents for my nephews, and it makes me want to go buy an extra little something to donate to a family in need.
    Rant: After a stressful day at work and a stressful search in Target, I got down to the Metro station to discover that NONE of the machines were taking cards, and I had no cash on me.
    RAVE: Luckily, an extremely kind stranger saw my dilemma and handed me a $5 bill. I was so happy to not have to turn around with all my bags and go find an atm, I almost cried. She totally didn’t have to do that but she did and it helped restore my faith in people and lifted my spirit so much. If you’re reading this, Lady in the Long Red Coat, thank you so very much. I will pay it forward.
    Rave: Had a good long talk with my mom last night, and she also helped cheer me up and calm me down from my work stress.
    Rant: My one brother may not be coming home for Christmas. He has been avoiding any and all attempts to reach him over the past week or so. I’m very concerned but also very mad. Not really sure how to help – I know I can’t help him because he refuses all help offered, but I’m not even sure how I can help my parents s they try to navigate this prospect of a son refusing all contact.
    Mega Rant: My iphone is basically just a paperweight. I made a bunch of updates last night, it was fine and fully charged when I left for work, and now, it won’t turn on. I’ve had it charging for the past hour and still nada. goddamnit.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: micro-manager is on vacation and the places hasn’t burned down.
    Rave: 4 more work days (including today) until vacation.

  • Rant: Christmas tree was infested with aphids!
    Rave: Realized this quickly and was able to get the tree out of the house before they infested the house!
    Warning: With the warmer weather, beware there is a higher chance of insects in your Christmas trees.
    Rave: Get to pick out another tree this weekend! And we are going to cut our own!
    Rave: Our new baby is a month old! We made it one month!

    • My tree was infected too! My family has had live trees for years and I never knew about this. People check the trees before they go into your home. I returned my tree only because I had nowhere to throw it out.

  • Rave: I managed to drag my butt out of bed and go for a swim this morning. Thank you gym buddy for the motivation I needed.
    Rave: Departmental holiday party today.
    Rant: I miss coffee.
    Rave: Avocado toast with soft boiled egg and sprinkle of sea salt on top for breakfast.

  • Rave: It’s my Friday!

    Rave: Our office Christmas party is tonight!

    Rant: I have to begin Christmas shopping tomorrow. I have no idea what to get anyone. Do I buy things for the attorneys I work with? And if yes, what the hell do I get them?

    Rant: Feeling discouraged and down today. Even though I know there are good things to look forward to (see above). I am hoping that my mood gets better.

    • When I was clerking at a firm, I never bought anything for the partners. I would usually just bake something for the whole office and bring it in as a holiday gift.

    • I think holiday gifts for co-workers are to be discouraged in almost all situations. The exceptions are things that can be eaten preferably in a communal setting (tin of cookies in the break room) and something that you would give to a friend you work with in a setting that is not the workplace. If you’re not close enough to go out together, you’re not close enough for gifts.
      So much awkwardness around gifts, and no one needs more stuff.

      • As a woman in a mostly male office when I was a fed, the whole baked things sucks – or did for me – “hey, where’s our holiday brownies!” “lets have a bake off – my wife will make cookies, why don’t you make…..”. I hated it. just stop with the holiday anything and realize people will be SO much happier if you give them an hour or two (or three!) off.

        • I can see how this might happen, but it’s never happened in any of the fed offices I’ve worked in. Actually, my current male boss bakes stuff for us….

      • that is to say i think the baking things for a professional environment = expectation that women should bake for the office. This was my experience for 7 years at my old job. I eventually stopped when one douchebag coworker yelled at me for not saving him a brownie when he was at a meeting. he said, ‘where’s the teamwork’. In my head, there were lots of curses.

        • That’s sad, but somehow not surprising. On the flip side, I work in an overwhelmingly female office, and potlucks and cookie exchanges are extremely popular and great team builders. Another male co-worker and I are both avid cooks/bakers and it’s really a pleasure to contribute and participate.

          • definitely depends on the dynamic but I think it’s really easy to rely on traditional gender roles for baking things. When I returned from ‘maternity leave’, a colleague asked when I’d get back to bringing in baked goods.

          • “a colleague asked when I’d get back to bringing in baked goods.”
            Is it possible they expected you to bring in baked goods because you had done so in the past, not because you are a woman?

