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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Feeling incredibly anxious today for no specific reason. Just about everything.
    Rant: Sickness going around work. Do not want before I go home for the holidays. I’m a germaphobe and now I’m going to douse myself in purell the rest of the day. [don’t even start on how it doesn’t really help….]
    Rave: Going home for the holidays. I can’t wait to curl up and watch TV and not have to think about anything for a couple days.

  • rant: I keep thinking today is Thursday. lol dammit
    rant: metro employee didn’t help me at all this morning. just stood there while the faregate wouldnt let me through. so I just quickly followed someone as they went through. freaking metro
    Rave: going to take friday off because i got some serious shopping I need to do. It’s been so long since I’ve been off on a friday, so I am excited. LOL. I am a nerd
    Rave: Excited for Christmas

    • “so I just quickly followed someone as they went through.” — A friend of mine who did this by mistake (wasn’t paying attention) was given a $25 ticket by a Metro Transit Police officer.

    • Ummm…did you say anything to the Metro employee?

      • he saw me. i stood outside the booth. he just looked at me like “ugh, please go away…”

        i went back to the gate. he just didn’t care. Chances are he saw me follow the person through. the lack of caring about customers within metro is astounding.

        • So you didn’t actually say anything to him. I see.

          • Translation – I needed assistance, but didn’t say anything, and the metro employee didn’t read my mind, so I jumped the fare. Freakin’ metro customer service.

          • I feel you’re all being unnecessarily harsh- I’ve gotten similar disdainful looks from Metro employees, who even in the course of helping me, don’t say a word. Nothing is more annoying to me than people who think it’s such a hardship to do their jobs.

          • lol. he saw me so clearly. I held up my hand with my card. what did he think i was doing? waving? no. he didn’t make a damn effort. I saw a man as i left who was waving at him for some kind of assistance. the employee was just an ass who didn’t want to be bothered

          • I feel one doesn’t have the right to complain that someone didn’t help them if they didn’t even ask for help.

          • I’ve found many employees quite helpful, but I’ve always talked to them to get that help.
            To anon above, the employee who is helping you might have bitchy resting face. He helped me, but I don’t like how he looked at me is hardly a complaint.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Raina – If your request is not important enough for you to verbalize, it is not important enough for anybody else to respond to, either. Glaring at somebody and gesturing without verbalizing anything clearly communicates that you believe that the other person is beneath you. It might work if the person in question is your paid personal assistant, or your spouse if and only if your spouse is whipped, but outside of those very specific contexts, it communicates disrespect and is not likely to elicit the response that you desire.

          • Haile, you nailed it.

        • Sounds to me like the metro employee was inside the booth, s/he did try to get their attention, but that he ignored their efforts. If the booth is closed and the metro employee doesn’t get up to come to the window, I’m not sure how the OP is supposed to voice their request.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Primary Rant: Mother is in the hospital.
    Possible Rave: It’s just for observation, and they don’t think it’s serious.
    Rant: Even more meetings today.
    Rant: Parked near the location for the holiday happy hour I’m attending tonight, but I forgot my present for the exchange, so now I have to leave work early and drive home to get it. Which defeats the purpose of parking near the location.
    Rave: Annual review was great and resulting bonus will be very nice to have.

  • Rant: Riding next to bike lanes is the most stressful part of my nighttime driving. Even when I’m patient and wait for bikes to pass before I turn many decide to play a crazy game of chicken. It makes no sense.
    Rant: Work schedule keeps changing.
    Rave: Holiday party tomorrow!
    Ques: Any recommendations for resume writers? Especially looking for someone who’s experienced getting past usajob filters.

  • Rant (or maybe a rave?): Words can’t describe how much I wish someone would punch Ted Cruz in the face. Hard.
    Rave: Ben Carson. I’ll forever call Reince Pubis.
    Rave: Worked from home yesterday. And by that, I meant was in bed 90% of the day. I love it.
    Rant: Have to make up for yesterday today 🙁
    Neither: Trying to get better at make-ahead vegetarian dinners. We aren’t in to grain salads for dinner, so if you have a favorite make-ahead veggie dinner, I’d love to hear it! Our regular rotation is veggie tacos, pasta (ravioli or manacotti), sometimes fancy grilled cheese night….and then I scramble to care enough to make pasta every night.

