“A Very Black Squirrel Christmas: Open at Noon Christmas Eve and Christmas Day”

2427 18th Street, NW

For those in town:

“The Black Squirrel would like to celebrate Christmas with you. We will be open Christmas Eve (Thursday, Dec. 24th) and Christmas Day (Friday, Dec. 25th), starting at noon.

As an added bonus, Christmas Eve falls on Thursday, which means it is Burger Night starting at noon. Our classic and veggie burgers will be discounted.

Grab a Christmas ale (or two) and have a jolly good time. It’s the most wonderful time for a beer!

A Very Black Squirrel Christmas
Thursday and Friday, December 24th and 25th, starting at noon
Thursday is Burger Night”

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  • If it’s anything like their Thanksgiving “buffet,” I’d skip it. The buffet was food left out at room temperature with not enough serving utensils…and that was after the 15 minutes it took for anyone to acknowledge that we were there.

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