          • No, it’s possible he did it because he’s a dick. He’s the same guy who complained because I didn’t save him anything. I didn’t regularly bring them enough to be a thing. It’s because I’m a lady.

        • That does stink, and not that this anecdote is meant to dispute the phenomenon, but I (male partner in a law firm) always bake my assistant the same cookies each year (she requests them!) in addition to gifts. And when I say *I* bake, I mean it – my wife typically is the baker in the family, but these are my specialty. I also generally participate in the cookie exchange (though not this year – too many things going on.)

      • “I think holiday gifts for co-workers are to be discouraged in almost all situations.’
        I could not agree more. The only gift they need from you is hard work and professional courtesy. If you want to bring in some kind of snack for the office (whether you naked it or bought it) as a gesture toward morale and team-building, that’s obviously fine. But gift-giving as such should not be happening in the office.

  • Rave: I really didn’t feel like getting up and dressed today, so I’m channeling my inner Elizabeth Taylor. Sometimes you really just need to get super dressed up to get yourself moving.
    Rave: Christmas tree decorating while watching Love Actually (for approximately the millionth time) and drinking really good wine. It was the perfect home date night.
    Rave: We’re totally going to be the cool aunts this Christmas. Our nephew has been begging my sister for a game system (which she just can’t afford on her budget) and we happen to have an old Xbox 360 and kid-friendly games sitting around.
    Rant: We won’t be there to see the look on his face.
    Rave: The other Mrs. Rabbit gave me one of my Christmas gifts early – a Microsoft Band II. I knew I paced around my home office a lot but I didn’t realize that I could actually cover 5 miles in a single afternoon pacing around an 11×9 room.

    • Can you skype or Facetime while the nephew is opening his gift??

      • We tried that two years ago and it didn’t work out so well (but he was also 4 years old at the time and didn’t understand the whole Skype thing). Maybe we can give it another shot.

  • RANT: yesterday (12/17/15) some no parking signs attached to cones went up in front of my house in Bloomingdale, for PEPCO. It probably takes 5 spots in an already tough to park situation. The kicker is that the dates of ‘no parking’ are DECEMBER 2nd, 2015 through the end of JANUARY. What the heck? First of all, whatever work Pepco is doing I doubt they need 2 months of displacing our cars. Secondly, how are they able to put the signs up a week after the start date? My car isn’t parked there, but there are a few still there today. Dont they have a 72 hour notice requirement??
    RANT: Forgot to set my alarm this morning, woke up at 9, walked out of the house to bike to work, and it was raining! Decided it was worth it to bike in the rain rather than gamble on the metro!
    RAVE: Ill be home with my fam this time next week! Yippee!

  • hammers

    Rant: Sprint. Switched over on cyber monday and man is the service awful. I don’t get service in downtown dc nor in spots in Petworth.
    Unknown: Spending Christmas with boyfriend’s folks this year- not quite sure what to expect, and am a little sad to not be going home for the first time; even if it is much less stressful.
    Rave: My good mood is still chugging along

    • Don’t you have 30 days to break the contract if you aren’t happy?

      • Yeah, you should definitely look into switching back. I once switched to AT&T and found out that there was NO service in my hometown 2 miles away from the store. So I switched back to Verizon. Neither side had an issue with it — it was almost like it never happened.

      • Maybe it’s the phone? I’ve bounced around different offices in downtown throughout the year and almost always have service (rare exception is the fully inner office without windows).

      • hammers

        indeed I do have 30 days to break the contract. I’m fairly lazy though. Also I don’t want to go back to verizon because I really was paying double (~100/mo vs. 40). I might have to though, it’s useless when I get lost downtown!

        • T-Mobile an option? They seem comparable to Sprint in price.

          • +1. Boyfriend has T-Mobile and doesn’t have many issues.
            Also, in response to MPinDC below, I don’t think any carriers work in the metro….

          • Sprint works fine for me in metro except for some of the longer tunnels.

          • palisades

            I recently switched to T-Mobile and I love it. I was on ATT for 10 years before that. I went to a Caps game last night and I could actually text other people!!! I’ve never been able to get service before in there with ATT. So much better.

          • TMobile has free music streaming, free international texting, and free international data. I uploaded pics to FB while in Iceland, and my bill is exactly the same as it always is…cheap.