    • Ratatouille? Soups? Honestly, I look forward to the responses for this. Since have to accommodate less meat, I really don’t make anything ahead any more and have become more reliant on froze, pre-prepared foods :/

    • Do you like soup? My partner makes a couple of excellent hearty options including a veggie bean and a peanut (and I think sweet potato?) stew. They are old school printed out recipes so I can look them up tonight if you’re interested.

      • I’d love that – because I assume we could freeze? I have a hard time explaining to my husband that soup is a dinner. But, the italian market near us sells fresh garlic knots so if I buy enough of them to accompany, he seems satisfied!

    • How much time do you have before dinner? I prep all the ingredients for stir fry on a weekend, then it just takes 20 minutes for the rice to steam and less than that to cook the veggies in a simple tamari/ ginger/ sesame oil sauce.
      Also, rice and beans are popular at our house. I pre-cook the brown rice (and beans if I’m doing dry, but sometimes use canned) and then dice up a tomato, an avocado, and whatever else we’re going to throw on top, each according to preference.
      Finally, naan pizzas. Jarred sauce, pre-shredded cheese, whatever’s in the fridge, 12 minutes in the oven. Probably my fastest and most-requested (by kids) meal.

      • I have almost zero time before dinner because I pick my kid up from school and he clings to me, making it – at this point – unsafe to cook. So i get the 20 minutes he’s in the bath to clean up and put food together, but I won’t be eating for another hour….so it’s very weird.

    • Stir fry, rice and veggies, wife just made this (http://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/hot-pepper-noodles) and it was really good, but you’d need to leave out the chicken. Maybe you could add tofu or just more veggies instead.

    • Haven’t tried any of them, but a quick Google of crockpot vegetarian meals came up with a lot of links. I’ve had good luck on the meat side just picking a well reviewed recipe off a site.

    • hammers

      Last night’s dinner was America’s Test Kitchen’s recipe for Moroccan-style quinoa with chickpeas and kale. It is cooked, so it doesn’t seem like a grain salad, but it was truly delicious and easy to put together, and seemed like it would freeze well. I got it from a book so I can’t post a link, but maybe some googling will help.

    • Vegetarian chili in the crockpot, daal (any kind of Indian food really), broccoli, rice, and chickpea casserole, make your own pitas (set out hummus, veggies, feta, olives, etc), make your own pizza, chunky butternut squash soup ladled over quinoa, breakfast for dinner, quicha, frittatas (so quick!), rice and black beans, oven roasted veggies with a fried egg on top, veggie Thai curry, veggie stirfry with seitan or tofu.

      I read food blogs for inspiration when I’m stuck in a cooking rut. 101cookbooks is a good vegetarian food blog. Asian, Mexican, Indian and even Greek cuisines are good places to start finding vegetarian recipe ideas.

      • I follow Oh My Veggies, Cookie and Kate, Kitchen Treaty. The old standbys just get stale and I don’t have as much time any more unfortunately.

      • For those eating rice frequently – are you worried about arsenic? It is naturally in pretty much all rice and accumulates in your body. I used to eat brown rice for breakfast most every day, (delicious Congee!) but then got worried.

    • I’d recommend Moosewood Cooks at Home – there’s a chapter on stews, 14 are vegetarian. Chickpea with artichoke hearts is one of my favorites along with curried tofu and chickpeas. Also pasta with spicy cauliflower. These recipes are availale on line

      • And two days ago I made one of my favorite kale recipes – orzo with kale from allrecipes. I braise the kale then add white beans at the end. Toasting the orzo with tumeric (before adding water/broth) makes it extra delicious

    • We do a garlic and white bean stew (soup, really), a that peanut noodle that makes enough for 2 meals and can easily be made vegetarian (tofu, not shrimp), a vegetarian pozole that makes enough for 3 meals and is delicious. Also, we love ribollita – it’s a hassle to make, but you can do it on the weekend. In fact, all of these can be done on the weekend and kept, and the pozole is significantly better on a day or two after it’s made. If you’re interested in these recipes, tell me which ones and I can email them to you.

