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  • I love this and these type of homes. Really wished I had an end unit, or a vacant piece of land to build something similar. 🙁

  • Now, see, if you’re going to totally change the look of a block, THIS is the way to do it. I’ve always admired this house.

    • binntp

      I agree. If you’re going to break with the architectural standards of the block, at least do something interesting with form and lines like this instead of slapping together a boring rectangle with dubious siding.

    • that’s exactly what I was thinking. curious though as to why there aren’t many windows on the side of the house.

    • I really love this block of 11th Street. There are several modern places scattered among the old rowhomes, and I think it’s a great example of how different architectural styles can work together as long as they’re done well.

  • The owner of this house also has a gigantic (~100″) TV in the livingroom. There is so much glass on the W St. side, I got used to watching his TV on nighttime dog walks. He also used it (brilliantly) as a work monitor. The nerd in me loved looking up to see a glorious 100″ spreadsheet in 1080p resolution.

    • He also has a Calder mobile hanging from the ceiling. I’ve seen him play video games on that TV and it looks glorious.

  • I hate this house. It’s completely not my style at all and the cinder block feels so unfinished compared with the rest of it.
    If I had an end unit and obviously a sh!t ton of money to completely rebuild it, I would have way more windows than that. Especially in what I assume is the kitchen, that one long, super skinny window.

  • Love it! So cool looking.

  • I love what this house looks like, but I would’ve put in more windows on the side. Seems like a lost opportunity for a lot more light.

  • Funny how times and perceptions change. This house has been there for years. It was one of the first redeveloped properties in the U St corridor. As I recall, it took over a year to sell.

  • Agreed with others — this seems like a wasted opportunity for windows on the side.

  • really great execution on a style of house I don’t typically like. I’d caution and say….ask me again in 10 years.

  • justinbc

    Is this the same place that caught on fire not long ago?

  • The minimal windows on the wall facing 11th make sense since the sleeping spaces are probably on the upper levels. There is a stop sign adjacent to that wall, so I’m sure there is a lot less noise than even if you had the best most expensive windows. Also easier to keep out brightness of street lights as well as strong afternoon sunlight from that angle.

  • So bizarre it’s kind of cute.

  • Part of me loves it because DC architecture is so boring, cheap and cookie cutter and this well done–but part of me is going “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!”

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