      • Have you looked into t-mobile? I’ve not had any issues w/service.
        I don’t use metro but I’ve heard it doesn’t work in the metro (underground).

    • jim_ed

      We switched to Sprint in September and the service has actually been okay. The area around Upshur St in Petworth has terrible service, but otherwise we’ve gotten really fast data throughout most of the city. Their customer service and billing has been an absolute nightmare, however. Since its like $50 /month cheaper than Verizon or AT&T, its a ‘you get what you pay for’ scenario.

    • I was an emotional mess the first time I spent Christmas with my husband’s family and not mine. I sat in his parent’s guest room alone crying on Christmas Eve. What helped was incorporating some of my family traditions with his and making our little traditions as a couple. And FaceTime.

      • Aw, this would be me. I’m incredibly close to my parents so we always do Christmas with them (my fiance doesn’t have a very close family).

    • HaileUnlikely

      I’m going to throw out my usual plug for Consumer Cellular. Post-paid but without a contract. They use AT&T and T-Mobile’s networks. Plans are for specific tiers of usage (no “unlimited”), but are very reasonable. I get 750 minutes/month, 1.5 GB data, and unlimited texts for $40 ($20 for the minutes + $20 for the data); after all taxes and fees it comes to $46.86 per month. If you use a lot more minutes or a lot more data than that, it will be less good of a deal, and you might want to look at T-Mobile’s prepaid offerings.

    • That’s so weird, I’ve had Sprint for the entire 6 years I’ve lived in the DC area and have never had issues. Do you have data roaming turned on? Sprint roams on Verizon so you get all the major cell towers if you have that turned on. I have unlimited data though, so not sure if that applies to you.

  • Rave: Staff Christmas party yesterday was nice and I actually met some co-workers I clicked with.
    Rant: Supervisor is gone for a few weeks so I guess nothing else is getting done until 2016.
    Rave: Star Wars! I’m a pretty lowkey fan, but I’m going to see it at the Air and Space Museum Imax theater and I think that will be cool.

  • Rave: Almost done with Christmas shopping for my side of the family. Only 2 more gifts left to get. Then I can start doing fun holiday activities with the toddler! She is already obsessed with Rudolph, which is kind of adorable.
    Rant: Husband hasn’t started shopping for his side of the family.
    Rave/Rant: Turning 30 tomorrow. Going to celebrate with a day off to take a trip to the aquarium and the Christmas market in Baltimore.

    • Additional rant: trying to find presents for the kiddo’s daycare teachers. She has 4 or 5 of them that rotate in throughout the week, so it is really hard to find something without breaking the bank. Thinking about baking cookies and calling it a day. Any other parents have thoughts on that?

      • How about little bags with chocolate, purse sized lotion, lip balm (love eos), and maybe a pair of gloves? Or just a card with a low denomination gift card? It might seem cheesey, but it’s practical, and will get used. A lot of people are honestly funny about homemade food gifts. I think it a very nice gift, but I know others who throw them directly in the trash if it’s not from someone they know very well.

      • Trader Joes! They have a few items that can be broken up and put in to nice gift bags. I got our teachers bags with jars of TJ’s bath scrubs and body butter, and then my son decorated chocolate covered pretzel rods. We put them all in a nice bag. TJ’s is the best. They have great chocolates, too. You could do the body stuff, lip balm, they have lovely french milled soaps.
        otherwise, a really nice scented candle can be a good gift. Paper source has some amazing ones. I bought myself a honeysuckle one and never even lit it and it makes our downstairs smell great but not overpowering.

        • Do you think that the TJs route could be done for ~$10 each? I’m really not trying to be cheap, but since she has so many teachers and we have a lot of expenses right now, I’m trying to keep costs low.

          • Sephora has a lot of $10 beauty gifts in-store – behind the register. really nice brands (origins, josie maran, buxom, etc) and cutely packaged; easy to wrap. this is what i did for my teacher gift dilemma.

        • As someone who hates all scented products, and only use certain body/bath/lotions/potions I like, I would hate this and re-gift it immediately. For people with unknown taste, I go with fun socks or gloves. But a daycare teacher is probably not making much, so a gift card is nice. I also make a big batch of Chex Mix (the best ever!) put it in ziplocs then in a gift bag. It is the kind of thing people rarely make because it makes so much once you buy all the cereals & nuts, and is SO much better than the packaged kind.

