Shooting in Adams Morgan Saturday Afternoon


MPD reported on twitter Saturday:

“Shooting at 1530 hours in the 1800 block of Belmont Road NW.”

MPD has not released additional information at this time, updates when they do.

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  • I went for a run Saturday and got to Belmont street, there were cops blocking the road but I walked through…did not realize someone died. There was a white moving truck that was stopped and the cops were talking with the driver. Would like more details. That is such a nice street (amazing row houses), how does this happen?

    • The white truck was actually stopped on Kalorama, and was there for at least an hour and surrounded by a very heavy police presence. Not sure what was going on. Such a sad/strange thing to happen in the middle of the day on a Saturday…

  • Who said someone died? As of this time there is no death associated with this shooting.

  • I live in the middle/end of this block and had to show ID to be escorted to my front door when I got home at 4:30. Would like to know what happened.

  • Was looking for information on twitter and found this. Guessing it’s this shooting despite the error in address (Belmont St and Belmont Rd are not the same).

    Alan Henney [email protected] Nov 21
    FATAL SHOOTING, SUSPECTED HOMICIDE, 1830 Belmont St NW. Man w/gunshot wound to head on 2nd floor.

  • Update? Anybody?

  • From Cmdr Carroll of the 3rd District:
    Good Afternoon,
    The investigation into this death is now being handled by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. They can be contacted at 202 698-9000 for additional information.

    Late Saturday I heard it was a suicide and this response from MPD would fit with that since they don’t typically report on suicides.

  • It was a suicide. Very sad. Boyfriend killed himself after his girlfriend broke up with him.

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