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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • rave: have a fun holiday party coming up.
    rant: my icloud storage is nearly full. in order to get more storage, you need to pay monthly. PFT! whatever.
    rave: snacking on some yummy holiday themed M&M’s!
    rant: I hate the cost of living in and around DC. lol

  • Rave: Thanks for all the awesome suggestions yesterday. I’m psyched for next year’s books. Until then, I devoured After You last night and am excited to be onto the next Mary Russell novel!
    Rant: Haven’t gone more than three days over the past three months without having to pack a suitcase and travel across multiple states or oceans or countries…
    Rave: Couldn’t decide where to decorate for Christmas but finally decided on NYC. So I’ve got my childhood Santa music box, my small christmas tree, Christmas books, and lights packed in my suitcase. Hoping to snag a tiny tree while I’m up there.

    • Oh, tiny Christmas trees are all over up there. I loved Christmas living in NYC. I hope you’re enjoying it (besides the tourist part, I mean)

  • Any dining recs for Dallas? I’m here until tomorrow morning and I’m not eating crappy conference food. Staying downtown but willing to Uber. HALP! I’ve checked Eater and Yelp, but I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the options. I love BBQ and miss it, because it sucks in DC.

    • The Mitchell is downtown. Also recommend Saint Ann, Poe’s Kitchen at the Rattlesnake Bar and Windmill Lounge.

    • laurelo

      Former Dallasite here. For BBQ, head to Pecan Lodge or Sonny Bryan’s. Not sure where you’re staying but good options include The Porch (on Henderson), Fireside Pies (several locations), Blue Goose on Lower Greenville, Mattitos on Cedar Springs, Victor Tango’s on Henderson. Gah, there are so many places I would recommend!

  • Rant: Trash juice got onto my sneaker this morning just as I was leaving home to go to work. The trash bag I was taking out on the way to the elevator was leaking and when I looked down, my left sneaker was wet. It was clear liquid and dried when I got to work but I was so grossed out that I wiped it down with soap and water after I got to work.
    Rant: tomorrow is my year end performance review at work. I do my work on time without a whole lot of errors but I’m still scared of what my boss might say.
    Rave: I saw the Hunger Games this weekend and it was great.
    Rant: Lost my credit card and had to get a new one. No funny charges on it yet though.

  • Rave: Moments that remind me how much I love the DC theatre scene. I started getting more involved in the past year.
    Rant: Cranky this morning.
    Rave: Disco makes everything better

  • Question- Does anyone live in the Majestic in Columbia Heights? I am considering moving into a studio next month and would love some guidance about the building or management (Borger). Specifically- how is the noise between floors? Thanks!

    • I lived there 2-3 years ago. I was on the 2nd floor and there were a lot of roach/mice issues in the kitchens. Management was pretty awful but could have gotten better since then. I had a couple of packages go missing out of the locked package room and the property manager repeatedly overbooked the elevators/driveway in the back for moves. I did love the location and I rarely had noise issues between the floors.

    • I do (moved in recently) and I really like it. Management is pretty decent and responsive. The front desk is open quite late, which is also pretty nice to pick up packages. The noise between the floors isnt too bad, but its def there and depends on your neighbor. I don’t hear mine too much, hasn’t really bothered me.

    • You mean in MtP, on the corner of 16th and Lamont? It’s on the west side of 16th, so technically it’s not Columbia Heights.

      I can’t speak to the current management, but I lived in a very large studio there a few years ago, on the top floor. Noise between units was audible, but not too bad from the sides. My neighbors used to have epic late night parties and fights, so I could definitely hear them, but hopefully you wouldn’t be next to people who are that loud. On the other side I could only hear the neighbors if they were having sex, and even then it wasn’t loud and I could only hear it if I was in the bathroom, which apparently abutted their bedroom.

      I miss the giant walk in closet I had there, that thing was amazing. I don’t miss the tiny, closed off kitchen, it dampened my will to cook. I miss being so close to the 42 bus and the MtP farmers market, it’s my favorite.

