GDoN “impeccable location” edition


Ed. Note: This is the former Mr Wash and Jerry Chan’s Carryout space.

This unit is located at 1311 13th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Logan13 offers contemporary design, luxurious modern finishes, and an impeccable location in the heart of Logan Circle. Moments to downtown or countless new restaurants and bars. Short distance to Mt.Vernon Metro.Multiple 1 BR floor plans available on multiple levels.This is new construction with delivery estimated for early fall 2016. Wide plank flooring throughout, GAS cooktop, LUXURY!”


You can see more renderings/photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $399,900 ($312 monthly fee.)

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  • I find this building to be very boring.
    Will their be retail on the ground floor?

  • Seems like a really good deal? 400k to own in that neighborhood? Obvs the square footage is really small, but still! I almost doubt they’ll sell for that low. Maybe a bidding war is the goal?

  • I know condos in The General Scott (1 Scott Circle, 3 blocks away) are in the ~550sf range and sell for around $250K, so I’m not sure $300K for 450sf is any kind of a “good deal.” Granted, these are new and the General Scott is not, and there are rental restrictions there so it’s not a strictly apples-to-apples comparison, but $300K for under 500sf seems nuts to me.

    • Correction: $400K seems authentically nuts for a tiny 1br.

    • Yeah, I think people see 1bd/1bath and think $400K seems fair in this area, but the median sale price/sq ft is $631 in this zip code. $400K/467 sq ft is over $850/sq ft (if my math is right). There are a lot of condo building in this area, so I think that comparison is appropriate. The unit is brand new and a great location, but that seems high to me.

      • Median price/SF includes a whole lot of rowhouses and larger condos, and there’s a robust inverse relationship between unit sizes and price/SF. I recently had occasion to pull all of the 1BR condo sales in that general area (Shaw, Logan, U street) over the past 10 months or so that were in new(ish) or heavily renovated buildings. Grand total of 8, out of 50 sales meeting the criteria, went for less than $400k, and those went in the $380-$390k range. These units are small, but they’ll get their pricing.

    • I think I’d give up some square footage to have those windows and balcony and that huge walk-in shower. Size isn’t everything.

  • I Dont Get It

    Is this the on the site of the former car wash?

  • Tiny SF, but plus w/the balcony, and it’s a nice location.

  • That living room photo above is totally misleading. This unit has a miniscule living space with no place for a dining table, and your couch will be inches away from the stove. No way would I ever buy a place like this.

    • You’re paying for the convince of being able to watch tv, cook your dinner and put your dishes in the sink, all without ever leaving your sofa… all for the low, low price of $399,000.

  • The adjcunt BP gas station was rendered out of those pics.

    • washington20009

      Exactly. Impeccable location, so long as you want to be next to a gas station, and blocks away from any restaurants and bars.

    • Agree. What’s impeccable about this location? It’s next to a BP. Also, it’s somewhat sketchy but you’re paying as if it’s already fully gentrified. It’s also surprisingly far from a metro stop for being somewhat centrally located. Paying top dollar for an unbelievably (almost unlivable) small space to live in the worst part of a decent area. Pass.

      • BP is really the only negative. It’s just off Logan Circle, one block from 14th Street and sandwiched between two of the hottest dining areas in DC (14th and 9th). Plus close to Blagden Alley and downtown. And a 10 min walk to multiple metro lines. Seems very well located if you ask me.

  • Seems totally fine based on the renderings. But don’t bank on $312/mo as the condo fee. Developers often set the budget optimistically low, and when the condo assoc. takes over, it escalates quickly.

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