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  • speaking of that block — what’s going on with the sticky fingers comfort food restaurant across the street? they had signs saying opening fall 2015, but then they tore them all down.

    • I think they asked for funding in a FundMe campaign (one of those things) over the summer. I took that as a negative sign that they are asking for money while under construction.

  • Damn you Nando’s we want one in Columbia Heights! You would do so well!!

    • Yeah, they’d do great in either the old Ruby Tuesday’s spot on the corner of 14th and Monroe or directly across 14th in the spot TGIFriday’s was going to take.

  • When’s the location in Woodley opening up?

  • I get sick every time I eat at a Nando’s. It’s not food poisoning or anything like that. I must be sensitive to something in one of their sauces. We’re talking like an autoimmune type of response that hurts like hell the next day. I wish I knew what it was because I love their chicken and if I could avoid just one ingredient and keep going, I would.

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