        • I normally hate and regift scented things, too, but these were really mild and didn’t linger. I wouldn’t have sent anything stanky. I’m really sensitive to it, too. But I can see that as a thing.

          and yeah I think you can do anything from trader joes for less than $10 each. They have tons of stuff. Or did. You know how they roll with limited edition things.

      • We give gift cards to our kid’s teachers. A couple years ago, we asked a teacher acquaintance for advice and was told that gift cards are the most appreciated because they can just buy whatever they want. It’s also super easy, so everyone wins.

        • We always gave my teachers Starbucks gift cards.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I”m a fan of the Starbucks gift card. It’s nice to be able to treat myself to a fancy coffee later when I need it, like summer.

          • That’s good if you know they go to Starbucks. Some people actually don’t. A low-paid daycare worker would probably appreciate a $10.00 Target card rather than have to buy 3 expensive lattes or frapes or whatever.

          • starbucks or amazon are the way to go IMO.

          • (and not everyone’s childcare provider is a low paid day care worker…ours, personally, are well compensated, which is why they stick around for ages, one there even taught my sister, who is almost 40). Know your own situation. A starbucks card might be a nice treat for them they can use on themselves vs. buying more stuff for other people.

    • topscallop

      happy birthday!

    • Happy Birthday! Make sure you squeeze in a trip to the Miracle on 34th St while you’re in Bmore!

  • Rant: Shitty start to the day. I missed my alarm, the power went out in the house while I was getting ready, the rain, and my bus got stuck in traffic. I ended up getting out and walking. I’m so far behind today.

    Rave: Office party today!

  • Rant: Back in the hospital and probably going to stay here until the end of pregnancy.
    Raves: This feels like the right decision even if it’s not ideal. And my family and friends have been rallying to make sure I’m occupied and in good spirits so I just feel really lucky right now.
    Rant: So many headaches over the new condo
    Rave: Great realtors who are taking care of things for us behind the scenes and who gifted us with a free year of a home warranty and have given us so much help finding the professionals we need to do the extra work we want done.
    Rave: My husband. I could make this my rave very single day but am especially thankful for him this week..

    • Sorry to hear you are in the hospital, but I am glad since it gives you (much needed!) peace of mind. A super YAY! for a supportive husband!!

    • Sending good vibes. I thought about you yesterday because I hadn’t seen you post this week. It’s tough being in the hospital.

      • +1. I had the same though and was also a little worried. I hope everything goes smoothly and I’m glad to hear you are occupied and in good company.

      • Same here, wondering how you were doing!
        Yay for supportive family and friends, good real estate people and your awesome husband πŸ™‚
        Perhaps the crazy cat game/Neko Atsume might be a fun diversion (see QZ etc post above)

    • I’m so sorry you have to be in the hospital – can we send you gifts to keep you busy?

    • hammers

      hope we can entertain you a little while you’re in the hospital. feel better!

    • I’m sorry that you are stuck in the hospital, but I’m encouraged that the little ones are still cooking.

    • Bummer on spending the holidays in the hospital, but I’m glad you have a wonderful supportive husband, helpful realtors who go the extra mile, and what sounds like a great team caring for you and the babes. Hang in there, and if you ever need suggestions on how to pass time in the hospital, I’m sure I and many others here can offer ideas!

    • I Dont Get It

      Sending positive thoughts.

    • Oh no! That’s a shame, but I’m glad you’ve got supportive friends and family! Hang in there and feel better.

    • I’m sending good vibes your way! And I’m glad it feels like the right decision. I’ve realized that oftentimes we have so little control over our lives and that the simple act of being able to decide what’s best for you can feel so empowering and can lead to positive momentum. I love your last rave, it’s so wonderful to have a fantastic partner in life.

  • Rave: Had a really long, nice conversation with my neighbor last night. She absolutely fascinates me. She moved to the city in the 50s and was super active in the Statehood Movement, going to the DNC and various states to speak on the issue. Very cool.
    Rant: All week I have felt a day ahead. Yesterday I thought it was Thursday, and today felt like Friday. But it’s not. And I have one more day of work :/
    Rave: But I get to leave work early tomorrow!

  • Beloved pedants: is it ever acceptable to use fora when talking about more than one forum? I see forums all the time, and wonder if the correct plural has fallen out of use altogether, like how no one could say stadia with a straight face.

