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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Same old Rave: I work at a boys school.
    Same old Rant: The Parents

  • rave: it’s friday
    rave: sending out christmas cards is so fun! i can send them out online. http://www.postables.com (check it out!)
    rant: office hypocrisy driving me up the wall.
    rant: Still need to get a damn tree.
    rant: public urination on metro. fun times.
    rave: my dog cuddling with me early this morning in bed. he’s so sweet.

  • Rant: Ok, seriously weather – 68 degrees? No. It’s officially far enough in to December that 68 is too damn warm!
    Rave: Compromise. MIL isn’t watching my son. Instead, I’m going alone to DC for a night to visit friends and my favorite self-care places (hello, nice eyebrows! Nail Saloon!). I’m going to get a super nice hotel room (club level at the ritz? spa room at the Palomar?) and stay for a night by myself with no interruptions. Re-stock up on compass coffee, pickles from eastern market, ect.
    Rant: My poor husband having to parent alone.
    rave: Welcome to my world, hon! (just kidding, he’s seeing if my MIL will help out)
    rave: My husband understood and respected the anxiety I had about leaving my kid alone with her when he can’t really express his wants/needs clearly yet. He usually sweeps that under the rug, making me feel like my feelings about a situation aren’t important enough to consider. But I think he’s also exhausted from finals and doesn’t want to deal with anything. So worked out for me!

    • That’s a great thing, planning time to yourself — I hope it is refreshing and relaxing!

    • The last part of your final rant made me laugh. You probably hit the nail on the head there, I’m too tired to care about anything but finals. Such an intense, life-absorbing couple of weeks. I’m glad it all worked out! Your solitary D.C. time sounds wonderful.

      • ugh good luck! My husband has a full day final on Sunday and then a two day take home one next week. I just try to keep him fed and hydrated. He’s had an awful cold for weeks, so it makes it even more fun!!!

        • He’s lucky to have you keeping him fed and hydrated! Our dining hall (I live in the law school dorm this year aka law school boarding school) has had tons of dessert options during finals… which is good in theory when but I would really like some good protein options and vegetables at this point to supplement all the ice cream.

    • Your DC weekend sounds amazing! I wish I could do that! Have you considered the Park Hyatt as a hotel option? Blue Duck Tavern for room service sounds about as wonderfully indulgent as it can possibly get.

      • I have, but I’m not sure I’d do room service (dinner with friends). I’ve considered the Jefferson, too, as they have a little spa there. Maybe even the W?

        • basically, I want a spa. And probably some alcohol. While in a soaker tub. So Palomar is probably the best bed. They have fiji soaking tubs and you can see the TV from them. Yummy.

          • I do love the Palomar but I am a little less of a Kimpton fan since the sale. I’d say it sounds like a splurge on the Mandarin Oriental would be perfect.

          • problem with the Mandarin is the location. It will end up costing me in cabs to hang with friends, and the Palomar I can walk/cheap taxi, ya know? I haven’t stayed since the sale. Any views on the Jefferson? or Ritz?

          • I’m sure you will/would have a lovely time at the Palomar. On my last attempt at booking, they (and other Kimptons) had tacked on a ‘resort fee’ for amenities that used to be included and it was off-putting so I stayed elsewhere. Haven’t stayed at Jefferson or Ritz. I have stayed at the W–it is nice, in a trendy way. [I really do have an apartment and am not Eloise living in hotels, I swear!]

          • I always enjoy the Ritz and the Park Hyatt.

    • I don’t get it. Why not use this as a teaching lesson for your MIL? Everytime I’ve ever babysat, the mother provided everything and then some of what I would need for the child. Also gave me a set of instructions and or signs to look out for. I see NO where in your rantd that you’ve done any of that.

      • My MIL isn’t a paid babysitter. a night or two away isn’t the time to “teach” my MiL things I’ve already asked her to do for the past 2 years, such as feed my child at certain times, provide him with water, and change his diaper when it’s wet/dirty. She does those things on her timeline, not my son’s. I’ve left the diaper bag full of what my kid needs when leaving the home, and she leaves it behind. Grandparenting is different because, I think, many grandparents think they know best. It’s been addressed before, and long story short, I’d rather enjoy myself than worry. If I was going to spend a day or two worrying, it would be a waste. This way, the two of them can perhaps figure it out, and I’m less anxious when my husband is the care provider, which is really what it boils down to.

