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  • Wagner Roofing or Corley Roofing. Both have sheet metal shops and can make metal repairs where needed.

  • Independent Custom Metal Works and Stewart Iron Works bid commercial work like this, not sure how the prices will be for residential.

  • Call the people who are doing the capitol dome? If you can wait until that project is done, they will presumably have time on their hands. It looks like your house has some cast iron elements, which is what the Capitol is made of, but are are different than regular old sheet metal repairs.

  • Baltimore’s G.Krug and Son is the oldest operating ironworks in the country. I’m not sure exactly what items in the pic will need attention but they do artistic/ornamental work for sure.

  • You might also try robinsoniron.com .

  • Jim Campbell, Craftsman Iron. Point to an iron stair in Logan Circle area or Shaw and Jim probably had a hand in it.

    (202) 258-7778 mobile

  • Thanks for posting this, and thanks for the referrals.

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