  • Rant: Something about this whole week just seems off.
    Rant: Everyone has seemed quite grumpy lately which makes me think something weird is in the air, and that at least it’s not just me. (Is it the holidays? We should all be happy! :[) I wish we could all be a little bit kinder, myself included.
    I also wanted to extend my condolences to the folks who had very sad news to share yesterday, since I didn’t get a chance. You and your families are in my thoughts.

    • hammers

      Personally, I get really stressed around the holidays in general. But I think this year, there is also a lot of bad news going around.

    • It’s not just you! I started to write more…but there’s too much to list this early.

    • You know it’s weird. I don’t stress about Christmas. I still love shopping and celebrating. I even love Christmas music. But I think it’s just the to do around the holidays that put me in a mood. Or being around family too much. I was in full anxiety mode for days after Thanksgiving. I think this season in particular has been stressful with all the extra terribleness in the news and Trump.

      • I’m glad to hear it’s not just me! I share your love of Christmas and was so excited to finish finals so I could celebrate and enjoy the next few weeks, but instead I just feel irritated — it’s almost like we’re all feeding off everyone else’s stress and it’s making us… well, even more stressed.

      • Yeah, I love Christmas but Thanksgiving always stresses me out. More extended family/friends tend to be involved in our Thanksgivings while Christmas is low-key. I figured out that I don’t mind going to other people’s houses for the holidays but get overwhelmed having a lot of extra people in “my” (my family’s) house for an extended period of time.

    • No, I feel the same way, but today….today I am going to have a positive attitude! The job search just has me down even though I know this is not a busy hiring time. I am excited about Christmas, but no clue what to get my dad after I got him really great gifts the past two years! I was just able to help a lady struggling to open and hold the door so she could get her baby in his stroller out. Even though that is something so small it made me feel good to start my day like that.

    • The holidays fill me with anticipatory anxiety. This tends to seep into other areas of my life and makes me grumpy. I like the holidays in general, but the stress and family drama just suck.

    • Huh, that’s interesting becuase I am literally overflowing with the holiday spirit this year. I’m not stressed at all, even find myself watching cheesy Hallmark Channel holiday films almost nightly. Yay for the holiday season!

      • I’m with you in theory!!! I’ve made it my goal to visit all the public Christmas Tree’s in the city. So far i’ve gotten pics of The National Tree, Capitol, plus an impressive tree at National Airport. I will not let SAD’s take me down!

        • Good for you – keep up that holiday spirit!

          • I felt very festive until this past weekend and I don’t know what happened! I’m going to try to get back into the holiday spirit this week and hope that lifts up my mood about everything else with it.

    • I’m feeling incredibly blah this holiday season. No motivation whatsoever to partake in anything Christmassy.

  • Rave: I got the promotion! I worked hard and I’m really really pleased and proud of myself; 7 years ago I was broke, in an unfulfilling/dead-end job, recently divorced and moving in with my parents…now I have a phd and a gs-15 (and a job I love).
    Rant: But I’m still depressed.
    Rant: still not sure if a puppy is the right thing right now. But I do think it would help me get out of myself.

    • congrats on the promotion!
      can you foster a dog to see if it’s right for you to have to take care of a dog? You’d have to help get it adopted but might be a good “trial run”

    • Congrats on all the hard work paying off with a promotion!

      Re: the depression and the dog, I know a number of people who swear that their pets helped them during the lowest points of depression. You *have* to get out of bed to walk the furry creatures. Have you thought about fostering? Maybe that will help you decide if having a dog full time is right for you.

    • Congratulations! It sounds like you have done an amazing job.

      I also second the recommendations about fostering — UNLESS you feel that a dog leaving when he/she is adopted might be too hard on you. (I’ve heard some people say fostering is not for them because the separation can hurt.) Then again, I guess if it goes well perhaps you could adopt the dog?

    • I got my dog when I was going through a particularly anxious time. Getting him was probably the best thing I could have done.