      • 1. As someone who babysat for 10 years that’s very different than having your MIL watch your child. In theory her MIL raised her husband so she shouldn’t need signs, lists, etc. A diaper change and water are some of the most basic needs for a toddler. 2. JinDC has indicated she has some anxiety, which I can relate to and it’s hard to relax when you don’t have full confidence in a child’s caretaker. Especially for a weekend.

  • right there with your first rant. Guess global warming is truly a real thing. sigh.

  • Rant: I’m missing winter weather.
    Rave: The unseasonably warm weather allows me to train outdoors for my first half marathon coming up in Feb.
    Rave: Colorado ski trip just before Christmas will be an opportunity to enjoy the cold and snow.

  • Rave: It’s the weekend, thank you sweet baby zombie jesus. This has felt like the longest week ever.
    Rant: The guilt of a semi-LDR. Since we don’t get to see each other during the week, the weekends become about us. I am desperately in need of some kid-free home time to clean, organize, and just be by myself for a few hours. However, I feel super guilty asking for this time and have this fear of missing out in relation to it. Not quite sure how to work this out.

    • I think you time is important, especially within a healthy relationship even if it is long distance-ish. I imagine your gentleman friend would understand. Perhaps set up some time once or twice a month to allow for solo recharging.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: people who don’t return phone calls. I have questions that need answers.
    Rave: Fawncy Party tomorrow.
    Rant: I fear AO will be at my table. I cannot have that.
    Rave: Fawncy Party tomorrow!

    • I’m giggling, as I am confident from reading your posts for a while that you will be able to finesse NOT sitting at the same table as AO! Also because last night I watched a very old and favorite movie, Working Girl, where Melanie Griffith and Harrison Ford went to a fawncy wedding reception without an invitation and your Fawncy Party/AO situation reminded me of that.

  • Ally

    Rant: That tool who killed the cat in the article above.
    Rave: Get to see my charity-poker buddies this weekend after being away for a year with the new baby.
    Rave: Said new baby turns 6 months this Sunday!

  • RAVE: Doc finally let me get off the meds that were making my brain swiss cheese. Were trying new drugs to see if they work for my constant, crushing migraines

    Rant: I just did aptitude testing. I’m sure that the brain fog affected the testing, but I figured since I was always going to have to take the meds, it wouldn’t matter. If I get my brain function back, I wonder if I should re-do the testing

    Rant: Too many balls up in the air. I need something to change at work. I need to move. And I can’t quite figure out how to make all the puzzle pieces work. I don’t want to stay where I live for a year + or more if it takes that long to work out the work thing, but I don’t want to buy a new house then find out I found a new job and need to move. So many decisions and it is paralyzing.

  • Rave: Semi-decent night of sleep last night! Only up twice
    Rave: Baby turns 6 months on Sunday! I can’t believe how fast it’s gone and how big she is!
    Rant: WaPost article about the achievement gap in DC and how it begins in infancy. The bulleted list of disparities between kids in ward 3 vs ward 8 was sobering and so sad.

  • Rave: Almost the weekend!
    Rave: Unseasonably warm weather!
    Rave: Good weather for planting daffodil bulbs in my treebox area and in planters. (Last year my bulbs-in-planters rotted, but the other day I bought some stones/large pebbles from Home Depot to put in the bottoms of the planters for drainage purposes.)
    Rant: Global warming.
    Rant: Need to do serious tidying/house-cleaning this weekend in advance of a friend’s visit.

    Rant: Unhappy at work.
    Rave: Productive call with a friend to discuss things I can do to get myself up and out.
    Rave: Lunch at Momofuku today.

    • I got a set of four for my parents and my wife’s parents for Xmas and as an added thank you for our October wedding.
      Got two for us in DC as well.

    • We tried and tried, my friends and I, to secure Bruce tickets. We failed.

      • I couldn’t get them via Ticketmaster online but my friend got a lot via the iPad app. It’ll be interesting to see the resale process for tickets because you’re required to swipe the purchasing card in order to get into the Verizon Center. Never seen that before!

