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  • closer to the bridge is where the outdoor stuff will be.

  • Will any of these condos have a view onto the field? Because that’s the dream.

  • I’d really love to live here…a balcony overlooking the river is my dream. Anyone know the name of this development and whether floor plans/pricing info is available?

  • Yuck! There was so much potential around Nats Park, but typical DC we get overpriced condos and office buildings.

    • What is the alternative? Really…it’s a sincere question. What would be better there? More retail? rowhouses? something else?

      • Trailer park! I mean, “shipping container housing units”.

      • Yeah, you gotta love the notion people have that you could somehow build great new housing in cool locations and have them magically be inexpensive…

      • How about restaurants and bars since there are so few around Nats Park especially now that the Bullpen is gone. A riverwalk, a park, a beer garden … anything that enhances people’s experience of going to the ballpark. The majority of people who visit the area go for work or to see a game and could care less about condos.

        • have you heard of first floor retail?

          • I’m sure that will adequately handle the crowds of people coming to the game like Gordon Biersch and Justin’s does. Also nobody’s going to walk to the other side of the stadium for 1st floor retail.

            All I’m saying is they had a chance to do something really nice with the stadium. But instead they built a generic stadium and a bunch of office buildings and condos around it that do not add any quality to a baseball fan’s experience of attending a Nats game.

          • They’re putting in more restaurants where the outdoor concerts take place, and what exactly is wrong with having restaurants on the bottom floors of apartment buildings? It works in Penn Quarter and Chinatown/Mass Ave. just fine. Do you want some multi-story eating establishments? More residential density is good for neighborhoods, because it means these neighborhoods can sustain restaurants, retail, entertainment, etc. the 280 days out of the year there isn’t a baseball game or a concert here. Oh, and btw, Gordon Biersch and Justin’s are hardly the only options to go before a game. At least half a dozen places have opened up within the past two years.

        • All of that is either already there or coming in in spades.

        • I wonder if this part of D.C. could be put to use when there aren’t baseball games—like, the other 280 days per year. It’s hard to believe but some stadiums actually exist within functioning neighborhoods.

        • justinbc

          “enhances people’s experience of going to the ballpark”
          Isn’t that the team who keeps losing in/before the playoffs responsibility?

  • Dock 79 is the name of the development. More info can be found here: http://www.jdland.com/dc/floridarock.cfm and here: http://www.dock79.com/

  • My cousin lives about 3 blocks from Nats Park and he’s always telling me I’d be happier in his neighborhood, but I go to about 20 games a year and every time I do, I’m thankful that Navy Yard isn’t my regular stop coming home from work when I’m tired and just want to eat some dinner, but I’ve got 20,000 fans from NoVa trying to figure out how to use a Metro card.

    • SouthwestDC

      I used to work near Nats Park, and my coworkers who drove in from the suburbs would regularly consult the game schedule to find the optimal times to leave. Some days if you weren’t out of there by 3 you could be stuck in traffic for hours. I will say living a mile away has been ideal!

      • Yeah, I’m at the Petworth Metro. Game day, I just hop on the green line, avoid the fires, packs of wilding teenagers, and mechanical failures and Bob’s your uncle I’m in my seat before first pitch.

  • With the All-Star Game coming to Nats Park in 2018, it’s nice to see that development is finally accelerating in the area. The neighborhood’s bound to be a completely different place two years from now.

  • they are rentals. not condos. and they are NOT cheap.

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