      • Correction: Thai peanut noodles.

        • can you send me the recipes – the garlic and white bean stew and thai peanut noodle sound awesome?? rs3242a at student dot American dot edu

        • Can you post links to recipes? Both sound great

          • Sadly, no links available (I don’t think, these are old recipes, and some are friends’ creations). I have to get them from home and scan them. I will do that in the next few days – if you post an email I’ll send them to all interested. The Thai peanut noodle is great because it required minimal actual cooking – just the pasta, and whatever protein you want, if any – though there is chopping. The ribollita recipe is pretty standard – I think we found it on Epicurious.

    • One of my staples is a red lentil masala. I always have red lentils and some sort of green (chard, spinach, kale) that I throw in. I generally serve it on brown rice, but I bet it’d be great with a basmati or naan. My preferred recipe is: http://feedmephoebe.com/2014/02/red-lentil-recipe/

    • Lasagna-style spanikopita? Moosewood cookbook has a good recipe

    • I have made butternut squash and white bean soup many times. Do you want the recipe?

  • rave: I must have dropped my tacky christmas necklace getting out of my car last night- someone found it and put it on the hood of my car! great way to start the day!

  • Rant: My mom has told me that we are having ham for dinner for our family Christmas get together because “Christmas isn’t Christmas without ham.” This is completely in spite of the fact that I have a serious pork allergy, and I think because she honestly thinks its bullshit (even though it has been confirmed by a skin and blood test). Apparently she went to medical school, did an internship, residency, and fellowship without me noticing and became an expert in food allergies. I’m waiting for the “why aren’t you eating the ham?” and then having to defend myself. Perhaps it’s worth the aniphylaxis just to prove it’s not bullshit.
    Rave: My boyfriend is coming, he can drive, so I can have all the alcohol I need to get through the day.
    Rave (I hope!): Meeting my brother’s new girlfriend.
    Rant: 2 hours down and 2 hours back up, in an SUV with 5 kids. Uggggghhhhhhh.

    • I did that once. Ate something that I suspected had an allergen in it, just to show my mom (who was very vocal about not believing that anyone could be allergic to THAT and put it in to test me) that the allergy was real. It worked, she felt awful, and is now captain of the food police. My dad (also a doctor) was SO mad at her.
      Then again, my reaction was never life threatening. Just dramatic and unpleasant.

      • LOL! That is awesome.
        I don’t expect anyone to make accommodations… if pork is served, I just don’t eat it. I even cooked a ham for Thanksgiving for everyone else. But she is doing it out of spite. She will also inevitably put bacon in the green beans and cook the greens in bacon grease, so I will be eating corn and mashed potatoes (without gravy since she uses sausage in her gravy). This is all perfectly fine, but then my stepdad will tell me I’m starving myself, I’ve lost too much weight (I haven’t at all), and I think I’m better than them and won’t eat country food. Then, somehow, someway, Donald Trump will come up, mom will start to rave about Ben Carson and how he’s what America needs, at which point hopefully I will have had just two drink and not three or it will devolve into a full-on political debate (which I’m not opposed to but then I will be ruining Christmas). See, we liberals don’t ruin Christmas with our Starbucks anti-Jesus cups, we ruin it with our food sensitivities/allergies/preferences and reason, logic and facts.