    • Forums makes me crazy, but it’s a losing battle. It’s still acceptable to us fora – the CORRECT term. The only thing I refuse to budge on is literally – I just will not accept that figuratively has become an alternative definition of literally.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Forums doesn’t bother me. I don’t think I’ve ever used it, because I don’t think I’ve ever had occasion to say or write anything about the plural of forum prior to this sentence. I don’t see any harm in it, though.
        The misuse of literally to mean anything other than literally drives me nuts, but the manner in which it is typically misused rarely bothers me, because the misuse is usually sufficiently obvious that it rarely causes confusion.
        The one that really kills me is the misuse of “x times more than” to mean “x times as many as.” This is not only misused but misunderstood to the degree that technical writers and professionals with advanced degrees in quantitative fields think 2 is “two times more than” 1 and will actually argue if I correct them. When trying to communicate the relative sizes of different things, this actually matters. Two is two times as many as one, not two times more than one. Three is two times more than one.

      • Amen, brother. Re: lost battles, I’m still hung up on loan as a verb.
        I want to use fora, but am afraid of coming across as pretentious in a work context. (I’m pretentious all the time in my personal life and IDGAF.)

    • Quotia Zelda

      “like how no one could say stadia with a straight face.”
      Except my father, but he is a noted eccentric.
      As a proud graduate of a women’s college, I am especially pedantic about alumnus/alumni/alumna/alumnae. Unless you have multiple personalities, you are not an alumni.
      Interestingly, my stuffy, old school, former writing instructor boss generally discourages Latin plurals.

    • I’m pretty sure Forums is the correct term. Fora is no longer used.

      • This. Language evolves. Forums is now correct, unless you’re speaking Latin.

        • Yes, forums is now correct – I don’t think anyone said it isn’t. But, it still makes me crazy, and fora is still correct.
          One other – I can’t stand disrespect as a verb. Much to my chagrin, one online source indicates that the verb disrespect dates back to the 1600s, and actually predates disrespect as a noun.

    • I’m on the pedantic side about a lot of language-related things (and I find misuse of “alumni” really annoying)… but “fora” sounds pretentious to me. I think that’s a battle you might not want to fight.

  • Rant: When from zero meetings to like, 4 meetings today real quick.
    Rant: Do not want to catch whatever is going around, and thus really do not want to sit in enclosed room with sick people and shake peoples hands….
    Rave: One more day. One more day. One more day…

  • Rave: Thanks for the food ideas, team! I REALLY want to be able to eat dinner with my kid, even if it means rushing and eating at 5:45/6PM most nights. Last night we did some chick pea and string bean mixture with an indian simmer sauce. It wasn’t great, but my husband ate it. I poked at it.
    Rave: I’m basically the only one at work through the new year. It’s so weird! I can’t be trusted to work from home all the time. I mean, I can’t trust myself.
    Rant: I should take residence in the home office we set up for my husband to do his school work in that he’s never used.
    Rant: Bought a new area rug for our living room because the shit one from west elm was awful. Don’t ever buy a rug from West Elm. But new rug, as nice as it is, is a little too narrow. It’s custom, so can’t do anything about it – it’s how it comes off the roll of carpeting – so we have a lot of exposed wood. running kid and large dog – lots of falls and scratches. Our poor hardwoods. They’re original, were redone once we finished our reno, and have scratches in them that make me cringe!

  • Rant: I wish I worked in an office that was large enough to have a decent holiday celebration with people that I enjoyed being around. I’ve worked for a couple companies that did it right. Our office is so small and none of us click, which makes the whole question of gift giving extremely awkward. Still planning to bake something and bring it in.
    Rave: Looking forward to the holiday next week, even though I’m missing holiday weather

  • Rant: Use your words! I’m so fed up with bikers coming close enough to touch me on the sidewalk without verbalizing or using a bell. I’d get out of your way if you just said something. I’ll pray for whatever biker inevitably runs over me or my dog. It won’t be pretty.
    Rant: Need a new washing machine just in time to miss black Friday.
    Rave: New machine will be awesome.
    Rant: Across the hall neighbors with a dog aggressive dog who is never leashed even outside.
    Rant: Having to help pack up my office. Just annoying.
    Rave: The weekend is almost here.

    • Anon Spock, you know I feel your dog problem! I ended up talking to management after I noticed other people started not leashing their dogs and I haven’t had an issue since! Have you tried mentioning it to them or management?

