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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: My son got some great Hanukkah gifts, we are so lucky to have such generous family close by. He loved one specific thing – he got the playschool farm and was all about the chicken.
    Rant: A child who ONLY wants to eat Annies mac and cheese. I offer him ravioli – “no pasta, mac cheese!” um….
    Rave: Trevor Noah’s total hate for Ted Cruz. It’s amazing. And then he interviewed Idris Elba, too? I was like “yes, repeat!”
    Rave: Luther christmas special.

  • Rant: Radiator pipes wake me up each morning with a bang. It’s not air in the pipes because I’ve tried bleeding them multiple times. Seems to be an expansion issue with the pipes hitting the joists or flooring when they warm up. Anyone know a plumber that’s fixed this kind of problem?

    • gotryit

      Do you have a circulator pump on your system? Mine broke one year, and I ended up with some funky steam buildup / bubble collapse that was causing crazy banging / draining noises. Once the pump was replaced, it was pretty easy going.

      • I don’t know to be honest. It’s a hot water rather than steam based radiator system. The noise pretty much only happens in the morning after the pipes have cooled off over night and then the boiler is switched on.

        • gotryit

          Also a hot water system here. Steam systems don’t have a pump.

          Pipes rubbing is usually more of a mild popping sound than a ‘bang’, which makes me think steam.

          The pump should be on one of the main pipes coming out of the boiler.

  • Rave: Operation surprise was a success! Sister is engaged to a wonderful guy! I’m so excited for them!
    Rant: Upstairs Neighbor #1 waking me up at 2:30am Sunday with absurdly loud sex in the bedroom above my bed. I played YouTube videos of Latin American Christmas traditions at loud volumes to drown them out./kill the mood, and then couldn’t get back to sleep.
    Rant: Upstairs Neighbor #2 waking me up at 5:30am today with absurdly loud sex in the bedroom adjacent to my bed. I cannot handle this. Crazy neighbor with broom is coming out soon. I’m going to be hitting all of the walls and ceilings soon.
    Rave: Moving at the end of the month, which cannot come soon enough.

  • Rant/Rave: That kitty looks like what I think I look like when I wake up. Somewhere between “Ok, let’s get this show on the road” and “goddammit, why am I awake I’m going to kill someone.”
    Rave: Nice weekend – got a fair amount done, though it turns out I didn’t bring nearly the amount of holiday decorations back, and
    Rant: somehow I am missing both my menorah and my Christmas tree. Boo.
    Rave: Nice date πŸ™‚ Tentative plans again for this coming weekend
    Rave: Lots of fun events on the horizon
    Rant: Still need to deal with the IRS and some other stupid sh!t. Gah!
    Rave: My sister-in-law turned me on to the show on Netflix “Jane the Virgin” – my new guilty pleasure! It’s so adorable!

  • palisades

    Rave: The new Right Proper production house is awesome! Way smaller than I expected, but still cool. The owner gave the tour we went on, and said they are eventually going to expand into the grassy area out front.
    Rant: Renwick. While the exhibition was great, the amount of people was unbelievable. We had to walk in a line to view the upstairs pieces. I do not recommend going on a weekend…

  • Rave: Friends Thanksgiving this past weekend. Made an absurdly delicious cheese ball and Smitten Kitchen’s chocolate bottom pecan pie with cinnamon whipped cream on the side. Hell yes.
    Rant/Rave: Made latkes last night, which are delicious. But the apartment smells like latkes even with the windows open and the fan running. I suspect it’s going to take a while to dissipate. Will try boiling lemon and vanilla tonight.

  • Rave: My semester will be over by 7:30pm tonight. Hallelujah!
    Rant: There are so many things I want to do in DC but everything is expensive/more difficult than it should be. I never felt like this in the other cities I’ve lived in even though I keep chalking it up to being a “city problem.”

