Crisp Kitchen + Bar Opens in Bloomingdale – Check Out Their Menu

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Photos courtesy Crisp

Thanks to the folks from Crisp Kitchen + Bar for sending a few photos and word that they’ve opened in the former Costa Brava space next door to Rustik [1837 1st Street, NW]. Hours are 5pm – 2am every day.

They also tweeted out the menu “Designed by @ChefAlexMcCoy” (who’s also opening a new spot in Petworth.) Check the full menu (and drink menu) after the jump.



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  • Wow looks really great, I’m excited to try it out. Good to see a unique menu with reasonable prices. I assume they are serving booze too? The grammar nazi in me only has one complaint with their misspelling of espresso.

  • I’m really excited to try that hot chicken.

  • Yum. Now I wish he was opening this in Petworth (still looking forward to Alfie’s).

    • +1. Can we get a Crisp on upper 14th Street? I dream about drinks at the Red Derby followed by Hot Chicken! We need more places to eat over that way.

  • Great looking happy hour!

  • In before someone complains about lack of veggies options at a fried chicken restaurant….

  • Went last night and the chicken was amazing! Its a huge portion with 4 big pieces of chicken, very easy to share with another person. Drink specials are obviously a great price. Very excited to have this place in the area.

  • I was here for their soft opening last weekend. The hot chicken was really tasty and is a huge amount of food for that price. Drinks were also good, though a bit inconsistent in their proportions (my second IPhone charger had twice the Frenet as the first…), but I’ll chalk that up to first-night kinks. Very high hopes for this place!

  • Their poutine was AMAZING. Hot chicken was a little too hot for me, so be warned, but was very tasty under the skin. I wish they had some options for lighter fare, but realize that’s not really their schtick. Good deal on the HH drinks, but the cocktails were just okay.

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