  • Rant: Feeling grumpy – pain, hormones, stress of holidays/all the birthdays/gifts, at work when I wouldn’t normally be because of the vet visit last week.
    Rant: The dog has a high liver value on one of her tests and needs a follow up test. After losing the puppy to liver failure, this is nerve-wracking…but the Vet isn’t too stressed yet.
    Rave: Invited to a holiday party this morning from one of our neighbors. Looking forward to spending time with the people on our street and getting to know them better. I love that it was a simple text instead of something formal.
    Rant: Commiserating with SKT over wedding stuff because the wedding I’m in in NOLA in March involves taking off both President’s Day weekend and MLK weekend for wedding events. The bride is wonderful, and she has done this for all our closest friends, so that makes it a bit more bearable. The dress is already in the closet, the lodging has been partially paid for, the plane tickets are paid for – so at least some of the hurt is over with. The MOH is not answering emails or contributing in any meaningful way so far – which is unfortunate. I don’t mind unless she starts poo-pooing plans…they we will have a problem.
    Rave: Looking forward to some live music this weekend in Philly. Mr Greengenes reunion!
    Rave: Hosting a brunch for airbnb hosts tomorrow – should be interesting and didn’t involve too much work on my end.
    Rave: Despite all of the absolute crap in the news, this time of year does seem to be the season for people caring for one another and doing kind and generous things. If I can wade through the redneck gun postings there are lots of lovely things on my facebook feed. Okay this was 50/50 rant/rave.
    Rave: Ending with a rave…finished reading Americanah last night and it was wonderful. A great book will always be a rave for me 🙂

  • Rave: FRIDAY! So so so glad this week is almost done, I feel a bit like a zombie right now.
    Rant: I actually went to bed at a good time (a little after 10) but woke up several times, including one time around 4ish where I was so confused about where I was and what was going on that I thought maybe I was sleepwalking. I wasn’t, it was “almost sleep walking”, if that makes sense.
    Rave: Super excited for this weekend – craft fair, a concert, a date, and an office party! Hooray!
    Rant: This weather is pissing me off. It’s gross and way too warm and making me miserable.
    Rave: It’s Friday!

  • Rant: dropped another egg this morning. Wtf?
    Rave: ending the work day early, fancy party tonight.
    Rave: Get up Kids this weekend!
    Rave: Brewing with some newbies this weekend. Not that I’m awesome at this, but I’m excited to teach some new people. I know when I was starting out I could have used a lot more help, so I’m happy to speed their learning along.

  • Rave: HONY for the Holidays. I just love this idea. I’d love to see PoPville arrange something similar, for Christmas and/or Thanksgiving. I’d host at Thanksgiving.

  • Rant: Yesterday I was feeling good and decided to take my first trip beyond the hospital and my apartment in literally a month to run errands. While checking out at the first store, literally five minutes into my shopping trip, I heard a loud voice saying something to the effect of “girl, look at those ankles and that belly! How can you stand to be out of the house?” Other customers’ heads definitely turned to look at me. Then, the same lady, who turns out to *work at the store*, proceeds to come up to me and wrap her hands all the way around my belly. I was so stunned I didn’t even know what to say but am still getting chills just thinking about it.
    Question: Would it be totally overreacting to contact the company ( a small national chain) about this? Her behavior seems so totally inappropriate to me, but I’m not sure what the right way to manage it is a day later, since I didn’t actively complain at the time it happened.

    • Yes, call everybody. Why is she touching you?

    • Emmaleigh504

      I would call the store to talk to the manager, so they can tell her it’s not ok. If you call corporate then the complaint may not trickle down.

    • WTAF?! I would absolutely complain, that is completely rude, and she had absolutely zero right to touch you!
      I think the best way to go about it is an email to the store manager, explain what happened and most importantly how it made you feel, and explain that you would like the employee to be spoken to. I also wouldn’t bother with corporate since it is likely a very specific issue with one person versus a store culture issue.

    • I understand being mad, but do you really want to maybe cause the the worker to be fired? Just for committing a social error? If you had a problem with it, how about just saying don’t touch me and that it was rude.

      • While I don’t think the employee should be fired, I do think she needs to be reprimanded. What she did was severely inappropriate. She needs to know to never, ever, pull anything like that ever again.

        • +1. I wouldn’t think of inappropriate touching as simply being a social error and the employee needs to know its not an acceptable thing to do, especially on the job.

      • It takes a great deal of presence of mind to be able to do what you are asking, and not everyone has that. Unwanted touching in any form is incredibly disconcerting and tends to throw the touch-ee through a loop. There are some people who are perfectly able to say “excuse me, please don’t touch me” in these sorts of situations, but then there are others who are not able to do that for various reasons. It does not make their concerns any less valid.