    • + Unknown: I need to become more tolerant of noise in the hallway of my apartment. I’m like an old lady with super sonic hearing. There’s a couple about 3 doors down that train their large, off-leash dog in the hallway at least once a day for about half an hour. Not enough to complain, imo, but it makes me irritated to hear someone yelling “sit!” for 20 minutes straight. And also uncomfortable if I need to go out and know the dog is running off-leash (it jumps on people). I am 98% sure the same couple + their friends woke me up talking very loudly in the hallway at 3:30am on Friday night. -_-

      • I’d talk to them about it. Maybe they can stick to a set time; although, I’m not clear why they can’t do that training indoors. If you poke your head out before coming out, you’d give them a chance to leash up. Also talking to the property manager if they aren’t receptive.

        • Thanks, Anon Spock. The next time I hear/see them while I’m going out/coming in I might mention it. As for the training, I’d like to ask them nicely why they don’t just do it in their apartment (pretty sure they have a 1 bedroom and my studio feels plenty big to teach a dog to sit and roll over, so I’m flummoxed). Sometimes it’s not a huge deal (like when they’re out around dinnertime) but once or twice they’ve woken me up on the weekend training him in the hall around 7am… -_-

          • Yea asking them not to do it before x time over the weekend and not later than x time sounds very reasonable. Clearly the dog is poorly trained if they’re still teaching sit, so at least try to be reasonable if this is going to go on indefinitely. Even more reason to keep it indoors. LOL

          • They may be doing it in both. Our dog trainer told us to practice in a variety of places so that the dog wouldn’t associate the commands with the place she was doing them and then completely forget them outside. So they might be doing some inside, some in the hall, some outside for the variety.

          • Ah, that makes sense.

  • Rant: So much food just dumped on the sidewalks. Downside of a more hip neighborhood, I guess.
    Rant: Tired, and I’m going to sleep pretty early.
    Rave: Dentist scheduled to match up with my day to pass that area.
    Rave: w/d in unit is the best.
    Rave: dcra was very responsive. Problem will be fixed this week.

  • Rant: Having a tough time with finding and recharging my compassion and empathy. This year has been full of it – caring for a close friend through a terrible break-up and serious cancer while also caring for a childhood friend with severe mental illness. I used to love to volunteer and donate but now I just seriously am tapped out. I need to get my mojo back because I love others, I care for others, and I find it always helps me feel better but alas…
    Rave: It’s my grandfather’s 96th birthday today. He’s badass. Excuse me while I gush – he was one of the first American doctor’s in Hiroshima following the bombing (would have been storming mainland Japan if not for the A-bomb). Spent years there working with children and pregnant women to care for them. Lost his first love to lymphoma (she was there with him working) while they collectively worked on how radiation could be used to treat cancer. He met my Nana, fell in love, and cared for so sweetly until she passed. He’s survived two rounds of lymphoma and he’s sharp as a whip. Can’t wait to hang with him at Christmas.

    • phl2dc

      I love your rave. It’s simply great. As for your rant — you’ve been through a lot this year, and I think maybe you should take some time to do things that benefit YOU for a change. *hugs*

    • Don’t be too hard on yourself – you’re already doing so much! If you take a break from some of the traditional holiday giving you do, maybe it’ll be just that much sweeter next year? You’ve only got so much bandwidth – and from what we’ve read here, you’re really doing a lot to support these friends! Good for you!

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I’m involved in animal rescue, and there is a phenomenon called “compassion fatigue”. At the Rescue Jam with Bad Rap there was an excellent session on it. Try googling it, it might be helpful to you to know you are not alone.

  • rant: trying to find a website/storage system online )other than the cloud) to keep my iphone photos on. UGH.
    rave: got my nails done yesterday! they look great!

  • phl2dc

    Rant: Monday.
    Rave: Free doughnuts.

  • RANT: Once again, iTunes has deleted a bunch of my music. This time ALL of my CDs. Something like 200 of them. When I went into the music folder to see what music was there, I noticed that the music is no longer stored in folders of individual albums, but now just in one iTunes file, so I can’t actually see what is there. I am so ticked. And my backup drive continuously backs up my computer and only saves the last 4 of any file, so since all my music is apparently now in one file, the CDs apparently aren’t on my backup disk either (or at least I can’t find them. Anyone know how to upload my CDs into a non-iTunes file, then just have iTunes use them, so that if iTunes rejects them again, it doesn’t delete them all?