    • Biking on sidewalks is tough for both parties, and usually I don’t like doing it.
      With that said, as to why bikers don’t say anything: sometimes saying something makes the walker become unpredictable in their movement, because the walker doesn’t know which way to move in that instant. Sort of like when you approach someone in a hallway and you both move in the same direction and it gets weird. Except on a bike there is a possibility of a crash. So it is easier to not say anything and let the person walking continue with their predictable walking pattern. This ends up startling the walker, but at this point the danger of an incident had been averted.
      This is why biking on the sidewalk is generally inefficient – but necessary on some stretches of road.

      • Saying on your left or right immediately tells me which way to go. My walking pattern with a dog is not at all predictable, and the biker would have seen that from some distance away. My dog was going back and forth from one side to the other. So when you decide to remain silent you actually increase your chances of a crash with us.

        It’s shouldn’t be tough for both parties. Peds have the right of way, period. Although I do keep an eye out for people or obstructions, I certainly don’t have eyes in the back of my head or dark vision, so I expect a modicum of work on the part of biker when they choose to invade the peds space.

        • HaileUnlikely

          There is actually research that demonstrates that a fairly large proportion of people upon hearing “on your right” will move *to* their right (and similarly with left). There’s just not enough time to process the entire phrase, and it’s more natural to go in the direction you hear than to go in the opposite of the direction you hear.

          • +1. There was actually an incident in Arlington in recent years where an elderly woman was killed on a bike path in this exact manner. Cyclist said “on your left”, and she turned around, and in doing so actually *moved* to her left and into the path of the cyclist.

  • Rave: Freecycle, and being able to re-home things that I don’t use
    Rave-ish: After 10+ years working as consultant, starting new full time job in January
    Rant-ish: Full time? Every day?
    Fortunately there is lots of flexibility and I expect I’ll still do a good bit of work from home

  • Rant: $200 worth of UPS stolen off the porch last night in the one hour window it was out there. I am debating whether its better to have lights on to deter, or off to hide packages?

    Rave: LL Bean already sent a replacement! I will be shopping from them again and again.

    • Not to be That Person, but it would be better if you just had the packages sent to a UPS location (there’s one in Columbia Heights near Target… I assume there may be another closer to you in Petworth). Most of them are open until at least 7pm during weekdays and all day on weekends.

  • rave: seeing a show this weekend at the kennedy center
    rant: ew, rain.
    rave: Love seeing all the great light displays around my neighborhood.

    random question: are ‘pre paid’ cell phones better than a super expensive contract?

    • Better is relative. If you use the phone mostly for calls/texts, don’t care about having the latest phone (usually one model behind), and don’t plan to use lots of data, then they can be a good option.

    • My wife had the prepaid phone in DC and it was a pretty good deal. She had unlimited minutes, texts, and data for $45 a month! I bought her the iPhone 5s and it worked pretty well except the data wasn’t always great when not on wifi. I believe she only got 3G and not LTE, which would drive me nuts.

    • HaileUnlikely

      The phone and the service are theoretically separable, if you can find a way to obtain an unlocked model of the phone that you want, and are not stuck on a contract. These days, with almost any given phone, you can find a pre-paid, or post-paid non-contract service provider that will be adequate. The advantages may be smaller for heavy users, though. I pay $40/month ($46./86 after all taxes and fees) for 750 minutes of talk time ($20) and 1.5 GB of data (LTE) + unlimited texts ($20) with Consumer Cellular, which is a no-contract post-paid carrier that uses AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s networks. Their highest usage plans are $40 for unlimited talk time and and additional $40 for 4 GB data. I don’t know how that compares to contracts as I’ve never had a contract for more than 1 or 2 GB of data. They do not offer unlimited data. I do not understand how anybody can use that much unless they use their phone to watch movies and stuff, though. If you have or want a GSM phone, I’ve heard good things about Republic Wireless, but have no experience with them.

  • Rave: Adele tickets procured!!
    Rant: Moving Monday, and so little packing has been done. This weekend will be awful.
    Rave: But totally worth it for a top floor, corner unit without spitting and rock-throwing neighbors.
    Question: SO defends his thesis tomorrow AND it’s his birthday (yes, in the midst of a move). He’s been super stressed but every time I’ve suggested celebrating either in some way, he shoots it down. I want to acknowledge this huge accomplishment in his life, but am completely stumped as to how. He adores skiing, but grew up in the Alps and I think would not look kindly on the slopes around here, so there went my ski trip idea (where I’d stay inside reading and drinking boozy hot cocoa). Suggestions?

