The Drive-thru Burger King Robbed at Gunpoint this Weekend is becoming a Chick Fil A

4422 Connecticut Ave, NW

From the files of incredibly random timing – that Burger King that was just robbed via the drive-thru is becoming a Chick Fil A! Thanks to a reader for passing on word from Forest Hills Connection:

“Everyone in DC seems to know the Burger King at Van Ness more for its rock ‘n roll and 80’s movie decor than for its food.

By this time next year, the restaurant’s Capital Theater sign, the ET kids and the Kindergarten Cop poster will be gone, and so will the Burger King restaurant and building at 4422 Connecticut Avenue, NW. Going up in its place, says ANC 3F Commissioner Malachy Nugent, will be a new building housing a different restaurant: Chick-fil-A.”

More details and a rendering from Forest Hills Connection here.

And of course it’s T-2 days to Chick Fil A opening in Columbia Heights.

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  • justinbc

    Whoa, had no idea that was so trippy inside (or that it even existed before the robbery alert). I might have to go ever there and get a chicken sandwich before CFA comes in and ruins it.

  • Malachy crunch.

  • This burger king has served as an excellent bathroom stop when out on a run.

  • jack5

    I knew it was all coming to an end when they released a burger with a black bun… That hides mold too easily. Poor Burger King, I’ll miss going there once ever 10 years. 🙁

  • I’ll never understand the appeal of hardly anything more than a deep fried slab of meat between buns.

    Don’t their customers want vegetables or anything remotely nutritious? I just don’t understand the lines. Seems like the equivalent of eating a bunch of Oreos for lunch everyday.

    • “Don’t their customers want vegetables or anything remotely nutritious?”
      Um, no. No they do not. And when they do, they probably go somewhere else to get it.

      • II guess I thought people in this town were better educated about basic nutrition. Seems odd there’s such a strong market for what they offer

        • people like a treat once in a while. its not that big of a deal.

        • justinbc

          “such a strong market”
          There really are very few fast food places in this city. I think you’re overestimating the demand.

        • No, we don’t. I detest vegetables and salads. I enjoy salty and greasy foods. In fact, I eat out every meal. However, this is not for everyone. My last check up, my doctor said my cholesterol numbers were way too low and I recommended I increase my fat intake. My blood pressure is also low, and resting heart rate in the low 40s.

          My grandparents ate red meat and food fried in lard for most of their lives, smoked and drank daily. All four passed away in their late 90s.

          All of this, despite all the education about basic nutrition, has led me to believe that genes do matter and I rather enjoy my food rather than live a tasteless life.

          • ” I rather enjoy my food rather than live a tasteless life.”
            And so you eat at Burger King?

          • I think their chicken fries are better than half the tapas at Barcelona andI couldn’t care less about you snootiness.

          • ” I rather enjoy my food rather than live a tasteless life.”
            And so you don’t eat vegetables?

          • I avoid them as much as I can. I find them either tasteless or terrible. On the other hand, I love blood sausage, fried intestines, and chicken feet.

        • Ashy Oldlady

          I guess I thought people in this town weren’t living such sheltered existences that would make them so clueless about the realities of their surroundings.

          • I assume this is meant to be a swipe at me but beyond that I don’t understand it.

            My questioning why there’s huge lines every day at the food trucks from the same office workers (not just an occassional treat) for the unhealthy fried Chik-fil-a makes me unaware of my surroundings? I don’t get it. Seems to make me hyper aware of my surroundings.

          • Ashy Oldlady

            Not meant to be a swipe at all. It just seems pretty clear to me that for all sorts of reasons, the people who are concerned with eating healthy are in the minority.

    • justinbc

      Pretty much all of these places serve some type of salad now, for those who do.

    • You don’t even seem to understand how a burger is even made so your thoughts on food probably aren’t that credible.

    • jim_ed

      Do you seriously not understand the appeal of fast food globally, or is this one of those rhetorical questions a haughty dipshit would ask, like feigning ignorance of prestige television shows so you can let everyone know that you don’t own a television?

      • I seriously don’t understand why anyone who isn’t poor would eat at a Burger King or McDonalds in DC. You can get a much better burger and fries for not a whole lot more money. If you’re broke, or you live out in the middle of nowhere, with no other options, then sure, I get it. But there’s a whole lot of better options in most of DC.

        • I just looked it up – cheeseburger, fries, and a soda at 5 Guys is $13.47. That’s more than twice what you’d pay at McD’s (and with some of their Dollar Menu type promotionals it borders 3 times as much). Money – what’s a little, what’s a lot, what’s “not a whole lot more”, is always relative.

        • justinbc

          Last week I went to Thunderburger and paid $17 (before tax and tip) for a burger (the cheapest on the menu was $14) that was worse than most basic Whoppers I’ve had. There’s something to be said for relative consistency.

      • +1

        He needs Wine Spectator to tell him what’s good wine and Michelin to tell him what tastes good. I enjoy a romantic dinner at Komi as much as the next 1%er, but sometimes good times can also be had with wine in box while and a bucket of fried chicken.

  • Anyone know whether construction will close the sidewalk? The other side of the street’s been closed all year so I hope they have a plan of where people are supposed to walk. At least the metro exit construction at Van Ness is finally over… #FirstWorldProblems

    • I wouldn’t go as far as calling this a first world problem. It’s a true issue of public safety. There’s no way they’d be able to close the sidewalk without taking pedestrians into account this time (fancy that). If they did that, anyone coming from the north of Albemarle would not be able to get to the metro without walking in the street or taking a substantial detour. And the opening of the metro entrance is only temporary. They plan to close it again in the near future, so back to crossing Connecticut Ave. twice for everyone living on the east side of the street.

  • brookland_rez

    Whenever I have a weakness for crappy fast food, Burger King is always my go to. With this one closing and the FL Ave one closing next year, there won’t be a single BK left in the District 🙁

  • I’ve lived near that Burger King for years – I recall they had flavorless soda for almost 3 years. Pretty sad. While I’d prefer a Wendy’s (also severely lacking in DC) anything will be better than the BK.

    As to why folks eat fast food over Five guys, etc? It is cheaper, and sometimes late at night it just hits the spot. And truth be told, I like McDonald’s fries better than the too-often flabby 5 Guys.

    • I’ve found a weird paradox with 5 Guys fries. If you go when they’re not busy the fries are almost always underdone and nasty. You’d think it would be the opposite, but it seems like when the fry cooks aren’t busy enough they jump the gun on pulling the fries out of the fryer just to have something to do. If there’s a steady stream of customers things seem to work better.

  • Does anyone know if this will be a free standing chick fil a?
    or will it be ground floor retail in a condo/office building?

  • Awesome news! Although I’m slightly disturbed by such a violent crime so close to our home, a Chick-Fil-A is a great addition to the block. Hate their politics, but I love their chicken biscuits.

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