    • Can you still play the music? If so then the files are not deleted, they’re just not where you think they are.

      • No, I can’t play the music. I’ve tried looking in iTunes, in my music folder (where it used to be in individual folders), in my windows media folder, and searching for individual artists/songs from the start menu. It is all just gone. πŸ™

        • Hmmm, you may have a problem then, sorry. Is the music even listed in iTunes, or is there no trace whatsoever? And I know this is not helpful in retrospect, but if your backup system doesn’t let you restore files that have accidentally been deleted then you should adjust that.
          On another note, if you have an iPhone, iPod, or some other portable device that has all the music on it from a previous sync with iTunes, then there is probably a way to rip the music back from the device (ask Google for details) – just DON’T connect it to your computer until you know what to do, or else you might end up syncing it with iTunes and really losing the music.

          • Thanks. A few months ago I noticed that I saw music on my iTunes/iPhone that I couldn’t play and then I just re-uploaded it. Then this weekend I noticed that all of it was just gone, including the stuff I had re-uploaded. Unfortunately, I noticed the problem after I’d already synced both my iphone and ipad. I just need to upload all of my music again, but I want to do it in a way where I can see the folders and they aren’t actually stored in iTunes. Just really, really frustrating.

    • I’ve been having issues with itunes on my iphone 5s since I updated my ios. Music wouldn’t open, but when I would plug in my earphones some of my songs, plus other songs not in my library, would play. But, all of a sudden last week it was fine.


  • Rave: excellent weekend with excellent friends. I’m still hungover but totally worth it. Also played with little puppies on Friday and may adopt one!
    Rant/hopefully future rave: Promotion meeting tomorrow. So much anxiety. I think it will have a good outcome but I’m nervous, first about not getting it and second about not being able to hold my s*** together if I don’t.

  • Revel: got to display my sweet Ugly Chanukah sweater last night.
    Revel: went to a lovely little party at my friend’s last night
    Revel: found some cheap kosher moscato
    Rant: feel like everyone’s up my arse today
    Rant: still feeling sick

  • Rave: Wedding I’ve been dreading is over! It went relatively smoothly but I’m exhausted now. And my wallet hurts. $250 for hair and make up is a lot, right?
    Rant: I desperately need to clean the apartment because SO’s mom is in town and wants to see the place.
    Rave: Next big thing on the schedule is our trip overseas for the holidays! We leave the weekend after next and I can’t effing wait!

    • $250 for bridesmaids hair and makeup? For the bride that seems standard, but for a bridesmaid that does seem like a lot. Did the bride make you get hair and makeup done?

    • Huh. I have been in a lot of weddings. And in all of those weddings where the bride requested that we had hair and makeup done professionally, she also footed the bill. And that does seem a bit pricey for bridemaids.

      • Yeah, the if bride requires hair and makeup done by professionals, the bride should pay for it. I paid for my bridesmaids’ hair and makeup as a gift and it was about $175 each.

        • i’m paying for me and my bridsemaids, about $125 each, as a gift. i would NEVER ask them to pay for themselves, especially at that price. geez.

        • Agreed. That’s just crazy. I’m planning to pay for hair, makeup, and dresses for my bridesmaids since they will be traveling a good deal for me.

    • Yeah that’s high. You poor thing! Glad you made it through πŸ™‚ And woohoo to your upcoming trip!

    • /Ugh about the cost of the hair and makeup – that’s terrible! Glad it’s over though, right? I had a run of four weddings in five months last year – I was in three of them and the fourth was a destination wedding. Rejoice is your new found freedom πŸ˜‰ and enjoy your trip!

    • Was this the wedding with the O’Keefe’esque dress?
      $250 is A LOT. wtf.

  • MVT

    Rave: my Eagles (i know not really mine) beat the Patriots and it appears the team has not given up
    Rant: team is still not very good πŸ™

    • Rave – Wide left, Jets win!
      Rant: If the Cowboys win this evening, the NFC East leaders will be tied at 5-7. That’s barely football.

    • palisades

      The Patriots beat the Patriots. I have never seen more pathetic excuses for Special Teams in my entire life. Brady is out there carrying the team by himself. LaFell is useless. Gronk and Edelman need to come back ASAP.