        • oh my god, this was just the funniest thing I’ve read in a while! You paint such a wonderfully vivid scenario! 🙂

          • lol, sadly, it is all too real. The last time we all (including my brothers) got together, we went to a diner down there for lunch. During lunch, my stepdad proceeds to tell me that I’ve lost too much weight (seriously, you know what I look like, it’s not like I’m anywhere near Kate Moss territory but if you listened to him, you’d swear I was killing myself slowly), I somehow offended him by getting a vinaigrette instead of ranch for my salad, and then somehow, someway Marriage Equality came up, which led to gun control, and my mother proclaiming “why can’t we just have a nice meal!” before youngest anonachild spilled root beer everywhere (ordered by my mom because “it doesn’t have caffeine!”) just in time for me to be able to leave because my shorts looked like I’d wet myself. We got in the car and my poor BF is like, your family is effing crazy. lol

          • hammers

            I’ve never gotten anyone upset by my choice of salad dressing. That’s messed up. I did get a serious dose of mother’s ire once because I don’t sign (my signature) my middle name (her maiden name), thus I’m “choosing my father.” If it helps to hear other ppl’s ridiculousness…

          • Hammers – that’s a new one I haven’t heard before!! I definitely got a lot of crap when it came to naming my kids. There’s a tradition of using grandparents’ middle names for grandchildren, but I wanted to start my own tradition. You have absolutely no idea the shit storm this led to.

          • Ha! My mom is all y’all’s moms. For years after I married, she wrote my name as First Name-Maiden Name-Married Name. But I kept my middle name, and dropped my maiden name. She didn’t like that decision, so she just carried on as SHE wished.

        • You know what sounds delicious? Corn with bacon.

        • Remind us again why you’re going?

          • Sense of obligation; not wanting to deal with a guilt trip if I remember correctly

          • Guilt. Complete and total guilt. I have boundaries in place when it comes to my mom, and I do stick with them generally. But I do try to have some sort of relationship. I make a visit twice a year, and arrange a meeting of some sort once every few months. This allows me to straddle the “we never see you line/you’ll miss us when we’re dead” line and the “I need to do what’s best for me” line. It does not help that I feel guilty that here I am with parents and I don’t have a particularly great relationship, and people very close to me have lost one or both parents. It makes me feel like I should do my best to have some sort of relationship, even if it means being not particularly happy for a little while. I am fully aware of how toxic it all is so I try very hard to not let it get to me. Venting and laughing helps a lot.

          • I was wondering the same thing, but I suspect Anonamom has concluded that skipping the Christmas get-together would result in even more unpleasantness than attending it would.
            Still, worth considering as an option. Sometimes a misplaced sense of filial piety means that one can get guilted into doing something without fully realizing that saying no is actually a feasible option.

          • I skipped Christmas last year and still haven’t heard the end of it. I figure a few hours of family discord is better than a year of guilt tripping, complete with getting my ex-husband involved.

        • hammers

          bring a nice rotisserie chicken and your veggie of choice for yourself!

  • hammers

    Rave: on the road to mental health! I had my first appointment with a therapist yesterday, and it went well.
    Rave: some conflict at work has shaken me up and made me realize I need to be a little less gloomy (so rant, with a positive outcome)
    Rant: The lack of vacation or a break for working adults. Conditioned for 20+ years with breaks a few times a year from school and whatnot, and now I can’t even take more than a day off–if that– if I’m sick. I’d like to nurture my newfound positive attitude, but work is suffocating it.

    • Glad to hear the therapy appt went well and that you’re committing to making positive changes! And I totally get you on your rant!

  • Rant: So tired of working. Even in a job I like, I’m just over it. Anyone know a cute millionaire I can marry?

    • I totally understand. I have a great job and every few months I definitely start feeling this way. I feel a vacation always helps–I hope you have one in the near future! Or that millionaire.

    • as much as I hate to admit it, I definitely envy the rich Main Line moms who wear yoga pants all day, drop their kids off at preschool and then go get things done. It must be amazing to have TIME to do things like work out, nap, cook a healthy meal, fold laundry…

  • Rant: Just found out that an old friend and his partner lost their full term baby this week. So much loss and suffering for so many this year.
    Rave: The human capacity to endure, to heal, and to risk love. I’m just going to have to hold on to that today.

    • Oh I’m so sorry. A good friend of mine lost her full-term baby earlier this year and she and her partner are heartbroken. We’re trying to keep loving on them and supporting them – it’s a tough road.