        • +1. I would assume that I’d have the presence of mind to say something in the moment, and one of the most surprising and upsetting things about this experience is that I was completely stunned by it. I just wouldn’t have expected something like this to happen in that place at that moment, so I was totally unprepared to react.
          Also, I’m not out to get her fired, but I do think a manager should tell her this type of behavior is inappropriate. I would go back and do it myself if 1) I felt better and 2) knew she was working today.

        • You don’t know what the outcome of the complaint can be. A reprimand would be fine, but a lot of stores would just fire, as these a low wage workers as replaceable. Now you may have another mother looking for a way to support their kids.

          And people wonder why people are now just minding their business, and not going out their way to help people if they awesome strange.

          • touching a customer w/o asking is NOT “going out of their way to help people”.

          • You also assume that this is the first time the employee has done something like this. Let me ask you, if this was a man who had randomly came up and touched a woman’s midsection, placed his hands entirely around her, would this be ok? But because it’s a woman touching another woman who is pregnant, we should do everything possible to protect the person’s job? Nope. Sorry. Being pregnant DOES NOT give people the excuse to touch people when they have not been explicitly invited to do so. Period.

          • I really liked what another here said the other day (was it Artemis?) about pregnancy being a very private thing that is so public. It’s so true. ESPECIALLY if you’ve had issues (previous losses, fertility trouble, or religious superstitions), you just wanna be left alonesies!

          • You won’t win thst argument here. Seriously i’ve been in so much establishments where an employee has put their hand on my shoulder, or have said hi honey how can help you, or ok baby have a good day. Almost every time you can tell when someone is being wierd with it vs just a friendly human interaction and nothing thought about it. If shawnedd felt a certain way then why come here for validation? Either it bothered you to where you want to report it or it didn’t.

          • Shawess didn’t come here for validation. She came here to rant about an unpleasant experience that she’d had, and her additional frustration at having been so surprised by it that she didn’t say anything at the time. And she was seeking opinions as to whether her instinct as to how to respond after the fact was appropriate.
            Just because someone has friendly intentions doesn’t mean it’s OK to touch a stranger.

      • “If you had a problem with it, how about just saying don’t touch me and that it was rude.”
        Just piling on everyone saying that you cannot know how you will react in any situation you haven’t faced before. Let’s say that you’re in a public place, and a man picks up your toddler. Walks right up to your two-year-old, and picks her up. We all think we would do something decisive, right? Mama bear instinct and all that. But when it happened to me, and I am no shrinking violet, I froze and almost-whispered “Please.” That’s it. (I guess he saw my distress, and put her down. He was just a foreign tourist who thought she was cute and wanted a picture.) But the mama bear I thought I could count on was nowhere to be found. We just can’t know how we’ll react.

    • Not overreacting at all. It is not ok for a stranger to put her hands on you. It is super not ok for an employee in shift to put thier hands on you. At all. Please let her manager know. This women overstepped her bounds. First with the comment, then with actually touching you.

    • I would talk to the store. That’s not ok.

    • Or, is it an option for you to just not go back to that store?

  • Rave: the new Admin turned the conference room into about as cozy a spot for an office holiday party as is humanely possible. Key touches: drinkable wine, high-end rum for the punch, an internet loop of burning fire projected on one wall.
    Rant: Have to stay sober enough to cook dinner for out-of-town guest.
    Rave: Taking said guest and assorted family members to Zoo Lights, which seems tacky but fun.
    Rave: Two fun parties tomorrow night.
    Rant: Woman that I was seeing when the thing with the girlfriend spontaneously combusted (in a good way) and who stayed dangerously interested for months will be at the one of the two parties I really want to stay at. Why can’t ex’s just move to another state?

  • Rave: First exam done! I felt good about it and then celebrated with margaritas and Love Actually.
    Rant: And back to studying today for my least favorite class. If I could never come into contact to with admin law ever again, I would be beyond happy.
    Rave: Home in one week, NYC the following week for rockettes and interviews.

    • I watched Love Actually in the theater as a studying break in the middle of my first semester of law school finals. It was just the break I needed. Congrats with finishing the first exam and power through the next ones. You got this! (Also, admin law as a 1L???)

      • Thank you! It was really the best break. Ugh, it’s a statutory interpretation/regulation class that’s half admin law. We have Con Law as 2Ls, but they are switching this for next year’s 1Ls because it doesn’t make sense.

        • what’s admin law? I try to keep up with my husband’s classes but also keep a distance and let him handle it because I don’t want to micromanage. LOL. He has torts, civpro, contracts and starts ‘electives’ next semester.