  • Rave: I saw lots of old friends this weekend. It was so lovely to catch up and have a sleepover with my college roomie.
    Rant: Lots of time in the car = achy back and ribs.
    Rave: Even though I got home late last night, I had a burst of energy to unpack, do some dishes, and get some cooking done. Yay productivity!

  • Rave: Fun weekend!

    Rave: Potential career change in 6 months/1 year if the stars align properly.

    Rave: Karma! (Not my cat, though she’s awesome) A few years ago, a group of attys left my previous firm to work at Other Firm. They’re still on good terms with previous firm.

    Recently, one of my old attys interviewed at the Other Firm, and they entertained the idea of offering her a position. (Note: this atty made my life so incredibly hellish and awful that I actually quit my prior firm without a new job, and even a year and a half later, I’m still working on getting my job mojo back. Also, the team of attys she worked with at my previous firm all left a couple months ago, without her, to go to a different firm).

    After her interview at Other Firm, she went back to her firm and started to gossip about it. Word got back to the Other Firm, and they decided against hiring her.

    Rave: I bought a light up tinsel Christmas Dinosaur for my home.

    Catch up dinner tonight with a friend from CA. We’re going to Himalayan Heritage. Has anyone ever been?

    Rant: Confused about what to get a 7 year old boy and a 13 year old boy who both want Star Wars things for Christmas (we adopted a family at work). Thoughts?

    • I haven’t been to Himalayan Heritage in a while, but I enjoyed it and I love the goat.

    • topscallop

      I had really bad service at Himalayan Heritage with friends last year and haven’t been back. My friend was mad because they tried to charge him for top shelf liquor in his drink (which was what he had ordered) but we were watching them make it and they used the cheap stuff. Someone in my party also walked past the kitchen on the way to the bathroom and reported that it looked not clean. We ended up leaving before our food came. This was the one in Adams Morgan, and it may have been an off night, but just FYI.

  • Rave: Nursery is taking shape! The crib is put together and we have most of the other necessities in place now. Our apartment is looking like a real home and will look even better after a few straggling boxes arrive in the mail. Big props to the husband for running around town to make this happen and for being an all-star organizer.
    Rave: Making a huge batch of homemade orange cranberry granola this morning.
    Rant: All of this activity brings on contractions. I’m getting better at sitting around and doing nothing too physically taxing, per doctors’ orders, but it still feels so wrong,
    Rave: Netflix. I’m digging DEEP into my recommendations and have seen a bunch of cute movies lately that I’d never have seen if I weren’t on bed rest.

  • topscallop

    Rave: party went well, BF was a hit, and yes, I made two different kinds of cupcakes
    Rave: lots more socializing to look forward to this week, and a pretty new dress to wear to BF’s work holiday party next weekend
    Rave: it’s going to be warm this week! But I do want some Christmas snow. Hopefully global warming doesn’t keep that from us.
    Rant: I find it hard to be productive when my office is this quiet

  • Rave: Angel Tree was a success. I took on a second child and ended up with an infant 0-6 months old. So fun to shop for, and very easy – especially since I felt like I was shopping for the mom as much as anything. I went with a mix of cute and practical things for both kids, and I hope they have a wonderful Christmas.
    Rave: There must’ve been hundreds of kids bikes at the drop off in all sizes – It was heartwarming to know so many kids would be getting new bikes!
    Rave: Great weekend – good mix of productivity, hanging with friends, and relaxing.

  • Georgia Ave Never Change: I was rolling across GA Ave Saturday night with a tray of cookies and bottle of champagne, like you do, and I heard a commotion going on. I got onto GA Ave and saw that all of the strippers from the House were out front in their costumes, squealing and taking pictures. It was hilarious and the most appropriate way to start the night.
    Georgia Ave, Please for the Love of All Things Holy Change Immediately: I was recently remarking on the lack of chicken bones on the sidewalk, when this morning there were 5 of them, right smack in the middle. Otis lost his shizznits, like he does, but I managed to get him to sit and wait while I picked them up (three of them, I saw the other two later). But he was then non-specifically riled up, so he spazzed out at another dog walking by.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: got lots of sleep this weekend.
    Rant: between bouts of stupid anxiety.
    Rave: having a good hair day.