    • It is truly one of the most awful things to happen in life – it challenges a partnership like nothing else, challenges your faith in yourself, ect. I know you’ll be a good friend but I also hope they get the emotional help they’ll need. They are in my thoughts.

  • Rave: Nice weekend in CT. It was good to get away, even for just a couple of days.
    Rant: Still positive pregnancy tests. It’s hard to get closure with this… come on body, get with the program.
    Rant: I’m experiencing a lot of social anxiety since my miscarriage. I’ve always been a bit of an anxious person but lately it’s been really hard. Being around large groups of people is really tough in ways it’s never been since I’m usually totally an extrovert. I’m planning on seeing someone in hopes it helps.
    Rave: Started working out again yesterday which I am hoping will help with the anxiety. Ran 3 miles. Today I will be going to one of my favorite weight classes. I missed working out regularly so bad!! I also signed up as a charity racer for the cherry blossom 10 miler–now I just have to raise $500.
    Rave: 7 month wedding anniversary. My husband is planning an easy-going date night.
    Rave: Totally went overboard this Christmas for my husband… I just kept buying, buying, and buying. He deserves it.

    • The interwebs says it can take up to a month+ for things to be back to normal, so it may be a good idea to not take any for a while if they aren’t doctor ordered.

      Which group did you use for the cherry blossom 10?

      • I go back for follow-up Friday and I know the news won’t be great in terms of my body letting go 26 days out. However, things are getting fainter (why I took a second test) so that’s positive progression and makes me worry less that I would have to go through surgery again.
        I have had bad luck two years in a row for the Cherry Blossom in terms of not getting picked in the lottery–I believe this guarantees entry next year though! In the meantime I went through their charity entry which supports Children Miracle Network hospitals. You have to raise $500 by Feb 15 to get the code.

        • That’s good. I’ll throw all the good vibes your way.

          Good to know. This is sort of bucket list for me as I’ve never run a race or more than 3 miles at a time, but I could always transfer the next year.
          Maybe I’ll see you out there. I’ll be the slow poke in back just trying to finish.

          • I’m a relatively steady slow poke too… tend to run 10:30/10:50 in 6+ mile races. But I have come incredibly far, I used to have trouble running one mile! The trick I’ve found for longer distances is to slow down, even more so than normal. Oh and doing a power walk break when I need to and choosing something on the horizon like a light pole and say to myself, I’ll start running again once I get there. Good luck with training!

          • Oh I’m not going to train. Crazy I know, but I just won’t have the time to add in running (which I hate) to gym time.
            So yea first 10 miler ever will be this race potentially. I have you check my schedule before I commit.
            Thanks for the tips and good luck!

        • “I believe this guarantees entry next year though!”
          That’s how it worked a couple of years ago.

    • have you considered some temporary therapy or support group? and don’t rush to be a social butterfly – it takes time for your heart to heal

    • I can completely sympathize with your second rant. My wife and I are normally rather social people (even though I have serious social anxiety) but since our daughter passed away last month, we have pretty much been homebodies. Our therapist said that it was completely normal and to just do what feels right to us in the moment. We’ve sent out apologies for missing all of the holiday parties and hopefully we’ll be back to being sociable in a few months.

      • Virtual hugs to you.

      • I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t even fathom. My heart really goes out to you.
        I think you’re right in just doing what feels right in the moment. I went to my work holiday party this year thinking it would be a good experience and distract me, but it was a terrible idea. I spent most of the time hiding in my office. I have subsequently been trying to take it more day by day, and things seem to be getting better. I would like to be a homebody for the holidays but we booked travel to be with family months ago and my husband is really looking forward to it, we’ll just try to make it lower key than it was going to be.