          • No writing?

          • Admin law = administrative law, basically the regulations/rules/laws/decisions that administrative agencies (think the executive branch of the federal government) have the authority to make.

          • Yes, basically what the executive branch can/cannot do. Kind of an all over the place class that doesn’t fit with the way I think. I also have torts and property this semester in addition to legal writing. I am MUCH more excited for next semester of criminal law, contracts, and civil procedure.

      • I thought the same thing – but at least she’s getting it over with!!! Congrats! 1 down, and not that many more to go!

        • Thank you! Yes, only 2 exams and one week but it still seems so far away. Time has become a really strange concept this week and the time of the exam was this weird surreal gap when the exam just happened.

  • rant: Working in the federal Govt. maybe it’s the specific program I am in, but they don’t ever “move you up” in terms of position. I got a co-worker who says she has been asking for a good 5 or so years to get a grade up and she is always turned down. no explanation given.

    my theory is money. they want us to work our butts off, but no reward. annoys me so much!

    • I assume your position is eligible for a grade up? If so, what’s their justification for not promoting you? My agency pretty much automatically bumps you up until the top grade (13 in my case) assuming your rating is satisfactiory or higher. Then they require you to know write out a justification and examples of why your work is now gs-13 worthy. With one exception, it takes most people an extra 6 months to get bumped up to the 13.

      Of course at my two other agencies, promotions were pretty much automatic, assuming you were on the career ladder path. Sounds like yours is “exceptional”.

      • co-worker is an 8 and wants to get a 9. but she says instead of giving her a 9, they simply hired someone new to come in and help her with her job. that’s fine in theory, but that’s not what the problem was. she feels she works really hard, does what she is asked, and is not being rewarded.

        as for me? i’ve been told “we would have to put an announcement out. we don’t really want to do that….”

        so heck if i know. maybe they’re all just lazy jerks. ‘please do the hard work, but we’re not going to show our appreciation’


        • Are your positions eligible for a time-in-grade increase — e.g., are you a GS-9 in a position where you’re eligible for promotion up to GS-12? Or are you maxed out at the top of the ladder for your current position?

        • My experience has been that annual promotions to the next possible grade level are practically automatic. However, a friend of mine in a newly created office (in an established federal departments) told me that her office was holding out on promoting its GS-9s to GS-11, its GS-11s to GS-12, etc. — I think because of funds. Her case and yours are the only ones like that I’ve ever heard of.

          • if it’s money related (funds) then i would rather be told that. instead i get the answer i described above. just rubs me the wrong way

          • Wendy — Yeah. I agree that they ought to provide some sort of explanation, even if it’s a lame one.
            Have you applied for other federal jobs? It sounds like your current one is preventing you from advancing.

        • It sounds like you’re in a position that doesn’t have a ladder higher than your current grade, in which case they would have to put out an announcement and you would need to compete for your next grade. If they aren’t doing that, then they’re running the risk of losing you – but what they’re saying makes sense. At my agency there is also a hiring freeze, so each position has to be approved at a pretty high SES level – they may not want to do that for a promotion in the current climate. You CAN ask for a step increase instead of a monetary award, because that’ll put a little more money in your pocket each month. And definitely consider applying elsewhere. If you’re working hard I can promise that a lot of other offices would love to have you!

  • Rant: Netflix doesn’t have the last season of parenthood.
    Rave: it does have west wing, so that’s my next series to binge watch
    Rave: commute home with baby and toddler on the bus went alright yesterday, though it might be a bit more challenging once I have my work bag with me.
    Rave: getting to go to toddler’s day care holiday party today. One of the benefits of maternity leave.
    Contemplating going into the office for a few hours in a couple of weeks to meet someone interviewing for a job in my office. May be crazy, but he does research on my area and it would be good to meet him even if he doesn’t end up getting or taking the job.
    I think this weekend is an excellent one for zoo lights.

  • Rave 1: Finally filled out the foster form so I can help out with kitties over the holidays
    Rant 1: the post about Panda and now the dreadful humane society report really put me over the edge
    Rant 2: over 20 people coming to my house tonight, too many emails and even a demand!
    Rave 2: Many of the people coming are good friends, and it will be fun in the end.

  • Rave: FRIDAY! Thank all the gods you have arrived.
    Rant/Rave: Lots of holiday celebrations this weekend. I’m excited to see people, but exhausted just thinking about it.
    Rave: Pulled pork crocking at home in anticipation of tomorrow’s family Christmas gathering. At least there will be yummy things to eat.