  • Rant: I feel like this cat looks (and potentially resemble it a little too). Goddamn cold.
    Rave/Rant: The people at Ulta got me and got me good this weekend. Went in for some BareMinerals powder, and came out with serum, CC Cream, Concealer, and finishing veil from a different brand, as well as perfume for my mom, and cologne the kids picked out for my BF for Christmas. I’m happy with all the purchases, but ouch! Also, I know a few others had mentioned issues with rosacea, check out It Cosmetics. It covers while still looking natural, and I have already noticed a reduction in redness/dryness on my patches.

  • Rave – I completed the first week of Couch to 5K!! I hope I can keep it up.
    Rave – Baked a cake for a holiday potluck that was rescheduled for next week. Now me and husband get to eat it all! I mean, I guess I could freeze it. Can you freeze an un-frosted cake for a week?
    Rant – Dog needs to continue the meds that make her pee all over the house. Sunday morning she peed inside right after her walk! This is why we can’t have nice things.

    • Nice job, Pixie!
      You can absolutely freeze cake – just make sure you defrost with enough time before the event.

  • Accountering

    Rave of all raves: I called a big audible. I also interviewed with a large real estate firm downtown, and got an offer From them as well! I am going to be starting in a couple of weeks, and couldn’t be more excited! They work on some really cool things, have an awesome team, and I won’t be commuting to the suburbs anymore! I couldn’t be more excited!!!

    Rave2: Taking my mom, dad, Andie, brothers and significant others to the Christmas pop-up at Mockingbird Hill next Monday for Mom’s birthday, then dinner somewhere. She loves this kind of stuff!

    • I Dont Get It

      Rave, rave, rave!

    • Congratulations!
      I’m a little confused, though… what’s an audible in this context? Or was that autocorrect for something else?

      • Accountering

        Audible is a football reference. It is when you get to the line, ready to snap the ball, but then you change the play (throw the ball instead of run for example) because of a change in circumstance (how the defense is lined up etc)
        I had another job offer that was very good, but I then got this offer, which I deem to be quite a bit better, and decided to move in a different direction πŸ™‚

    • Woah! Congrats! As someone who used to commute from DC to the burbs, that is HUGE! Wife now walks to work and it’s so amazing.

    • Congrats on the job and the commute!

    • Cool! Congrats!

    • Just a warning re: rave 2 to have a backup plan when you go to Mockingbird Hill! Line was down the block (literally) last week to get in on Wednesday, and all the surrounding bars were crowded with the overflow as well.

      • Accountering

        Our basement tenants indicated this as well. What time was this at? Perhaps we need to get there way early, like 5:00pm? Earlier?

        • Ugh. My hopes of ever going just got dashed unless I decide to wait in line around… 4pm? On a weekend. Is arriving an hour early enough? Hahaha…. I’m laughing so I don’t cry.

  • Rant: Found mice on the weekend
    Rave: trap caught said mouse on the weekend
    Rant: More mice are probably around?!?!
    Rave: Put up a bunch of peppermint oil and hoping that does the trick. also tried to seal holes, but know some holes are inaccessible so am flummoxed. Next up: bought predator urine spray (?!) and some device that send annoying pulses to repel rodents, and hoping that does the trick. If not, I will declare WWIII on the suckers and call in the cavalry (ie exterminators)

    • I’d hire someone to fill those other holes. I’ve had no success with the oil or noise box, fwiw. Better to nip out in the bud early before they have babies in your house….speaking from experience.

      • Thanks! I have a handyman coming out on Friday anyway, and have asked him to help me move appliances to find the hole. If all else fails, I might get a cat — but I really hate cats. πŸ™

    • You definitely need to close up every possible access point — the other stuff sounds snake oil-y. The exterminators are totally worth the money.