  • Rant: I love my job but right now I just want to cry/run away because I don’t see how on earth I can get everything done that needs to be done – I’m sort of split between two different groups in my department, and it’s been ok up til now because one side was very quiet and low-demand, but now things are kicking into high gear with some new research projects. To complicate matters, there is a possibility that a person I work closely with will be moving into a different position, and I would assume her responsibilities, and that prospect has me utterly terrified. I’m not trained in what’s she’s trained in, I have such a small amount of knowledge of what she does and how she does it, and holy crap I don’t know how on earth I would do everything! Trying not to freak out but oh man.
    Rave: Pretty sure I’m not an alcoholic, because even with all this stress, I have no desire to hit the bottle after my liver-endangering weekend.
    Rant: the “debate” last night. I can’t even.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: annual review done.
    Rant: probably not a good raise in my future.
    Rave: vacation in less than a week!

  • Giant rant: had a frustrating conversation with a friend yesterday. I mentioned how there is potential for an job in the private sector if I get myself fired from school. I mentioned how it would be nice to be in a less pressure cooker environment and he went on about how it’s so much harder everywhere in the private sector. He knows this because he has a friend who teaches in Baltimore county and admits it’s easy. I guess this friend’s experiences are more valid than mine. Is this mansplaining? Regardless, it’s obnoxious

    • HaileUnlikely

      I don’t think that is anything specifically man-splaining. It sounds like nothing more than somebody mistakenly believing that their own experience is universal, which is pretty common. Teaching in some schools is undoubtedly much more difficult in some schools than in other schools. Some private sector jobs are undoubtedly much more demanding than others as well.

      • Agreed with Haile here. I remember talking to a teacher-friend who started out in largely Title I, urban schools, went to Baltimore County, and then to Harford County to teach because it was even “easier” than Baltimore County. So maybe there is some truth to his statement regarding the ease of teaching elsewhere. It’s also really hard to say whether a private industry or public sector job would be easier or harder because it’s just very different from teaching. But, I do think that a lot of people seem to have this perception that what teachers do *must* be easy since they get off work at 3:30 every day (yeah right), have summers and winter/spring breaks off, etc.

      • “somebody mistakenly believing that their own experience is universal” — Well phrased. And this phenomenon is soooo common.

    • A non-teaching job might or might not be less of a pressure-cooker environment than your current job, but your friend is in no position to know (or say) whether your current job is a high-pressure one.

    • hammers

      Definitely does not sound like mansplaining. In fact, he might just have been reacting (albeit poorly) to your assumption that a private sector job is not a pressure cooker. I’d be frustrated if a teacher assumed my job was lower-pressure just based on it just being outside of a classroom. Granted, if it is a specific job that you know would be less stress, than you have to choose what is right for you.

    • God I sure hope people Lose the term “mansplaining” in 2016. Would you have felt the same if it was a female that said it? Anyone who uses that word gets no sympathy from me.

    • houseintherear

      In my experience, teachers who think their job is easy suck at teaching.

  • Rant: Payroll made errors on my paycheck, resulting in me not getting my pre-tax deductions right at the end of the year (403b, transit, and HSA). They tell me they can’t make changes and that they kept getting an error on my paycheck so twice (for two checks), they just removed some of my pre-tax deductions to make it work. Don’t think that’s fair at all.
    Rave: Had a great morning meeting with a great group of people across the world. Sometimes my work is lonely and then I connect with these guys and it’s awesome.
    Rave/Rant: Stayed up late to finish my next Mary Russell book (so so good) but slept like shit.
    Rave: Having a good hair day, got a great new dress, heading to NYC for my husband’s holiday party where they’re announcing him as the CEO :-).

    • Your payroll person is an ill-informed/ incompetent/ lazy so-and-so who’s trying to make his/her problem YOUR problem. Push back, hard. Seriously, payroll is fiddly, but it’s not difficult. I did it for years and a modicum of detail-orientation is all it requires. Also, I’ve never encountered a situation that can’t be changed after the fact. It might be time consuming and annoying, but it’s not impossible.

    • “…they just removed some of my pre-tax deductions to make it work. Don’t think that’s fair at all.” Why is this the common thing to do now? So effing infuriating. God forbid they take an extra step to actually resolve the issue!