    • So jealous you got Adele tickets!
      Maybe he’s so stressed out that he doesn’t even want to think about celebrating or anything else until after he defends his thesis. I can be like that sometimes. If he’s too exhausted to go out for a nice dinner, maybe have his favorite foods at home? Bring up the big celebration at that time.

    • I would wait until after the move, thesis defense, and birthday are over and done with. Then bring up the idea of doing something as a treat for both of you. No matter how generous and kind your intentions are, when you’re maxed out, just the thought of adding more activities of any kind can be very unwelcome. I also dislike the idea of ‘forcing’ celebrations on people who don’t want them (yet).

      • +1. I agree with this completely. It’s possible he is just exhausted and wants some time to rest. (Frankly, I find resting to be a celebration in itself.) I think you’re trying too hard, and it might just be adding extra stress even if it’s unintentional…..

    • Yeah I’ve toyed with the idea of throwing some sort of a small thesis celebration/birthday bash at the new place, once we’re settled, with family, friends and some people from his program. I just had wanted to acknowledge it the day of, I suppose.

      • So get him a small gift and/or a card and/or his favorite takeout food so he can eat and stare at the TV all evening. Basically something that literally requires no effort on his part. Maybe he will be up for dinner and a drink, but it sounds like right now all he wants to do is get through his thesis (and the move?)

        • +1 again. I think it’s awesome that you want to celebrate him, but also make sure that you’re doing something he wants — and not *just* because you want it — or it’s not really about him at all.

          • I’m trying to be really aware of that because I’ve had something thrown for me that I really didn’t want. I’m hoping that Krampus’ suggestion of just a low key, relaxing night in will work for now, and once the stress of everything has passed we can discuss how/if he’d like to commemorate this event.

      • Maybe draft the invite and give that to him as an acknowledgement? As in, this is what I’m thinking because I know we both have a ton on our plate, this is a big deal that I don’t want to get missed because of all the moving parts, but later seems better for you. I like the idea of his favorite meal or maybe just dessert even for the day-of? Good for you for moving forward with the new place – months from now you won’t regret it! Congrats!

        • I like that idea! Now to draft the invite. And I’ll probably rely on Postmates to deliver some dinner&dessert to us since I’ve packed the kitchen and can’t make anything at the moment.

  • rave: there’s a man everyday outside the USDA who asks for money. only a dollar. saw a woman go up to him and give him a 20. he was so happy. of course he may abuse that 20, but wow. very generous of her.
    rant: Wish I was that generous

  • Rave: Fiance got into Michigan! Now there is a 99% chance that the next two years will be significantly more fun and supportive. And I won’t have to live in a 115 year old house by myself.
    Rave: Somehow my dad remembers torts from 1985 enough to explain why I’m not adequately spotting all of the hypothetical issues. That man has a great memory.
    Rant: Suitemate and her early wake up times. Moving in January.

    • Great news on your fiance’s acceptance at Michigan!

    • Yay! Great news about your fiance coming to Michigan!

    • Thank you both! πŸ™‚

    • OK, now I have a rant: Alice’s father apparently is 9 years older than I am, assuming (i) he took torts as a 1L, and (ii) no breaks in education (if he took 3 years at another career between undergrad and law school, it just gets worse). I will now go get outfitted for a walker.
      BTW, congratulations! (And admin law IS fun, in the right context.)

      • That was a rough estimate… he was a 1L in ’83 and I’m probably one of the youngest Popvillagers.

        Thanks! The exam for that class actually ended up being fine. The material came full circle eventually. Though, I wish we had had con law first.

        • I was going to say AliceInDC could just be really young. My wife was barred attorney at 23.

          • Wow. Though some of my classmates just turned 21 this fall and we have a number of 21 year old LLM international students.

    • Great news on your fiance’s acceptance to Michigan!
      Will Tiny Dog be joining you too?

      • Thanks so much!

        Tiny Dog will be joining us! Something tells me he won’t be amused by the winter weather (if it ever actually gets cold here).