    • Congrats on the promotion and all the steps you’ve taken to set yourself on a fulfilling and productive path! I’m glad you can experience a sense of pride and accomplishment! I second the folks here suggesting you go for the puppy or at the least try fostering. I have gotten pets in times of anxiety/depression/upheaval, and it’s been one of the best things ever – they really do help pull you out of yourself and focus energy on a positive, fluffy warm little creature!

    • There have been studies relating to animals and how they decrease anxiety and depression. I’ve always found that having my dog around helps when I’m in bad moods, but when I was depressed several years ago (before kids), having a dog really helped. It made me feel less lonely and gave me something other than my own self to worry about.

    • Having a dog is wonderful, but they are a lot of work! Especially puppies. I second the idea to foster, that way you can decide if you’re ready to become a full time dog owner plus you help out homeless dogs find their families. Win-win! The Washington Humane Society is always in need of foster homes for their dogs.

      • Agreed — a puppy is a BIG responsibility, and fostering might be a good way to see how you feel about having a dog without having to commit forever.

    • Congratulations on the promotion! That’s great news.
      Have you considered seeing a therapist to help, as well? Mine is great. She’s downtown DC. I highly recommend her: Christina Moynihan.
      I agree about fostering a puppy first — see how you do for a trial run and if you love it, then yes!

  • Rant: Exhausted. I feel like I’m running on fumes.
    Rave: But I have fun plans scattered in and amongst the crazy so I’m just hoping the fun refuels me and doesn’t wipe me out further!
    Rant: One of my brothers is in a very dark place right now, and I’m simultaneously really angry with him and scared of what he might do. It’s been almost 15 years since I’ve felt like I’ve had any kind of relationship with him, not for lack of trying on my part but a few years ago I really just threw up my hands and have kept my distance ever since. Ironically I pulled his name in our family secret santa exchange, and it’ a painful reminder of the complete lack of relationship I have with him. What do I get for someone who doesn’t give a sh!t about you or themselves? How can you help someone who doesn’t want it? ugggghhhh.

    And similar to FridayGirl, I wanted to offer my condolences and my thoughts to those yesterday who are going through extremely difficult times right now, particularly rabbitrabbitrabbit and another who was dealing with pregnancy loss. I wasn’t able to participate in popville much yesterday due to work. My heart is broken for you both right now, I hope you are surrounded by family and friends who can help you heal, and know that there are many strangers out there sending you our sympathies, even if only via the interwebs. You matter and your pain matters.

  • Rave: Apparently my little dog is an adept mouse hunter. She was extremely proud of herself.
    Rant: Mice. I know a lot of people are having this issue right now, and that makes me feel slightly better, but, still. Ew.

  • Rant: That moment when you realize Gwen Stefani is 46 and suddenly feel really old.
    Rave: Making progress on holiday preparations.
    Rant: Donald Trump – I try to avoid the news coverage because it just makes my blood pressure sky rocket. Ugh.
    Rave: Half way to the weekend.

    • Oldest Anonachild asked me to explain what a Fascist was last night. He is appalled by Donald Trump.

      • LOL. Anonachildren always make me laugh. Thank you. That’s awesome.

        • They are an endless source of amusement and amazement, that is for sure! Although I do admit to giving you guys the highlights and leaving out the lowlights, lol

          • Just the fact that Oldest Anonachild was appalled says that you are raising them right!

          • They are all confirmed liberals at this point. When the Pres visited the school, we were coaching them to say “President Obama, we would like to see you do more about immigration reform…” Unfortunately, PreK was apparently a little too young for remembering our message 😉

  • binntp

    Rant: I am officially old. I need reading glasses (or bifocal contacts). Have noticed over the past few months that I cannot read anything unless it is a full arm’s length away.
    Rave: Well, according to artemis’s post, Gwen Stefani still has a few (very few) years on me!

    • Me too. Kids keep putting things in front of my face for me to look at, and I instinctively do that mom-thing where I either lean back, or push their hand further away. It is so very mom.

    • I had to get them shortly after turning 38. The normal age for starting to need them is 40-50. I felt that it was an affront to my youth!