      Oh wow, congrats to you and your husband! Sounds like the move was definitely worth it!!

    • Why wouldn’t they tell you about the error the first time it happened? HR can be some of the most inept ppl out there.

      • Right? Ok my fault for not noticing in the one paycheck but their excuse was that they couldn’t process ANYONE’s paycheck (hundreds of staff here) due to my one paycheck. But then it happened again…they didn’t talk to me after the first paycheck error so then did the same damn thing the second time.
        It’s not complicated, normal transit, 403b and HSA deductions. So they removed my 403b and transit deductions arbitrarily and only took my HSA deduction. Now it’s year end and I’m left without all of my contributions and they say “don’t worry, it’s only pre-tax issues – it’s not like we took money from you”. Yes, yes you did. Pre-tax deductions are to save me money.

      • Shower Thought of the Day: OPM is the world’s largest HR department.
        Oh the incompetence. 😮

        • I do feel a little bit bad for the hard working employees there though. I used to work in personnel security and suitability (not at OPM, but in coordination with them) and despite working with a team of literally 100+ hardworking people, the sheer volume of federal employees (and the sheer repetitiveness of processes) can be incredibly overwhelming.

  • Rant: Listened to a defendant argue that it’s crimes were not that serious. Defendant kidnapped a child for a week and only got caught after wrecking a car (that it stole from another person) while the kidnapped child was unsecured in the back seat.

    Rant 2: Couldn’t control my facial expression in court for a split second. Doesn’t normally happen, but it did today and the Judge saw it.

    Rave/Rant: Not having kids means my career hasn’t made me quite as paranoid as I would otherwise be??

  • Rant: Girlfriend going through a really horrible time — huge end of year work stress (she’s the CEO), trying to stay solvent while paying out decent bonuses and preparing for next year plus all the day-to-day challenges of being the boss (she’s been my boss in the past I think she’s a pretty good one) while waiting on a make-or-break contract. And that’s just the background to her bedridden father with an infection that may kill him this week, the aunt who raised her being diagnosed with cancer — first procedure yesterday yielded good news — and a mentor dying suddenly. I feel wildly inadequate and stress bleeds over.
    Rant: Spending money at an alarming rate, none of it on what I want to spend it on and juggling Christmas logistics for six people with different jobs and demands.
    Rant: Procrastinating on stuff at work that needs to be done.
    Rant: Miss my wife especially during the holidays although, God knows, she hated this time of year.
    Rant: Just feeling ranty
    Rave: A forum to rant in
    Rave: Even though we have different challenges (he got laid off the factory and can’t buy his daughter a Christmas present, my girlfriend is stressed because she had to lay off an incompetent executive, my daughter leaves the kitchen a wreck) Merle Haggard and I have a similar outlook on this month. And when you’re on Merle’s team….


    • Irving Streete, I’m sorry to hear you and your girlfriend are having a difficult time. I am sure you’re not wildly inadequate, even if it feels like it at the moment.

    • Embrace you inner wild inadequacy! (You know I’m not making fun – just suggesting a mild surrender.)

  • Can anyone recommend a good eye doctor, preferably downtown/Dupont area? Realizing I haven’t had my eyes checked in a few years and probably need new glasses!

  • Rave: Kindness of strangers! Thankful to the person who helped me carry my son in his stroller down the escalator to the metro this morning.
    Rant: Broken metro escalators and elevators.

  • Rave: Sale at Frugalista -25% off most everything in the store. I saved money! And, every time I turned around new clothes were being put out. A return trip will be in order before Christmas (when sale ends)
    Rant: Watched the debate last night – even with an entertaining twitter feed and glass of wine (or two) it was still painful to watch.
    Rave: Low key Christmas. For the last few years my family has done Christmas Angels and supported a local charity instead of buying presents for each other. It would be different if there were still young children around

  • Rant: I’m still not accustomed to being this emotional. I don’t know if I will ever get used to it.
    Rave: The other Mrs. Rabbit has suggested we go for a couples massage for our annual Christmas gift.
    Rave: Two of our friends have gifted us a weekend at a B&B to give us a chance to unwind after the craziness of the last month. We really do have the most amazing friends.
    Rant: Anxiety is kicking my butt. I guess there will be more baking today.

