Today’s Rental is “in a charming, Victorian row home”

1826 15th Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1826 15th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“English basement for rent in a charming, Victorian row home in the 14th/Ust/Dupont area. 1 Bedroom + Den, 1 Full Bath with a backyard. Spacious apartment with high ceilings, lots of natural sunlight, lots of closet space, living & dining room space, and recently renovated – new light fixtures, hardwood floors, stainless appliances, sleek glass backsplash & Sec system. Vacant. GO AND SHOW!”


You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $2,150/Mo.

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  • Only if it comes with that sole, lonely chair.

  • so is it a 2 bedroom or 1 bedroom? Geeeeze. Get your story straight.

  • Has there been photoshopping on the left portion of the photo showing the facade? Something doesn’t look right.

    • Looking at Google Street View, it just looks like an odd shadow on the wall of the house next door, which juts out and borders the front yard of this house. I agree that, at first glance, it looks photoshopped.

      • Yeah, I was looking at Street View too. The adjacent house has a facade that goes much closer to the street, but it doesn’t look like this photo was trying to “hide” anything. The photo still looks weird to me, though.

  • This place is gorgeous!! Essentially a 2br. Great price for the area!

  • maxwell smart

    Terrible kitchen layout – would have been better served to build a proper island with bar seating and a cooktop or sink in the bar which would have allowed the fridge to be located actually in the kitchen, rather than in the hallway. Not seeing a plan, I am guessing that this probably would have been better served as a 1 bedroom with larger rooms throughout – the bedroom photo looks like the room is very small. Paint color is an easy fix, but FYI landlords, very few people want yellow on every single wall.

    • With the sink, they were probably working around the location of the existing plumbing — that kind of thing is REALLY expensive to move around.
      I agree that the fridge location seems awkward.
      I don’t think renters really care what color the walls are, as long as they’re something neutral (yellow, ivory, white, beige, light mint green, light grey).

  • I just want the Chaise LOL!

  • No egress window = no bedroom

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