      • I’d heard that they’re not because they just put a bunch of poison around and then the critters die in your walls and stink up the joint. Hmm. I also just bought an electric trap and am having a handyman out to help me plug all holes possible, so lets see how this goes…

  • janie4

    Rave: Apartment is ready to rent. I’m asking $1700 for a basement in Petworth, which makes me nervous, but it’s 3 blocks from the metro, that includes all the utilities, including cable, and it’s literally just renovated. Plus for a basement, it has a ton of light and outdoor space. If anyone knows anyone’s who looking, here’s the ad.


    Rant: Terrified it won’t rent quickly. I am not a great photographer, and I couldn’t get good photos of anything but the kitchen.

    • Tbh, when I first saw that price it made me cringe, but then I looked at nearby listings and wanted to cry at how expensive they were. I never looked for housing in Petworth because it’s always been too far away from work and school for me, but I’m shocked at how expensive it is. Good luck with the rental — a washer and dryer are a huge plus in my book. You’ll find someone.

    • Hmm… that rent level sounds awfully optimistic to me, but you can always reduce it in increments if you don’t get any takers.

    • IMO, if you mention the patio in the listing, there ought to be a corresponding photo in the photos section.

    • How did you settle on $1700? How much of that are you budgeting as utilities?

      • janie4

        I may have set it to high. I figured on $1500 for rent, $100 for electric (which is their heat and cooling, and I’ve paid about $250-$300 for heat and cooling in a bad month), $50 for cable and wifi, and $25 for water and gas. I rounded up to $1700 (probably should have rounded down to $1650. I figured $1500 for rent, based on approximately $150 for vacancy, $200 for maintenance and repairs reserve, $125 in increased property taxes, and $525 in the equity loan payment on the unit. Too high a rent?

        (I just put the unit in, so I wasn’t sure what the jump would be on property taxes in 2016 due to increased equity). If you think I’ve overestimated on anything, please let me know.

        • I think the base is too high. I’ve never spent anywhere near $200 per month on maintenance, and everything in your unit is new. Property taxes are hard to say. What is vacancy in this context? Electric seems high if your max is $300 in a bad month for the whole house.
          You saw my post below. I think you’ll get bites at the lower amount with more explanation and better photos.

          • janie4

            I assumed a 10% vacancy rate and about 13% for apartment repairs and replacement reserves. I’m a new landlord, so I was trying to make sure I accounted for possible damage and turnover costs. I was figuring on a five to seven year lifespan for the appliances, ten years on the cabinets and bathroom fixtures, and 2 years on the wall paint.

          • Accountering

            Even with all of this said, those numbers (if correct, vacancy seems high) are the numbers you use to make an investment decision (renovate and get legal, or don’t.)
            You can’t use your cash flow/investment model to decide rental rate. Rental rate is decided by what the market will bear. I believe you have priced it higher (more appropriate at $1500 or so) than the market will bear.

          • +1 to “You can’t use your cash flow/investment model to decide rental rate. Rental rate is decided by what the market will bear.” It’s definitely worthwhile to keep your own costs in mind so you can figure out what kind of return you’re getting, but you can’t really set the rent based on what your costs are. You have to set it so it’s in line with similar units in the same area.

          • LOL, if you used your historical cash flows as a basis for rent then Georgetown and Dupont would probably be the cheapest neighborhoods in the city.

          • Damage is covered by the deposit, so no need to budget for that really. Those useful lives seem low. My 6 yo fridge, dishwasher, stove are in great shape.
            If possible, I’d get a lease that stops in the summer. Less trouble finding someone; although tenants can stay on indefinitely here.
            +1 to acctering

    • I recommend finding someone (a friend or family member) who can take better photos. I had a ton of photos when we listed our house, but I was still asked room dimensions and what size bed could fit in there. It’s very hard to tell the size of that room from the photo. Also, this is a good location, but woah $1700 is A LOT for a basement apartment. FWIW my whole house–3 floors including a finished basement and a huge backyard with parking rents for $2850. I realize Petworth is a more ideal location for a lot of people, but I feel like $1700 especially this time of year is a stretch. You’d get a lot more traction at $1500.

      • janie4

        Thanks. I’m going to have a friend take some better photos this week. And I’m considering dropping the rent a bit.

