Is this your Jewelry Bag?


A reader writes:

“I found this in a tree lawn in Logan. The jewelry was scattered about, so I’m guessing someone’s purse was stolen last [Saturday] night and these were discarded. I’ve collected the jewelry up…Would love to return it to the owner – I’m sure they had a bad night.”

If it’s yours please email [email protected] and I’ll put you in touch with OP.

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  • Pretty sure that is a standard Ralph Lauren Logo, might be hard to track him down to return it.

  • I found a black leather purse in my front yard Sunday morning (also the Logan area) and turned it into the Police. My recommendation to the OP is to do that as well (if no one reaches out), they can (hopefully) check for robberies in the area and see if it matches up to one of those.

    • Samesies. I found a purse that was empty but had a HUGE keyring attached while I was walking my dog one night. I called the local police station and said that it seemed like the contents were gone, but with the keys it seemed like maybe a mugging and the thief didn’t care about that part, and hopefully they could check to see if there’d been any muggings where the victim lost a purse. They dispatched an officer, and he took one look and said he knew the case.

    • I once called the police to come pick up a bag I found and they never showed up. I found the person’s card in the bag and they came and picked it up themselves. I wouldn’t count on it getting back to the owner just by turning it in.

      • But asking the cops to come get a bag is quite different than taking it to them yourself, and then the person who was missing the bag going to look for it themselves. If they drove to pick up every lost item someone found in DC, they’d spend all their time doing just that. They’re not a lost and found service.

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