“environmentally and ethically responsible” Butchers Shops in DC?

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“Dear PoPville,

Do you have suggestions for butcher shops in DC that get their meats from environmentally and ethically responsible, hormone free, healthy sources (i.e. not high density feed lots)?”

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  • Harvey’s in Union Market.

  • theoutregirl

    So this isn’t terribly helpful but two good businesses.

    Not exactly a butcher shop –> http://ssbdeli.com/
    Not in DC –> http://www.theorganicbutcher.com/

    My other suggestion is the vendors at the farmer’s markets (Takoma Park, etc…)

  • North Mountain Pastures is a Pennsylvania-based meat CSA that sometimes sells stuff at local farmers’ markets. We’ve been members of their meat share for several years and have been consistently impressed with the quality and price of the meats.

  • My cat frequently hunts organic, free range fowl using only his God-given claws.

  • It may appear on the surface that your options in DC are quite limited but it doesn’t take much scratching to discover that we are very lucky to have a lot of options. As some mentioned, Harvey’s Market, Organic Butcher are great. Wagshal’s will totally work with you too – I’ve ordered stewing hens from Lancaster through them in the past. One great – if distant – option is Treuth up near Baltimore. They’re a slaughter house/butcher but if you call ahead and talk with them, they can help you out with almost anything you need/want and their prices are VERY reasonable.

    Most every farmers market in DC has at least one farmer who raises their own animals. I’d list some of them but there’s easily a dozen I know/love and I’m sure there’s at least another dozen I don’t know about. Talk with them, get to know them, visit the farms. You’ll develop a good relationship with them and you’ll know where/how your food comes from.

    One way or another, you’ll pay. It is much cheaper to pay the farmer than pay the doctor.

  • One of the vendors at the 14th and Kennedy (NW) farmer’s market is a family-owned farm selling their own meats. I bought beef, poultry and pork from them all season and was very happy with the quality. The market is closed for the season and I’m blanking on the name, but am hoping one of my neighbors can add it here.

  • ItsPetworthIt


    has good info for people concerned about animal well-being and environmental issues around meat production.

  • Polyface Farms does buying clubs in the area. You pre-order for a set pick location on certain dates. http://www.polyfaceyum.com/ they do take a winter break and start back up in March.

  • http://www.relayfoods.com sells Polyface, The Rock Barn, Timbercreek (all from VA) and Firsthand Foods (NC) and has pickup sites or delivers all over the DC Metro area. I also found the lamb baaacon guys out of Baltimore at the Bethesda farmer’s market and it’s what dreams are made of.

  • Eco Friendly Farms. You can find them at the DuPont Farmer’s Market. The owner (Bev) is super funny and friendly!


  • Wagshal’s is great.

  • Consider looking for CSA’s from Virginia farmers. A personal friend of mine has a meat CSA and tons of farmer friends he can hook you up with the veggies CSA too. He’s out in Lovettsville but has drop-off locations in DC and surrounding areas. Springhouse Farms. Andrew Crush. Tell him I sent you. Also feel free to visit the farm! I’ve been out a few times and helped and ran an event on his farm. Amazing guy, award winning pigs, convenient CSA pick-ups! Springhouse.farm or also his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SpringHouseFarmVA/

  • Thanks for the feedback everyone! I’ve been getting meat from Harvey’s, great stuff, and will definitely look into the CSA options mentioned in the Spring. Thanks again!

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