        • Maybe 1550-1600 if included utilities is also cable/internet. I didn’t see mention of that in the ad. Parking is only a boon if it’s hard to find in that area, and with metro proximity you’ll get carless folks too. Room dimension or at least can easily fit x size bed with room to spare, for example. Even being open to pets could help.

          • Agree on the pets part too. At first I didn’t want pets, but A LOT of people in DC have pets. It just opens you up to a bigger pool and I think you’re able to command a bit more in rent if you allow dogs/cats. Yeah, including cable/internet is worth a good amount too so with that $1600 seems more reasonable.

          • janie4

            Thanks. I’ll edit the ad to make it clear that the utilities include cable/internet. And update it to say the size of the room (about 12 by 10), and reduce the rent amount to $1600. I appreciate all your advice!

          • hammers

            I’d also snap a pic of the outdoor patio you mention πŸ™‚

        • hammers

          is the kitchen carpeted?

      • Accountering

        I have a professional photographer (Pablo recommended her) and she is rockstar. Would charge $150 for the basement, and would blow what your friend can do out of the water. She does real estate photography for a living.
        $150 one time amortizes to a few dollars a month when you can reuse the pictures for several years.
        I would be happy to pass along her info if you would like.

        • janie4

          I would very much appreciate her information! Thank you very much. Dan, can you forward Accountering my info?

          • Accountering

            Dan responded in 1 minute. I am impressed. I sent the info along. She is awesome, I have used her three times now, and would use her again in a heart beat.

    • hammers

      Honestly, I saw this earlier, and was frustrated at the price. I know there are similarly priced comps (and more expensive ones!), but as a renter in this neighborhood, no way am I spending almost 2k to live in someone’s basement and pay their mortgage. I live closer to the metro, above ground, for much less. Absolutely do have your friend take new pictures. Take them on a sunny day, during the time the sun is brightest in the apartment. The first thing you say in the listing is that it’s light, so be sure to show that. Good luck.

      • janie4

        Thanks Hammers. I’ve edited the ad to indicate that the floors are cement, not carpet, and I’ve dropped the rent by $100. If you know anyone who wants a basement rental, please pass them the ad.

    • binntp

      I think you’re a couple hundred $ too high in the price. I know a few people who rent 1 bedrooms in the area and pay around $1500 (not in the newer buildings). Doing a quick search, I found this above-ground condo rental also 3 blocks from the metro priced at $1595: http://www.trulia.com/rental/3211714317-3921-Kansas-Ave-NW-Washington-DC-20011

      • Not metro accessible, but even over in Georgetown/Glover Park there are many one bedroom units for ~$1600 that are not in basements — and that’s a relatively safer, bougie area.

      • Yeah, I paid about this much for a 1BR in one of the luxury apartment buildings with a lot of amenities right near the Columbia Heights metro so this seems very high was a basement unit. $1500 sounds about right.

    • The listing needs a bit more editing — right now the headline reads as “$1600 / 1br – 640ft2 – Petworth Apartment – $1700 including utilities.”
      I too thought the floors looked like carpet, and was confused because carpet in a kitchen didn’t seem to make sense.
      In photo #2, what’s the orange streak on the floor? And in photo #4, what are those two things on the floor near the door? (One looks like a drain and the other looks like a recessed light mounted in the floor.)

      • janie4

        The orange streak is a ruler. The two things that look like recessed lights/drains are in fact pipe access covers. A floor recessed light might actually be kind of cool if you had art there, or liked to do puppet shows. I’m going to take Accountering up on his offer to give me the name of a professional photographer.

        Thanks, textdoc. I edited the ad.

    • FWIW, I’m paying $1375 for a basement the same distance from the Petworth metro (also includes utilities, cable and internet) and I think I have more space than that.

      • Sounds like a below market deal. Kudos.
        Which is to say it’s hard to take those outliers into account when setting a price. Your place is probably not going to market anytime soon at that price.

  • Rant: Finals have hit.
    Rave: Finals have hit. I actually enjoy seeing how the material all comes together when studying intensely and I love being able to structure my days with no other obligations.
    Rave: Have an interview right after finals for my top choice internship. It requires some quick travel but I greatly prefer interviewing in-person. I really hope I get it.

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