  • hammers

    have a throwaway day today, because it’s our office holiday party and cant work. Was thinking of updating my writing samples for 2016 job interviews– anyone have any good writing prompts? probably something op-ed style.

  • Any recommendations on good thrift, consign shops near dc? I can always do something like marshalls but thought of doing something different. I’m already hip to buffalo exchange.
    Rave: Hoping this mix/mingle tonight isn’t a dud.
    Rave: Manageable overtime through December.
    Rave: First professional holiday party next week.
    Rave: Can’t wait for the new year’s resolution sales for a gym.

    • I really like Fia’s Fabulous Finds at 8th and Upshur, NW!

    • In DC: Frugalista in MtP and Goodwill in NE near the Costco.
      Outside DC: if you have a car the Unique locations are totally worth it, I like the one in Wheaton and the double sized store at NH Ave and the Beltway. Get on their email list for sales, though I think for a lot of them you still need to have the membership card, which is free.
      Consignment: I like Current Boutique, though I think some items are over priced, but you’ll always find good quality.

    • what type of consign? There’s Current (which has a few locations), Secondi, and Ella-Rue. Less thrifty, more consignment.

  • Rave: It’s Friday and we’re going home to visit my parents this weekend and enjoying fun New England holiday festivities, horse drawn carriages and all!
    Rant: I’m still getting a positive pregnancy test even though it’s been more than a week since my miscarriage. It’s not abnormal for this to happen, but I was hoping it would be faintly positive and clearly receding. Bodies are weird. I just want to move on.
    Rave: Christmas tree scent every time I enter my apartment. Love a real tree!

    • If you are up for it, check out the 4th trimester bodies project on Facebook or their site. Definitely some moms and kids there, but there are a LOT of very comforting stories about loss and overcoming mental health issues and other things “we” (as a society) don’t talk about. I find great comfort in the strength of many of the women profiled, and you might as well.

      • Great idea, thanks! I’ll check out their site. I’ve left Facebook for the month of December because I’m in that prime age bracket of lots of pregnancy announcements and baby pictures on the timeline. I don’t like the feelings of jealousy that come up when I see these pictures–who likes feeling that way towards friends? Thought it might be better to take a break for a while.
        And as for the whole not talking about it–my spouse and I were talking about how miscarriage is treated as a silent grief. Something that you don’t really talk about even though you’d probably share other medical issues/personal losses with close friends/colleagues. For this reason, we’ve both been very open to the people we know about what we’re going through. There’s no shame in something so common and I’d rather people at work know why I’m in and out of the office and why all of a sudden I might burst into tears (this is part of grief but also I find my hormones are nuts right now and I have no control over the occasional crying jag). And of course, lots of people in turn have come out of the woodwork with their miscarriage stories. Maybe if people were more open about it, going through it wouldn’t feel so lonely for the millions (billions?) of people who do.

    • Bodies are definitely weird. And it can take awhile for the hormones to fully receed. Fwiw, my first period after my miscarriage was abnormally heavy and long. I’m sure that varies by person, but just be aware that the weirdness might continue for a little bit. It really threw me for a loop for some reason.
      Enjoy the holiday festivities!

  • Does anyone know what these changes to the 90, 92, and 93 Metrobus routes mean?
    Metrobus hasn’t updated the maps or timetables for these routes, so I’m trying to understand what the actual changes are.

    90, 92, 93 U Street-Garfield

    · Southbound bus service to Anacostia and Congress Heights Metrorail stations will permanently reroute on Florida Avenue NW at North Capitol St NW, on First Street NE at Florida Avenue NE and on First Street NE at O Street NE to resume regular route.
    · Bus stops located on North Capitol Street at P Street NW and on New York Avenue at First Street NE will be discontinued.


    • Um…not sure I understand what you’re missing. Maybe compare the old maps to the first change to see what’s different. The second change means you’re losing 2 bus stops along the route which won’t affect you if you’re not used to getting on at either of those stops. .

    • I think it means the the bus (going southeast on Florida) no longer turns right on North Cap, left on New York, and then right on Florida. Instead it will cross North Cap on Florida, turn right on 1st, left on O, and then right on Florida. Because of this route change, the two stops listed will no longer be on the route.

      • SouthwestDC

        I always wondered why the buses went down North Capitol. The maneuvering around the Wendy’s is tedious no matter how you do it, but that route seemed to take an especially long time.

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