New Restaurant coming to the former Getaway space in Columbia Heights

14th and Meridian Place, NW

The Getaway closed back in December 2013 – looks like someone’s finally moving in. Thanks to all who’ve emailed about the progress. I spoke to some workers who said the restaurant is coming from the same folks who own Marlboro Pike Lounge in Capitol Heights, MD. Updates when more info is known.

Remember Social?

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  • I remember social. I got eggs and toast there and asked the waitress for some salt. She said the chef didn’t like people to change his cooking.

  • Please don’t screw it up. Please don’t screw it up.
    Don’t want that corner sitting vacant for ANOTHER 2-3 years while someone else works up the nerve to try again.

    • I believe the cove co-working space has closed, so the whole building is sitting vacant at the moment.

      • Cove moved to the block of Wells Fargo. There’s an architecture firm taking over the 3rd floor. They’ve been trying to sublet at least one of their extra office spaces on craigslist for several months now.

  • What is it about that corner? I’ve lived a few blocks away for 4 years. I really hope this sticks and is worth going to. Social never fit in with the neighborhood. Not at all surprised to hear the salt comment.

    • Years of blatant, around-the-clock drug dealing is one thing up with the corner. It’s unsurprising that Cove and other businesses here couldn’t make a go of it, with large groups of men leaning against their door during business hours to drink tequila, throw enormous amounts of food garbage everywhere, and loudly discuss their guns (which one of them recently reached for while assaulting MPD officers).

  • Marlboro Pike Lounge? I can’t find anything about this place online.

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