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  • If it were a bmw I’d say a**hole, but since it’s a Mercedes poor dude is probably just too old to read the parking signs

    • I saw either this exact car, or same car different owner and it was a lady getting gas at gas station on Fl ave and all I can say was wow…..

  • this is why the streetcar will fail

  • Pretty sure this is the car that I saw blasting up Connecticut Ave. the other night, nearly taking out a pedestrian.

  • Yeah I live right around the corner from Chaplins. This car is parked outside of there all the time. A couple of times I have been out walking the dog and seen this car drive like the rules of the road don’t apply to him (or her). idiot

  • It belongs to the owner of Chaplin, the bar its parked in front of. Nice guy, nice car I guess too…

  • wmm

    Used to park in front of Red Light all the time when it was getting up and running, too.

  • I don’t care how sweet your ride is – follow the rules of the road (and obey parking signs) and don’t drive like an idiot. I absolutely loathe people who think that the rules don’t apply to them, and there are way too many of them in this town.

  • Car belongs to the owner of Chaplins. Very nice car, questionable restaurant. Always amazed it always draws crowds. Not once, but twice, I had dinner there and a leak coming from the bathroom upstairs (no, not a typo) spilled on my table throughout the evening. The waiter felt terrible — the manager, however, acted like I was making it up. I don’t know about this place… Decent happy hour, sub-par food.

    • Used to go all the time, has slid downhill. Some of their staff are awesome.

    • I think their “concept” is weird; I totally do not get the idea behind a Charlie Chaplin and ramen and popcorn and draft cocktails theme. That being said, I go there pretty regularly because of some of their staff.

      • I love Chaplin’s and go there all the time! I also had an issue with their concept but then I googled it and learned that Charlie Chaplin and a lot of other silent film actors spent considerable time in Japan in the 1930s. Charlie Chaplin in particular had a huge influence in Japanese culture.

        I also learned from talking with the staff that Executive Chef Myo cooked ramen for 23 years in Tokyo prior to coming to the USA. They also said that Chef Myo and his wife and daughter are there every day so no one else is ever cooking the ramen but them.

        But yeah they should also learn how to park. Lol

    • All the bathrooms are in the back. The leak was from the upstairs bar.

  • That parking sign is in the wrong place, due to an unused curb-cut left over from the layout of the parking lot before Mandalay rebuilt that corner. The city hasn’t moved the sign to the correct place yet, but since the owner of that car also owns that building, I assume there is an agreement that since the city is too lazy to fix the parking sign in front of his building, that they can make an exception to not ticket there. It’s actually refreshing to see the city use some common sense like this until they fix the sign.

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