“the gall of this dude is infuriating”

Alleged package theft at 8th and K St, NE

“Dear PoPville,

Can you post this for a friend of mine who lives off of 8th and K NE? He caught on camera a man stealing packages off his doorstep (the pictures are from a motion activated security camera). I know there are more pressing (violent) issues in this neighborhood right now, but the gall of this dude is infuriating.”

Ed. Note: Another reader sent an email about this incident saying the neighborhood group had a look out for Charlie Brown.


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  • people never learn

  • Ashy Oldlady

    Charlie Brown is all grown up now. So sad that the fake ass Great Pumpkin and Lucy’s shenanigans with the football were probably a factor leading to his life of crime.

  • Charlie, hands off Blue Apron!

  • Only in DC would you find someone ridiculous enough to wear a Charlie Brown sweatshirt while stealing a box of semi-gourmet food items. I hope Blue Apron forget to include the recipe cards in this box.

  • What brand, model of motion detector camera do you have and would you recommend?

  • I think there’s more threatening things to worry about .. like giving that poor man fashion advice.

  • I see these posted regularly now by MPDC. If folks are doing a lot of mail order and don’t have a secure place for packages, maybe using the office or a friend’s address, or one of those drop services might be a better option.

  • Having moved her after living in numerous other big cities where packages aren’t delivered to your door (because this happens), but they leave a note on your door for you to call and schedule delivery to either another address, or at a time when someone will be home to receive the package, or else you have to go pick it up at UPS or FedEx or wherever, and where this was true many decades ago, I don’t really get why people in DC still act like DC is some sort of Mayberry and persist in leaving packages out to be stolen and complained about.

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