  • Rave: Caps win last night. It was a great game and those two shoot out goals were beautiful.
    Rave: I love my friends and am supportive of them and am always happy to help cheer someone up, but I’m finally at a point in life where I can make a conscious decision not to let someone else’s bad mood get me down. It’s really liberating.
    Rant: Not really sure where things are with the boy, which isn’t a big deal really, but I’m not sure when I’ll get to see him next, which is difficult.
    Rave: I got some new texturing spray and it was labeled 20% off, but rang up 50% off! And I like it so far.

    • oh! What texturizing spray?

      • Selma Hayak’s Nuance Texturing and Finishing Spray. But not all CVS’s have it, like the one at GA and NH doesn’t. But, the CVS website actually tells you where it’s available, which is great.
        I’ve now also discovered that a CVS directly on my route home from work has a great cosmetic department. I am doomed.

    • Another Rant: the weather! I never thought I would say this about unseasonable warmth, but I hate it! I play Christmas music, light my tree and evergreen scented candles, and I can’t get into the mood without the weather. Christmas is going to be over soon and I’m never going to feel like I got into the spirit 🙁
      I think it should be moved to January 25th so that we can have all of the lights and cheer when the winter is really at its worst. Even though I’m an atheist heathen, I love the lights, music, and collective spirit of enjoyment.

  • Can anyone offer some suggestions for getting lunch delivered to the office? I’m a little overwhelmed by all the new services and options. It’s for 8 people, and I’m really stingy about fees and such.

    • Depends what you are going for and where you are at. Corner Bakery and Panera do delivery, and is a quick, easy thing for informal lunch meetings. Are you looking for something fancier?

      • I know, I’m useless. My assistant usually does this stuff, but it’s a surprise celebration lunch for her, so I’m doing it myself.
        I really wanted Roti, but their catering minimum is 15 people. I have a mix of vegetarians and meat eaters. I think we’re all a little too food-snobbish for the Corner Bakery level stuff, but Roti seems like a cut above, and levantine food is great for a mixed diet crowd…

        • A lot of places will at least have a 10-15 person minimum, especially this time of year. I thought Roti had a 10 person minimum… might be worth a phone call to see if they will work with you if that’s what you think would work best for your people.

          • This. Sometimes there’s a catering menu minimum but sometimes you can order things off the regular menu if you don’t have enough people to order off the catering menu. Always worth a call. And some places like roti I believe do individualized catering lunch boxes which are a bit pricey but might get you to a delivery minimum despite not having the mandatory 10-15 people.

        • If it is for her, what does she like to eat?

    • What area of the city do you work in? What about a Thai restaurant?

    • Taylor Gourmet. Pret. Lebanese Taverna is GREAT (esp b/c you’ll have good leftovers), Hill Country (there are vegetarian sides that make a good meal), QDoba also has good catering

    • W Millar, they have an 8 person minimum for sandwiches
      I know a chef that worked there.

  • Revel: Thanks everyone for the kind comments yesterday and the awesome date ideas, I’ve filed many of them away for future weeks. After I read through everyone’s postings yesterday and seeing some comments today it looks like quite a few people are going through a tough time and it definitely gives me some good global perspective. Holidays can be stressful for a lot of people, and sometimes depending on what’s going on, even more so than usual. The kindness of strangers yesterday reminded me the importance of empathy and kindness in how I interact with others around me. Thanks again.
    Rave: Dinner with my girls last night. So wonderful and we received impeccable service.
    Rave: Looking forward to date night with my husband. I love that he has no idea what we’re doing and I can tell he is so excited to see what I have planned.

  • Rant: Feeling a bit glum. The fact that it’s overcast isn’t helping.