  • Rave: Office holiday party today
    Rave: I didn’t help set up (something I did several times before and was a source of frustration. So happy others stepped up to volunteer this time.)
    Rave: The banana pudding I brought in should be a hit!
    Rave: Nice night catching up with a friend last night.
    Rave: Caps (on TV) and Survivor finale tonight.
    Rave: Woke up this morning because of the dog and the alarm, relatively back pain free. No clue what made a difference – booze? lack of gluten (friend has celiacs)? Supplements? Muscle relaxer? Miracle? Don’t know, but really don’t care!

    • Re you’re second rave. I tried to help set up at my office’s holiday party last week because I always find setting up for parties pretty exciting. But every time I put something out (i.e. chips and salsa on one table, veggies and cheese and crackers on another, etc.) I’d walk back by a few minutes later to find someone had moved it! Apparently one person had an unspoken my-way-or-the-highway rule about snack setup.
      Long story short, I will be joining the not-setting-up club next year. Surprisingly frustrating.

      • Such a waste of energy rather than simply telling you of the scheme. People who refuse to use their words upset me.

        • Right?! I totally wanted to be helpful but when it was apparent I wasn’t helping I just hovered awkwardly for a bit.

  • Rant: Have you ever noticed someone’s conversational tic, then not been able to ever ignore it again? Omg, coworker uses it in every sentence and it’s driving me crazy.
    Rave: Caps game tonight versus a Canadian team, which means bonus anthem. Theirs is so much better than ours.
    Rave: kind of sort of got recognition of a job well done from the people I’m kindly donating my time to, but who have not made it easy.
    Rave: DOG is hilarious, he impresses visitors by ripping apart his stuffed animals. Apparently I’m not deserving of this display of vigor on my own.

  • Rave: Fiance got in to one of his top choice MBA programs! He only applied to 4 schools and this is the first one he has heard back from– as someone who applied to 13 law schools, this freaked me out so I’m so happy and relieved for him.
    Rave: Home in two days.
    Rant: Two days has never felt longer.
    Rave: My dad’s business trip in NY aligns perfectly with my interviews in NY. Looking forward to some good meals and hopefully a show.

    • Yay for your fiance’s top choice MBA acceptance! And good luck making it through the next two days ~

      • Thank you! The school brought therapy dogs into the library earlier this week and I spent a good 15 minutes with a dog who looked just like your pup on my lap. Made my day!

      • You definitely picked the right school – what a brilliant idea to bring in therapy pets for stressed out students.
        My pup was a wondnerful therapy dog when my mom was in in-home hospice, just the right size for gently snuggling.
        Much better than the spazzy border collie, or the golden retriever that would take up half the bed

        • It really was wonderful. This dog was the perfect size and was just so happy to get all of the attention. There was also a Great Dane who took up an entire couch and just wanted to nap in peace!

  • Rant: Woke up at 5 a.m. again.
    Rave: Was able to get back to sleep this time.
    Rant: I need to return the garden border fencing I bought on Sunday for my treebox — turns out that green wire fencing is visible from the street, but blends into the treebox’s dark-brown mulch color and is thus invisible from the sidewalk. Oops. I hope my little iris transplants don’t get trampled in the meantime.

  • Question: Can anyone recommend books/materials on emotional intelligence? I would like to become more aware of how I come across in conversations with coworkers, acquaintances etc and hope that this will help.

  • Rant: New Fitbit confirms that I am terrible at sleeping. Already have a fan for white noise and black out curtains–what else can I do!?
    Maybe I’ll buy a new pillow in the after Christmas sales.
    Rant: Too much to do before the holidays.
    Rave: Looking forward to being home for the holidays.

  • Rant: When they tuck the paper down into your sandwich, leaving you with a soggy messy wrapper to extricate.

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