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“Dear Popville,

I parked on Q between 18th and 19th Tuesday night around 5:30 and was utterly flummoxed by the “Except 7AM-7PM Tuesday” sign. What does it mean? Is it legal to park there, or illegal? There were other cars on the block before and after 7 p.m. and no one, including myself, was ticketed.”

Hmm I wonder if it’s related to street cleaning but why is it in green…I think the green means it would be legal – this is an odd one.

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  • It means you can park there between 7AM and 7PM Tuesdays, no?

  • OP here (hi everyone!). Further adding to my confusion, there was a street-cleaning sign posted at the end of the block with a Monday morning time.

    • I believe you can see the sign in question here:

      The google streetview picture makes it even more confusing.

      • justinbc

        That’s weird, they actually go all down the street with that phrasing (which looks like an incomplete sign). Funny enough, and not surprising, if you go just a few clicks down the street you’ll see a parking enforcement person writing a ticket.

    • No street cleaning Halloween until March.
      The 2 signs don’t cover the same areas, so I maybe there is a 3rd sign or the red sign should have a double arrow. The except needs another sign to piggyback on.

  • Does the opposite side of the street have a street sweeping schedule that runs from March 1 to October 31? On certain one way streets they lift parking restrictions on street sweeping days to account for the loss in curb side parking.

    • No – the signs are above metered spots (see the link someone posted above).

      I’m assuming this sign means you can park on the street except Tuesdays from 7am-7pm

  • Blithe

    Since the arrows on the two signs are pointed in different directions, my best guess would be no standing or parking to the right of the red sign. Since the arrow on the green sign points to the left and indicates an exception, I’d wonder if there is another sign, with another set of restrictions to the left of the green sign. Maybe the OP can comment further?

  • Some of the questions and speculation can be skipped by looking at Google Maps Street view. You can see pretty much all the parking signs on the block. On the other side of the street, parking seems to be heavily restricted for embassy use. On this side, the whole stretch of parking is marked with the “except 7am-7pm Tuesday” signs. I would take that to mean you can’t park there on Tuesdays from 7am-7pm.

  • “First you wanna go to the left and you want to turn right. What do you mean?” ~The Biebs

    • It made me think of Tommy in Goodfellas commenting on his mother’s painting: “One dog goes one way, the other dog goes the other way, and this guy’s sayin’, ‘Whadda ya want from me?'”

  • Bottom line……go find somewhere else to park. This is nothing but a trap for tickets.

  • This is horribly designed signage.

  • It means you can never park to the right, but you can always park to the left except Tuesdays 7AM – 7PM.

  • The green sign was just installed poorly. The green arrow should be pointing the same direction as the red arrow… even if that were corrected, the sign is confusing…

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