“As I said, no one was harmed. This time.”


“Dear PoPville,

I currently live in the apartment building above what used to be Pharmacy Bar, now High Dive.

About 30 minutes ago, a huge potted plant fell of the ledge of one my neighbors who live in the expensive Lofts at Adams Morgan. When the plant crashed I raced to the window to see what it was, as I looked across the alleyway I could see someone (I assume the loft owner) looking out of their window as well. Now, luckily no people were hurt or cars were damaged by this pot but that could have easily happened.

As of this e-mail, no one from the apartment has come outside to check on the pot or bothered to clean up the mess. I’ve attached pictures of the fallen pot and the ledge from which it fell. What bothers me is that just because someone pays a premium price for a fancy loft, they are not absolved from the responsibility of being a resident. What’s sad is, this is not the first time this has happened in the year and a half I’ve been living here.

Please share this and get the word out there. As I said, no one was harmed. This time. But these people need to be held accountable for their irresponsibility.”

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  • Do you know who manages the building? There might be something against having things balanced on the side of the balcony like that in the condo docs (condo/apt? not familiar with this building…). It does seem like a liability so I wouldn’t be surprised if they would send them a letter telling me to remove the pots or at least secure them in some manner so they cant fall off the side.

    • +1 I would immediately reach out and send the photos to building management. I have had luck in similar incidents (but in my case it was a drunk parties on a condo rooftop, THROWING things off the 13th story roof onto parked cars below) in doing so. There are variety of awesome secure, over the railing planters that one can buy for the range of $20-$40, so this is just selfish laziness.

      • That’s a great idea and I had a hard time locating that actually. When looking up the building I only found the leasing agent which isn’t necessarily going to be the company that manages the property. I’ll keep digging.

        • Honestly, I would just walk into the lobby and ask to speak to the leasing office and tell them. We once had neighbors who were throwing cigarettes butts over our fence to the point where I was seriously concerned about their health, and that’s what I did.

    • Very good point.
      For what it’s worth — the person looking on and not cleaning up could have been a renter, not the condo owner. Either way, that person should have cleaned up the mess.

      • Or the nanny, dog walker, house cleaner, house sitter? I wouldn’t necessarily assume that the person looking out was the jerk who lives there.

        • I realize that they may not have been the ones to knock the plant off the ledge, I actually thought a cat or housekeeper may have, but frankly even placing a planter there is dangerous and just a bad idea all around.

    • This isn’t the first time it has happened with this particular building. Lots of nimrods live here, balancing plants on their ledge with zero f#cks given about pedestrians below.

  • To be fair, being completely irresponsible and stupid, and disregarding the safety of others are problems that transcend class boundaries.
    On the upside, if have money, then they won’t be judgement proof.

    • I was trying to figure out why the OP was so hung up on the cost of the condos, as if that has something to do with the irresponsible behavior. I seriously doubt that this condo owner actually thinks that his/her relative wealth is an entitlement to endanger others, as the OP suggests. I get the impression that OP just doesn’t like this condo complex, which fuels the outrage.
      That said, it’s some messed up shit to put your pots where they can whack people on the head.

      • You’re right, the cost of the condos don’t matter so much. But it may be indicative of people who feel that it’s not their concern. But that’s just me being judgmental and sh*t. The cost doesn’t matter, really.

  • Do you have building management? This seems like a problem for them to address.

  • LOLZ at paying $2k+ a month for a loft but not being willing to pay $100 for a plant stand/bench on the balcony.

  • Hi neighbor! I’m just a few storefronts down from you on the same side of the alley! 🙂
    The same thing happened on the Champlain side of the lofts about 6 weeks ago. A huge pot was blown off the ledge and landed in the middle of the sidewalk! The mess stayed there for about 3 days.
    The best course of action would be bringing it to the attention of the Lofts condo board. They are facing a big lawsuit if someone is injured.

  • Just spotted this post’s URL – ha! Will this thread be the next chicken bacon ranch pizza?

  • They’re…probably at work? It’s midday?

    • From the original post: “[A]s I looked across the alleyway I could see someone (I assume the loft owner) looking out of their window as well.”

    • If I hadn’t seen anyone in the window then yeah, it would be safe to assume that nobody’s home. But there was someone looking out the window the same time that I was looking out of mine, seconds after it happened.

  • That looks an awful lot like one of those carni games where you throw baseballs at a stack of milk bottles.

  • Ally

    Yeah, seems like the resident has plenty of room on that balcony to put plants on a table or something without putting them on the ledge. Hopefully they’ll wake up soon on the hazard they’re making.

  • northeazy

    Normally, I would never suggest this, but if speaking to this person or his condo association fails to remedy this problem, some would say you have a moral obligation to see to it that these plants do not fall on that side of the ledge again possibly hurting someone. Perhaps you could ensure they were to fall on his side of the patio and break.

  • Maybe their mortgage is so high that they can’t afford better planters!

  • I’d collect all the pieces and the dirt, write a note explaining that it fell off the ledge and could have killed someone, and dump all of it, including the note, in the building’s lobby. Include the pics so the neighbors will know which unit it was from. I bet they’ll correct the problem!

    • A building like this is going to have a secured lobby. Unless there’s a doorperson, the OP won’t be able to get in.
      Not sure if placing all the dirt and pieces in the lobby with a note would be as effective as contacting the building management (if the OP can determine what company manages the building). It might just make a mess for the janitor to clean up.

  • We are lucky to be living in a city where we have time for outrage about potted plants falling. I don’t know what the condo building and unit values have to do with it. People are stupid regardless of income or class.

  • There’s a couple in one of those lofts that plays naked pool with the blinds up. A lot.

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