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  • 1978 Jeep Cherokee Chief

  • Old trucks FTW! Although I always wonder how many of these expedition-kitted trucks I see around DC of all types (Defenders, Jeeps, old Land Cruisers, etc.) actually ever see use, and how many of them are just “bro trucks” all for show. I mean, you seldom need a trail jack strapped to your vehicle in an urban environments and would only ever need a snorkel in Bloomingdale pre-2012 during heavy rain. I’m guessing maybe half of them are poseur bait. Percentage probably higher for LR Defenders that got in via the gray market and escaped the crusher (and consequently are worth more than most top of the line luxury sedans in the U.S.). Props to those who actually drive from D.C. to wherever they are able to use them to their full capacity! And I don’t mean anywhere that a 10-year old Subaru Outback would also be right at home

    • Danger pay and re-up bonuses. Best time to buy a Bro Truck is when a bunch of guys from a base are about to be deployed. The dealerships get flooded with guys selling their lifted trucks.
      Then when they come back, they get itchy to buy a new truck or a bike. Like clockwork.

  • I wish I had one of those to handle all the crappy roads in DC! The “bro” who owns the bitchin’ Cherokee is definitely ready for pothole season.

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