  • In a cranky mood like a lot of others here, so I’m only going to rave and see if that helps.
    Rave: Homemade cranberry almond granola. It’s so easy and tasty. I’m eating some now with Cara Cara oranges and yogurt and YUM. (Sub-rave: Cara Cara oranges. They taste like summertime even though they’re in season in the winter).
    Rave: The antics of Gary dog. Yesterday I started imagining him as if he were a puppy in a comic strip or children’s story. He’s such a cartoon dog, he almost exists in two dimensions.
    Question: Has anyone made the Smitten Kitchen recipe for Dorie Greenspan’s Corniest Corn Muffins? Thinking about trying that today.
    Question: For people who bought blinds at Smith + Noble, do you like them? We are in the market for super simple, minimal blinds that the company measures and installs and are looking at a few alternatives.

    • We are very happy with ours – we have the cordless ones. We have shades with valances in our bedroom (a really nice print), honeycomb in every other room except our son’s room which has the blackout ones that also have light filtering (I forget what it’s called, but if you pull down, it’s blackout and lift up, it’s light filtering so we can have privacy w/o blackout). Install was great. Measuring was fine, but I think if you’re moderately capable you could save and do it yourself. But the measurer places the order for you, which is helpful

      • Thanks — sounds like it’s worth going with them! We definite want them to measure and install just because we’re going to have our hands very full around the time the blinds arrive.

        • I can take pictures if you’d like. The blinds came pretty quickly and install was almost no wait. I also highly recommend the black out ones for kid rooms. It’s really helpful.

        • Also, we just had the regular patterned roller blinds in our bedroom, but our house is old and settled so the pattern was crooked. When we ordered new ones with valances, we weren’t charged for replacement ones, just the difference between what we had originally purchased and the valance ones (because it’s one piece).

    • I have S&N blinds & shades and that lifetime guarantee is for real. The pull-up on the woven blinds went wonky after a few years and they sent me a whole new one.

  • Rave: Bolstered by all of you, and my therapist agreeing, I’m going to buy the plane ticket to Boston in April. I am just waiting on the person who said I could stay with them to make sure they are still okay with it actually happening.

    Rave: I bought a light up tinsel dinosaur Christmas decoration and it was delivered today. I’m looking forward to it.

    Question: My BFF wants to take a photography class for something called Light Room. He is aware that there are free online classes but he says he doesn’t focus well on those, so I want to buy him a course in Light Room for Christmas, but I have literally no idea what I am doing. I know that there are a lot of people here who might, so I am taking any/all suggestions on where to send him and what I’m looking at, price-wise.

    Rave: New associate started today and I really like her. Also, Partner who was giving me such pushback recently has turned around since being called on his behaviour by the head of the firm (not just to me, to others as well)

    Rave: Happy Hour with friends tonight.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Whaaat? It was just announced that Vincent Gray will not be charged? I almost (emphasis on almost) feel sorry for the guy. I still feel like he was aware of the shenanigans going on with his campaign.

    • If he knew something then the people involved were really loyal and wanted to protect him. A number of people took jail time and not ONE could / would directly connect Gray to criminal conduct?

  • That One Guy

    Rave: glad to read that I’m not the only one not feeling festive or merry.
    Rant: not feeling festive or merry. Maybe I should buy a Grinch costume and walk around in it.
    Rant: too much work…very little will power to do anything when I arrive home.
    Feels like forever since I last posted here.

    • You’re back! Hoorayyyy! It has been awhile. And I’m sorry you’re not feeling festive or merry either. Oi.

  • – No charges for Vince Gray, US Attorney has closed the investigation.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Feeling over-tired and stressed out.
    Rant: The fact that I’m freezing in my office doesn’t help. I’m wearing my jacket, 2 wraps, and a throw blanket, and I’m still cold. Maybe I should invest in an office Snuggie.

    • Space heater?

    • HaileUnlikely

      Perhaps a heated (electric) throw might help. I personally am not a fan of electric blankets, but my wife loves them, and I play along because she insists on using either an electric blanket or a space heater, and electric blankets are are, on average, significantly safer than space heaters (especially the low-voltage ones). Although I do not know, I also suspect even if your office prohibits space heaters, I think it is significantly less likely that they would prohibit an electric heated throw blanket.

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