“Around 10:30pm last night, my wife and I woke to the sound of an explosion.”

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A reader reports:

“Around 10:30pm last night, my wife and I woke to the sound of an explosion. We looked out our bedroom window, onto the alley behind our house, and saw a car on fire (Audi SUV). We, along with many of our neighbors, called 911. The fire dept. quickly showed up and extinguished the fire.

We live on a quiet street in Brightwood. As far as I know, no one claimed the car — some suspected it was a stolen vehicle and intentionally destroyed.”

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  • Used to happen in our neighborhood (near Arkansas and Upshur) all the time, maybe 10 years ago. We would have a car-b-q a month if not more frequently.

  • The gentrification controversy sure is getting serious in Brightwood!

  • where was this in Brightwood? Scary! A couple of weeks ago an SUV plowed into a neighbor’s fence at 8th and Sheridan.

  • Already asleep at 10:30? I wish I could do that.

  • It’s happened twice right behind my garage, melting the vinyl siding.

  • My house faces this alley too – same experience as OP (minus the sleeping already part! 😉
    Very unsettling. My neighbor said the car had been parked in the alley since at least 5pm yesterday. I haven’t seen any info from MPD. Anyone else have info?

  • Hummers and Escalades used to spontaneously combust like this all the time. Somebody’s behind on their payments.

    • Right, it’s never the reeking-of-gas ’92 Carolla with 950,000 miles on it that you’d expect to burst into flames. It’s always a BMW, a Mercedes or a big SUV.

  • probably one of those dang “gentrifiers”

  • Similar incident at around 11:40 PM in Cleveland park. I heard an explosion and ran out. There was a food truck parked in front of the library (on Macomb at Connecticut). The back door look like it blew off and there were 3 or 4 police cars. Scared the heck out of me. Maybe a propane tank in the truck kitchen?

  • Happened behind my house in the alley in Brookland between 9th and 10th and Jackson about 2 weeks ago and about a week before that had another car fire on 9th street

  • There is a thread on the MPD listserv about this, or at least it seems to be this. From MPD “The vehicle that was on fire is likely a total loss and had been reported stolen earlier this month.”

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