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  • Truxton Circle 😉

    • Yup, New Jersey Ave. is the border.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        So is the original Beau Thai (now BKK) Shaw or Truxton?

        • BKK is Shaw. West of NJ Ave. is Shaw, and east of it is Truxton Circle. I didn’t know that until after we moved a few blocks from Shaw to Truxton, so it’s just one of those minor details I happen to know. In fact, I use it in my username partly to identify my neighborhood and partly as a joke about how silly these intricate neighborhood distinctions can be. So I don’t mean to nitpick.

          • I should add that for many people who have been in this neighborhood for decades, it’s still just Shaw.

          • I’m on 4th, and usually say “Shaw” if people don’t know DC too well, but “Truxton Circle” if they seem to. People are finally picking it up!

        • Truxton is bordered on the West by NJ Ave, north by Florida, East by North Cap and South by New York. This is definitely Truxton. But as others noted, no one every knows Truxton Circle unless they live nearby. I tend to just say I live in Eastern Shaw south of Bloomingdale. And Truxton is historically Shaw. And many long time residents do not like calling it Truxton because Thomas Truxtun, for whom the circle that no longer exists was named, was a slaveowner. For a predominately African American neighborhood (although we know that is quickly shifting), most refer to it as Dunbar Shaw in my experience, paying homage to Dunbar High School, the first public African American high school in the United States.

          *star flying by and The More You Know theme playing*

  • Too bad about the pop-up next door.

  • SouthwestDC

    Wish I’d thought of this when my gate got stolen a few years ago! I’m sure it would have been cheaper than getting a new cast iron one made.

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