Two Mid Day Muggings Reported “at 2 pm a woman was jumped and mugged by 3 teenagers as she was leaving Cairo liquor”

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Nathan Castellanos

Readers reported on Monday:

“One of my neighbors just stopped me to make sure I was aware that at 2 pm a woman was jumped and mugged by 3 teenagers as she was leaving Cairo liquor (next to the Soviet Safeway). One of the managers from Safeway (Jim) came out to help her up off the ground. My neighbor said she was hurt, and the police eventually came. They took her purse. So just a reminder to be cautious and aware even in the middle of the day.”


“At 1pm today, my girlfriend was robbed at 8th and Gallatin, NW. Two teenagers walked up behind her and grabbed her bag. One was wearing a red puffy jacket and sported a high-top haircut.

Fortunately, she was unharmed. Police responded quickly. As you well know, these kids usually just grab the wallet and dump the bag. The bag, which is an orange leather Coccinele, has some personally valuable items, such as a national ID card (Portugual).”

If anyone spots an ID from Portugal or an orange leather bag please email me at [email protected] so I can put you in touch with OP.

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  • Better watch it with all these crime reports, you don’t want to earn another reprimand from Councilmember Nadeau.

    • Im sure Nadaue will argue that this ever actually happened. Keep it moving folks. No mggings in the middle of the day to be worried about. Wasn’t someone started a recall petition on her?

  • there was a robbery on the 1600 block of corcoran st last night as well.

    • My car was broken into on the 1500 block of Corcoran two weeks ago. Forgot I had left my backpack in back seat with work laptop, personal hard drive, and some other items.

  • Ugh, I am so sick of all the muggings and violence in the city.

  • I witnessed the first incident. It took place on Corcoran just east of 17th ST NW. The young teens (12-15) were hanging out in front of the Safeway and then followed the woman and tried to snatch her bag or phone after she crossed 17th. One of them got the bag but a couple of us blocked his path. He retreated and tossed the bag to one of the other youths. After people blocked the other direction, he eventually dropped it and they took off down Corcoran and ran up the alley by 16th. We though they had ended up with nothing but apparently during the commotion one of them managed to get into the woman’s pocketbook and pull out a large quantity of cash she just happened to have on her. I don’t think they knew about the cash in advance, they just got lucky. A few of us stayed on the scene until the MPD arrived and gave statements. She only had minor scrapes from falling down during the mugging, fortunately.

    • Good job! It’s great to see citizens looking out for each other.

      • Agreed — especially since I imagine it happened so quickly that there wasn’t much time to think about it.

    • Also one of the witnesses to this crime – I believe the victim reported withdrawing money from the bank shortly before the crime took place so I am wondering if those kids were scoping out one of the nearby ATMs, and just waiting for a moment to strike. I was a little surprised it took police almost 10 minutes to arrive (considering the station is about 3 blocks away) , and also surprised the two construction guys who were very close to the scene when it occurred seemed unphased/unengaged by the whole thing and just kept working. It was reassuring though to see all the other people who were genuinely concerned and helped the woman.

  • I guess it serves her right for walking down 17th St in the middle of the day like that. But I’m sure as she lay injured on the sidewalk waiting for the paramedics to arrive, she was at least comforted by thinking about how much worse things were back in the 90’s. And all the rest of the neighborhood can just go about their business, secure in the knowledge that such things will never ever happen to them, and never even give a thought as to why three “teenagers” were hanging out in front of a liquor store in Dupont Circle at 2 pm on a school day.

    • Thank you for that helpful comment!

    • Sigh, the only thing worth noting in your rather overblown post (besides the fact that the woman required no medical assistance) is that the young teens hanging around outside the Safeway was a big red flag. I walked past them and immediately thought that they seemed out of place. I’ve worked in the neighborhood for four years and can’t recall ever seeing young teenagers hanging out there during a school day. They were not doing anything overtly suspicious or illegal, thus no reason to call 911 or alert the authorities. However, they should be on the Safeway security cams, so it’s possible they may be identified.

      • “They were not doing anything overtly suspicious or illegal, thus no reason to call 911 or alert the authorities.” I’m not faulting you, since you had no way of knowing they were going to mug someone, but isn’t truancy illegal?

        • I think truancy is defined as missing 25 days of school or more, not simply skipping class, which is definitely a bad thing, but probably not grounds in and of itself for contacting the police.

      • But you have just inadvertently reinforced my point, which is that this will never stop as long as the citizens of Washington DC tolerate it. At what point do we not just inwardly keep noticing all these “big red flags” and actually act on them, and what would be the appropriate action? Just last night at my local CVS on Cap Hill a large group of teenagers swarmed the place, shoplifted and threatened one of the employees. I left to go outside to call the police, while everyone else inside the store and just outside laughed at them and watched when they all ran out. We know damn well when we see these groups of “teens” in many instances that they are up to no good, and yet we say that since they aren’t actually committing a crime at the moment, or since no one got seriously hurt by their actions, we won’t do anything. Those three teens hung out in front of Safeway sticking out like a sore thumb and raising red flags because they knew they could, just like they knew they could get away with skipping school and knew they could mug someone in broad daylight on 17th Street and get away with it. They get away with it, because we let them, time and time again.

        • Well. please let me know when you plan to deploy your pre-crime units so we can round up all these young criminals before they actually commit any crimes.

          • I think the technical term is “pre-cog”? But that’s just out of a movie, so maybe this smug anon could fill us in on what’s that’s called in his reality.

      • I just called 911 earlier this week because I spotted a group of middle school-aged teenagers hanging out in Petworth at 10am. I debated before doing it, but ultimately they were right near where my nanny and toddler were going to walk past on their way home from the library, and those kids should be in school instead of at best, skipping school and at worst causing trouble. Police were appreciative and responsive, and I was not the only one to call.

    • there’s a middle ground between totally writing this off and saying that we’ve come a long way since the ’90’s and we shouldn’t give up on the city bc of the recent (nationwide) crime spike after all the progress we’ve made.

    • Did I misinterpret this post as sarcastic?

      • No, it was pretty obviously a sarcastic parody of the type of post certain people make here all the time, but Poe’s law is in effect.

  • There increasingly has been large groups of young people from other neighborhoods roaming down my street and frequently in the alley between Corcoran and Q. I wonder where they are going…is there a school nearby that they attend?

  • Maybe it’s time we should accept the fact that it’s a good thing DC made it easier to concealed carry.

    • Ugh, NO! No shoot-outs on 17th Street please. Also, did you read the two incidents? In the first, a woman was jumped and her bag taken. In the second, a woman’s bag was grabbed from behind. Where do you think they would have been concealing guns? And who would have those guns now?

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