  • Rant: I have a Pinterest board full of desserts I want to try, but now that I have the chance to make some for a work party, I can’t choose.
    Rave: had a great time at the Caps game last night. I still don’t get the call on Wilson, which resulted in Holtby losing his shut-out πŸ™
    Rant: So much work to do before vacation.
    Rave: Vacation starts next Thursday!

    Rant: Ticketmaster’s website. Massive PITA and then the app froze and had a glitch when my friend was purchasing tickets. At least they went through.

    • So exciting, right?! I know the concert isn’t for another 10 months, but as soon as the sale went through, I started playing Adele on loop.

      • SO exciting. My friend called prior to 10 am so we could try together to see who could get through first and I answered “Hello, its meeeeeee” (I recognize this is ridiculous)

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Very concerned about my Dad. His PSA went up to 7.2 this month. He has tests the 22, 23 and 28 so won’t be coming to Indiana for Christmas. He’s dealt with prostate cancer for 30+ years. I think he was crying when he called me not so much over his health but that he would miss the Holidays with his grandchildren and great grandchildren. Heartbreaking. We are not a family of criers although I’m tearing up as I write this.

  • RANT: horrible human garbage who are all over random Reddit threads and other message boards (not star wars related) deliberately dropping major spoilers for the force awakens. An incredible bummer as I’d even managed to avoid most trailers ahead of seeing the movie this weekend.

    • Incredible bummer? Yes. Horrible human garbage? If we apply that title to people who deliberately spoil movies, we don’t have a much room left for the truly horrible people out there – terrorists, rapists, the GOP candid . . . never mind.

  • Rant: Christmas blues

  • Rave: work has finally calmed down this week, so I can actually sit and try to teach myself how to use our database and go through old files for ideas of what’s ahead. Thank goodness!
    Rave: looking forward to going home next week for a few days!
    Rave: haircut today. It’s the simple things, and I love my hairdresser.
    Rant: dating, as usual. Guy I dated for a couple months doesn’t talk if I don’t initiate so I’ve given up on that and haven’t heard from him in weeks, other guy I recently met and gone out with a couple times doesn’t seem interested either. The holidays is probably a weird time anyway.

  • Rant: Just walking on the 400 block of M St NW when a woman stopped me and told me to hold tight to my purse, pointing to a guy on a bike whom she said was acting suspiciously. I kept walking, while watching the guy cruising slowly along the sidewalk looking at every doorstep. He got off his bike and went down into a basement entryway, then came back up a minute later (empty-handed, as far as I can tell). He went on his way north onto 4th St NW, continuing to cruise slowly. I called and reported this suspicious behavior. Hopefully he does’t get anybody’s packages.

  • Rant: Lost a bracelet on the way to work yesterday, probably when removing a glove. I know it’s just a thing, but I hiked up Petra in July and it was my reward, waiting for me at the End of the World shop.
    Passible rave for someone? I lost it on 14th Street, probably near W. It’s silver with square links and small diamond shapes on each link. Bedouin style. I’ll pay a reward t get it back!

  • Rave: Date night last night. My appetite is improving and for the first time since Thanksgiving I ate with gusto. Good wine, good food, good times with my sweetheart.
    Rant: Bad news about a good friend. She’ll be okay, but my heart breaks for her. Sometimes it seems the good people of a world can’t catch a break and it drives me crazy.
    Rave: Today it was tough getting out of bed but since I’ve gotten to work, I’ve been productive and in a great mood!

  • Rant: The battery-powered LED Christmas lights I put on my front porch this year were looking awfully wimpy (smaller bulbs, not as bright) in comparison to the incandescent Christmas lights next door.
    Rant: Somehow the batteries are now drained. I could’ve sworn the instructions said there was enough battery power for a few weeks.
    Rave: Been having a good time with visiting friend from my hometown.

    • I’ve been having a super-weird problem with my battery-powered LED window candles! In two separate rooms, the candle in the right window is way way dimmer than the candle in the left window. I put all the batteries in at pretty much the same time, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what’s going on!

      • Do your battery-powered LED window candles have a light sensor so they know when to turn on/off? If so, is the one in the right window getting more light from the outside than the one from the left?
        I was tempted to get some battery-powered LED candles for the holidays from IKEA… but they didn’t have any kind of light sensor, and I didn’t fancy having to run around the house turning them on and off all the time.

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